Sabotage Times, We can't Concentrate so Why Should You?Sabotage Times, We can't Concentrate so Why Should You?

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Homemade Sex Toys: Ways To Do It To Yourself

by Julie Vick
23 October 2013 53 Comments

Why spend your money on expensive sex toys when you can have a great time using stuff lying around the house? Blue Peter has nothing on this shit...

DIY Sex Toys

Nothing bothers me more than unhinged capitalism. I hate being sold something I can easily make myself. I hate giving money to some shitty corporation when I don’t have to. It’s because I’m punk rock. And cheap. Yesterday at Petsmart I almost had a Falling Down breaking-point moment (seriously, why is dog toothpaste 10 times more expensive than people toothpaste? This will not stand!). In that spirit, here are some DIY sex toys.

Homemade Fleshlight

This one’s fun because you get to eat an entire sleeve of Pringles or Lays Stax first; it’s kind of like taking yourself on a dinner date. It pleases me that on an Internet Paintball forum young men are debating exactly which potato by-product snack-chip container is better to use as a simulated vagina. Username “Skater” prefers the Stax, as they “hold up better.” In addition to the container (why not a tennis ball sleeve, or a hyper-emasculating Quaker Oats tub?) you need foam rubber, a condom, a 1 1/4″ o-ring, scissors, and a marker (this is so you can draw realistic labia onto your fleshlight). Step one is a simple “empty the chips out of the can”. Give them to your girlfriend, even.


Full instructions here

Homemade Real Doll

Who hasn’t wanted a Real Doll? If I ever get rich I’m totally getting a Real Doll that looks just like me made. It’ll be like a twisted, opposite-day version of Dorian Gray. “You name the appendage and chances are some porn star has theirs immortalized in rubber…We decided to take things to their logical conclusion. What would happen if you put all these parts together and tried to build a person?” asks an anonymous contributor over at This happens:


P.S. “Fiberglass mannequins are easier to find, but more expensive and harder to modify, plus you run the risk of inhaling fiberglass particles when you cut into them.” So, that’s something to think about.

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Carps 3:57 pm, 27-Apr-2012

You didn't hear this from me, right? A jamjar and some liver. That's all I'm saying. Also: that's the funniest article I've read this week and I've just spat tea into my keyboard at work over that Pringles tube. Thanks.

Snowy 12:15 pm, 11-Sep-2012

Dog toothpaste dosen't foam like normal toothpaste does because canines can't spit out.

Colin 1:11 am, 18-Sep-2012

An inflated armband and some baby oil is all that is required.

rocky 9:51 am, 24-Jan-2013

hwo make sex toys for home

luke 4:23 am, 18-Mar-2013

why don't they just sell sex toys in the toy asle at walfart

Sweetie143 8:25 am, 27-Mar-2013

My husband and I have been making our own stuff at home. Yesterday we made a spreader bar out of a pair of clutches. $10 vs. $130 is a no brainer and I think they are just as good, if not better, than the ones we saw at the adult shop.

nitu 5:49 am, 9-May-2013

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Funky Rocker 8:15 pm, 11-Jun-2013

Wow - if you REALLY want to make your own sex toy, check out They have plans to build your own single or double dildo sex rocker. Its Awesome!

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