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Made In Chelsea 5.3: It’s Fashion Week, Andy’s Nostrils Peak & Louise’s Eyes Don’t Leak

by Daisy Buchanan
23 April 2013 9 Comments

This week in the land of the snobbish and rich we've got a very over the top fashion week that ends in gay porn, kvetching and looks that could kill a bear from a hundreds miles away. At least Louise didn't cry though!


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Lucy 2:38 pm, 23-Apr-2013

Spencer is clearly as riddled with fungus as a blue cheese at this point. He can't even remember having these sexy sessions as we can see from next week's preview..."I did not sleep with them, I was dead at the time"..."oh wait, yes that was me, I did do that". Like a puppy who poos on your carpet and then wonders what it is and where it came from.

@DualVitality 3:38 pm, 23-Apr-2013

"When he hears Louise is available, his nostrils take on the dimensions of a premium wedding marquee." Nice visual. Interesting you don't believe Lucy about the Biscuits snog. I could believe one snog - it's a meager m&m in his basket of sweet sweet lurving. Ugh. I will be well disappointed if like Lucy was like lying. Cos that's cheating, real cheating as she is like you know, a player for reals.

@DualVitality 5:13 pm, 23-Apr-2013

Also how hilarious would it have been if Tara when schizo on Lucy. Lucy: boyfriend blah blah blah drinking drunk blah drunk blah behaviour Tara: Bitch. Please. He don't need no alcohol. OK. So that's not not going to happen but I do think Tara is more NW than SW.

Teal 8:19 pm, 23-Apr-2013

I'm going to go ahead and call spenny out for sleeping with Olivia or Olivia witnessing spencer cheat on Louise. There were too many awkward glances/ he smirked too much.

fickwut 8:32 pm, 23-Apr-2013

Thank you! I've been thinking Jamie looked like Jim'll for some time now. Glad it's not just me. By the way I wish Sabotage Times would commision more from you, Daisy. Your writing is hilarious, astute, intelligent and by far the best thing about this site. Actually, would you mind very much becoming prime minister?

Avril 10:27 pm, 23-Apr-2013

Is it me or is Spencer morphing into Ricky Gervais' David Brent?

Jo 1:19 pm, 24-Apr-2013

Bit worried that Louise can't cry anymore. Hope she recovers in time for the next episode.

Daisy 5:50 am, 25-Apr-2013

@Flickwut, I suspect you're my Mum in disguise. Thank you. I'm suspicious about the Lucy/Biscuits kiss, because she told the story in the manner of a child who is telling you about a dream they've made up. And she kept embellishing it - from "we kissed" to "he was aaaaall over me" to "he told me he loved me." And he seemed so uninterested in Verbier - but that could have been a ruse. I'd believe it if he got off with Phoebe...

Mathilde 7:55 pm, 25-Apr-2013

Why does it take me around 3 hours to find this now? Has Fortescue finally succeeded in her master censorship conspiracy? Lets get to the bottom of this please!

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