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Fabregas Replacement Ricky Alvarez Can Make Arsenal Great Again

by Joel Richards
26 June 2011 21 Comments

Not only does Ricky Alvarez have the technical abilities beloved by Arsene Wenger, at 6'2" the attacking midfielder would also add a bit of presence to the Arsenal midfield...

It sounded more substantial than mere idle talk from the miked up fraternity. A journalist on a major sports channel in Argentina said that Arsenal – the London one, not the local one – had a brilliant young player’s signature on a pre-contract agreement. No ‘interest’, no ‘talks’, no ‘looking at.’ Signed.

Ricky Alvarez was soon Twitter trending worldwide.

Details surrounding the deal linking the midfielder with a move to England ranged from a potential free transfer to an agreement in excess of £12m.

Something, though, is clearly not quite right. The Argentine papers, packed with headlines about their players moving to Europe, mostly failed to run the story. Surely if there was such a deal in place it would be all over the press, right?

Whether or not there is, was, or will be any interest from Arsenal is still unclear. But perhaps the story isn’t so far-fetched – if there is a player in Argentina that would fit in at Arsenal, Alvarez is amongst the front-runners. Hearing the rumour, one TV commentator – a militant defender of Wenger’s approach – said it was the perfect match, and he’d move to London to see Alvarez at Arsenal.

Together with Erik Lamela, Ricky has been one of the standout stars this season in Argentina, so much so that Javier Zanetti reportedly recommended his bosses at Inter Milan do their utmost to sign him.

Just over a year ago Alvarez finally settled into the side, with first class performances showing excellent control, mazy dribbling skills, good passing and surging runs from deep.

A 6’2” creative midfielder, Ricardo Alvarez has flourished at Vélez Sarsfield. Playing on the left of a midfield three, or midfield four, or even just off the strikers, he has been one of the brightest sparks in the side that is top of the Argentinian league with four games to go, and which has powered its way to the last four of the Libertadores Cup.

Usually deployed behind the attacking trio of Maxi Moralez, Santiago Silva and Juan Manuel Martinez, Ricky has played a deeper and more creative role in the team, perhaps partly explaining the relatively few goals he has scored – he averages one every eight or nine games, despite the odd stunning strike.

First spotted by Ramón Maddoni, the coach who singled out promising 10-year-olds going by the name of Carlos Tevez, Fernando Redondo, Juan Román Riquelme and Esteban Cambiasso amongst others, Alvarez was taken on by Boca Juniors. Yet despite his excellent technique, Boca were concerned about the youngster on their books who didn’t seem to be growing fast enough. They didn’t think he’d make it, and released him.

Alvarez found a new home at Vélez. A growth spurt later, Ricky was ready for first team action.

Knee injuries have limited his appearances, plus Vélez is one of the few clubs in Argentina that doesn’t always rush promising youngsters into the side to sell them on quickly. But just over a year ago Alvarez finally settled into the side, with first class performances showing excellent control, mazy dribbling skills, good passing and surging runs from deep.

Could he succeed at Arsenal and in the EPL? There’s no reason why not. Will he be at the Emirates next season? Maybe he’s already signed…

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Rocky Jay 9:51 am, 24-May-2011

Knee injuries troubling him?? then no trouble at all settling at arsenal for him is there??

KM 10:29 am, 24-May-2011

From his youtube videos he looks really good. A bit of a Kaka with more speed though. Hope Wenger pulls this through because we need to get rid of some deadwood and get in some real quality. Note to Wenger - A CF,DM & CB and defensive coach should be on your shopping list too

Goona 2:32 pm, 24-May-2011

I don't for one minute believe this story if the lad is that good i'm sure better teams than Arsenal would have been on his radar by now Why would he want to join an inferior side? and that's what we've become mores the pity..

kos 3:26 pm, 24-May-2011

pls grab him. With uncertainty surrounding nasri, arshavin etc. Goona can say whatever he likes, he is not an arsenal supporter.

GPORGIE 5:24 pm, 24-May-2011

We expect goodies from the lad,he got prowess to fit in EPL fo Arsenal side.Actually he will appear great fo us.,damn u Goona blow out ya self coz u nt our fellow gunner, u jst a sturbon

Arsenalisto 6:45 pm, 24-May-2011

Great player it seems, he plays like Kaka with the style of RVP. I hate this type of hyping up players "he's gonna change the world...etc", it will only increase the pressure on them. Nothing more! Goona, your comment shows your "loser mentality" that gets transferred to the team by the fans, and I'm not saying the team has a loser mentality but the fans are the ones that brought it in, so negative all the time.

Goona 7:07 pm, 24-May-2011

I'm not that stupid Georgie I agree with your comments I know he'd be brilliant for us providing it occurs. We've had so many disappointments this year i'll believe it when it happens and i'm sure a lot more Gooners will agree with my comments.....

los 10:28 pm, 24-May-2011

No Gonna, your a fake fan with no faith. No real fan would agree.

OZTHEMAN 11:14 pm, 24-May-2011

ARE most Arsenal fans are thick?? He has one international game behind him scored three goals from attacking midfield in his professional career and is the best buy that Arsenal will get..We have one at Ewood,same age who has scored twenty more goals and played more internationals and he can't get in our team.. THIS IS JEROME ANDERSON RUNNING OUR TEAMS FOR US!!

Jay 1:21 am, 25-May-2011

Probably not. I mean would Arsenal really pay 10+ million for an unproven player? Hardly sounds like them at all to be doing this.

Goona 6:58 am, 25-May-2011

los fake fan!!! you have got to be joking!!! i'm a true and an honest Gooner looking at us how we are at this moment in time. We're a side who have become a SERIAL LOSER OF VITAL POINTS in the past few years one can't get away from that in fact this team have let us down big time and we have become a laughing stock and that fellow Gooners I do not like. We need a few new ones that's for sure but will la boss spend on the right players? that remains to be seen. After 6 years without nowt no wonder fans like me remain doubtful.....So to sum up it all depends on the boss. If he spends more than he usually does and on top quality players we'll be back where we belonged a few years ago and that's at the very top.....

Sid 2:50 pm, 26-Jun-2011

Yep, bang to rigts, check out the fake Goona everyone. How sad is that? Pathetic.

Doc (Chicago gooners) 2:54 pm, 26-Jun-2011

Goona your a dick,by the way it's le boss not la boss.typical armchair wanna be goone

Omashy-gooner 4:26 pm, 26-Jun-2011

Hey ! there's nothing wrong with being critical, thats what fosters progress and goona is right. I love arsenal and will always do, but we need to look ourselves in the mirror and make the appropriate adjustments - for the sake of the club !

gunner4lyfe 4:46 pm, 26-Jun-2011

well for me, we fans don't need to have a go with each other on this issue but the fact remains, anyone of us that really got the love of our team (Arsenal) at heart will surely have a grieve about the situation we've been through in the last six years and i take that as what life brings sometimes. However, let's just not kick-off argument and allow everyone to say their views, moreso...Goona have'nt say anything bad and i think he loves the team so dearly but he's comment is telling us to learn from the past...we all love this team and everyone will be happy for one or two silver-wear to land at the emirate

dev 4:53 pm, 26-Jun-2011

lets just face it. we are going to be a mid table team soon. wenger and the board are not interested in trophies, the sooner we realise it the better

ren vassilliou 5:20 pm, 26-Jun-2011

Bergkamp,vieira,pires,henry,seaman,keown, lindgburg, Adams,Parlour,Gilberto, Dixon...................i could go on on on and on ... all winners ... How many winners do we have at Arsenal right now ? how many ICONS, MENTORS whatever do we have to influence the younger players coming through.. none !!! because Mr Wenger got rid of everyone that could spoil his alone dream .. thats why i believe we will go backwards .. watch out cause ..Man u , Man city , Chelsea, Liverpool and The Hotspur WILL OVER TAKE US AND DRAW AWAY IN THE FINAL FURLONG ... TOOOOO LONG TIME FOR A CHANGE

Dictacta Meflyitche South sudan 5:27 pm, 26-Jun-2011

make arseanal african mr wonger, very gud players quik and skillfal

2Pistols2Cannons Who wants it!! 6:38 pm, 26-Jun-2011

Get of Wengers C**k please!!! Gettin tired of this "fake fan shit" Wenger's got shit to prove, Who ever disagrees with that is a fake fan and a C**k sucker. Goona dont let um take away your freedom of speech m8.

Tau 7:34 pm, 26-Jun-2011

I hv jst read smwhr th rporter quotng th Roma director sayn ricky is overprcd n h ddnt many times.most artcles abt hm ar rcyclng th sem issues.can w not sign mo establshd plyrs wth qualit n reputation.our trnsfere dealings ar v frustratn

digdog 9:02 pm, 30-Jun-2011

'Jay Probably not. I mean would Arsenal really pay 10+ million for an unproven player? Hardly sounds like them at all to be doing this. ' ha, u serious, Henry £11m - was an unkown player, nasri £13m was an unknown player, varmarlen - £10m was an unknown player etc.....

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