Sabotage Times, We can't Concentrate so Why Should You?Sabotage Times, We can't Concentrate so Why Should You?

Leeds New Manager Brian McDermott: 8 Reasons Why Being Bald Is Brilliant

by Tom Greaney
12 April 2013 91 Comments

Don't stress about losing your locks, being a slaphead will save you money, get you promoted and stop you being beaten up. And that's just for starters...


Leeds New Manager Brian McDermott: 8 Reasons Why Being Bald Is Brilliant…

It is 2003. I’m at a hairdresser. Just getting a normal haircut. 2 on the sides, cut short on top. Standard Friday procedure for me. Then…

“Oh, thinning on top.”

It’s not what you want to hear at 18 is it? From a hairdresser. They know what they are talking about. Experts in the field. It was a diagnosis. End of days.

8 years on. It’s all gone.

We live in a pretty pathetic society where being bald is seen as a disability. If you don’t look good enough, you aren’t good enough. Well you know what? They are wrong, and I’m right. Here are 8 reasons why being bald is brilliant.

1. You will never be Prime Minister.

Years ago you could look like a Bristol landlord and you could end up at Number 10. Not anymore. Thanks to terms such as ‘brand’, ‘image’ and ‘vacuous society’ a bald politician is expected to be caught in a sex scandal and nothing more. Why is this good though? Surely being Prime Minister is an achievement to be proud of? Well, think about it, do you want to be like Thatcher, Blair or Cameron? Hated by millions. Blood on your hands. Websites counting down to your death. Thought not.

2. Women don’t care.

The only people bothered by baldness are men. People that mention it and ridicule it are just petrified that they might go bald. Women don’t care. Walk down the street and you will see loads of bald men with beautiful women. I don’t think they even notice.

I don’t know why this happens but as a female friend of mine once said, “Tom, you aren’t bald, you have lots of hair around the side.”

If you aren’t into women, then just end up with another bald fella. He will love you forever.

3. You don’t have to worry about your hair.

I used to spend hours and hours going through products sculpting and crafting my hair. I was never happy with it. If I wore a hat my hair would be messed up when I took the hat off and we were back to square one. Now, I can pop on a beanie hat, take it off. It doesn’t matter. I now have the same no hassle hair cut for the rest of my life. Wind, rain or shine it always looks the same. Bald.

4. It saves money.

I haven’t paid for a haircut since 2005. Just shave my head once a week with the same trimmer I’ve had for years. At a tenner a week that works out to saving over 3 grand so far. Baldness = Profit.

It could be argued I could put that cash towards hair treatment. All the more reason why being bald is brilliant. If it’s not working for you, just pop some hair plugs into yer noggin. Brilliant.

I’m bald now. At 26. It’s done. I don’t have to worry about it anymore. No more mirrors above the head. No more self-Indian head massages when no one’s looking. No more fear. I started to recede a bit then like a fire in the Australian outback. Zip. It was over.

5. Going bald young gets it out the way.

I’m bald now. At 26. It’s done. I don’t have to worry about it anymore. No more mirrors above the head. No more self-Indian head massages when no one’s looking. No more fear. I started to recede a bit then like a fire in the Australian outback. Zip. It was over.

Now look at your Dad’s mates. Slowly losing it. 20/30 years of clinging on. Mad bald patches. Crazy wispy hair. That’s practically torture. While they are going through that, you are on a beach somewhere, smiling, with your beautiful partner, 3 grand in your pocket carefully lathering your head with factor 40.

6. You will get promoted quicker.

Yeah, you might often get mistaken for your Dad’s mate but to people you do look older. Wiser. A safe pair of hands. When they want to promote someone at work are they going to choose the floppy haired kid who is the same age of you but looks about 15? Or will they put the fella in charge who looks most like Winston Churchill?

7. People won’t beat you up.

A skinhead will make you look hard or weak. Either way no one is going to punch you in a pub because they either think you are hard as nails or they think a swift blow to head might be the end of you.

8. It helps you accept death.

Death is coming. He is on his way. Losing your hair is brilliant prep for this. You can stare at the empty hole in your head where hair used to be and realise that one day you too will cease to exist. Bald men lost their battle with death long before everyone else. So while all those other people are pumping Botox into their already cemented faces. Clinging onto life. You can sit there. Dignified. Already prepared to meet your maker.

So there you go. Don’t worry, be baldy.

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kev hennessy 1:08 pm, 20-Feb-2011

Nice one Tom, I've been follicly liberated since 1995, no more hair product tyranny and blackmail just a quick buzz over with the clippers once a week, viva the slaphead for he is truly free.

Stuart Webb 6:36 pm, 20-Feb-2011

Lol this is brilliant, one of my favourites. Nice work Tom. Bald is beautiful!

marianja 5:58 am, 21-Feb-2011

wow that's a prety humorous way to say it and it got my attention. :) But I think there's nothing brilliant about having female hair thinning though. hehe

jugoya 9:16 am, 21-Feb-2011

I liked this article Tom. I'm going bald at the crown, it's not quite given up the ghost, but it's a portent. I'm not going to fight it, no comb over and I do agree, women seem impervious to it. You just have to remember that women are strange creatures and seem less interested in what you look like and more about whether you are kind or passionate, even. That said I've got a mate and we went abroad for two weeks. Normally his head is totally shaved but of course he had no clippers so there was this ginger round the edges that looked like someone had stuck just a small amount of candy floss on him whilst he was asleep. Not a good look.

Frank 12:53 pm, 21-Feb-2011

Nice one Tom. I'm rapidly losing my curly locks and I think I am less than a year away from just shaving it all off and being done with it. At 27. It was cathartic to read about another bloke in the same boat. Cheers!

guilty pleasure anon 1:01 pm, 21-Feb-2011

Bruce Willis

CVV 2:34 pm, 21-Feb-2011

I believe I should have at least received an honorable mention in this, Tom. After all, it was my success as an older bald man that gave you the inspiration to continue to wake up each day. Nevertheless, keep spreading the word: bald is the new 'bad'!

sylvia holtzman 1:13 am, 22-Feb-2011

Nice one. Being bald, never thought about it. Though we have a lot of it in the family. Just those genes ,got them or you haven't.....What did you do with that hair cut money.. Thought so...

Andy Rodway 1:35 pm, 22-Feb-2011

Slap Head............

Ian Main 4:26 pm, 22-Feb-2011

Hi Tom Being bald is no big issue, its just like a solar panel for a sex machine. El Jocko! Bonnie Scotland

Ben Longworth 5:02 pm, 22-Feb-2011

Good work on the new writing Greenaldhino. I am trying to take this advice to heart. Quite hard. Mine seems to be growing back a bit - is this normal?

Rosstradamus 7:50 pm, 22-Feb-2011

I went bald at 21, 12 years and counting of not having to endure barbershop ordeals. Women like stroking it, and you can propagate the myth that it's a sign of virility. Viva le slaphead

Ross 5:43 am, 23-Feb-2011

You're a crack up Tom, easily your funniest offering so far!

Danielle 12:52 am, 24-Feb-2011

Well done sir! Way to embrace change! I love not having hair.

Slackaldo 2:22 pm, 24-Feb-2011

No.9 Body temperature control ... Hot - heat escapes through uncovered head = cooling effect ... Cold? put on beanie = warm ... Simple - none of that jumper on jumper off bollox ...

Harold Monk 11:17 am, 25-Feb-2011

Only bald people think bald is brilliant.

Jonesy 4:20 pm, 25-Feb-2011

Great article. Won't stop me thinking if it happens to meI won't go out though. Bald mods just don't work (they end up looking like they have been press ganged into being a skinhead).

Johnny L 1:30 am, 26-Feb-2011


gayle 11:37 am, 13-Mar-2011

I love bald men

David Klein 10:28 pm, 6-Apr-2011

I been balding and now I'm bald. The day I shaved my head, I was liberated. Balding stank. Bald is great. I've had zero negative responses from anyone since I went bald six years ago. I've never been mistaken for a skinhead. Although quite a few women and even some men have told me I look sexier - that's definitely not a bad thing. My only issue once I began shaving was finding good, natural products, to keep my head smooth so I created Now I have the products, and others can too.

gayle 2:10 pm, 7-Apr-2011

@David Klein spam head!

Triple M 12:51 am, 8-Apr-2011

Rock it if you've lost it (purposely or otherwise). I'm a 28 year old female and I've had a preference for bald guys for years. I would enjoy seeing more of them out there.

GMacca 7:07 pm, 8-Apr-2011

Baldy twat

Baldy Bob 2:09 pm, 9-Jun-2011

Someone should buy him a certificate for the slaphead society!

Martin Quirk 12:53 am, 26-Aug-2011

Brilliant. Loved it. You could write a book about this stuff.

One for the guys from 11:08 pm, 18-Sep-2011

Hi Tom, great article! I'm 26 and have been bald since around 3 years ago after taking the clippers to what was left of it. It's good to read about baldness and not have someone try to sell me regain. Bald guys can be as attractive without hair as they can with it; it's all about looking at other areas of yourself like your grooming, fashion and even personality (such as not being hung up about it). Thank heavens Rooney's a better football player than trend setter. Cheers!

Ian "Bald Cunt" Hough 8:08 pm, 6-Oct-2011

Brilliant. Laughed out loud.

Lee 9:51 pm, 6-Oct-2011

Hey GMacca, I'm no2 balding but I can guarantee that my last 3 girlfriends are better looking than your last three... still with the last one, btw.

Gareth Eoin Storey 12:28 am, 7-Oct-2011

You've said it all, Tom. You poor shits with hair. It ain't easy is it? There's disadvantages too but who wants to read them. And for the record calling someone a bald fuck or slaphead isn't in any way shape or form an insult. Pick something less obvious. Bald men know we are bald.

mhunt 2:42 am, 7-Oct-2011


Andy Southgate 9:22 am, 7-Oct-2011

Great stuff, I am not bald quite yet but certainly have less hair than I used to. Am I worried? Am I fuck.

Rebellious Jukebox 10:22 am, 7-Oct-2011

Saves time too - no need to waste time drying, or brushing/combing, what little hair I have left, and my £5 haircuts take no longer than 10 minutes. Only disadvantage - sunburnt heads, but simple act of wearing a hat prevents that. BALD PRIDE!

Pete Hockley 8:12 pm, 9-Oct-2011

I've never understood, the combover or any other desperate attempt to mask the fact you're going bald! You are going bald, live with it! From a very proud baldy!

andre 5:45 pm, 30-Oct-2011

Nothing wrong with going bald, accept it, just like wrinkles. I am fine with being follicly challenged but I will NOT shave off what I have, that's as bad as a comb over. Bald is beautiful, stubble is not.

nobody now 12:19 am, 15-Nov-2011

Bald is awful it ruined my life !!! get it out of your heads that it ok I went from a 10 to a 1 yes I am a man and was always so proud of my looks And women are just jealous of men with nice hair they think they should always look better what a joke they are anymore , They sure want their hair its ni fn different for a man

Steven 4:39 am, 19-Dec-2011

I'll be 21 in a couple weeks and I've been losing my hair for the past 3-4 years. It's become more and more noticeable the past couple years, obviously, and I'll be honest, it's driving me crazy. It's my #1 insecurity by far. I feel as if life would be immensely easier and happier for me if this wasn't happening, but it is and try as I might I can't really stop it I guess. I'm sure as hell trying to slow it down though. I read all of the comments on this page and its great that so many of you don't care about being bald. I guess I'm super vain or something? Maybe it has to do with the fact that I'm bisexual and I'm attracted to guys with nice hair and I'm just holding my appearance up to that standard. Whatever it is, I can safely say that I'm a hundred times more miserable ever since I started losing my hair and the only thing getting me by right now is the hope against odds that somebody will come out with a "cure" soon. Hurry the fuck up science.

Harry Monk 8:59 am, 19-Dec-2011

I have a full head of strong,thick,long hair so I don't have the same problem as you Steven.Bad luck.Being bald is no joke.In your case the girls and the boys won't be giving you a second look.Here's a tip I heard from a villager in Kenya when I was there on a hiking trip.Get some horse manure and mix it with very warm water.Let it settle for a day or so then,just before you go to bed,smear it all over your head.Wash it off when you wake up.Do this for around a month and you'll be shocked at the difference.I saw the results for myself.A full head of hair is pretty much guaranteed.Good luck mate.

Steven 10:21 pm, 19-Dec-2011

Thanks but not thanks, I will not be smearing horse shit on my head. Nice try troll.

Jesse Lee Rhodes 11:44 pm, 6-Feb-2012

Hi, I just started a social network for bald people. Here is the link and membership is free. I started it because one day when I was in a mall I noticed how my shiny bald head was glaring. I actually started on my way to buy some anti-shine cream and then it hit me, 'Hey, wait a minute, my head is shiny and bald - get over it!' This was a 'A-ha' - 'Eureka' moment for me and the exact moment it becamce clear that it is time for me to embrace my baldness which means it is time for me to embrace 'ME.' Feel free to join in or share with any bald friends any of you may have. It is a great social network designed for bald people by bald people who understand the nuances of baldness! :-) Jesse Lee

Maximilian 12:21 am, 13-Feb-2012

This is BULLSHIT,i will fight with all meds,and if it dont help me,i will go for hair can you accept,to look like a 40 years old man,when you are only 20 ? what are you talking about...woman don't care? really?

Ian Hough 1:50 am, 13-Feb-2012

You mind yer fuckin' tongue, Maximilian, you dilatory shitbag. It's people like you that are fucking up the B@ld R3voluti0n, you cunt! B@ld R3voluti0naries do NOT tolerate such cowardice. You are hereby EXPELLED from the ranks of Baldm'n. Forever.

zombynation 11:54 pm, 25-Feb-2012

made my day! was really down in the dumps worrying about this hair but fuck it i'm done caring... thanks mate! i'm ready to embrace the beauty of life and finally live instead of being a depressed loser :) p.s. please write some more stuff if possible... loved this one!!

James 9:54 am, 4-Mar-2012

Shaved and loving it for the last 10 years. I don't feel insecure at all. My lady loves it. Running or training in the summer heat is easier but in winter I need a runners cap to stay warm. Yes people call you a slap head - they're insecure and waiting for a response. Ignore them. I love shaving my head! :)

Jason 2:26 pm, 11-Jul-2012

Thanks Tom! Great piece.

Mr Seed 5:04 pm, 11-Jul-2012

Losing hair makes you not give a fuck. It's the monkeys nuts! Let's not forget Hunter S Thompson, one of THE baddest motherfuckers ever, was bald. And did he give a fuck? Course not. Why? Because he was bald. And a badass.

Mr. Creepley 10:13 am, 21-Jul-2012

I've always been seen as "creepy" by women anyway (I actually lost a good job because a female client complained about me, and I never said a word to her, looked at her, or even THOUGHT about her before I was informed of the situation!) I'm going bald on top, but since I'm NOT a sexy male anyway, it doesn't matter much. Still, I don't like it. I think I will shave it all off. Why, since I'm never going to attract women anyhow? Well, I'd rather be a creep with a head like Bruce Willis than a creep with a head like Larry from the Three Stooges, or Bozo the Clown. It's a dignity thing...

sylvia holtzman 7:28 pm, 5-Aug-2012

i think you have really started something. making men feel comfortable about themselves and their looks. maybe one will get on the batchelor show. that will really set a new trend.

Bond 5:50 pm, 10-Aug-2012

In my experience, I clearly had a lot more amorous attention from women when I had a full head of hair, during my 20's. Since I've been shave head, due to male pattern baldness, since 2003, I have to do the work in meeting women. During my 20's I wasn't ready for women; since my 30's I have been, but with minimal success, but some success and long term friendship. I've had to really work on developing my coolness, social intelligence, and charisma, all as appropriate, not clowny or douchey. The whole deal is variable per person, but yes, having a full head of hair made a difference for me in in having a very substantially higher occurrence of strong interest from attractive women.

"David the Clown!!!" 9:22 pm, 15-Aug-2012

I'm 47 years old and I have never been with a woman. I know I am heterosexual. But, I have been losing my hair for some time now and I know I don't get women because I am the "b-word." My recent experiment occurred yesterday evening. Every time I see my parents I wear a hat but my sister and her husband (full head of hair) and their two kids (a boy and a girl) were visiting for a long weekend because my Dad (Bald as a cue ball) was celebrating his 80th birthday. My mother is merciless with her comments about me. (Mother's side produces this dreaded gene...I think she should be ashamed of herself that she treats me like this.) Anyway, my nephew Ethan (seven years old; 8 in January) saw me at the restaurant we went to for the celebration and looked at me rather strangely. He never saw his ugly uncle without a hat so he was probably too shocked to comment. Finally, he asked, "What happened to your hair?" His father (the guy with the full head of hair, taught his little scared son that some men, as they get older lose their hair. Then he suggested that this will happen to him but he is also in his forties and with the bald gene from HIS maternal side, still has not experienced so much as a one hair in the comb!!!! Believe me, Steven, guys care if other guys lose their hair. It is the competitive nature. When we are in a bar and they want the same women I do and we approach them I will guarantee you that the subject of our affections will go for the hirsute guy!!!! I wish I were able to think like you Steven. I am jealous of your acceptance but the "b-word" is bad unless you are SO attractive that you want to shave it all off by choice... You know, like Matt Damon did for his new role!!!! And, believe me, Steven, women do care about men with very little hair... Trust me, most women don't want us... The percentages that don't care are infinitesimal. Sorry, Steve, I can't agree with you on this one!!!! And, Sylvia Holtzman, believe me, is "tongue-in-cheek" with her response about some guy with not much-to-no hair getting on the "Bachelor"- IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN!!!! -A very nervous 47 year old "b-word" virgin!!!!

Ian Hough 4:08 am, 16-Aug-2012

There's a b-word?

Tom 10:03 pm, 21-Aug-2012

Made me laugh when I needed to. Thanks

RustyRobbins 3:43 pm, 24-Aug-2012

I love guys with bald heads, not all of them but very many of them. I think they're hot! And to David the Clown in the comments above, it's not what you've got but how you wear it that matters. I am sure if you feel ashamed or 'ugly' about your baldness then you're not presenting yourself well to the women at the bar who prefer thee hirsute men. They probably just prefer the men who are more confident and comfortable with themselves. I know I would. So to those of you who are follicly challenged, embrace it. I'll more than likely be giving you a second look!

Thomas 11:54 pm, 2-Sep-2012

Glad the fighting all these years are over.

Nell 3:45 am, 4-Sep-2012

You'r so funny! The way you write your story! I love bald men.

Stu 7:08 pm, 12-Sep-2012

Half the cnuts I know who're slapheads would take the piss if I was a slaphead and they weren't yet I'm a cnut cos I take the piss out of them?

Jeff 12:21 pm, 13-Sep-2012

hahaha this is hilarious, but so true! I can relate to a lot of the points on here. Firstly I've spent the last 4 years wrestling with my really wavy, receding hair each morning for 20 minutes in an attempt to style it. Not only that but it would be even more of a challenge in the sweaty summer months and if it ever rained my hair would go all horrible and gooey looking because of all the products in there. For the last 6 months I've been getting a really short crew cut. I actually think I get more (good) attention off women the shorter my hair is, and no more dreading styling my hair in the mornings! So long as I have stubble and carry on smashing the weights down the gym I'm not too worried about not being able to attract women when my hair is completely gone. Point 7 made me laugh also! Haha, what a bonus

Elgreco 9:38 am, 24-Sep-2012

This is probably one of the best articles i have read regarding baldness. Being on the same balding train, i also felt that the best choice is to "let nature do her stuff", when it comes to male pattern baldness. No questionable treatments, no "halting-baldness-therapies" that come along with serious side-effects, no funny hair transplants (i particularly find funny the unearthly appearance of hair transplants) and certainly no comb-overs. It was nice 10 years ago wondering about a new haircut style, it's nicer nowadays. Interestingly, the thinner the hair got, the more my confidence went up :D

Sumit 8:14 am, 2-Oct-2012

I dont knw if i feel good or bad after reading dat

James 10:13 am, 7-Oct-2012

You should feel good! It's your choice!

Dodo 7:17 pm, 8-Oct-2012

i didnt think so,i will never accept it, bald=shit.

James 6:40 pm, 9-Oct-2012

Hope you're not trolling! Yep bald is bad...tell that to blonde blue eyed girlfriend psychologist... I'm not rich, need to workout more for 6 pack and she goes for the brains, confidence and mutual respect. She loves my old hair day pictures but she told me she only dates slim funny, intelligent guys who are not so vain. It's up to you how you teach people to treat you.

paul f 10:50 pm, 11-Oct-2012

This is crap. There's no positives in being a baldy, especially at a young age. I'm 41 and have great thick hair. I get tons of young pussy and hang out at all the best places. People think im a high flyer in my 30s. My bald mates all look about 50, shacked up with some fatty when they realised the hair was going, and now sit at home watching tv every night. They haven't shagged fatty since she gave birth 10 years ago. And certainly haven't shagged anything else. Id utterly hate to be bald and old looking

Checkyourmetrics 10:02 am, 18-Oct-2012

You may end up there yet paul f. Watch out for that bolt of lightning. Bald is what you make of it and it depends on alot of things. Vin Diesel anyone? I mean, damn. Anyone who hasn't moved past the immaturity of vanity wouldn't get a second look from me anyway. Maybe I'm just fortunate that I look damn good with buzzed hair. Didn't have a problem catching fish with hair and certainly don't now. Really, this whole hair thing is overrated. Bald is beautiful bitches!

Checkyourmetrics 10:03 am, 18-Oct-2012

Oh and maybe you get so much tail because you're hanging around married bald guys. Supply and demand mother f*cker.

James 3:34 pm, 21-Oct-2012

Amazing how people try to put others down. Bald or not, just be happy and ignore the negative people on forums or real world.

Ava 10:59 pm, 22-Oct-2012

Personally i think men without hair look perfect when i see a guy with hair these days it looks kind of dated so i say bald is better.

Baldheaded Fool 5:08 am, 23-Oct-2012

These days being bald-headed is not a big deal for men and is barely even noticeable to the general population. it has become less of a sexy look and more of a practical one for balding men. bald celebrities will always have an edge over regular bald men because they are celebrities. the really exciting time for regular bald guys has unfortunately passed: 2000s for white guys and 1990s for black men.

troof 7:16 am, 16-Nov-2012

All the guys on here who refuse to believe that bald men are just as capable of getting women are probably gays who have the hots for pretty ladyboys like Justin Bieber and think that women have the same preference. Either that or they're only going for girls under 17 who are still attracted to boys who aren't done with puberty yet. Of course those girls aren't into bald men, they're not into men period. If women still had the preference when they were older, you would see pretty much all women over 21 dating younger guys. But of course, that almost never actually happens.

HenryR 12:32 pm, 22-Nov-2012

Well i started thinning at 16 and was bald at 21. I spent a couple of years in denial, always wearing a cap and only taking it off for sleep/sex like some kind of weird cowboy ;-)) Then i saw the light and got it shaved off!! Best thing i ever did. Not only have i saved thousands of pounds on haircuts and hair products, I got more interest from the ladies as a result. Ladies will often ask if they can stoke my head and purr with delight at how soft it is. Yes you do take stick occasionally from some men, but i found that my own Bald jokes were much funnier than theirs and it would always be them that would end up looking foolish as i cracked wise in response to their, "Ay up Baldy.". One classic is--It's a solar panel for a sex machine. I have many more funnier than that old chestnut. So if you do find yourself on the cusp of Baldness, Don't do a Rooney, embrace your baldness. Take the guard off the clippers, and have it away. In more ways than one ;-))

Joe 7:36 am, 2-Dec-2012

I started going bald at 16, and was mostly bald by 22. When I still had a lot of hair at 18-19, I did fine with women. Since I went bald I barely date at all. I'm also short. It's a crippling combination. The fact that I exercise every day, cook eat/healthy food all the time, own a business, have a really high IQ, have great skills, paid cash for a house, and treat women great means absolutely nothing. I have female friends, and women almost never want to sleep with me. I'm a 24 year old man and it literally makes me cry sometimes...I'm learning to accept that I'll be alone forever, because I'm a thin George Costanza.

Jon 6:09 am, 17-Dec-2012

Hey... you're not just losing more hair... you're getting more head! ;-)

web locker 5:31 pm, 18-Dec-2012

thanks i was looking for some motivation i really dont care about girls but i was thinking to find out the cause exact cause of baldness in me first if i can stop them upto some extent but if i cant ill go like Jason statham till i can bear that look but if not ill go like Bruce wills Die hard ...5

Jeremy Cody Neads 10:21 pm, 22-Dec-2012

I've been losing my hair slowly for 15 years Ive been able to hide it for a long time, with the right haircut then bleaching for 8 years, but finally I started to get comments about my hairloss this year so I decided it was time to shave it off, though I prefer to just buzz it with no attachments on my clippers so its major short but not quite shaved. I wish I done it a couple of years earlier, I discovered I look a lot better bald than I thought I would. I actually look pretty good and I actually like the fact I'm going bald now, I have a good head shape for baldness. It hasn't made me look much older either as I tend to get mistaken for being a lot younger than I am, so I am quite happy with being bald. Of course I still wouldn't say no to real nice head of hair but I'm rockin my baldness and am very happy with it. Was a little down to start with AS i buzzed it no.5 on top first and didnt really like it, but once I shaved it was so much better. I'm a young looking skinny 40 year old, I guess its tougher if your 20 and you have a slightly odd head shape. But once you start to lose it either shave it or buzz it major short and you'll look so much better and feel better too.

Bellamy 8:14 pm, 27-Dec-2012

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Steve Propecia 10:48 pm, 28-Dec-2012

If your not happy about being bald you can always try Propecia, here are some facts about Propecia.

Jon 6:10 am, 3-Jan-2013

I started losing my hair somewhere around 24 I guess I didnt notice it until it started falling out in droves. It was tough at first as its alot of excepting yourself and getting older. 26 now and still feel a bit young to be losing my hair but I decided to buzz my head to a number 2 now and when it goes really bad just shave it all. I keep in shape being a fitness instructor and even though I am a bit light with a long neck and smaller head I think I can pull off the look. I look older without hair, but whatever lifes still awesome and so are my friends. I think the big thing that bugs people is woman as yah I dont think a 18-21 year old girl would want to date me but I am currently dating a 27 year old yoga instructor who digs me because I am just badass, so who really cares. Get in shape and be a mans man, watch sports, shoot guns, go fishing, enjoy life its to short to cry about, as frankly that old man no one gives two cents about is going to be YOU one day lol.

Paulwest 1:25 am, 5-Jan-2013

This made me lol, thanks I needed cheering up.

kyle perez 7:57 pm, 14-Jan-2013

I just shaved my head due to alopecia, I love it.

john 2:00 am, 17-Jan-2013

GUYS. STOP WORRYING ABOUT THIS SHIT. Personally i am 20 and althoughI don't have any significant signs of hair-loss( actually barely any). I have just decided that if I do go bald, I'm just gonna shave my head down to about a 2 and just get the fuck on with life. It's just fucking hair. Here MY personal tips for young men going bald. 1) Keep fit ( I've always thought bald guys who are thin look way better than bald guys who are fat) 2) look after everything else. The only reason guys gt so stressed about baldness is because they are just vain cunts with massive ego's. so my advice to you is this, instead of spending thousands of pounds on a hair transplant, why not do something really impressive and give that money to charity?

bald naked fat cancer 3:31 pm, 18-Jan-2013

I am a girl and was born permanently bald and I love it. I get stared at but I love it. if I had hair I'd get it shaved off. I hate people with hair. I think people with hair look awful. I love it so much that I never cover my head. I am 10 and in 5th grade. I even shaved all the hair off of my dolls.

arto 6:23 pm, 20-Jan-2013

Thanks for posting a positive article about balding! I can't really understand all the negativity surrounding hair-loss. I also don't really understand why the next to only solution promoted is shaving totally. If people spent half that time on creating and promoting hairstyles for balding heads the "taboo" on baldness would have been broken long ago. We won't let other people dictate how our head is supposed to look! They do not get to associate hair loss with lower social worth! They do not get to make bald people think something is wrong with them! We need to work actively to break the delusions that are socially cageing people with hair loss. Free yourself. Question oppressing jokes and attitudes. Make the blind see. Free your head, free your world.

Colonel Kurtz 10:59 pm, 22-Jan-2013

its a power thing - all to do with the notion of tribe chiefs and crowns - Golden Bough and all that lark

LouisGoatFriend 11:18 pm, 23-Jan-2013

shaved my hair off today didn't i, yeah i did! ;) feels weird but love it. it may take me longer to wash my face in the morning but aye! less time in the shower! ;) i'm 23 iv'e been receding for a few years now and just built up enough courage to go for it i say if your worried just go for it whats the worse that could happen.

chris G 1:12 am, 2-Feb-2013

i think its ridiculous the way people get so emotional over losing long voluptuousness locks. sever that "umbilical chord" especially the douchebags on this post that talk about their lives being ruined.. if your that groteskue looking that your hair was the only thing getting you girls. its time to reflect on your mannerism's and the way you carry yourself.. you gotta battle some serious personal demons that must way heavier then some of these fine people who have gone bald.. i'm 22 and i just recently shaved my head. i can grow thick, full locks.. but it isn't worth the hassle and management. i personally believe leave the long hair to those who have estrogen and x chromosones.. to be that worried about hair.. your y chromosone must be sprinkled with glitter.. i leave u with that .. i actually really dig the look. all i have to do now is put on pants and im out the door. i've experienced alot of positive reactions from shaving my head. from friends and the ladies. sure i get the occasional jokes. but wear your humility, be confident in your personality. and the way you project yourself. i shaved my head to see what it would look like as i'm about to join the US. Marine core. and i dont think im ever gonna grow it out again. so theres that.

Javier 2:46 am, 5-Feb-2013

Being bald is plain ugly and it sucks, I hate myself for going bald. You are in denial there is nothing brilliant about being bald, get real mate!

Mark 5:05 pm, 10-Feb-2013

Going bald makes me suicidal daily. It's about the worst thing that can happen to a man. You look like a weak twat, and you feel like a weak twat, and there's apparently nothing you can do about it. I just wish I had the stones to kill myself.

Jimmy James Jameson 4:02 pm, 7-Mar-2013

Shaved with a mac 3 everyday for a decade and I couldn't give a flying fuck what anyone thinks... Then again I'm 38 married with kids and the only women I fuck these days are either too out of it on rohypnol or can't see past the balaclava I'm wearing anyway. Seriously though, Javier, Mark - you may as well end it all now if losing your hair depresses you to that extent. Save yourself the pain of going through something that really fucking matters.

Jason Middleton 11:57 am, 12-Apr-2013

How many comments? A popular piece. You could say a hair piece. What? Oh please yourselves! Excellent article. Very funny and so much wisdom in one so bald. Sorry, I mean young.

Paul Knights 10:09 am, 13-Apr-2013

Hey Guys Loved the article, I'm 45 now, with a full head of hair, but played cricket with a couple of guys who lost their hair in their late teens. They couldn't care less and were cool as fu#k!! Bruce Willis and Jason Statham are bald, and I'm convinced they'd wouldn't take hair on a bet. As to women, my experience is that women over 30 care way more about personality, reliability and money than looks. They are people that say they can and people that say they can't... They're probably both right. If you think you'll pull, you will.

B. Clever 7:11 am, 10-Feb-2014

Salutations from...New Jersey. A lot of your thoughts mirrored my own, and I've experienced some of the above first hand. I've been confused with a skinhead every time I go to Arizona the locals ask if I'm an ex-convict member of the Aryan Brotherhood. In reality I'm a pansy vegan, but it's still fun to pretend that I'd be deadly with a glass bottle. Since shaving my head, I've gotten a decent amount of tail too. Some girls are picky, but they're usually just total flakes with empty voids where their personality should be anyway.

jay 7:59 pm, 18-Sep-2014

going bald is bad especially at a tender age

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