Sabotage Times, We can't Concentrate so Why Should You?Sabotage Times, We can't Concentrate so Why Should You?

Those Manchester United fans are a pesky bunch. During Manchester City’s recent pre-season tour of Malaysia, fans of United unfurled a huge banner proclaiming ‘Manchester is Red’, despite City’s domestic exploits last season. The Citizens may have secured the Premier League crown on the final day of  last season, but Sir Alex Ferguson’s side still dominate the records with 12 Premiership titles to date.

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vulcan heights 3:37 pm, 31-Jul-2012

United are based in Salford not Manchester. Only one team in Manchester and they are BLUE.

mike 5:25 pm, 31-Jul-2012

And the Dallas Cowboys aren't in Dallas. No one cares. Manchester is Red and the whole world knows it. One cute title for the man city gay bar doesn't change anything.

scott 6:05 pm, 31-Jul-2012

How are united based in salford when its called OLDTRAFFORD?

scott 6:37 pm, 31-Jul-2012

United is in trafford not salford ya tool.

joe 9:27 pm, 31-Jul-2012

Salford is a city next to Manchester,united are from Trafford

Boll Weevil 1:09 am, 1-Aug-2012

Boys, Manchester is neither red or blue, it's more of a shitty brown colour if anything.

I C Runway 1:14 pm, 5-Aug-2012

Trafford is red, Manchester is blue.

BloodRedMancunian 10:35 pm, 5-Aug-2012

Wow. 35 years and a title and the wankers are out with their cocks again. Manchester was, is and always will be Red. Your sugar daddies and their oil money won't change such a fact.

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