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5 Reasons Why Nottingham Forest Will Beat Swansea City

by David Hart
16 May 2011 28 Comments

The playoffs usually mean heartbreak for Nottingham Forest, but I've ditched pessimism and believe this could be our year...

Even a mutter of the word Playoff is enough to give any Nottingham Forest fan the nervous jitters. Three times we’ve been to the playoffs, and three times we’ve seen our team beaten in gut wrenching fashion. Ahead of the second-leg against Swansea City, here’s a brief reminder of the past and five reasons why we can emerge victorious this evening.

Our first taste of disappointment was against Sheffield United during the 2002-03 season. After an initial 1-1 draw in the home leg, the game at Bramall Lane ended up 4-3 to United.  Four years later we were to try our luck again, only this time we had sunk to the unthinkable depths of League one. During the 2006-07 season, after a fourth place finish we were to play Yeovil Town. After a comfortable 2-0 first leg win away at Huish Park, we somehow managed to come back to the City Ground and lose 5-2. Just thinking about this brings back memories I no longer wish to conjure, so onto the next one.

The season is 2010-11 and we’re back in the Championship. After a fantastic second season under Billy Davies, we finished up third, just missing out on the second automatic place to well known yo-yo club West Bromwich Albion. We had played the whole season well above our expectations, as the season before we were in danger of the drop. With the disappointment of missing out on the automatic places, the playoffs loomed. We went in believing it may be a relative stroll, only to be knocked off our perch by a Blackpool side brimming with confidence after sneaking into 6th place on the last day of the season.  We lost the first leg 2-1 at Bloomfield Road, which I missed due to being on holiday in Portugal. I had managed to get a ticket for the home game, but due to a volcanic eruption I missed the game, and I was glad too. We lost 4-3.

This year we finished up 6th, and after what has frankly been a topsy turvy season I would prefer to skip the playoffs and give automatic promotion another go next season. Albeit we are back in the Playoffs for a 4th time and I feel our luck has to change this time. After a 0-0 stalemate in the first leg against Swansea City last Thursday night, I have decided to put my years of being a pessimistic b**tard behind me – and look at the positives in our chase for promotion. With it all to play for at The Liberty Stadium tonight, here are 5 reasons why Nottingham Forest can beat Swansea City…

This time it is a different story, we have scored 14 goals in the last 4 games, not including last Thursday, and I believe that we can cope with the underdog tag that we have been given

Kris Boyd

With 6 goals in 10 appearances since his time at the club, Boyd has brought one thing we have been missing from our strikers: consistency. His strength gives us presence in the box, which means when we eventually revert to humping the long ball – we have someone there to bring it down onto the feet of Robbie Earnshaw or Marcus Tudgay. He’s also brilliant at scoring the goals himself. His record at Rangers speaks for itself.

Billy Davies

In his third season as Nottingham Forest manager, Billy has done it again and got us into the playoffs. His previous record at getting his clubs into the playoffs is quite impressive. Preston twice before us and obviously his successful playoff campaign at our rivals just down the A52. With the failure of last year’s playoffs and the amount of “photo finish” quotes coming out of wee Billy’s mouth in the last few weeks I think he needs to step up to the plate and put his money where his mouth is. Otherwise I can’t help the feeling he may not be with us next season.

Lady Luck

With 3 previous unsuccessful playoff attempts to our name, I can’t help but think we are due some good luck for a change. I mean how many times can a club fail at the playoffs? I’m not taking anything away from Blackpool’s success last season, or Norwich’s back to back promotion this year, but I personally feel our squad is equally as good as the aforementioned teams. We have shown our ambition through the last two seasons, and I feel this current crop of players are good enough to take us up. So I have to ask if we aren’t good enough now, then when will we be?

Swansea’s tired legs

After going down to ten men within a minute of kick off last Thursday night, and possibly losing star player Fabio Borini to injury, the effects of playing the majority of the game with ten men will hopefully take it’s toll on Swansea. With the game at 0-0, it’s all to play for. Our failure to convert chances at home was heavily frustrating but come Monday night – one goal could be all we need. We managed to mark Scott Sinclair out of the game in the first leg, but let Nathan Dyer run riot at times. This will need to change if we are to win the second leg.

Our current form

We went into the game last Thursday night having won our previous four games. At the same stage last year we were suffering from a slump in form, and the disappointment of missing auto promotion had taken its toll on us. This time it is a different story, we have scored 14 goals in the last 4 games, not including last Thursday, and I believe that we can cope with the underdog tag that we have been given well. We were missing a certain strength in midfield at times in the home leg, so the news of a possible Guy Moussi return will not only give us fresh legs in the middle of the park, but hopefully a bit of the strength we were missing last Thursday.

Ultimately this is an awkward time for fans of all four playoff sides, but it’s always going to be more uncomfortable for Nottingham Forest, as our previous experiences have left us dreading another playoff failure. This is both the clubs and Billy’s fourth time in the playoffs. Now has to be our time to march onto Wembley.

As well as loving Nottingham Forest, David is also partial to a bit of fashion. Feel free to check out his website

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Andy Nattan 11:13 am, 16-May-2011

If you're counting on Job Done as a key factor, you're fucked.

Michael Litman 11:50 am, 16-May-2011

I pray to god you're right David. Really, I do. Although playing against 10 men at home, a few goals woulda sorted us right out. Fingers crossed for tonight.

Paddy 12:00 pm, 16-May-2011

Got to play Moose and/or Radi. Can we drop Earnshaw ans McKenna please? Earnshaw just ain't the man to win balls hoofed up from the goal kick.

Druid1960 12:13 pm, 16-May-2011

What a poor article this is.. i was waiting for 5 good reasons why forest will beat swansea and all i read is luck and hope.. If thats all they are relying on then they should have saved on the fuel expense and stay at home

itsthepbear 12:56 pm, 16-May-2011

As a Cardiff City fan living in Notts and engaged to a Forest fan, I face the uncomfortable truth of knowing that to win promotion we'd have to beat Reading then play either Swansea or Forest in the final. Lose to either of them in the play off final and I'll never hear the end of it. Also, losing a play off final feels as bad as getting relegated. It really does.

Husky Red 12:57 pm, 16-May-2011

Nice idea for an article, but I would have gone for different reasons: 1. The promoted play-off team has won their away leg every year for the last 6 years. So Swansea have blown it. 2.Forest created way more chances than the other three playoff teams: 14 shots compared to 8, 8, and 6 for the other three. 3. Robbie Findley - an unknown quantity that the jacks don't know how to play against. 4. Better home form. Forest lost only twice at home. Swansea have lost three times. Cardiff (who we beat) and both Pompey and Brizzle found the winning formula at Liberty 4. Momentum - Forest's result in the last 6 championship games of the season were the best of any team. Better than QPR. Better than Swansea. Better than Norwich. And unlike Swansea, we didn't play an academy team on the last day. 5. Progress - the squad has now been together another year since the Blackpool debacle. We don't have fish boy, Wilson or garner, but Boyd, Tudgay, and Findley are new. More importantly chambo, maloney, mcgugan and mcleary have all come good for us. There is a real temptation to clutch at straws, but in truth I think the 4 teams involved are closer than they've been in a long time. Load the bullet, spin the chamber and tonight we pull the trigger. Blood on the carpet? Let's keep hoping and praying for better.

Simon Martin 1:08 pm, 16-May-2011

Billy Davies is a liability in pressure situations. You can see the veins popping in his forehead. You'd be better giving him the night off and if you do it may very well be "job done".

Tommy 1:23 pm, 16-May-2011

Great read over my lunch and I totally agree. Especially with the Boyd selection as he has mad a positive improvement up front for us. I would hope Billy goes with Boyd and Tudgay as I think little Robbie misses more than he scores. Positive, positive Forest!!

Anna Soubry 1:24 pm, 16-May-2011

You Forest fans really are clutching at straws aren't you? Swansea have the best home record in the division and you failed to beat them 11 v 10 at home, and were outplayed for much of the first 45mins. Still, West Ham should bring a few to the City Ground next year so it's not all doom and gloom.

Robert 1:29 pm, 16-May-2011

Billy has said all along that he is here for these occasions and now is the time for him to prove it. For me he is a good manager but the dip in the teams form was a worry a few months ago but tonight its a one off and we just need a win. Billy can deliver this for sure. He needs to make sure each and every man is up for this and run themselves until the drop...especially McGuigan who can be wonderful and lazy all in the one movement. If they all had the heart of big Wes we would be promoted by now. Come on you Redins!!

Boozehound 1:48 pm, 16-May-2011

If we can keep Dyer and Sinclair quiet then I don't see why we can't nick it. The league fixture at the Liberty scares the living hell out of me though as 3-2 really did flatter us. But that was then, this is now. It's just a one-off game to get to Wembley. Form doesn't overly matter - it's about who wants it more, who gets more luck and which team holds their nerve and defends better. Come on You Reds!!!

Harry 3:18 pm, 16-May-2011

I have never been confident about tonight. But i have just been reminded of their home game to cardiff earlier in the season. It's the only home game that they have played under the pressure that they will face tonight and they completely bottled it. Slight cause for optimism? YOU REDS!

Brett 3:53 pm, 16-May-2011

Forrest are khack!...Will never go up!COUNTY ALL THE WAY!

Brett 4:31 pm, 16-May-2011

Forest have got a better chance of getting promoted IF they had a team full of Midgets!....COUNTY ALL THE WAY!

Druid1960 6:40 pm, 16-May-2011

Harry, Yes swansea did lose to Cardiff at home but they hardly bottled it, it was a close match all the way through but cardiff managed to score 5 min before the end, so please keep to the facts

racecar is racecar backwards 8:51 pm, 16-May-2011

Don't wish to be too premature but..... bet you wish you hadn't run your mouth off quite so much now don't you?

Lisa Morris 9:49 pm, 16-May-2011

Well done, Swansea - a very well deserved win...

Yawn 10:01 pm, 16-May-2011

Forest might as well call it a day - there's simply no hope for 'em anymore. I predict Forest will be playing part-time football within the next 10-20 years: mark my words. What is the point, they simply cannot compete & the future is completely bleak.

James 10:16 pm, 16-May-2011

Nice slip at the end there Forest.

Jay stevenson 10:43 pm, 16-May-2011

Brett Your comments are a joke let's meat up so I can knock f # # k out of ya

Mike Roberts 10:55 pm, 16-May-2011

To all you forest fans , my heart goes out to you all , what a game though ! Swans all the way in the first half , but Forest all the way in the second half ! Don't lose the faith though .... As I'm reading some of the comments ie....@Yawn , Forest will get promoted soon mark my words Swansea were the better side over the 2 legs but forest are a team on the up . I would hate to be in your position now I agree but I'm a Swansea fan and am over the moon as this is something that hasn't been our way a lot longer than you guys ! Keep your chins up and keep the faith forest are a class team and will be challenging again next season . As for us Swans ...... Well that is to be seen yet . We to could still be plying our trade in the championship next season . But fingers crossed that we can get in the Prem for the first time .

druid1960 11:16 pm, 16-May-2011

theres hope for Billy Davies yet.. sack Camp and stick him in goal, all that hot air billy blows will stop any ball, and after Camps embarressing performance tonight anyone will be an improvement

Husky Red 12:39 am, 17-May-2011

Well done jacks. Enjoy wembley. See you next season. ;)

Brett 9:09 am, 17-May-2011

TO Jay stevenson...I want to say...HAHAHAHAH! HAHAHAHAHAH!...BY the way your lass is getting pregnant, and the kid will be a county fan!!!....the brian Clough era is JUST A DREAM! Keep dreaming LARDBOY!

Mike Roberts 10:31 am, 17-May-2011

@Brett , I'm a Swans fan I want you too know that your attitude stinks ! Your on here to just wind people up ! Do one Scum bag ! No real footie fan would do what your doing but then again notts county don't have any fans do they . Small club, small minded people! Sounds like your a midget and have got serious problems ! Try a standing in a grow bag !

Brett 11:00 am, 17-May-2011

@MikeRoberts! You have alot going for you dont you! Swansea, has the DVLA but the irony is No one there has a driving licence, and drive illegally...they all marry their sisters, Mike Roberts you sure your names not Mike Hunt?

Mike Roberts 10:07 pm, 18-May-2011

@ Brett yes Swansea does have the DVLA , and if all you say is true then you must live in a worse place ! As we are better than Notts County ! Honestly Brett what have notts ever won ? You come on here slagging everyone off like you have a history as big as Nottingham Forrest ! I think you must be playing your PS3 too much .... We all know that County will ever only be that good on a ps3 with a county fan on the controls , settings on Amatuer !

Brett 4:57 pm, 20-May-2011

@MikeRoberts, Notts County have won my support!...Even your lass wont support you! Only slag on here is YOU!... Forest? Who are they? What have they won since the Clough era?...NOPE thats you!...PLaying on the PS3 your a loner!, Get out of your comfort Zone!...Do Something other than Bashing your bishop!

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