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The 10 Most Overrated Movies In History

by Simon Martin
17 September 2013 66 Comments

Just because a movie is successful doesn't mean it is any good, as these ten overblown and overrated movies prove...

Easy Rider (1969) – Dennis Hopper. It’s a tale of two drop outs on flamboyantly ostentatious motorcycles who pull off a massive drug smuggling deal to finance a lifestyle of bumming around the country “finding” themselves.  Why do we like them?  The answer is I don’t because they are plain old drug smugglers who directly contributed to the misery or many and also the hippy dream thing really dates.  It’s a nice movie poster but little more on reflection.  With the price of fuel these days who would just “head out on the highway” for no reason, you’d have to be nuts.

ET:  The Extra Terrestrial (1982) – Steven Spielberg.
Mega successful, Oscar winning family favourite?  I hate it, always have done, it’s saccharine-sweet, sentimental pap.  I’m so pleased for Henry Thomas though as he managed another decent performance in Gangs of New York (2002) so he may not forever be little Elliot, the bug eyed, pepperami fingered, chocolate pudding’s best mate.  I’ve also always wondered if they used the mechanics inside the puppet as the basis for the film Short Circuit (1986) but gave it acting lessons in the period between.


The Terminator (1984) – James Cameron.  Maybe it’s Arnie, I hate him and I don’t generally get on with films where the only factor is the “whoah” factor. Maybe it’s also because I would hate to be bracketed with your average American bullet headed teenager who thinks this kind of thing “rocks”.  That alone would do but this time-travelling chase dirge is sub-Doctor Who cack just with more pyrotechnics. When we get into the “who is Sarah Connor’s kid” bit it all gets a bit “hold the fuck on, what a load of shit” and there’s no boundaries to the plot.  Time travel storylines rarely work if they are taken seriously as it’s a ludicrous concept in the first place.


The Graduate (1967) – Mike Nichols.  Precocious little rich boy Benjamin kicks back and assesses his options after finishing college, he shags an older woman and realises he likes her personality free daughter as a better long term bet.  Can anyone tell me what else happens?  Benjamin is a horrible kid and every time I’ve seen it I can’t help thinking that the bloke Elaine was actually marrying when Ben performs his much parodied “nuptial interuptus” act must have been a nicer bloke.


Pretty Woman (1990) – Garry Marshall. OK this is mostly rated by women and as it’s Garry Marshall it’s never going to register in a Roger Ebert “best of list”. That said I just don’t get why they like it.  Gere’s character is hardly charming, he’s a total shit and he remains so throughout the film, why would she like him? Just because he less of a shit than his mate doesn’t make him OK.  He was kind of bloke who would hire a woman for the week, end of.  Or am I being naive and it being the end of the 80′s he’s rich so he’s nice?  Was that it?


The Ballad Of Cable Hogue: Sam Peckinpah’s Most Underrated Film

Five Great Films of the 1980s You Should See

Closer (2004) - Mike Nichols again. What is it with Nichols and unlikeable characters?  The four main characters in Closer are all bed hopping alley cats who care little for the feelings of anyone they are supposed to be close to.  Generally a film should have characters you can empathise with and it draws you in to root for them. This doesn’t and I found it pretty depressing really, plus it has Jude Law in it so it’s also pretty annoying.  For the sake of balance I do actually like some of Nichols’ work, Silkwood (1983) is very good, as is Biloxi Blues (1988) and I have a soft spot for Melanie Griffith in Working Girl (1988).


Forrest Gump (1994) – Robert Zemeckis.  Christ knows how they came up with this idea or why they though it would be successful as overblown as it was.  But it was successful nevertheless and I have no idea why because it’s disjointed, improbable, historically inaccurate and it insults the intelligence.  The mocked up scenes with John Lennon and Jack Kennedy are just embarrassing.  Life is not like a box of chocolates and it’s not even a valid simile as if you read the menu on a box you really should be pretty confident of what chocolate you are going to get.


The Matrix (1999) – Andy and Lana Wachowski.  Watchowski indeed.  Wachowski for a totally nonsensical concept for a film.  I’ll admit something now and I’ll take any criticism on the back of it, I’ve never got beyond 30 minutes of this film, it just makes no sense to me.  I guess it provides some kind of pseudo religious experience for slacker Goth types, I don’t know.  Can anyone tell me?  They made sequels so I guess people went to see it, they bought the long leather coats and the shades so me not liking it hasn’t hurt the rake.  Good luck to you, shit film making dudes.


Tropic Thunder (2008) – Ben Stiller. When you get several “stars” together I suspect it’s hard to pull off a decent movie.  The three leads are all awful in this, Stiller loves the absurd and uncomfortable, I don’t. I just find it either uncomfortably absurd or absurdly……well you get the picture.  Whoever though that the idea of having Robert Downey Jr’s character’s character have his skin tattooed to look like a black man needs medical help.  Jack Black makes my piss boil too and it says something when Tom Cruise and Matthew McConaughey steal the show with cameos.  Steve Coogan stinks it up too so I get the feeling it was a big back slapping event and everyone assuming their massive talents (ha ha) would just create a great film.  I also, on the evidence of recent movies like Sherlock Holmes and Iron Man2, suspect that Downey Jr is letting his ego get the better of him again.


2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) – Stanley Kubrick. I almost hate myself for putting this one in as Kubrick made The Shining which is not just an excellent movie but a cinematic standard.  He richly deserves his status of Directing genius.  When I say 2001 is overrated I don’t mean I don’t like it, I think it’s visually stunning, has a wonderful score and there’s an interesting if pompous story and it’s very dramatic in parts.  My beef with it is that it’s light on, how to phrase this……things happening and it doesn’t deserve it’s out and out classic status.

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Charles Bell 9:47 am, 6-Jun-2011

I agree that most of these aren't very special, but criticising you have a heart of stone? Can we now have your top 10 movies for comparison please?

Simon Martin 10:09 am, 6-Jun-2011

Hi Charles, I know I must be dead within to not like ET but I just was never conviced by the puppet, never got beyond the fact it didn't seem real. Even now I think technology at the time must have been able tyo create something better. I like your photos by the way. Bet you were dissappointed when you arrived at that caravan. Ha ha ha.

Simon Martin 10:14 am, 6-Jun-2011

Oh and on the subject of my favourite movies, please see my other articles as I've mentioned most in my recommendations by decade.

Andy 10:46 am, 6-Jun-2011

Blade Runner is on my list too.

Nobby Clark 10:48 am, 6-Jun-2011

A Few Good Men King's Speech Shawshank Redemption Million Dollar Baby Gran Torino Fight Club Saving Ryan's Privates Seven shades of $hite the lot of 'em

terry 11:01 am, 6-Jun-2011

Tropic Thunder and Something about mary are shit. All jack black movies tend to be crap as well.

Jimmy C 11:56 am, 6-Jun-2011

Eyes Wide Shite

tony moon 12:09 pm, 6-Jun-2011

Simon-these days to a generation that regards Easy Rider as some sort of period piece the movie is a soft target. Admitedely it has some cringe making moments most of them centered asround attempts to encapsulate the effects of LDS on screen. HOwever the movie has some great things in it- Jack Nicholson .The photography of Laszlo Kovacs, the bleedin' bikes!Because it made tons of money it forced open the door and let into Hollywood a whole new generation that went onto make some of the greatest movies ever made in America. To say it is just a good movie poster is plain daft. Now on the other hand ET.................

jack 12:19 pm, 6-Jun-2011

agree with a few but The Graduate is a cracking film. I'd add Trainspotting to the list, nothing compared to the book.

Simon Martin 12:22 pm, 6-Jun-2011

Tony, thanks for taking the time to post your comments. Easy Rider is very much of it's time and whilst your claims that it opened the door and let in a whole new generation may well be true and I guess we can be thankful for that maybe in the same way punk music said it's OK to just grab a guitar and do what you feel opened the door for some great stuff. I don't think it makes it a good movie though, sorry. I would file it with 70's sex comedies. Housewives are not frilly nighty wearing game for window cleaners and hippies on drugs / bikes just seem odd today.

adam pkm 1:09 pm, 6-Jun-2011

Easy Rider had a brilliant soundtrack, but is a poor film. I'd add Pulp Fiction, not worn well, has some good scenes but these are padded out with lots of gratuitous pointless violence. Like almost all of Tarantino's films infact. I'd also add Lord of the Rings trilogy, three of the most tedious epics ever commited to celluloid

Fried Joe 1:39 pm, 6-Jun-2011

You can add anything by Tim Burton and Bryan Singer to that - except the first Batman and the Usual Suspects.

Robert 1:42 pm, 6-Jun-2011

Anything Tarantino. Over the years he's managed to convince everyone he is some sort of genius; in fact he is a total cock, and his films are just awful. Not that I've watched any of them since the excerable Kill Bill. More recently, The Hurt Locker: what a shower of shite. Best picture? Easily the worst of all the nominees that year, except Inglorious Basterds. Other overrated films in brief: Sin City, The Boondock Saints, 300, The Counterfeiters.

Robert 1:47 pm, 6-Jun-2011

God I hate Sin City.

adam pkm 3:11 pm, 6-Jun-2011

anything with Clive Owen in it.

Seth 3:55 pm, 6-Jun-2011

I think some of you have missed the point here - "overblown and overated" - a lot of the suggestions here were just plain shite to begin with and have never suffered from being over bown or overrated. How come Titanic didn't make it? Surely one of the most overblown, overrated piles of cack ever.

filet o fish 3:58 pm, 6-Jun-2011

ET is a miserable film. one day its riding your BMX through the sky ,next its back to school. utterly depressing.

Mark 4:42 pm, 6-Jun-2011

Simon - re Pretty Woman - the best take on this was Patrick Kielty - "my girlfriend says its romantic, it isn't - its a film about prostitution in the same way that Dirty Dancing is about a girl that has underage sex with her dance instructor"

Dan 4:46 pm, 6-Jun-2011

Easily the worst piece I've seen on the usually amusing Sabotage times. Even though I disagree with pretty much every selection, had the writing either a) Ranted with the kind of biting abandon I'd usually associated with this site, rather than resorting to godawful 'puns' on the directors' surnames or b)Constructed compelling arguments, rather than "characters should always be nice" Then I think this could have been a great concept.

MacAsk 4:47 pm, 6-Jun-2011

Superbad The Hangover Lord of the Rings (especially the last one - it just goes on and on and on and on!) Juno Little Miss Sunshine All shit.

MrDarke 4:48 pm, 6-Jun-2011

"Generally a film should have characters you can empathise with and it draws you in to root for them" - what a crock of crap. And The Terminator is a visionary movie, well written, then spoiled by numerous sequels and spin-off's, the logic behind the first movie is flawless. Oh and I'd do some spell-check and sub-editing before posting your 'article' online, both article and writers replies are littered with typo's. That's right, i took it there, I'm the internet asshat.

Robert 4:52 pm, 6-Jun-2011

@MrDarke: for the internet asshat, your apostrophes are all over the place. I'd have some remedial English lessons before posting your comment online. 'Spin-off's'?

Karen Bird 5:08 pm, 6-Jun-2011

Learn to write, you tool

chris sugden 5:41 pm, 6-Jun-2011

easy rider and the graduate great music in both films

MrDarke 6:53 pm, 6-Jun-2011

@Robert Thanks for the tips, lets remember who the 'professional' journalists are here.

MrDarke 6:53 pm, 6-Jun-2011

I do enjoy a good 'apostrophe'.

Simon Martin 7:31 pm, 6-Jun-2011

Dan, I didn't say the characters should all be nice I made a comment about how films are usually constructed and why they are constructed that way. People don't want to watch films about a load of wankers. The like to have a hero or at least someone to root for. Mr Darke, The Terminator is not visionary, it's just plain shit, but's that's just my opinion.

Simon Martin 7:32 pm, 6-Jun-2011

Mr Darke, do you think everyone who writes for ST is a professional journalist?

Dan The Man 11:49 pm, 6-Jun-2011

Karen Bird, good job. Despite being in my 40's I still chuckle when I hear "tool" being used as an insult. Completely childish I know but it reminds me of my childhood and hardly any fucker uses it these days. :-D

indefenceofeasyrider 12:41 am, 7-Jun-2011

re: Easy Rider I'd say it's as much a cautionary tale as it is a glorification, with the nightmarish drug trips, brutal murders and starving hippies. Also; I think there is an everlasting appeal to the main characters and their quest for personal freedom which will always make them likeable. Just my opinion though, I hasten to add. Massively over rated film? Scarface

Johnny L 5:41 am, 7-Jun-2011

Out of the whole list you've only really got three that are anything other than soft targets. Anyone who wants to critic the grammar and/or spelling here knock yourself out. I'll cut you in for 50%. What's half of fuck all, I forget? Easy Rider. Shite. Absolutely. No arguments. As Mr Sugden rightly states above, great sound track. Not enough though is it? The Graduate. Not buying it. Think it's brilliant. Dated but still brilliant. Lad sees his whole life mapped out for him, doesn't want what's planned, doesn't know what he wants, who did at that age? I mean Hoffman looks what 40? So what it's a great film. I watch it whenever it's on. I forget how many times I've knocked one out over Ann Banncroft. 2001. Yeah, it's shite. You wanna know why? Two things. Stanley Kubrick and it's in fucking space. Everything's shite in space. Alright, lets have a go at a few others then. Remember, our target is Overrated not Popular but shite. A Clockwork Orange. Fuck off, what's good about A Clockwork fucking Orange? Shite, Shite premise. What is the premise, I forget? Too busy not buying into it at all. Cod pieces, classical music, Ultra=Violence (please I've seen Ultra violence. You ever been round Kings Cross at chucking out time?). Stanley Kubrick. Taxi Driver. I love De Niro. I love Marty I love Cybill too. See Ann Bancroft comments and Last Picture Show. Can't stand fucking Jodie Foster mind. But it's just crap. Made for about 4 quid. You talking to me? I fell asleep. It's A Wonderful Life. Fuck right off a ruin some other cunts Christmas. It's in black and white. My great grandma can act better. She's dead 40 years and more. Everything turns out alright in the end. Sentimental pap. Silence Of The Lambs. Jodie Foster a bloke on a hand cart wearing half a hockey mask on his chin, wrapped in three snake belts. Oh it's creepy. Hannibal's awesome. It's shite. Who the fuck eats butterflies? Psycho. It's fucking telegraphed. Bates, fucking Bates don't go near anyone called Bates. Shower scene awesome. Maybe it was in 1854 or whenever it was made but what's so fucking special about it now? You want to see horror watch Schindler's list. Rebel Without A Fucking swear word. Shite. Some fucking rebel. If he'd lived to a ripe old age no one would talk about James Dean and you know it. I can't even remember the name of it. Solider, IRA, cross dresser. Oh yeah, The Crying Game. Don't tell anybody the ending. I salute the marketing genius behind this one, I really do. I wish some one had told me the ending. I would have gone to the pub instead. The Usual Suspects. Shite in a coffee cup. Brilliant ending. True, Shite film. It's like Saving Private Ryan in reverse. City Lights. Chaplin. Silent movie genius. I have never laughed at Charlie Chaplin. Never. I've laughed at Charlie, in fact no. It's a scientifically proven fact Charlies are not funny. One of my Grandads was called Charlie, lovely bloke but not funny. My other Grandad was called Harry he was fucking hilarious. Chaplin. gets the sympathy vote for been a mute. Is that ten yet? West Side Story. Pony. The Jets and The Sharks. Hardly the fucking ICF now is it? And it's a musical. Everyone knows there's only ever been one truly great musical. Oliver. Fucking Jets and Sharks. Faggins lot would have 'em both. And shag their birds.

Robert 9:25 am, 7-Jun-2011

@ MrDarke "I do enjoy a good 'apostrophe'." Why have you used quote marks? Wow, grammar is HARD, huh? Would you like me to explain the basics to you? It's not your fault if you're dyslexic.

ed 2:39 pm, 7-Jun-2011

Expanding on Johnny L's comments about musicals Moulin Rouge Grease Mamma f'ing Mia Chicago The summit of cinematic misery

MrDarke 2:42 pm, 7-Jun-2011

Wow well its been great shooting the breeze with you guys, but its become evident you have zero sense of humour and/or irony, so I'm out. Peace.

james 1:16 pm, 8-Jun-2011

blatantly toy story and avatar

Snarky's Machine 7:20 am, 10-Jun-2011

Pretty woman is crap (I'm a chick)but I can't quit Richard Gere. That said, I kind of wish he would have turned her sorry ass out at the end. The only way a hooker - even common street walking kind - would accept 3k for a week is if the dude paying looks like freaking Gere. If Edward had looked like Richard Nixon girlfriend would have beat him over the head with a rock after stealing his ride and his wallet.

Neil Ruston 12:35 pm, 10-Jun-2011

Avatar must be top by a country mile! Absolute garbage, even in 3D!!

Jay 7:04 pm, 15-Jul-2011

I agree about The Graduate, Forest Gump and Space Oddysee. I don't think The Terminator is rated highly enough to be over rated. THere's a few others you missed, like THe Sting.

Paul Avila 10:25 pm, 11-Aug-2011

Hey, you're an intellectual dismissing some masterpieces as "overrated"- the fact you can't tell the third person of the verb To Be from the possessive form probably explains a lot..."doesn’t deserve it’s out and out classic status"

Simon Martin 9:08 am, 12-Aug-2011

Paul, it's just my view, you can disagree by all means. As for the grammar lesson, I'm ok with the original text and find such posts boring beyond belief.

fugate starkweather 11:02 pm, 7-Oct-2011

The Deerhunter...boring as fuck. The wedding scene lasts for an hour for crying out loud!

Sam 8:52 am, 21-May-2012

Only retards argue on the internet. Especially when they argue about grammar.

michael 9:31 am, 21-May-2012

ST should get someone who actually knows a little bit about cinema and film tp write articles such as this..having a total ignoramus write about a subject can be amusing but in this instance isn't.

Plastic Scally 10:43 am, 21-May-2012

Jeez Simon, really touched a nerve with a lot of punters today. Can't say I agree with all of them but hey, what are you gonna do. For my two cents (maybe its not overrated, I don't know and I refuse to check IMBD) I ❤ Huckabee's is truly awful. Wait, it's amazing. Wait. I don't know. It's existential. What the fuck is that about? In fact, I don't even know what I'm shiteing on about and I'm sorry for using the heart.

The Baron 4:39 pm, 21-May-2012

Superb call with the Matrix there, Simon. And did someone mention Avatar earlier on, I'm sure they did and they're certainly not wrong. Great rant by JohnnyL as well - And so true, EVERYTHING is shit in space. The Big Lebowski, that's on people get all tumnescent over when it's a bit boring really.

m1304r 2:00 am, 22-May-2012

This person talks about The Shining but fails to say that this was the "the only adaption of his novels he remembered hating". Enough said.

johnnyw 10:36 am, 23-May-2012

The main skill of the TV and Movie industry is to correctly estimate the stupidity of the general population, in particular the United States

Jason McCann 8:12 pm, 10-Dec-2012

My god, just because you don't understand a film doesn't mean it's overrated. Does ANYONE make these lists accurate or is everyone trying to look hip and say that E.T. sucks? What a stupid list. Some of the films on this list are utterly fantastic screenplays. You sir, will be empirically incorrect about everything in your life from here on out.

mike 2:38 pm, 7-Jan-2013

i love marty as a director and robert de niro is also one of my best actors, but i just cant stand casino, it does nothing for me, another one is thin red line, ive never been able to get to the end of it.

RichardM 5:36 pm, 13-Jan-2013

Agree except Terminator. Soft targets mainly. Mine: American Beauty, Garden State, Amores Perros, Barton Fink, Black Swan, The Usual Suspects, Shawshank, Inception, Lord of the Rings, The Departed, LA Confidential, Once Upon A Time In America, English Patient, Ran, Leon, Saving Private Ryan...

Kelly 7:40 am, 26-Jan-2013

My god, the author can barely spell better than a 5th grader, and he has the gall to criticize films that may or may not be overrated, but at the very least were written using proper grammar and spelling.

Kiam 7:11 pm, 22-Feb-2013

This is so lazy and fatuous. Easy rider is overrated because... drugs are bad? Really? I like to see people go after classic films but there is no insight or even really any criticism in this article.

Butcherboy 3:53 pm, 23-May-2013

As a film postgrad there is much gnashing of teeth at such an ill informed, shallow piece of lazy writing. However, because the author of this piece is obviously not a student of film and doesn't appreciate film above the level of immediate plot I will reserve any further derision.

Eric T Cat 9:49 am, 17-Sep-2013

Independence Day - utter shite, one of only two films I ever asked for my money back. The other was a Brit Sci-Fi film called hardware. Aliens come across the Universe, and get taken out because they were idiot enough to use Microsoft for their spaceship operating system??? WTF!

RB 12:45 pm, 17-Sep-2013

Great article - E.T. and Forest Gump in particular have always made me want to shit my pants in rage.

Simon Says 12:50 pm, 17-Sep-2013

In the comments section here someone mentions that Terminator was ruined by numerous spinoffs and sequels. Terminator 2 pisses all over Terminator, mate.

Harry hill 10:08 pm, 17-Sep-2013

One poster says"anything with Clove Owen in" I think that's a tad harsh - he is epic in Dads Army and his seminal hit grandad a classic of its genre.

Douglas 9:11 pm, 7-Oct-2013

8 of them are maybe ok. But for putting the first Matrix film and Forrest Gump in this list you need to get a kick in your face man!!!

Matthew T. Dalldorf 9:51 am, 19-Nov-2013

As long as some are making their own lists, I might as well make mine... 1. Little Miss Sunshine- The cinematic equivalent of being trapped in a small space with people I can't stand for long periods of time. I like some movies with insufferable characters (I'm a Todd Solondz and John Waters fan), but this was just unbearable. 2. Kill Bill- How can you have a overrated movie list without this one? A movie that seems to exist for no other reason then to remind you of better movies somehow getting praise for originality. 3. Open Water- People float in the ocean and argue until they are eaten by sharks that they'd really never see because they'd die to hypothermia and/or dehydration before they'd ever encounter sharks. Yawn. 4. Hard Candy- Only in a world run by nuerotypicals (this one, sadly) could this pseudo-psychological waste of celluloid ever be considered anything even close to decent. Basically the entire film consists of a "14 year old" (chuckle) girl spouting off smug, moralist talking points (or as critics call it, "Sharp, witty dialogue") While a pedophile photographer screams and whines (critics call this "An intense performance!") That's pretty much it. Oh, Sandra Oh (That wasn't intentional) has a pointless cameo for no other reason than to make this already tedious "movie" even longer. Every time it teases us with the prospect of psychological depth, like the pedophile talking about traumatizing events in his childhood, it is quickly shot down with, "Well, you're a pedophile so shut up! *Smack*" and this is somehow seen as thought provoking. Now I can enjoy a one-dimensional good vs. evil story, but it must present itself as such. As it is, this is just pornography for moralists thinly veiled as intelligent psycho-drama. 5. The Disappearance Of Alice Creed- The writing is insufferably bad and the non-twist in the middle (Spoiler! The kidnappers are gay. Wow.) never adds up to anything, but is being seen as clever for some inexplicable reason. Nothing good to say about this one. 6. Marine- Warning! Contains spoilers! Right off the bat, I should say that just because Connery is finally reviled to be the hero at the end, doesn't make the fact that he's a rapist unimportant! At first Sean Connery's character is kinda shady; we're not supposed to know if his intentions are good or bad. And the film does that pretty well until he rapes the title character (there's a point for bad guy), but then the carpet is pulled out from under you and he's really the good guy all along...! A good guy who commits rape...a rape that is never again addressed even though rape is, you know, kinda important. At least, you'd think so but this is such an incompetently written movie that you really can't be surprised by such gapping plot holes. Here's another one; due to a childhood trauma, Marine is disturbed by red, but only when the script tells her to be because she walks on red carpets and wears red lipstick it never bothers her. Of course, this is still a great looking movie, but so is anything directed by Hitchcock. Just watch 'The Birds' or 'Shadow Of A Doubt' instead. 7. Saw- Why the twist in the end can be easily described as, "*beep* ridicules"; I probably wouldn't have such a hard time excepting it if I were able to actually get into the movie beforehand, but every time something intense happens, the film speeds up and *beep* goth-rock starts to play in the background, taking away all suspense and making the film resemble a bad music-video. Therefore my inability to suspend my disbelief (because the movie wouldn't let me) let to me being critical of an ending I probably would have accepted otherwise. The lesson here is that if your going to be absurd, put some effort into doing it right. 8. Rec.- If the shaky, blurry camerawork doesn't make you nauseous, the excessive screaming will. How did this become popular again? Also, why do the same people that praise this hate the sequel? It's the same goddamn movie! 9. Attack The Block- If you find inner-city slag funny then this is the funniest movie ever made. Sadly, I do not so most of the "jokes" didn't amuse me. This movie was smart enough to know that critics aren't allowed to like monster movies unless there's some semblance of "importance" so this one lazily throws in a few throwaway lines about underprivileged kids and the like, somehow this worked and is not regarded as a sharp social-satire! Proving once more that critic manipulation is as easy as spitting. 10. Any of Peter Jackson's 'Hobbit movies'- It's amazing how Peter Jackson has evolved; he was just some exploitation director, making b-grade crap that ran at a reasonable pace and kept audiences awake, to making the most insufferably boring (and therefore most important) film series of his generation (I mean, second only to anything Tarantino makes, but that just goes without saying). See, as any high-brow critic or true admirer of the cinematic arts will tell you is that the problem with most fantasy "epics" is that they are meant for entertainment, and anything that strives to be entertaining is pulpish-trash, so by relentlessly padding out each film to be about five-months long and by, not really slowing down the pace, so much as removing it entirely, rendering it completely and totally pace-less, Peter Jackson has turned an otherwise stupid and cheesy piece of sword-and-sorcery nonsense into a true work of art. Notice how half the run time consists of nothing happening and the other half consists of the same thing happening over and over to the point where it might as well have nothing happening. See PJ knew that action and monster attacks were, sadly, unavoidable, but he more than made up for it by showing the same arrow hit the same henchman from every different camera angle ever imagined and then inventing all new angles to show the same guy getting hit with the same arrow from perspectives never seen before. Not to mention, a scene where one character is fighting an army and we think he's dead, but then he gets up again and continues fighting, but then we think he's dead, but then he gets back up and continues fighting, but then we think he's dead, but then he gets back up and continues fighting, but then we think he's dead, but then he gets back up a scene that must have lasted at least six or seven straight days. See, when "mindless action" scene are unbearably tedious, they too become "high-art"!

Some1 1:36 am, 4-Dec-2013

fella you know little about what cinema is, so easy rider and the graduate or even forrest gump overrated? ahh i forgot 2001 (what shame s.kubrick)...maybe is just you dont have the brains for this movies, ur fan of the hollywodesc shiny crap out there...

mr.hi 11:22 pm, 31-Jan-2014

1. godfather 2 2. dr.stranglove 3. silence of the lambs 4.clockwork orange county for old men 6.the shining 7.lawrence of arabia 8.raiders of the lost ark 9.up 10.the graduate (just from imdb top 250)

Sam Diss 11:37 pm, 31-Jan-2014

@Mr. Hi - You're fucking insane, mate.

lesley 9:25 am, 28-Mar-2014

love all these comments, (grammatically correct or not) - I always love to know what other people think of movies. For my part, anything with Tom Cruise in it usually makes me want to puke...

Steven 11:13 am, 23-May-2014

Heat (cliche-ridden dick-posturing); The Departed; The Great Dictator (Chaplin. Not funny. Not moving);That Batman film with Heath Ledger: My word that was over-indulgant shite; Silence of the Lambs

fuckthisarticle 3:26 pm, 8-Jun-2014

forrest gump and the matrix are great usual suspects, silence of the lambs, clockwork orange (mind control), shawshank redeption and nolan's batmans are utter shit.

fartonfink 10:42 am, 26-Jun-2014

Gladiator. Steaming pile of shyste costume epic with elaborately fraudulent CGI and confusing, nauseating, quick cut scenes of pointless ultraviolence. Crowe comes off as seething psychopath who may be hallucinating the entire plot.

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