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9 Lessons For Newcastle United From The Draw With Arsenal

by Matt Ketchell
14 August 2011 3 Comments

Arsenal can bleat on about injuries and physicality but their players have very little discipline, and thank christ that there is only one Joey Barton...

Arsenal can bleat on about injuries and physicality but their players have very little discipline, and thank christ that there is only one Joey Barton and he plays for Newcastle United

Arsenal are indisciplined

Far fewer thrills than the corresponding fixture from last season and deserving of low slot on Match of the Day. The montage of the eight goal avalanche has been everywhere in the build up but Wenger ‘mustn’t have seen it’ because Arsenal clearly haven’t learnt their lesson. Monsieur Misery allowed his side to make the same mistakes as they once again let Barton wind them up. Arsenal bleat on about fouls and protection from the referees but their players have very little discipline and get sent off far too often.

There’s only one Joey Barton

Which is probably for the best. Barton has never been one to go about his work quietly, he has been openly critical of Pardew and Mike Ashley on Twitter, in the dressing room and at one point, during the middle of a pre-season game with Leeds last month but somehow, after being transfer-listed and made to train alone, he was handed a start. And yes, he went down like a sack of sh**; but hopefully, by reminding everyone of what a horrible little ba**ard he is, he’ll deter any other clubs from coming in to sign him. He is so effective for us and I can see him and Cabaye complimenting each other nicely, they exchanged some lovely little one touch passes together at times, when they weren’t chasing Arsenal shaped shadows, and both share the ability to spot passes that others don’t see. Having two creative Midfielders in the side would give us the tools to play more free flowing football, something we haven’t exactly seen a great deal of in recent times at St James Park.

Where are the goals going to come from

Worryingly, we never looked like creating any decent scoring chances, possibly due to the giant chasm that existed between midfield and attack. Pardew made an attempt to remedy this in the second half by introducing Obertan and pushing Cabaye further forward which had minimal effect. Shola and Ba looked liked they had never been introduced to each other such was the lack of cohesion up top and the former desperately needs a goal having had a worryingly dry pre-season in front of goal.

Our new kit looks like a waistcoat

It’s our third different home kit in three years and Puma have had a shocker. Bring back Adidas and the three stripes!

We need a left back

Enrique’s gone and, with nearly three weeks to go until the transfer deadline, we have to get a real life left back in – no excuses. Ryan Taylor isn’t a full back. In the first half his defending resembled a bed sheet flapping in the wind, he did improve slightly in the second half and managed to keep Walcott at bay but he’s still a square peg in a round hole.

Gutierrez continued to cut inside and go on his weird runs, but without Enrique’s thundering overlaps this aspect of our attack looks thoroughly one dimensional

Pardew needs to get the WD-40 Out

We looked rusty. Tiote in particular looked in desperate need of minutes. The tenacious Ivorian is an integral cog in our team but yesterday he wasn’t anywhere near the level we saw from him last season. He was a yard off the pace and looked leggy towards the end when the inevitable yellow card arrived and thank Christ he missed that tackle in the 90th minute. A Tiote-less Newcastle team is something we can do without next weekend when we visit the dark place. You couldn’t fault the players for effort but our passing and movement off the ball was very average. Lose the ball to Arsenal and you’ll wait a long time to get it back which was confirmed by the possession stats. Our attacking threat down the left has completely vanished. Gutierrez continued to cut inside and go on his weird runs, but without Enrique’s thundering overlaps this aspect of our attack looks thoroughly one dimensional. I wouldn’t mind seeing Gutierrez playing down the right (seeing as he is right footed) and – call me crazy – put some crosses in. We play too narrow, we’ve got a bit of a physical presence up front again so lets get some balls into the box.

Obertan looked sharp

He’s certainly quick and completely out paced Sagna at one point to retrieve a ball from right back despite giving the French full back a good five yard head start. He can operate anywhere across the midfield and upfront but Pardew chose to play him down the right for the most part. He needs to work out what role he wants him to play.

Our set pieces are pathetic

Still! Why can’t we clear the first man with our corners? Barton was on most free kicks and corners and Cabaye also took a few but each knock was accompanied by forty-odd thousand moans and Ryan Taylor must be the only ‘deadball specialist’ who can’t get his free kicks above knee height.

We’ve got loads of midfielders

Cabaye, Barton, Gutierrez, Tiote, Obertan, Gosling, Marveaux, Smith, Taylor with Ferguson, Ben Arfa and Guthrie on their way back from injury. Unless Pardew has a radical new formation up his sleeve he’s got some tough decisions to make. I foresee lots of chopping and changing – nothing new for NUFC.

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papa andrea 2:08 pm, 15-Aug-2011

fuck the writter

rafi 2:23 pm, 15-Aug-2011

arsenal may have big disciplinary problems to deal with but with that thug in your side, theirs pales deep into the shadows.on his on barton has crimes that feel a tome, footballing or otherwise. he either belongs in jail or in an asylum. he is insane. thank the biased and/or hapless fa, he survives to fight on. next time he just needs to do what he did gervino to the beloved wayne rooney, then he will never kick a ball in the league again. over-duly BANNED for LIFE. your glorification of this thug makes you a moron.

Nut 4:09 pm, 15-Aug-2011

You twit, Barton is bagged because he does some stupid idiotic things yeah, but also because twats like yourself get on his case and the media pick up on it. Arsenals failings this past weekend were plain for everyone to see, Barca have now got Fabregas who was a player who added depth and creativity to your midfield and in my eye was and is irreplaceable. Nasri will most likely be more determined to leave now too because he sees a side selling the best players much like many of the Newcastle fans seem to think is happening they're end. I actually disagree with the Newcastle fans point of view because I believe all the players that have left have been eminently replaceable yes even Enrique! However Fabregas is a rare diamond, hence why Barca have added insult to injury and placed a 175 million pound release clause on the guy. He'll stay there for life now as a player they can build a side around, Wenger doesnt seem to have bothered to try doing that at Arsenal and for me whilst he's an amazing manager he's too stuck in his ways, if he remains this way they won't get anywhere.

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