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5 Actors Who Will
Ruin Any Film

by Gareth Dimelow
26 December 2013 79 Comments

These actors can always be relied upon to turn escapist popcorn-fodder into unwatchable rubbish. Any we've missed out? Tell us in the comments

Some actors just have it. That indefinable ability to polish a grade-A turd of a movie, simply by appearing in it. Performers like Alison Janney, Philip Seymour Hoffman or JK Simmons, who can take a supporting role in an underwhelming film and somehow elevate the material to something worth watching.

Unfortunately, for every yin there’s a yang. Which means there’s a second group of performers, whose very presence can derail an otherwise promising film. Kind-hearted critics, if that’s not a contradiction in terms, might charitably chalk these appearances up to a bad case of miscasting. Nonetheless, these performers must accept some culpability for their woeful crimes against entertainment. I’m sure there are a million and one examples out there. But in order to get the ball rolling, let’s name and shame some of Hollywood’s serial offenders, and draw a chalk line around the scene of their most egregious crimes.

Andie MacDowell

When Four Weddings and a Funeral came out, it initiated something of a renaissance in British filmmaking. After decades of overwrought kitchen-sink dramas, finally here was proof that we were just as capable of producing a crowd-pleasing, romantic soufflé of a movie as our stateside equivalents. But even though the film boasted a break-out role for neophyte A-lister Hugh Grant, the studio still felt the need for an ‘American name’ to help the film play well overseas. Somehow, the powers-that-be decided that Andie MacDowell was up to the task, despite the fact that she was more wooden than a picnic bench, and just as uncomfortable. After an ignominious start to her acting career, which saw her redubbed by Glenn Close in Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, she’d somehow notched up several successful roles, most of which used her staggering stiffness to their advantage. Not that any of this helped the makers of Four Weddings – a good romantic comedy demands a sparkling rapport between its star-crossed leads, and yet Hugh and Andie couldn’t achieve chemistry with a SodaStream full of nitroglycerin.

Thousands of paragraphs have already been dedicated to the scene at the end of the film, when Grant finds his declaration of love interrupted by a sudden downpour, only for a dripping wet MacDowell to remark, “Is it still raining? I hadn’t noticed.” Much of the criticism was leveled at Richard Curtis, for writing such a shamelessly sentimental line. And although he’s wracked up his own fair share of cinematic misfires, this isn’t one of them. The fault lies entirely with MacDowell, whose delivery borders on narcoleptic, delivering her big line with all the emotion of someone trying to assemble an IKEA wardrobe by reading out the instructions over the phone.

John Leguizamo

I’m not a big fan of Baz Luhrmann’s OTT technique at the best of times. His films tend to be too loud (visually as well as sonically), valuing cacophony over clarity, noise over nuance. Often, this means that his talented cast can get lost in the mix, unless of course they’re willing to crank it up to eleven. That’s the option that John Leguizamo seemed to pick for his portrayal of Toulouse-Lautrec in Moulin Rouge. The film itself was like being stuck in the lift of a psychiatric facility with cluster of bi-polar attention seekers, and yet Leguizamo still managed to distinguish himself as possibly the most annoying character ever committed to celluloid.  To portray the diminutive artist, Leguizamo spent most of the film shuffling around with his knees in a pair of slippers; the least convincing little person since Ray Alan introduced us to Lord Charles.

For two, painful hours, Leguizamo shrieks his lines in a French accent that would shame the cast of ‘Allo ‘Allo, with Luhrmann no doubt cheering on every irritating idiosyncracy. Don’t be surprised if this tin ear for characterisation sees Luhrmann recast Joe Pasquale in the role of Tom Buchanan in his forthcoming adaptation of The Great Gatsby. As for Leguizamo, Toulouse-Lautrec is just one in a series of shockingly frustrating roles that the actor has essayed, from the obese blue clown in Spawn, to Sid the Sloth in Ice Age. It’s less a career, more a one-man rogue’s gallery of awfulness; particularly when you consider that he once turned down Philadelphia in favour of Super Mario Brothers.

Moulin Rouge was like being stuck in the lift of a psychiatric facility with cluster of bi-polar attention seekers

Chris Tucker

There was a time when I used to love any film with a sudden, shocking twist. One of those moments that takes you completely by surprise, and forces you to reevaluate everything you’ve seen up until that point. But that all changed the moment I experienced Chris Tucker’s incomprehensibly horrible appearance, midway through The Fifth Element. Unlike the vampires which cleverly heralded an impromptu genre switcheroo in From Dusk Till Dawn, Tucker’s unexpected arrival stopped Besson’s film dead in its tracks so promptly that you could hear the brakes screeching. Although, in retrospect, that may have been Tucker’s dialogue. This sudden, brutal redirection didn’t just drag me out of the moment; it left me scrabbling around for something sharp that I could stab deep into my ear canal.

Flouncing onto the screen, like the bastard fusion of Sisqo, Bet Gilroy, Hollywood Montrose and Alvin the Chipmunk, Tucker took an otherwise visionary piece of sci-fi fantasy and sodomised it with a golden microphone, until it passed out in a bloodied puddle of spit and glitter. Had he popped up in a different intergalactic space epic, I’d have kept the acid-blooded xenomorph and kicked this preening prick out of the airlock.

Julian Sands

Look up the word ‘fey’ in a dictionary, and you’ll probably find a picture of Legolas the Elf calling Julian Sands a floaty, ethereal twat. It doesn’t seem to matter whether he’s playing a Victorian nob, a medieval warlock or a scheming international terrorist, he has all the presence and gravitas of an HR manager’s limp handshake. The moment he pops up in a film, all disbelief is promptly unsuspended. Hang on, he’s posh but he’s from Yorkshire. And is he supposed to be gay or not? None of it makes any sense, not least the decision to cast him in the first place.

Don’t believe me? Give Arachnophobia a spin, and marvel at how he manages to mangle every single line. It’s almost as if he’s learning his dialogue phonetically, using the Apple Mac speech function. Common sense would suggest that, when you’re effortlessly out-acted by an animatronic spider, it’s time to look for a new career – ideally cutting the crusts off cucumber sandwiches in a village tearoom.

Nicolas Cage

According to Hollywood legend, Nic assumed his screen-name in order to avoid accusations of nepotism, since Nicolas Coppola would leave no-one in any doubt as to which film-making dynasty he sprang from. And yet, aside from a couple of notable exceptions, you’d be forgiven for assuming it was the other Coppolas who’d insisted on the rebranding, for fear of guilt by association.

Most of his roles involve some random combination of erratic, agitated and mildly confused behaviour, like a Red Setter that doesn’t quite understand its own reflection in the surface of a pond. The problem is, this is usually coupled with a character who’s supposed to be some kind of under-appreciated genius, like Stanley Goodspeed in The Rock, or Professor John Koestler in Knowing. With a top lip constantly set on ‘sneer’ and a collection of wigs that would embarrass Dolly Parton, Cage’s acting approach seems to operate on the same principle I applied whenever my parents insisted that I mow the lawn – do something badly enough and you won’t be expected to do it again.

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Betty Herbert 9:55 am, 21-Jul-2012

Liam Neeson. And, increasingly, Ewan McGregor. Combine them with a terrible script, and you have the full horror of the Star Wars prequels.

Bob 10:35 am, 21-Jul-2012

Shia La beouf. Nothing more need be said.

dastard 11:15 am, 21-Jul-2012

Cage ruined Raising Arizona?

Gareth 11:25 am, 21-Jul-2012

@dastard - Not at all, I count Raising Arizona in the "aside from a couple of notable exceptions" bit. Along with Bad Lieutenant and Leaving las Vegas etc. When he's good, he's very very good, but when he's bad he's fucking wretched.

George 12:37 pm, 21-Jul-2012

Josh Hartnett comes from the school of if i whisper it will make me seem deeper .

vinfox 1:37 pm, 21-Jul-2012

Brad Pitt. Relentless in his awfulness.

Markxist 1:58 pm, 21-Jul-2012

Bit unfair on Cage. I mean he's not my favourite by far, but Raising Arizona, Bad Lieutenant, The Rock, Con Air, Bringing Out The Dead... I actually don't mind Andie MacDowell in Four Weddings. I'm aware I'm in a minority there, but she's gorgeous and does the best with 'that line'. @ Betty I completely agree about Ewan McGregor. I think the moment he climbed aboard a bike with professional idle ponce Charlie Boorman was when I started to hate him. He was fine before that. I'd have to add Matthew McConaughey to this list. King Midas In Reverse, as The Hollies once sang.

dastard 2:41 pm, 21-Jul-2012

@Gareth, it's an interesting article man, but if you can name 3 films which he's good in (I'd bang face off in that list), it does kind of disqualify him from the "ruin any film" category. Agree he fucks a lot of shit up though.

Gareth 3:13 pm, 21-Jul-2012

@dastard - a fair point. In my defence, it's probably down to the rather provocative headline, more than anything. My intention with the article was to single out the most irritating screen presences, rather than bad actors per se. And in that sense, I'd still maintain that Cage has a unique ability to annoy me like having a mouthful of steel wool.

BigRed1 3:25 pm, 21-Jul-2012

Missed off Bruce "In a vest again" Willis - the brilliant "Unbreakable" apart... Couldn't act to save his life.

Doesn't matter 4:15 pm, 21-Jul-2012

Val Kilmer

Markxist 4:34 pm, 21-Jul-2012

These days, De Niro. And I hate that I can say that

Josh 5:01 pm, 21-Jul-2012

"’d be forgiven for assuming it was the other Coppolas who’d insisted on the rebranding, for fear of guilt by association." That's a great line, haha

Dan M 5:10 pm, 21-Jul-2012

This list had to have Nicolas Cage in... No matter what situation, he has managed to pick a film apart at the seams. Face Off may be the only exception. Con Air is worth watching purely for John Malkovich as Cyrus. I suppose Cage is put in a place above his station. He would be ok with just small parts. It would not give him the chance to go into overacting mode lol.

dastard 5:42 pm, 21-Jul-2012

@Gareth, ok dude I'll give you Cage, don't want to get all pedantic on you. Interesting read.

dastard 5:48 pm, 21-Jul-2012

@Dan Cage is great in Raising Arizona, really great. Not subtle, but not overwhelming either.

Severino 6:54 pm, 21-Jul-2012

Al Pacino! Scarface was a fluke...

BigRed1 11:53 pm, 21-Jul-2012

Scarface was a fluke? No, Scarface was SHITE. Watch him in Godfather II - just brilliant.

Markxist 12:07 am, 22-Jul-2012

Pacino is excellent! Scarface a fluke? What about The Godfather pt 1 and 2, Carlito's Way, Heat, Panic In Needle Park, Dog Day Afternoon, Serpico,And Justice For All, The Scent Of A Woman ???

Plastic Scally 2:50 am, 22-Jul-2012

Great article, I do think sometimes casting can help an actor depending on the role. Reeves in The Matrix and Bill & Ted is good purely on the basis that he isn't supposed to have a clue what's happening, in the subsequent matrix movies he was terrible. I don't need to tell you how bad he was in Dracula. I think Cage sometimes suits roles he plays but at other times is bloody god awful, the remake of wickerman springs to mind. How about Orlando Bloom in Kingdom of heaven? In fact, Jude Law in just about anything.

dastard 10:24 am, 22-Jul-2012

Good call on Jude Law plastic. Can't think of a film in which he doesn't come across as a cunt.

Mike 2:15 pm, 22-Jul-2012

Nicolas Cage does a good turn in Adaptation, hence he should stick to his red neck characters.

E Welthorpe 6:52 pm, 22-Jul-2012

It's all about the combined elements that go towards lifting a performance, script, direction, supporting cast etc, even the soundtrack. All decent actors have been involved in their fair share of turds. I mean Cage was excellent in Wild At Heart, Travolta in Pulp Fiction, Joe Pesci in Goodfellas, even Jude Law shone in The Talented Mr Ripley. But Ewen Macgregor cannot overcome the smugness to reach the heights.

djpekingman 9:21 pm, 22-Jul-2012

Kevin Costner - oh sorry - you said actors...., Woody Allen, Tom Cruise off the top of my head - I'm sure there'll be more er.....Cantona.

johnnyw 10:12 am, 23-Jul-2012

Nicolas Cage whole career is based on being an Elvis impersonator, look at every role he's ever had its all Elvis, he even went and married his daughter, got wood ? he sure has.

mike 10:36 am, 23-Jul-2012

to be fair nicky cage ant that bad, its his choice of scipt he picks , some utter stinkers, but ewen macgregor, utter tosh, thats not to say the films were bad just him,how he keeps getting away with it, beats me.

Robert 12:25 pm, 25-Jul-2012

Another vote for Orlando Bloom. I also vote for Brendan Fraser.

yogavo 11:54 pm, 18-Dec-2012

how sean connery has made a career is beyond me. pierce brosnan is horrendous got to agree with nicholas cage. seth rogan, is supposed to be funny, he's never funny. brendan fooking fraser is awful. if you are ever looking to make a crap movie, cast dwayne johnson.

Jimmy James Jameson 12:24 am, 19-Dec-2012

Fucking funny that you mention John Leguizamo in there, I have just this minute finished watching "vanishing on 7th street" on Netflix and have to say he was the best in it.... Admittedly this is a movie that contained just him, Thandie Newton and Hayden Christensen, so.....

Mick Bower 12:59 am, 19-Dec-2012

John Leguizamo is ace. He's brilliant in Summer of Sam, a great Tybalt in Romeo & Juliet and he is Benny Blanco from the fucking Bronx

DC 5:39 am, 19-Dec-2012

Owen Wilson anyone? Saw Marley & Me on a plane and nearly threw up. He's even quite annoying in Wedding Crashers.

Gareth 11:15 am, 19-Dec-2012

@DC - Owen Wilson is a good shout. Although he puts so little effort in, I find it hard to get too wound up by him. @JJJ - Oddly, I think Leguizamo can be a great actor, I just find that his showier roles tend to be spectacularly annoying. Vanishing on 7th Street looked interesting, but not sure your 'recommendation' is enough to get me past Hayden Christensen.

Dawn 12:14 pm, 19-Dec-2012

Jennifer bloody Aniston.

JJJ 2:18 pm, 19-Dec-2012

Any film with The Rock, Vin Diesle and, more often than not, Jason Statham tend to be utter horse shit (see Steven Segal but thats just too obvious) watched a film the other day (on netflix... God theres some shit on netflix) called 9 miles under starring Adrian Paul, never heard of him and now i know why. laughable.

Renato 9:47 am, 26-Dec-2012

My #1 to ruin a movie is Jim Carrey. Unable to talk and unable to be serious!

Mike Somers 2:11 am, 29-Dec-2012

Oh god, where do I start! Ben Stiller, Ricky Gervaise, Vince Vaughan, ...the list is endless.

Jacky 1:04 pm, 15-Jan-2013

Keanu Reeves - about as wooden and one dimensional as they come.

cyril 5:49 pm, 8-Feb-2013

Finally spot on !! Nicholas Cage , is a walking disaster.. Just look at him in Captain Corelli .. 'nuff said !!

Bklynwebgrrl 6:47 pm, 8-Feb-2013

Absolutely Val Kilmer. Not sure why since he supposedly trained at Juliard. But it's always a kiss of death to any film after The Doors.

james 7:28 pm, 8-Feb-2013

This list is upside down in my own opinion. it should have started with Jim Carrey, you have a point about cage but he's never a bad actor, Sarah Jessica is just always out of place and has never make anything convincingly real in most of her role play. I wouldn't pick up a movie with her picture on it because i would instantly consider it a trash. I think good acting is all about making unreal things look real and not a show-off.

Mickp 12:35 am, 9-Feb-2013

Great post. Ithink Nicholas Cage is truly rubbish. So wooden and emotionless in virtually every character he plays. It has now got to the stage where i will not watch a film with him in. Jason Statham is the same. No personality, wooden, characterless actor. I thought he was related to Phil Mitchell in Eastenders cos he mumbles his lines in the same way.

Den Bogus 2:08 am, 9-Feb-2013

Jude Law. Shit.

mike 1:41 pm, 9-Feb-2013

the whole cast of friends, i love this guy but he has made some real shit films will ferrell,& gerard butler who ever let him on a film set,

Martin 7:27 pm, 25-Feb-2013

Agree with Cage to some extent - his latest films have been absolute tosh - although I did like Matchstick Men and Face Off was brilliant. Chris Tucker - Rush Hour 1,2 and 3 are hilarious. I defy you not to enjoy them. Every dog has his day...

L Carr 7:35 pm, 15-Mar-2013

Kiera Knightly dare I say it?

jess 9:09 pm, 28-Mar-2013

Everybody except Richard Harris & Oliver Reed. Both are dead, by the way..:)

Lord Robbo 5:47 pm, 11-Apr-2013

@vinfox Brad Pitt is amazing you twat. are you jealous of his hot looks and blonde locks?

Joss 5:54 pm, 11-Apr-2013

Leonardo Di Cappio. Overated. You can see him acting. Totally unbelievable for all the wrong reasons. Whatever he had went down with the Titanic. Gangs of New York was a waste of my time.

CraigLondon 5:59 pm, 11-Apr-2013

Anything with that bloke from the office in,I think his name's Martin Freedman? or Simon Pegg in will be shit.Also Tarantino appearing in his own movies ruins it for me

Slay 6:15 pm, 11-Apr-2013

Martin Lawrence - the American Lenny Henry. I rest my case.

trl 11:04 pm, 11-Apr-2013

Hmm, Nicolas 'not the bees' Cage has put it too many shocking performanes to mention, but I've enjoyed many of his movies and him in them, including Wild At Heart, Leaving Las Vegas, Rumblefish and Raising Arizona. Andie McDire is a hideous actress, agreed, though I thought she was pretty solid in Groundhog Day. Bill Murray was doing all the hard work though. As for the rest, spot on really.

sam 12:02 am, 12-Apr-2013

Disagree with the inclusion of nick cage and chris tucker. Though they have both done some utter garbage, they have been excellent in films (Rasing Arizona, Leaving Las Vegas and in tuckers case Friday).

kirky 8:36 am, 12-Apr-2013

Mark wahlberg absolutely terrible

Gareth 12:42 pm, 12-Apr-2013

@LCarr - you can say it, and I'll second it. She's wretched. @Martin - there will be exceptions to prove the rule, re Cage. But I'm afraid you can take your Rush Hours and poke 'em. I'd find more laughs in a Richard Littlejohn editorial.

Frank1 2:09 pm, 12-Apr-2013

Alan Cumming As subtle as a brick through a window.

DAVE 5:16 pm, 12-Apr-2013

Spot on about Cage.......very funny, why not consider Jeremy Irons ?....prentious knob

Mike2482 9:49 am, 17-Apr-2013

Chris O' Donnell. 'Nuff said.

Lauren Grabowski 8:41 pm, 24-Apr-2013

anyone who doesn't realize nic cage is a genius and oerformance artist is clearly retarded.

frank 6:25 pm, 26-Apr-2013

Tom (thumb) Cruise - every movie is 95% close ups of him whilst surrounded by cardboard cut outs. Also Matthew McConnoughie or however you spell. Dire. OK one more, Tom Hanks is .... Tom Hanks in every Fing movie.

Eddy 6:32 pm, 27-Jun-2013

rihanna has managed to ruin battleship and frankly im not gonna watch the end of the world because she is in it,,,girl cant act and her voice irritates me to bits

Sandy 8:19 pm, 11-Aug-2013

Nic cage woeful- same over wrought acting no matter what the movie. Add Dennis Quaid too.

DAVIDMOULDYAPPLE 9:50 pm, 13-Aug-2013

What about Aidan Quinn, useless !! under the delusion he is a serious actor,because he appears in the same movies as DE Niro, and Liam Neeson !!

DAVIDMOULDYAPPLE 9:53 pm, 13-Aug-2013

Aidan Quinn, enough said,

DAVE 11:00 pm, 13-Aug-2013

Another addition how about Charlie fucking Sheen !

CMoon 12:09 pm, 17-Sep-2013

Wow, the bitchiness in here would shame a women's "powder-room". Article is "5 Actors..." but we end up with just about them all. Which just goes to show it's not about bad actors, just if your own prejudices mean you don't like them. By the way, I hate that fat bloke off Gavin and Stacey, but he's actually a good actor. I don't get the two mixed up!

Roger 3:44 pm, 24-Sep-2013

A bizarre list as it only takes one non-ruinously bad film in an actor's ouevre to invalidate an entry. Cage - has been in several very good films indeed and many mediocre ones which are only interesting and entertaining at all because of his deranged overacting. Leguizamo property cast can do a great job and really does not get many roles big enough to ruin a film. Sands I'll give you although he did do a cracking Olivier impersonation in Tynan (although that probably doesn't really count as a film). Tucker is indeed annoying but hardly ruins the magnificent Fifth Element. MacDowell is indeed narcoleptic in more roles than you can count but this is a largely neutral quality and can hardly ruin a film by itself. And seriously - no Adam Sandler?

Roger 3:46 pm, 24-Sep-2013

Trying this again in the hope of paragraphs appearing.... . A bizarre list as it only takes one non-ruinously bad film in an actor's ouevre to invalidate an entry. . Cage - has been in several very good films indeed and many mediocre ones which are only interesting and entertaining at all because of his deranged overacting. . Leguizamo property cast can do a great job and really does not get many roles big enough to ruin a film. . Sands I'll give you although he did do a cracking Olivier impersonation in Tynan (although that probably doesn't really count as a film). . Tucker is indeed annoying but hardly ruins the magnificent Fifth Element. . MacDowell is indeed narcoleptic in more roles than you can count but this is a largely neutral quality and can hardly ruin a film by itself. . And seriously - no Adam Sandler?

Roger 3:49 pm, 24-Sep-2013

And again: A bizarre list as it only takes one non-ruinously bad film in an actor's ouevre to invalidate an entry. Cage - has been in several very good films indeed and many mediocre ones which are only interesting and entertaining at all because of his deranged overacting. Leguizamo property cast can do a great job and really does not get many roles big enough to ruin a film. Sands I'll give you although he did do a cracking Olivier impersonation in Tynan (although that probably doesn't really count as a film). Tucker is indeed annoying but hardly ruins the magnificent Fifth Element. MacDowell is indeed narcoleptic in more roles than you can count but this is a largely neutral quality and can hardly ruin a film by itself. And seriously - no Adam Sandler?

Roger 3:51 pm, 24-Sep-2013

No - not even html paragraph marks work.... Can you really not set up comments that allow the most basic formatting?

Miss Original 9:36 am, 26-Dec-2013

If you want to be known as a legitimate film maker and don't want your talented actors' careers to end up in the toilet, don't ever cast Kelly Monaco in anything. She's already wrecking television and at least 1 person's legitimacy as a talented actor. After this, he'll be known for working in soft porn instead of daytime drama. Sad really. He had so much talent until now.

MissyGful 10:39 am, 26-Dec-2013

A really eloquent and funny article. I agree with most of what @Gareth has said and clearly do not have to mention the Nick Cage defense (as I believe quite a lot of people have pointed out that he has made some brilliant films and the ruin 'any' film moniker is a tad unfair) Albeit I can not think of anything recent that he has appeared in that I like, or felt compelled to see. However, could I possibly suggest that Keira Knightly replace Cage in the list. I could not tell you if she is a good or bad actress as the level of irritation that she invokes in me actually has me squinting at the screen in pain and annoyance so I do not think that I have ever watched a full performance from her. Andie Macdowell wooden Keira Knightly stone.

Jo blow 2:06 am, 27-Dec-2013

Anyone seen Chris Rock act? Worst Ever!

Doesn't matter 11:35 pm, 4-Jan-2014

Will have to note that Nick Cage doesn't ruin any film but being generous it's about 75%. Need to agree with most of of his mentioned "highpoints" but several of them are utter shite. I'll throw in 8mm as one of his better works.

MancTommo 2:52 am, 13-Jan-2014

Wow what a bunch of to££ers most if you are... You have pretty much slagged off most of uk and Hollywood acting wise. How can you slag off Tom hanks, Leonardo, Jim Carey and many others mentioned. All have done some great films, even Cage. It's impossible to have 100% great films under your belt but all have some classics. How can you knock DeNero or Al Pacino (heat was awesome) talk about them being idiots, stuck up or what ever, most of you are boring, serious and clearly don't like films or immersing yourself in them. It's about escape and believing in characters most of which you have slagged off have done really well in a lot of films. Are you lot perfect in your jobs, hardly! Agree about Chris Tucker though, crap

Rob 6:40 pm, 25-Jan-2014

Tom"I'm not gay"Cruise.

Mabel 3:53 pm, 26-Jan-2014

Nic Cage CAN act; he just rarely does. He was spectacular in Birdy. That was the first film I ever saw him in, and I was expecting much more from him, but I was sorely disappointed. The only thing worth noting that he's done since was Big Daddy in Kick-Ass. It was nice to see him actually play a character again rather than just phone it in.

adam 5:23 pm, 18-Mar-2014

Adam Sandler Sandra Bullock Clive Owen Paris Hilton (if you can call it acting) Kevin James dropped more turds between them than an entire army infected with IBS

Sam 2:35 am, 11-Sep-2014

kelsey grammer in any movie. Beastman in X-men or in Transformers just ruins these movies. He should of stayed behind the bar.

Eric T Cat 12:29 am, 19-Oct-2014

Sean Bean. In this film Sean Bean will be playing the part of Sean Bean. The new series on Sky with him in, Legends, has me giggling every time he "slips" into another "character", they're all the bloody same! If I was a bad guy in this series I would warn all my underlings to shoot anyone with a dodgy Sheffield accent trying to fake an American accent, especially those who look exactly like Sean Bean. Mind you, unlike some actors at least he doesn't require his characters to be named Sean, there used to be this woman on the BBC, everything she was in her character was called Jan. which was her first name, Howard's End I think was one of the things she was in, she was the lead characters neurotic wife casting my mind back many many years.

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