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Harry Redknapp Treated Spurs Fans Like Idiots - I Won't Miss That

by Dave Roberts
14 June 2012 15 Comments

Losing an FA Cup semi-final to a broken Pompey and letting a 12 point lead slip away I can handle, but Redknapp's greatest failing was treating Tottenham fans like we were idiots.

I wasn’t overjoyed when Harry was appointed.

I wasn’t dismayed, but I didn’t see it as a great choice or huge step forward.

I considered his managerial record (one very streaky cup win in 30-odd years) to be far from stellar – and thought his kudos was based as much on a ‘one-of-the-chaps persona’ allied to media smarts as much as footballing achievements.

But, he took us from bottom to eighth, and then to fourth, and then to the quarter finals of the Champions League. I must be a convert, right? And gnashing my teeth and the sheer lunacy of sacking a manager with such an impressive record?

Well, certainly I’m not celebrating his departure, and I’m not sure that whoever we get next will take us forward. Forward would be third. And third would mean finishing above two out of Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal and a more expensively –assembled/better paid Chelsea squad than ever.

But I’m not mourning his departure either. I don’t think many Spurs fans are.

For a start, his achievements have to be put in perspective. Yes he got us into the Champions League, but we weren’t exactly miles off before. Martin Jol was an extra 30 seconds in the microwave from cracking it. And Harry had a much better squad at his disposal. The best Spurs squad since 86/87. And the best Spurs midfielder since Paul Gascoigne.

So let’s maybe not overstate his record. And let’s not forget playing like absolute puddings in an FA Cup semi-final against a broken Portsmouth, or letting a 12 point lead (and possible tilt at the title) slip away.

(I actually think Harry’s right when he says Spurs fans should view finishing fourth last season as an achievement. Considering where we were in February I think it’s a f****ing miracle)

But, if we didn’t bend a knee in gratitude at any given moment, if we dared question decisions or demand slightly more, then we were always likely to cop a bit of flack from Harry and his cronies in the media.

So let’s maybe not overstate his record. And let’s not forget playing like absolute puddings in an FA Cup semi-final against a broken Portsmouth, or letting a 12 point lead (and possible tilt at the title) slip away.

And that’s one of the reasons why I won’t miss him: he just seems so consistently and suspiciously defensive when he talks about fans: Spurs fans, Portsmouth fans, Southampton fans, West Ham fans…

He shakes his head and incredulously asks what ‘they’ expect, insinuating that ‘they’ should think themselves lucky to have him – and implying that what went before and was pretty paltry compared to the riches he’s delivered.

In Spurs case, of course, when in this mode, he always referred to the club (not just the fans) as ‘they’. As in his sarcastic, ‘Yeah, cos they were always qualifying for the Champions League before I got here weren’t they?’

Like rival fans and some sections of the media, he saw Spurs supporters as arrogant and deluded, warped by a weird and inexplicable sense of entitlement. Impatient for success and angry about ‘under-achievement’. Unaware, basically, of their actual position in the modern game and, therefore, unable to gauge what is and isn’t success – unable, in fact, to recognise it let alone enjoy it when it comes along. Because it’s not the sort of success we think we deserve.

But that’s not my view or my experience of fellow fans at all. All that b******s about the Carling Cup being Mickey Mouse? Strap some big ol’ ears on me and tell Minnie I’m coming home drunk. I loved winning it and want some more.

I think most of us know what level we’re at, how easy it would be to sink considerably lower and how hard (maybe impossible without Chelsea/City money) it’s going to be to inch up just a little higher.

Harry  believed the slack-jawed, loud-mouthed, arrogant and ignorant cliche. And that was pretty insulting.

(And, yes, we do have those types, so does ever club. But the majority of ‘us’ are realistic, sanguine and generally pretty stoic after decades of, largely, disappointment).

Anyway, he’s gone now, and once again I am not overjoyed and I am not dismayed. The only question that really matters is who’s next? The answer, I think, is obvious. We appoint Tim Sherwood, call him Interim Coach, win the title and then just wait for John Terry to turn up and lead the celebrations. COYS!


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Paul 12:58 pm, 14-Jun-2012

What an accurate reflection of my feelings today. Thanks for everything Harry, but we can go further than you took us. Now if Daniel Levy had gone, that would have been a disaster.

Alta Rica 1:09 pm, 14-Jun-2012

waaaah! You're right in one assertion "Spurs supporters [are] arrogant and deluded, warped by a weird and inexplicable sense of entitlement, impatient for success and angry about under-achievement"

Devious Soul 1:59 pm, 14-Jun-2012

ALL FOOTBALL supporters [are] arrogant and deluded, warped by a weird and inexplicable sense of entitlement, impatient for success and angry about under-achievement. That's modern football, that's why it can suck my hairy bollock. Over paid Queens farting around in pink boots managed by the brown envelope brigade.

BillyBatts 2:45 pm, 14-Jun-2012

You are arrogant and deluded. You're a mediocre club who were almost taken into the big time by the best manager you've had for donkey's, and you sack him because apparently you deserve better. You haven't learned the lessons from Martin Jol. Harry was taking you in the right direction without breaking the bank. Van Der Vaart? VAN DER VAART?!? Who else would have convinced him to join Spurs? You'll no doubt get some flavour of the month man in, like Martinez, and see him off in 18 months time too. Spurs need to play the long game, and it finally looked like that's what they were going to do. Instead Levy continues on his delusions of grandeur, while the rest of the league look on in wonder. It's becoming a poisoned chalice.

Paul 2:53 pm, 14-Jun-2012

Gentlemen, gentlemen (I use the term loosely you understand). Harry signs Steven Pienaar who has performed excellently at Everton. At WHL he is a shadow of his former self. Back to Everton and back to the old Pienaar. Harry didn't break the bank because Daniel Levy held the purse strings. It was not Levy who blew 3rd place, it was his manager. And if Joe Jordan and Co. go too, thanks to them for their contribtion.

JannerYid 3:28 pm, 14-Jun-2012

@BillyBatts, Redknapp had nothing to do with the Van der Vaart transfer, it was all Levy. He did however re-sign Pascal Chimbonda & Robbie Keane with dismal results. Also Harry Redknapp is not a 'long-game' manager, he has never shown any semblance of loyalty to any of his clubs (inc Tottenham during the England debacle). I think it is a harsh sacking, but life goes on and I still believe Harry was (mostly) the architect of his own downfall.

BillyBullshot 3:32 pm, 14-Jun-2012

@BillyBatts Another ill-informed armchair pundit who takes all their information and opinions from the back of the sports pages. VAN DER VAART?!? You ask? Well, the reality is that Redknapp didn't even speak to him. Levy called him last minute and said, 'I guess you would like Van Der Vaart?' and the deal was done. Redknapp had no say or influence in the matter whatsoever.

THE17 3:56 pm, 14-Jun-2012

BillyBatts, Daniel Levy persuaded Rafa to come to Spurs. Arry had nothing to do with it. During the honeymoon period it was DL's prezzie to H.

Boll Weevil 4:05 pm, 14-Jun-2012

@BillyBatts Might be wrong but I'm sure Redknapp had nothing to do with the VDV signing. I am gratful for what Redknapp has done and would have prefered him to continue with us. But now he has gone I'm actually exited and looking forward to the search for a new manager. Problem is I can't see us attracting anybody of a higher calibre than Redknapp. So it looks like a 'build for the future' jobbie. So we will probably end up with Villas-Boas or god forbid Martinez.

Dan M 4:49 pm, 14-Jun-2012

Harry Redknapp did not want to be the manager. Fact. He wanted the England job,the players knew he wanted the England job and this is what prompted them dropping out of the title race and into a fight to finish 4th. Out of the Champions League places.As for people saying he is the best manager he has had in ages. He was not committed to the club.I think Levy felt that a Martin O Neill scenario was going to happen(unhappy in June and resign one week before the season) That totally started Villa on a mammoth downslide. As far as Spurs being able to attract someone better than Redknapp-they will.

Cuse 9:59 pm, 14-Jun-2012

Good piece. Frankly, never mind Tottenham fans. Most clubs' other fans are glad to see the back of him. He's a hateful character - an arrogant, petulant barrow boy who made a career out of sticking his oar in where it wasn't appreciated. For some curious reason, it's only the British sporting media who loved him - probably because he made a career out of sticking his oar in where it wasn't appreciated.

BillyBatShit 10:19 pm, 14-Jun-2012

BillyBatts,you fucking moron,VDV was all Levy's work,Harry never knew a fucking thing about it,he said so himself

gaz 2:58 pm, 15-Jun-2012

billy batts you aint got a danny. in levy we trust A clear case of an Tempestuous 4 yr love affair that has come to an end. I for one am looking ahead and it would appear i'm not alone in that

Lilywhite London 12:35 pm, 14-Jul-2012

Ok, say what you like but don't forget that he guided us from near relegation the the Champions League Quarters in 3 seasons and our two 4th place finishes. This the highest we have EVER finished in the Premier League. Whatever you think about Harry and say what you like about his supposed 'failiures' nothing can take that away from him or ever will. Who did so much better than him before? Nobody, that's who...

Unbelievable 11:45 pm, 3-May-2014

This comment will never see the light of day but hahahahahahaha the best manager you ever had but he just wasn't good enough. Of course you'll never know what a good manager is, should you never give him the chance to become one.

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