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Chelsea: A Disappointed Numbness At The Sheer Predictability Of It All

by Callum West
5 March 2012 14 Comments

As soon as Roman Abramovich began to visit the training ground the writing was on the wall. But what now? nothing has changed and surely we cannot continue to hire and fire managers at such an alarming rate?

The news that Andre Villas-Boas was sacked yesterday by Chelsea may not have been a surprise but it certainly was a disappointing ending to a reign that had begun brightly in the first few months of the season.

Many had not seen a lot of his Porto side, however, with comparisons to Guardiola’s Barcelona side there was a feeling of optimism at Stamford Bridge following the Portuguese’s appointment, an air of positivity around the club which the summer signing of Juan Mata and promotion of Daniel Sturridge to the first team did little to quell.

After decent early form, the visit to Manchester United at Old Trafford in September, despite the 3-1 defeat, saw the players leave the pitch to a chorus of ‘we’re gonna win the league’ from the away end after a display – in which the aforementioned Mata was brilliant – that impressed many, fans and pundits alike.

However, fast forward six or so months and vast swathes of Chelsea fans will be pleased with the decision the board took on Sunday, and with three wins from the last twelve games, and the side looking devoid of ideas, inspiration and ingenuity it’s hard to argue with their logic. Indeed, these recent performances have embodied all the problems that have characterised post Mourinho Chelsea – Hiddink’s three months and Ancelotti’s first season aside. Despite all the promises and projects, nothing had changed.

I, however, feel neither elation nor disgust, just a disappointed numbness at the sheer predictability of it all

Yet there remains the question: ‘what if’ and a nagging doubt that this is another short term solution to a long term problem. Whilst, there are squabbles amongst those on the outside looking in as to whether the players didn’t help the manager or the manager didn’t help the players, it seems that the club is in a deeper malaise and at the heart of it is neither the manager nor the players but those in charge of the club.

As fans we’ll always be grateful to Roman Abramovich for what he has done for Chelsea, but many Chelsea supporters have, for several years had, grave doubts about the people he employs to run our club. It was the board who sacked the man who had won the double the year before, the board who curiously sacked his popular number two Ray Wilkins half way through the season and the board who appointed Villas-Boas ‘for the long term’ with the objective of overhauling the squad yet failed to provide him with tools or the opportunity to do so and sacked him in the short term.

Whether it was the right decision, will become obvious over the coming weeks and the club will feel vindicated if the team, under the stewardship of club legend Roberto Di Matteo, again qualify for the Champions League. Whether, Villas-Boas would have turned it around in the long term we’ll never know.

The sacking has divided opinion amongst fellow fans whilst many felt it was needed, others are very angry. I, however, feel neither elation nor disgust, just a disappointed numbness at the sheer predictability of it all.

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LoneWolf 10:47 am, 5-Mar-2012

Your club is becoming a joke and I'd blame the 'senior' players, not the ownership on this occasion. Lampard, Terry et al have far too much power. Saying that, Ancelotti shouldn't have been sacked in my opinion.

JB 12:11 pm, 5-Mar-2012

I'll be honest I have zero sympathy. You have bought your way to being a 'top' club and your attempts to ruin the Premier League with your spending almost succeeded. I am glad your oil money project is failing. Hopefully Abramovich will leave these shores soon and leave you riddled with debt :)

GB 12:37 pm, 5-Mar-2012

what the fuck is the point in sacking managers after a few bad games? Each new manager then inherits a team that he may not want. Chelsea are a joke - how can you build a club and success unless you stick with a manager and support his strategies etc? Scumchester United talk a lot, like they never spent any money, but they're the Prem League team to follow - get a half decent manager and support his strategies, projects and choices etc. It'll take time - its ridiculous to expect immediate results and sack managers after a few bad months - soon no one will want the job at all

The Cush 1:14 pm, 5-Mar-2012

I'll take the job where i can get 3 years wages in severance pay for 8 months work.

Harry Futile 3:40 pm, 5-Mar-2012

Nice one, THE CUSH ! AVB apparently off to Inter with sack of payoff gold. Doubtless, with lessons learnt fed into his ubiquitous laptop. He will survive / prosper. Chelsea were original Moneyballs FC, but now have covering fire from Man City. However, fact is they still chuck silly money at problems as a short term fix, then panic at first hiccup and make ritual sack-rifices. Avram Grant was 6 inches from winning Champions League, and would probably still've been sacked. Sums it up, really.

yogavo 4:25 pm, 5-Mar-2012

players that claim to love the club, got avb the sack and they should be ashamed. abramovich should take a long look at himself and his advisors and wonder why this keeps happening.

Bob Stylo 6:36 pm, 5-Mar-2012

why are you grateful for what Ambramovich has done to your club? Typical short-sighted glory hunter supporter - just like your owner.

Bunny 7:24 pm, 5-Mar-2012

£50 for us Saturday to visit that football ground attached to Marco Pierre White's cafe. I hope we take zero, a big fat empty away end to show the world how football has been hijacked. Don't real CFC fans yearn for the days before Abramovich? He's turned you into Alton Towers FC.

Jimmy James Jameson 10:38 pm, 5-Mar-2012

Between the oligarch with the face of a halfwit and the little gang of bitchy girls - the senior players- Chelsea haven't got a hope in hell of sorting themselves out any time soon. Who in their right mind is going to approach that job with anything other than the attitude of a get rich quick scam, resigned to being sacked after a year (if they'relucky) but coined up to fuck so who cares. Fucking joke.

Callum West 11:27 pm, 5-Mar-2012

Whereas Stoke is £35 quid to go to a mechano ground on an industrial site with only a harvester and a holiday inn in walking distance for a beer. Grass roots, jumpers for goalposts, proper northern football eh. Also Bates built 'Chelsea Village' and the poxy hotel and restaurants not Abramovich. Obviously a glory hunter I mean why would anyone who has been going Chelsea their entire life be grateful to the fella that brought the club their first league title in 50 years?

Steve 10:42 am, 6-Mar-2012

You have no class. The cycle of getting rid is perpetuating your insecurity. I am so pleased you are imploding. I even fancy the job myself - not a bad payday. As a Kop Season ticket holder I hated JM but would love him if he was ours. I thought AVB was the best you have had for a while, shocking that you were so short sighted to let him go.

Bunny 1:09 am, 7-Mar-2012

yet there's more soul and life in our 'mechano stadium' than your tourist attraction has had in aeons. Despite our ground being nowhere near what it was even 12 months ago. Justify £50 for a football match please.

Jacky 3:57 pm, 9-Mar-2012

Not much in the way of sympathy for poor old CFC here, eh. Just how it should be as well. Here's hoping Citeh go the same way in the coming years.

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