Sabotage Times, We can't Concentrate so Why Should You?Sabotage Times, We can't Concentrate so Why Should You?

Ex Everton, Nottingham Forest, Southampton, Sunderland, Sheffield United & Middlesborough Stars Electrocuted In Match

We’ve all sat there in our armchair, belt undone, pie crust everywhere, four cans down, and wished we could control the footballers on our team. Christ, we’ve often wished most of them grievous bodily harm after a misplaced pass or bottled tackle Well, those crazy Scandinavians have come up with the ideal solution, wrap sports garters around their thighs and electrocute them randomly. Ex-Everton and Sunderland stopper Thomas Myhre, former Nottingham Forest full-back Lars Bohinen, one-time Middlesborough. Swindon and Sheffield United striker Jan Aage Fjørtoft and Southampton stalwart Claus Lundekvam got involved. We’d happily do Asjely Cole. Let us know who you would like to see have 240,000v sent thought them in the comments below.

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Peter Perfect 5:34 pm, 8-Dec-2011

Lare Bohinen was a midfielder. Other than that who better to electrocute than our old mate Sepp Blatter?

Phil 5:46 pm, 8-Dec-2011

Very Funny. Are you sure Emile Heskey hasn't already got one of these fitted.

scooterslag 1:03 am, 9-Dec-2011

Fucking brilliant!

Furry Canary 2:02 am, 9-Dec-2011

Electrocute (v.) to kill by electricity. When are the funerals?

Rob 4:37 am, 9-Dec-2011

Given that electrocute' means to kill someone by the use of electricity I'd like to nominate John Terry and Luis Suarez please.

Simmo 2:34 pm, 9-Dec-2011

For previous comments, Furry Canary & Rob are top of my list. Go fetch the definition of this... arsewipes.

newarks_finest 3:27 pm, 9-Dec-2011

Lars the judas!

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