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Why We Should Welcome The Romanian Invasion In 2014

by Stephen McGrath
29 December 2013 55 Comments

Or that's what the British press would have you believe. Political scaremongering is already rife as the UK prepares for a wave of Romanian and Bulgarian immigration next year, but here's why we should be ignoring the xenophobia.


This month the Office for National Statistics published figures showing a 26% increase of migrants from Romania and Bulgaria working in the UK over the past three months. Despite these legal, newly registered Eastern Europeans paying tax, much of the British press have been unnerving the public in to believing eternal doom is to come, when – in January 2014 the EU labour market restrictions Romanians and Bulgarians currently face are lifted – giving them the right to live (“flood”), work (“beg”), and claim benefits (“abuse”) freely in the UK.

Both countries in question are subject to exclusively negative reports in the British media, but the irrational hysteria seems more focussed on Romania – with headlines proclaiming: “Time bomb: migrants to bring drug-resistant TB superbug to UK”, “Beds in sheds are a blight on this civilised country”, “Immigration Crisis Looms”, “Avoid London it’s full of Pakistanis, Romanians warn fellow migrants”.

So from this modest selection of available headlines Romanians are portrayed as dangerous, diseased, and racist – with the following narrative implying all Romanian migrants are criminally determined to abuse the UK. The editorial photos these types of reports favour are as provocative and misleading as the headlines: destitute rural villages, horse-drawn traps, Roma settlements, and homelessness. The press focus on a minority within a minority and present people with an obscured reality of the whole nation. There are words to describe this: abusive and racist – which is rich with irony when you think about it.

It is easy to pacify the press and imagine every individual has the capacity for freethinking, but proof this isn’t the case is an acute fear I harboured growing up convinced that Saddam Hussain was one minute away from blowing the world up – after seeing several front covers of the Daily Mail in the 90s. Sadly, things were not as we’d been led to believe. It probably explains why, Monica Madas, a London-based Romanian musician – encountered prejudice from her friend’s mother when she visited their home in Chichester. “I always thought Romanians were thieves and gypsies.” The mother said charmingly. (No possessions were reported missing after Monica had left the home, by the way).

Here’s a wonderful variety of commonly used language from these articles: swamp, fear, invade, loom, ghetto, flood, disaster, poverty and squalid – and this small selection of words was taken from the first line or two of the relevant reports. Carmen Campeanu, from the Romanian Cultural Centre London is also getting fed up with the scaremongering. “Of course we feel frustrated because of the prevailing negative discourse in the British media about Romanians ‘invading’ the UK in 2014 – and I wish I would see more media coverage about the positive aspects of [Romanian] migration, not just about the negative side,” Says Campeanu.


Home Office Immigration Vans Do Nothing But Spread Hatred And Fear

Russia Today: The TV Channel You Definitely Shouldn’t Trust

There is the perception too, albeit misconstrued – that Romanians will want to “flood” to the UK, or “swamp”, “invade”, or whatever – when they have the full EU free-movement rights. The actual order of destinations favoured by migrating Romanians is: Italy, Spain, Hungary, Germany, Portugal, Austria, France, and finally, brace yourselves: United Kingdom. Romania also, according to World Bank figures has a lower unemployment rate than the UK, 6.6 percent, and 7.7 percent respectively – while the European Union collectively stands at 11 percent. Not bad for a EU backwater, is it?

Education in Romania has prospered since the end of Ceaușeacu’s communist regime in 1989, and currently there are 40 Romanian students enrolled at Harvard, 32 at Columbia, 24 at Stanford, and 32 at MIT. The UK is now the first choice of study for bright young Romanians attending universities abroad. Livia Popa, a Romanian commercial finance manager living in London, says, “The saddest thing is that the countries we immigrate to, have the most to gain: they get smart, young individuals already well educated and eager to work hard. Romania, our native county, supported all the cost of us growing up: mainly free education and free health care.”

I was in Romania this summer and a group of us stayed at a popular seaside town named Vama Veche (Old Boarder). It is inhabited throughout summer by well-educated young Romanians partying through the night over music and campfires – drinking at the many bars till sunrise. It is a beautiful stretch of sandy beach, but no utopia though, crime does exist there – and many people have things stolen from their tents during the summers at Vama Veche. I had money stolen from my tent the first night I stayed there a few years ago. I also had things stolen from my tent at V Festival 2003, in Staffordshire. Criminals, apparently – are everywhere.

These young prosperous students moving to the UK don’t need stigmatising before arrival by a repugnant press. There needs to be a two-way narrative, otherwise we’re giving ourselves in to barefaced racism and xenophobia. The prevailing narrative is racism in a horrible form: political, malicious, and unembarrassed. It is worse than how the press like to portray Romanians, I guess.

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James 9:24 am, 29-Aug-2013

You act like only cool students from Romania are coming to the UK. Expect 200.000 people with low education! There is nearly no work for them in the UK. Their goal is only the wealthfare, child benefits etc.

Harry Paterson 1:32 pm, 29-Aug-2013

And there it is; the first, knee-jerk immigrants-as-scroungers jibe. How very boring.

Harry Paterson 1:33 pm, 29-Aug-2013

I wonder, too, how James knows, in advance, the standards of education for these 200,00 he cites.

lucke 1:57 pm, 29-Aug-2013

if any romnians were to ever wish to come in uk, they were there already well before the 2014. I have worked for almost a decade in uk, am a permanent rezident and of romanian nationality, and came across many of my contry men dong same in uk many years back, all taxpaying workers. if any citizen believes uk gov did not control the immigration so far - is entirely wrong. no pound has rolled in uk without gov agencies knowing about it! take it as the truth from smbd who does know how thinks went on in uk in the last 12 years. cheer up and get working for a living, is plenty work available. If only...

Marian Stan 2:29 pm, 29-Aug-2013

You might want to check how talented Romanians are. Here's is a link to what an actual resident of Cambridge can do to entertain fellow British friends:

Stephen 5:47 pm, 29-Aug-2013

And talented Marian. Bine făcut!

Marian Stan 9:58 pm, 29-Aug-2013

...Thanks, Stephen! Impressed of your Romanian! But things don't stop here... Romanians can be so talented that you can find two artists in the same family: now check what talented Cristina can do!

Florin 3:31 am, 30-Aug-2013

Thanks for this article Stephen. Just wanted to point out, because I did not saw you underline it, the fact that romanias are confused with rromi (gypsies). Now I`m not saying we`re saints but gipses aren`t romanians. As a sidenote: I recently visited London, after a trip to Amsterdam, and a friend of mine told me that London Bridge is full of gipsies all the time. Weird enough, I did not manage to see any when I visited it. Don't know what to say. Btw - The amount of race diversity in London has shocked me - never seen this before - I admit though that most of my hollidays were to resorts. Anyway, to end - just wanna say that maybe 90% of my friends don`t even think of working in a different country. We love home. A better sallary isn`t everything - what's the point in being wealthy if you have no friends?

Victor 9:40 am, 30-Aug-2013

The bad publicity made by British media is just keeping a lot of good people (high qualify workers and amazing brains) from Romania to come here. Still there are a lot of signs to come here for scumbags (who are in Romania as they are everywhere in the world). They understand and hear that in the UK police is not really caring about petty crime and this is why they come here. Also desperate people will come here as they are poor and have nothing to lose. So this is how the number of unqualified people is increasing more and more in this country. Actually Romania is much much safer place than UK, ask anyone who stayed at least an year in both countries. Actually you'll find about violence acts very rarely. Talking about education, a lot of young romanian people attended university studies as they can be free for a lot of good students. What do you think about that? I am a Romanian living here and love a lot of things about British culture. Still I have found a incredible stupid media, full of hate and racial messages (Daily Mail, Metro...). This messages are very hard to avoid even if you do not read this sh**** newspapers. Only seeing first page titles you can have a breakdown and the worrying factor is that no one seems to care about titles like: The Indian killer at..., Romanians and Bulgarians, a wave of crime...

Stephen 12:00 pm, 30-Aug-2013

Florin, cu placere. I understand the differences of race with Roma but also think it's unfair to make a deal of that as that would be saying 'it is okay to marginalise one group but not another based on race'. Not all gypsies are criminals, any more than any other group of people. Victor. De acord. Violence seems to me to be a very rare occurrence in Romania - it is simple unfair treatment in the media based on politics.

Victor 1:48 pm, 30-Aug-2013

Is true that the gypsies are an social issue, and also I know that is partially because of the way communism help(forced) them to (not)integrate in the society. On the other hand is very bad that the big part of Europe is considering this as a regional issue instead of an European one. I consider myself and all other people (gypsies or not, from Romania, Bulgaria, UK ... ) as European citizens and citizens of the world, humans, living creatures. The root of this social issues is in poor education (of the racist ones especially) and lack of respect for others (different) people. This leads (as I've seen in the both Romanian UK societies) to no aspirations, no self esteem, no future and sometimes wrong values (but hey, whom am I to judge?). Labeling people as bad we'll always give you the same result. As a lot of the haters say they are religious, spiritual people, I ask: Where is the love? Aren't most of the gypsies victims? Aren't the racists usually people that cannot adapt to their own societies?

Oana 10:27 pm, 26-Sep-2013

Why do we have to suffer because of this endless negative publicity against us, Romanians? WHY???? Do you British people REALLY know who we are or how we are???? I wonder how come British people when they finally decide for themselves to see how is "there" and how we are, they and up going back over and over again??? Because they discover that everything which is said in the press and gossips is way far from the truth. Why do you think you are so different than us??? YOU ARE NOT! We have the same rights to live on this Earth as you do, doesn't matter where home is ! You better inform yourself before bringing up all this accusations about us being criminals, thiefs and so on. You have plenty of your own too! I'm already in UK since last year and I see people's reaction when I say I'm a Romanian. Did you ever try to put yourself just for a moment in our shoes and feel how it is to be stigmatized just because...??? Did you ever try to find for yourself the truth about us??? I wonder... And I know for a fact Britain have their own gypsies, or Pykies, as you call them, so don't say again that all the gypsies are from Romania. And Romanians ARE NOT gypsies. Gypsies are a different nation without a country. Their native language is different than romanian. Just because they chose to live on our territory doesn't make us gypsies! We are a very tolerant nation and now we have to suffer because of it. I'm sick of all this !!!!

Mitchy67 2:38 am, 27-Sep-2013

People are confusing The Roma with the normal educated Romanians who I have had the pleasure of meeting.The Roma less so.They are in my town now,robbing old pensioners,going through skips to acquire ID as well as the ATM frauds and begging.Less Roma,more educated Romanians,but in an ideal world not until we have sorted the immigration mess we have in GB which I see at first hand daily in my line of work.

alexandru 3:12 pm, 21-Oct-2013

research shows that UK need imigrant workers, from talented master thesis

Xristos Dantes 5:59 pm, 23-Oct-2013

I am a Cypriot (CYPRUS). Romanian people is meaning PROBLEMS. Also black Romanians (Gypsies), also white Romanians. White Romanians are more dangerous than gypsies, because of school training. Few month before, police find in a trunk of a car, in a parking, the mutilated body of a pakistano. All his body was cut, hands in a bag, legs in another, head in another... That was made by a Romanian guy... (...). Near my home, is a house full of Romanians. Black Romanians, these called gypsies. In one night, 6 or 7 cars stopped in front of their house, and a lot of white Romanians come down to get into the house with baseball-bats and ninja-swords. In all this fight one gypsie Romanian die... All the others gypsies just run quickly for save their life. That`s why I`m telling you white Romanians are more dangerous than gypsies. And its a new style now, like in America`s Bronx, and many of young white Romanians has started to make tattoos on their face, like gangs, mobs. This like a sign that they are part of gangs things, and remember to stay away from these Romanians who got face tattooed with tear-drops or guns. They are very dangerous. I saw on the tv next day, they show the Romanian who cut neck with sword on that gypsie guy near my house. His face was terrible. Tear-drops tattooed on face, a machine-gun on the neck, big gold-chain on his neck, and also extreme body tattooed like Russians prisonners or black Afro-American from Bronx (America). And it was young. 24 years just. So is good TO REMEMBER. White Romanians are more dangerous than black gypsies Romanians, because they are skilled in many things, and have high school maybe. And remember if you see Romanians face tattooed, go away from them, they are very dangerous. Example... ask the dead man with neck cut how is he, if he`s fine. Lol. Sorry for my English. Just be carful and pay attention to Romanians. GREETINGS FROM AFRODITA ISLAND. GREETINGS FROM CYPRUS!!!

Xristos Dantes 6:14 pm, 23-Oct-2013


Bay 5:57 am, 31-Oct-2013

The daily mail and so on are really ramping this up now aren't they? Possibly inciting violence I'd suggest. There seems to be quite a lot of talk and confusion about the Roma and the Romanians. The Romani gypsies being the point of most people's fear. I'll be honest with you, I taught people from all over central and Eastern Europe and not a single one had a good thing to say about Roma people. Even when I suggested that it sounded prejudice they weren't having it. The problems there are very real. However, don't buy into the papers views yet. Basically, another few country's people will be allowed to move freely in Europe and getting angry wont do anything. Whether loads come is only speculation at the moment.

Bay 5:59 am, 31-Oct-2013

In fact, you just have to read the comments by Romanians here and elsewhere - the reason they are upset is cos they're getting confused with Roma

NZBB 10:44 am, 31-Oct-2013

BS written by a spunk bubble who won't see HIS wages depressed by foreign labour.

Simom Ross 1:35 pm, 31-Oct-2013

Nothing will be done, NOTHING ! The Romanians will simply be like the Polish already here, another source of cheap labour be be exploited by unscrupulous employers at the lowest possible cost. I used to live in Newark Notts which had a large Polish population. Lovely people, well educated and with a great work ethic. Rather then sitting on their asses claiming benefits, these people take the jobs that your average dole scrounger wouldn't bother getting out of bed for. No wonder Camaron and his business chums love unregulated immigration so much.

Bay 4:48 am, 1-Nov-2013

That's a good point. I can't see the wood for the trees to be honest. Is it that British people are too lazy or that the business owners too greedy? Probably somewhere in the middle. If there is one good argument against immigration then it could be that it allows business owners to exploit it to their gain. Should we hold it against immigrants? No. Is it even true? Don't know, too much propaganda from every side. The minimum wage aint going up though, and more and more people seem to be out of work.

Kdd 10:22 am, 2-Nov-2013

I love how some of the Romanians who have posted here claim that Gypsies are not Romanian (your goverment definately doesn't include them in their national figures) even though they have lived there for hundreds of years. And others of you claim to be a tolerent nation, i lived in Romania for 12 years, working to help the gypsy children, tolerent is not a word i would use to describe the wider Romanian population towards Gypsies. However, this debate is not about Gypsies, it is about Romanians coming to the UK. Everyone keeps talking about how Romania has one of the highest percentage of employment rates. That would be great if the 'actual paid minimum wage' (not the gov't declared rate) was higher than £100 a MONTH!! YES, most people work, but for less than what their bills alone cost per month. Many many Romanians live below the poverty line, not just the gypsies. Even if it is not permenant there will definately be a large number of Romanians coming over here to seek employment or whatever pur gov't decides they are entitled to. However, most will not stay because the one thing most of you did get right is that Romania is a great place to live and family is a huge thing within Romanian culture so most will return to theirs homes where their wider family live. And as far as the gypsies are concerned, most of them actually want to work but the racism towards them within Romania makes it really hard for them to get jobs. No one will employ them! So they may have no choice but to go elsewhere to work, but that is the fault of the Romanians, no one else.

Simom Ross 12:33 pm, 2-Nov-2013

Unfortunately Bay, it's an issue the OP of the article simply doesn't address. The only people who benefit from unregulated immigration are the fat cats and their shareholders who now have a bottomless pit of cheap labour to exploit. The EU seems to have achieved what Maggie never managed to do

Delia Nicolae 7:20 pm, 4-Nov-2013

My daughter is a romanian student in UK and because she doesn't have the right to work, she's spending romanian money in UK.It means it should be ok for you. Regarding gipsies, if romanian people couldn't handle the problem, it seems you can't also and it's the same with France and other countries. They are creating a lot of problems in Romania, too, because they don't want education, not because they are not receive it. You have to know that among these gipsies there are some of them really educated, well-known singers, dancers... you have absolutely right to say that also among romanian people there are criminals but which nation doesn't have?

Delia Nicolae 7:53 pm, 4-Nov-2013

I have to tell you that my daughter decided to study in your contry due to your universities agressive marketing policy in our highschools. Does it mean that UK need students,or is my mistake? As your Prince Charles said, Romania is a beautiful country,with lot of resources included human resources (unfortunately with a bad management for the moment).So, don't worry, romanian will not invade your country (not more than indians,asians or other nations).

Dorofteia 9:35 am, 9-Nov-2013

Yes, we know Romanian gypsy make the Romanian image for all citizens but what british people not realise there in a country living also good people and honest not all its the same. Everywhere in the world its good people and bad people but not need to put them all in the same pot.......what about Romanian workers in UK which got 2-3 jobs , single mum ,don't ask for any help for children ,paid tax for all incomes and in the and its refused from home office because its Romanian??? I think they need to see person what he doing not which nationality it is.......who been visit Romania have different conception about country and about Romanian citizens not about Gypsy....Prince Charles have a big properties in Romania and he likes .

adrian 1:09 am, 26-Nov-2013

U say`d no to racism then ? .....we are people as u are so stop complain u are free to start working and a new life in our country why dont we do the same ?

adrian 1:11 am, 26-Nov-2013

and second u are the invasion over India Africa and many many country`s u have rage war and steal all diamonds gold and u become the big power i m sure romanian will not come in big numbers so stay cool England is not a great country !!!

Oana 12:22 am, 1-Dec-2013

If everyone it says that Romanian are racist what about the British .why they don't understand that not all the Romanian are the same .there is also people who like to work and no to stole from British government .

Ramona 12:18 am, 3-Dec-2013

The English people they should not say nothing about Romanians because look what they did to the black people , in India ,how many slave they took ,who bild all the underground who is more racism more than them, who have more corruption in the parliament more than them???? They don't know to make the difference between the Romanians and rromi !!!!! Look at yourself first and than speak about others

Ioana 9:34 am, 3-Dec-2013

Just a quick note: we, Romanians, can influence the future of the entire humanity,perhaps more than other nations. Please take a look at this. and imagine a world without Romania..

BOGDAN 8:36 pm, 3-Dec-2013

Romanian Inventors: Henri Marie Coandă (Romanian: [ɑ̃ˈri maˈri ˈko̯andə]; 7 June 1886 – 25 November 1972[1]) was a Romanian inventor, aerodynamics pioneer and builder of an experimental aircraft, the Coandă-1910 described by Coandă in the mid-1950s as the WORLD's FIRST JET (2] a controversial claim disputed by some and supported by others.[3] He invented a great number of devices, designed a "flying saucer" and discovered the Coandă effect of fluid dynamics.[4] AUREL VLAICU November 19, 1882 – September 13, 1913) was a Romanian engineer, inventor, airplane constructor and early pilot. Anastase Dragomir (1896-1966) was a distinguished Romanian inventor, most famous for his "catapultable cockpit" patent (with Tănase Dobrescu) as an early version of the modern ejection seat.Anastase Dragomir, born February 6, 1896, in Brăila, Romania, was the sixth child of his family. He worked in France at several aircraft factories where he perfected a system to save pilots and passengers in case of accidents

BOGDAN 8:37 pm, 3-Dec-2013

By the way... Most of the planes in the World are flying on JET which was invented by Henri Coanda- a Romanian inventor . Today people are flying anywhere in the world because of Wright Brothers American Inventors , Aurel Vlaicu - Romanian Inventor and Henri Marie Coanda - Romanian Inventor British Airways fleet is flying on JET! When you can't sleep because of the JET LAG blame Henri Coanda - Romanian inventor !

BOGDAN 8:47 pm, 3-Dec-2013

Some of my best friends in uni in London are from Romania, and they are all really nice and clever people. They are probably more valuable to the society than some british kids who cant even get pass GCSE

BOGDAN 8:49 pm, 3-Dec-2013

Ladies and Gents. I want to add one more thing : If you as an ENGLISH person in your country you are affraid to loose your job because of the immigrants this means that you are not prepared to do that job and your Employer knows that. Thank you Bogdan Engineer-Aerospace Engineering Virgin Atlantic Airways

Diane 1:13 am, 5-Dec-2013

To share a point here, I am a young romanian lady who works in International research. It so happened that during 2012 one of my UK client saw and admired my work among the 10k people who work in the same company (most of them spread in 1st world countries offices). My client offered me a executive position job in a 12k employees international company and a board place. Why didn't the UK board pick someone else, let's say that comes from a wealthy family well educated in a first world country, not from poor Romania so well trashed in every british-irish vocabulary.? Well to me it appears that UK citizens are not afraid of the maybe 5 k gypsy who will invade them after 2014, but of the lots of smart people who will take their jobs as smart outcomes the lazy at any time in day:). Cheers!

Cristian (Romanian) 5:30 pm, 9-Dec-2013

My brother's been living and working in London since 2003. Guess what, no benefits. I've been here for 2 and something years and guess what, I DIDN'T claim benefits. wooow. By the way, I am a Senior Developer at a London agency and nobody here cares I am from Romania. So go ahead, turn fascists / nazis / rasists / ukip, it's nice for 'democracy'

Christiana 3:18 pm, 14-Dec-2013

I respect what you think about us,(romanians) of course every nation have good people and bad people but you should know how to select them (as you are one of the tp countries in the world) i am working as a pharmacist in uk and i really enjoy it. I help hundreds of old people i your contry, and i don't charge anyone any penny for this , while you are probably in the pub with your mates and your parents are left in the care home treated by foreign its that? have you ever think one day probably you will be in the same situation and someone like me will take care of you .... Instead of wasting time accusing innocent people wake up and improve your own life, jobs, money food and space will always be for everybody ....

zoe 5:16 pm, 29-Dec-2013

Wait and see...than comment in 1 year...if you still have your computers, mobile phones...

Reg Varney 5:32 pm, 29-Dec-2013

Beats me why anyone would want to come to a shithole like this in the first place, lowest pensions, worst employment laws, shortest holidays, longest retirement age, meanest benefits, Its a disgrace, brought about like the first idiot who posted

Alain Bethlen 1:54 pm, 2-Jan-2014

Does the invasion started yet, how many billions Romanians reach British isles today? Lol

Denisa 10:33 am, 4-Jan-2014

In UK I can earn more money cleaning than my current position: high school physic teacher in Romania. It’s true, I’ll have other social status, but it doesn’t matter considering it would be only for a couple of months.

Alain Bethlen 3:37 pm, 4-Jan-2014

@Denisa Be careful, you may forced to have a cup of tea and a cookie with Keith Vaz too, like the other "invader". :O

National 12:59 am, 5-Jan-2014

We shouldn't take in ANY immigrants: we don't have the room, we don't have the jobs and all our major services are straining to cope with an already grossly overpopulated country. More cuts, more immigration is the policy of champagne, couldn't give a toss socialists and the majority of British citizens have had enough of our highly treasonous government. It's time for revolution.

Adi 11:46 pm, 5-Jan-2014

Thank you very much for this nice article! I'm a romanian IT specialist who came here last year, working honestly, appreciated by my colleagues and i got the job, because they searched a lot and couldn't find anybody skilled enough for the job!

Zerg2905 10:23 am, 9-Jan-2014

Good morning, This is a bit funny: as a Romanian national working in an executive position in a large multinational company (in Romania) I had the opportunity to visit UK several times. It is a fabulous country to visit (and I remember many valuable discussions I had with the Britons), but, sorry, not quite suitable for my taste when it comes to live in it. So no, I will certainly not invade it this year (maybe in 2096 :)), but I will surely plan to visit it again soon (business / leisure, whatever). Cheers and apologies for my English! :) P.S.: Gypsies are just a conjunctural bad spot on Romania's business card, but this is also applicable for some of the "caucasian" Romanians (and also applicable for some of the citizens from any country). P.P.S.: to Mr. Xristos Dantes - oh, really? You see, Mr. Dantes, we have a long and prosperous history of living together with Greek nationals. And you cannot challenge that. At all.

zerga 1:17 pm, 9-Jan-2014

anny 8:36 pm, 10-Jan-2014

Romanians choose to work abroad because of money and better life without thinking of the future of their homeland. No one wants to sacrifice life and family for a better Romania. So from my part you can be against Romanians coming to your country as much as you want. I can only be thankful to you. When Romanians will not have any place to go abroad, only then they will start improving things in their country.

paul 8:28 pm, 19-Jan-2014

I am English and have lived in Romania for 8 years, love the country and the people are amazing,i currently live in the uk but am desperate to move back to Romania as soon as possible, I find it a shame that the EU cant invest more in RO to stop the need of the Romanians to have to work abroad, if salaries were better in their own country....that is where they would stay. I also am angered by the press here and the non stop negativity portrayed only causes problems.

vasile 4:33 pm, 9-Mar-2014

why british peaple speak only bull shits about romanians???????? you fuckyng english what the fuck you think you are so special????? you english are a bunch a alcooholiks an wankers and your shit womens are the most bitches snd dirties womens I meet in my life fuck england , fuck british peaple you suns off beaches from england

Stefan 5:34 pm, 14-Mar-2014

I'm from Romania and worked abroad with britts for 7 years in white collar jobs. They are NOT as good as they think they are. FACT. I'm in Romania now but later this year I'll be moving to London. I'm not afraid to start over again in life from the bottom. And I'll tell you now I have never claimed any benefits from any government in my life and I will never allow my self to do so. I'm young and strong, I've got an excellent work ethic and I learn quick. This is not a resume, it's what made me not be afraid of life and take it's challenges head on. Why would you believe that all non britt people whant bennefits. That is not what we are after. In Fact it's the brits who stay home and whatch the X-factor cashing benefits on the back of hard working immigrants that pay tax. Cheers, but all the bad nonsense you are babling about immigrants gives the strong one more heart co go there and show you that they can make a difference and actually make money in your economy, pay tax, obey the law and build their dreams back home. So lay back lazy english friends let us work and make happy doing nothing in front of your flat screen tv in your pijamas for the rest of your natural life. You are doing us a favour, you create space and opportunities.

Stefan 5:42 pm, 14-Mar-2014

Observe the media and third party information channels and you will only see what they want you to see therefore you will beleive what they want/need you to beleive. I m from an excomunist country, I know. dear britton have you ever tryed to see things and people and situtions for what they realy are or you are just basing your opinion(to which you and I are entitled to)on what you think you see in the media. you are blind. And I m going blindly in to London in a few months and I will make it there. See you around in a few months. Cheers.

Bean 12:10 am, 15-Mar-2014

there's no invasion. they're not waiting at the airports, camping out all night to get to the UK like it's some sort of holy ground. get off your high horse. the Romanians who want to be in the Uk are already her, no invasion just a bunch of stuck up racists who decided to cause this stupid moral panic.

Alina 1:01 am, 24-Mar-2014

Stephen: You lose your credibility when you say non-sense like this: "Education in Romania has prospered since the end of Ceaușeacu’s communist regime in 1989." As a matter of fact the education during Ceausescu's time was top-notch, much better than the one from these "Ivy-league" schools you outline. I've lived in the states for quite a few years and been to school in both Romania and the US. I was and still am shocked by the level of ignorance and lack of education that I've found in the states in the universities and at work. In Romania,I didn't pay anything for school and it was real, no multi-choice non-sense. You had to pick a ticket with 3 subjects and either you knew it or you didn't. Plane and simple. Not to mention all the rigorous exams that you had to take to enter high school, then in 10th grade to stay in high school and other exams to enter college/university. In the states it's all about the money, parties, and for the women how to get a husband; it has nothing to due with your intellectual capacity or knowledge. It's amazing how many Americans can't properly speak or spell their own language. On the other hand, with the education that I received in Romania (during Ceausescu's time) I was able to learn English on my own when I moved to the states, passed the Toefel test with a very good score and in a very short time leaving the proctor astonished.

Andrei 9:01 pm, 29-Jul-2014

Let's think of the not so talented romanians.Lots of them work legally in farms and pay taxes in UK.They are so hard working and without them these farms would not exist Because no english people will ever work there due to the hard work.So don't blame romanians that much while you actually need them....

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