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Jermain Defoe To Newcastle United? This Tottenham Hotspur Fan Would Drive Him There

by Sifaeli Tesha
28 July 2011 41 Comments

Predatory midget Jermaine Defoe will bring goals to Newcatsle. This Tottenham Hotspur fan will not cry too many tears should the deal go ahead.

Newcastle United want Jermain Defoe to swap Tottenham Hotspur for Tyneside and despite what he’s done for the club this fan is prepared to let him go.

After Tottenham’s lack of a prolific striker cost us re-entry to the Champions League last season it’s no surprise Harry Redknapp’s looking to reshape our attacking options. Also it’s no secret that to get new recruits in we’ll have to sell before he can buy.

It’s not a popular view but I wouldn’t shed a tear if Pavlyuchenko plied his trade elsewhere. The Russian knows what to do in and around the box but despite being a fine finisher he’s also f****** frustrating. It sounds silly but he really only does one thing well, score goals. I know it’s the most valuable commodity in football but he really doesn’t contribute anything else. He can’t hold it up, has a wayward touch and doesn’t work hard enough without the ball. When he isn’t banging them in he isn’t helping the team. In modern Premier League football you can’t afford to carry anyone, even if it’s a goal-scoring passenger. This is an accusation levelled at Defoe in the past but in the last three years – since breaking into Fabio Capello’s England squad – he’s worked to improve other parts of his game.

On the other hand Crouch might be the nicest man in football but were looking for Champions League football not a social secretary. The tall man with the lovely touch was largely rubbish for us last season and is too often found wanting against the big sides. As for Keano, thanks for the memories but you’re slow, miss sitters and we need you off the wage bill. There was a time when every Spurs fan dreamt of a team of Robbie Keanes. Sadly for everybody involved if that dream came true tomorrow it’d be a nightmare.

With the above in mind at the end of May Jermain Defoe would have been the last of our under performing front men I’d want to let go. Granted last season Pav scored more goals and Crouch had more assists but I’ve always thought Jermain was the best forward at the club.

If Newcastle come in with a £10 million bid for a high earning striker who’ll be 29 in three months Spurs should take it.

While always happy to have a pop at the other three I’d make excuses for JD. I’ve always liked him and thought he’d mature into a great striker. He’s instinctive with a thunderbolt shot that belies his diminutive figure plus he’s arguably one of the best finishers in the Premier League. When he’s on – especially during his first stint at the club – he’d guarantee goals. So when he was lumped in with our other strikers and dismissed by many as useless I was full of mitigating circumstances.

Jermain may not have had the best season by his high standards last year but that was down to that injuries right? He’d scored at the World Cup, bagged a hatrick at Wembley then got a knock on England duty that ruled him out for three months. After that a combination injury setbacks and being in and out of the team left him rusty in front of goal. But the guy has over 100 Premier League goals, you don’t turn into an awful player overnight.

But I’m not too blind to admit the lad has his limitations and it’s for these – if the money’s right – I’d be happy to see him go. Firstly Jermain’s not the cleverest striker when it comes to movement and is often caught offside. It’s a part of his game that has hardly improved despite being one of the first things you’d expect a front man to get their head around. Also Defoe can be selfish in possession. He rarely passes when closer than 25 yards out and although you like your strikers to be greedy in the box you want your players to have their head up when further out. There’s the issue that he generally only plays well in a two striker set-up and with the right kind of partner. We came unstuck a few times last season playing two up away from home. He’s not big or strong enough to play as a sole front man and that’s where our squad is going. The more effective Rafael van der Vaart demands more of a target to play off and we’ve amassed the midfield personnel to play 4-3-3.

Finally, Adam Summerton wrote a compelling piece detailing Premiership strikers who peaked before their 27th birthday, it happened with Robbie Fowler, Alan Shearer and Andy Cole; and it looks like it’s happening with Torres. Jermain is also sliding into that category. Since turning 28 Defoe’s has produced fewer goals and played fewer games since he was a teenager at West Ham. If we can get a decent fee for one of our best paid players who’s on the slide and replace him with a hungrier alternative that’s always going to be good business. Liverpool fans can attest to that.

So if Newcastle come in with a £10 million bid for a high earning striker who’ll be 29 in three months I think we should take it. I’d bid Defoe farewell and applaud him every time he returns to The Lane. But if he signed for Arsenal on the cheap, that’d be a different story…

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john 9:20 pm, 27-Jul-2011

Shit article JD is spurs best striker by miles, PSB, SHIT PAV and LURCH would all have to go first.

Toon1978 9:27 pm, 27-Jul-2011

No thank you. Not interested if it is good for Spurs or not. NUFC need to get back up to its once dizzy height and signing and expensive flop in Defoe will only leave the club in more mess. Would rather stick with Best. Keep Defoe please, would be good for NUFC. We don't need anymore arrogant self centred petty Footballers, we have had our fair share.

Geordie 9:32 pm, 27-Jul-2011

You have just highlighted in this article the exact reason why Newcastle will not be buying Defoe (or Crouch). He is 29, and on mega money. I find it funny that a newspaper makes up a story that Newcastle want defoe and crouch, and Defoe comes out and says he does not want to join newcastle. Well Jermaine, Newcastle don't want you, never have been interested in you, and you aint that good also. Newcastle have already stated that they will only be buying players under 26 years old, and a max wage of 45k per week. 9-10 million pounds for an average 29year old striker like Defoe or Crouch is just laughable.

Pete Ag 9:37 pm, 27-Jul-2011

We crucify players for lack of loyalty, Berbatov, modric Carrick etc.. and this is how we go about sticking by a player who has done great for this club in the past, has one season where he has injuries, a lack of direction in terms of never knowing when he is going to play, in what formation and with what strike partner and not surprisingly he struggles so let's just slaughter him! He rejoined Spurs when we were at the foot of the table and the lift he gave kept us up .. when someone has stuck by you you show support when they need it ...

snipe 10:02 pm, 27-Jul-2011

10 mill for Defoe. 9 mill for stick of piss. Ha ha. midtable finish for u lot. yi na wat a meen man.

N21 Yid 10:23 pm, 27-Jul-2011

Good article, well written, insightful, and from someone who obviously knows our team very well. Agree completely about Defoe, Pav & Keane, although I feel Crouch carried us a lot last year, due to Redknapps tactical limitations, I'd personally keep Crouch and get rid of the other three if the money was right and upgrades were in place, I'm hoping for Forlan...I feel he's still got a point to prove in the prem, after limited opportunities at United, and has the all round ability we need upfront.

Rob 10:25 pm, 27-Jul-2011

I agree tha JD should go for 10mil, and crouch to stay, and kean for the right offer but pav, noooo way, he's the best the three, he's highly under rated (especially by harry) and does score goals, like the friendly vs mk dons. Why do people say he didn't score enough goals when harry hardly ever starts him like when defoe was injured, he played crouch up frount on his own! Uurrrrggghh!

POvski 10:26 pm, 27-Jul-2011

I find the criticism of Defoe not being the cleverest unfair. Also.. Shearer, Cole and Fowler? Not bad company to be in. Shearer and Cole being the two highest scoring players in Premier league history. Fowler wasn't too shabby either.

Mike 10:33 pm, 27-Jul-2011

I can't wait for defoe to leave Spurs,we've always struggled in the past with players who are 'alright',lets keep them,we don't need that anymore,we want champions league again,we need better quality,if you know football,you don't want defoe,if you don't then you don't understand.

Jacob Lee 11:38 pm, 27-Jul-2011

Can't believe it! Defoe has one half of a bad season because he's overplayed by Capello till he's injured and suddenly all the Spurs fans want to see the back of him. Ridiculous. Jermain Defoe, he's a yiddo!

Charlie 11:59 pm, 27-Jul-2011

Would you sell him for 5 mill? I think thats all NUFC would pay.

N21 Yid 6:41 am, 28-Jul-2011

There's not a Tottenham fan who doesn't think Pav is talented, he's just always 75% of the player he could be, he has a bad/inconsistent touch, routinely wayward passing, and his work rate is poor. We all know he can score amazing goals, Young Boys, Bolton away, Chelsea at home etc, but he turns up when he wants to turn up, and we can't accept that anymore. Goals in pre-season friendlies against inferior opposition don't really mean much, it's when it counts that it matters, when he has started he's more often than not been awful, Chelsea away as an example, I personally gave up on him that day. Birmingham last game is a typical example, at that time he was playing for a move and turned up. As for Defoe, overhyped showboater with zero interest in team play, who plays for the cameras and to show off to the birds he flashes his cash too in the nightclubs after the game. Tw*t.

Paul Coelho 7:19 am, 28-Jul-2011

I can't believe this fella gets paid to write this contradictory rubbish! I Agee with NC21's last comment & Mike is right. If any of the top five would play a striker we have or want WHY do we have or want them. Enough mediocrity that's why we MUST keep Bale, Sandro & Modric and build our team around those gifted and wanted players. Of course the problem is when you have talented players other teams covet them. We must decide now ate we ambitious or not! But I don't believe we have to break the bank to prove that just get rid of the dead wood which is proving difficult with the prices Levy is putting on their heads.

N21 Yid 10:30 am, 28-Jul-2011

I didn't read it as being contradictory, the columnist was airing the two differing opinions he has of Defoe, like we all have with certain players, the upside and the downside, and concluded that there's more downside, so we should sell him. The only positive I can see with the dead wood we can't get rid of is the Europa League, we could really lose pace in the league if we don't put a second string side out, until the latter stages. Two new forwards are an absolute necessity though.

nick 11:30 am, 28-Jul-2011

crounch the nicest man in football? i heard he is nothing but an arrogant prick

Peter4Spurs 12:18 pm, 28-Jul-2011

I would let Crouch, Defoe and Keano got for 3 million each, why so low? Well that way it get them off the payroll, think of it, so far it's cost about 4-500k in wages since the start of the window and will cost about 5-600k for the rest of the window and if we don;t sell them then 5-6million in wages for dead end players for the next year. Levy should learn to cut his losses and off load, same goes for Bassong, Bentley, WP JJ and the rest of the losers. Let them go for minimal prices as then we get them off the wage bill. Keep Pav as despite what you have said he is our best forward.. would u have got ride of Clive Allen in his 46goal season ?? because all he did was the same as Pav and that is goal hang... just like Greaves, Chivers, Berba but to name a few.... That is the sort of players they are.

Dan Angel 12:25 pm, 28-Jul-2011

Well written piece. I'd sell all our strikers. What other business would allow you to do so bad for so long and still keep you - as much as I appreciate we're talking about tuned athletes? I'd take £5m and Tiote...

My mum 12:29 pm, 28-Jul-2011

I'd keep defoe and get rid of Keane and Pav, and have Peter crouch murdered by a hit man, or a soft top car and a low bridge

tony 12:34 pm, 28-Jul-2011

problem with defoe.if he doesnt score he is a passenger.hes had too many dry spells.we cant go forward with him or the other strikers.take vdv out of the goals last season.we would be in the relegation area again.

Skip 12:34 pm, 28-Jul-2011

Just goes to show that football fans have short memories. Defoe carried us the season before last and his goals played a big part in getting us into the champions league. Last year he had a long spell out injured and then never got a run in the team. OK when he did play he was below par but a bad half-season doesnt mean he's past it! Also, as with all our strikers, Newcastle couldnt afford his wages. I amagine defoe and Keane are on big wages so we'd struggle to sell them even if we wanted to

Yiddo4life 12:41 pm, 28-Jul-2011

Some STUPID fans in here included the article writer..... You guys havent hit the barn door if it slap you in ur face....Yes JD had a poor season last season but many had, If we let him go he will come back and haunt us so bloody much, mark my word that in 5 months time you ALL will salute the boy for the goals he will score this season.... TTID!

Richard 12:57 pm, 28-Jul-2011

Keep the dwarf, we (fans) don't want him.

Paul F 12:59 pm, 28-Jul-2011

One underperforming season (in relative terms) and you want to write off all the strikers? I wouldnt be surprised if you were one of those argiung that Spurs had the best forward line in England a couple of years ago. Defoe scored 9 goals in 30 apaearances last season. Crouch 11 in 40. Pav 10 in 29. Hardly the worst in the world. You have just had your expectations raised to crazy levels because we finished 4th the season before last.

Chris 1:56 pm, 28-Jul-2011

JD has been loyal to Spurs and deserves better than playing second fiddle to Crouch. Crouch and VDV combination worked early but was perservered with way too long and cost in the end with every side that came to the Lane knowing how to deal with it. Put the forwards that shoot on the pitch and Spurs might get some goals. Sell Crouch and ditch the long ball tactic

My mum 2:52 pm, 28-Jul-2011

That's it defoe is 100% committed. nnd if he plays regulally like he did 2 years ago, and before Jol dropped him he scores

ross v 3:52 pm, 28-Jul-2011

gotta say , this is an article thats really struck a chord with me. You're bang on about all of them and i was always of the opinion that jD was a banker for a goal or 2 and hence i deemed him our best forward. However i've lost all confidence in him and would gladly take 10 million for him. I don't really mind what age he is and i know this is the point of the price tag you've put on him, he's just not the player we all hoped he would become. You would have thought that of all people he would have been the guy to get on the end of balls from bale and lennon but he has failed to do this. Rossi is the man to do the JD role but has so much more to his game. If Jd stays i wish him all the best and will get right behond him.

john 4:12 pm, 28-Jul-2011

Spurs wouldn't have got 4th without his 18 league goals. Very short memories by plastic internet fans that never go to matches.

lee g 2:55 pm, 29-Jul-2011

im a newcastle fan and wouldnt mind defoe, but doesnt blow me away. and shearer was 26 when he signed for newcastle and went on to score over 200 goals how can he have peaked at 27?

Gorskino10 10:14 pm, 29-Jul-2011

Too Expensive on Fee and Wages and ratio of a goal Every 5+ Games WORSE THAN AMEOBI! Enough Said! No Go!

costa cockney 5:25 pm, 30-Jul-2011

f.llorente or why not give younis kaboul a game at c/forward, believe me it will work and solve a big problem i'm never wrong!!!. Alias Alan Sexton of Moores bar Cabot Roig Spain.

planey 5:29 pm, 30-Jul-2011

well if you think defoe going will be good , your a twat last season had no pre season and vdv caused him problems but would be in my spurs side and if you sold him watch him, get20 goals next season so , NO KEEP HIM !!!!!!

Jon 5:48 pm, 30-Jul-2011

Lol at these Geordies saying Defoe isn't good enough. He would be the best forward at your club by miles. Not good enough for Spurs=not good enough for Toon? Leave off. Tottenham are light years ahead of the mags thesedays. One team will be competing for champs league the other will be delighted with mid table safety.

costa cockney 6:01 pm, 30-Jul-2011

f.llorenf f.llorente or younis kaboul at c/forward my experience says this will work.then go for gary cahill.a.sexton moores bar spain . . . f.llorente or

SMOOTH AND ROUND 6:02 pm, 30-Jul-2011

Neither Defoe or Crouch would move to that backwater of football that is the N'east.Even Bent who was seen as a God up there could not stand the N'east.

JohnnyB 7:20 pm, 30-Jul-2011

"and we’ve amassed the midfield personnel to play 4-3-3." True, but we don't have the manager to play it. Let's be honest, would Harry ever dared something as adventurous as a 4-4-1-1 if it weren't for Levy dropping VDV on him?

LEGEND SHEARER 8:00 pm, 30-Jul-2011


Danny 8:39 pm, 30-Jul-2011

Defoe has one bad season and everyone wants to sell him...JOKE! So many players have bad seasons and then return to form, just watch Torres this season, he will be scoring again, just like Defoe!

bistokid 12:37 am, 31-Jul-2011

Hi Jon he who LOL, your day of reckoning is coming, grossly overspent, achieved Champions League, early exit, no TV revenue, Harry sacked, best players sold for next to nowt, INSOLVENT. Mid Table looks good.

bistokid 12:42 am, 31-Jul-2011

Smooth and Round Bent a God? that's was Sunderland.Have you heard of Gateshead? "Little Jerusalem"

les 8:43 am, 31-Jul-2011

Defoe is overpriced and overated fact, newcastle never wanted him fact, end of story

Dan 11:18 am, 31-Jul-2011

NIce article, but keep Crouch. I cannot wait till spurs have another AMAZING striker that the whole league admires. p.s. Oh and get Beckham

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