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Manchester United, Giggs, Rooney & The Truth About Sex and Footballers

by Rohan Ricketts
16 April 2013 41 Comments

Manchester United stars Giggs and Rooney and God knows who else have become embroiled in sex scandals in recent years despite appearing like nice fellows. Former Spurs star Rohan Ricketts explains why footballers just can't help themselves.

Manchester United stars Giggs and Rooney and God knows who else have become embroiled in sex scandals in recent years despite appearing like nice  fellows. Former Spurs star Rohan Ricketts explains why footballers just can’t help themselves.

In the wake of the Imogen Thomas superinjunction by Manchester United’s Ryan Giggs, many of you will be mystified as to why a young man who’s at the top of his trade and who seems to have a happy relationship with his partner  could allow himself to ruin it all for an affair with a Big Brother contestant. Well, I’m sorry to say that it’s not that simple when you are a professional footballer.

When I was first thrust into the limelight at Spurs, I was exposed to a whole different lifestyle: the clubs, restaurants, cars and women. I soon discovered that there’s a sense of entitlement that comes with the money and fame of being a footballer which makes you think you can do anything you like and no one can hurt you.

When I went on tour with one of my former clubs, girls would make their way to the rooms of the players and just knock on the room doors offering pleasures. Some would decline but not everyone has such discipline!  I instantly saw how much quick and easy sex goes on. There were nights we went to the strip club and there was loads of money flying around and all the girls were going the extra mile just for the cash.

Even if you don’t want to get involved it’s right in your face. I remember a time when one former England international who was always a good boy woke up in his hotel room to find a girl hiding in his bathroom. She had been brought in by another player. He didn’t do anything with her and went mad at the other player – but a lesser man would have found it hard to resist the temptation.

We went to the strip club and there was loads of money flying around and all the girls were going the extra mile just for the cash.

One night out with a team-mate of mine, he ordered champagne and pointed out to me how the girls would spot where the bottle service was going and would slowly shuffle their fancy shoes in the direction of the table. As players, we would then have a field day as all the leg work which is usually required had already been done.

The girls can be like vultures – they see football as a market and they want the most expensive brands. They equate you to your market value. Players will shag each other’s mistresses all the time as well and some of the girls seemed to get their kicks out of that. One time I was chatting to a girl and she was proud to tell me that she was up in the 30s with football players. She thought that telling me that was cool.

I still see the same faces popping up online with the same aim of meeting a football player: I personally think that the players who are single shouldn’t be under scrutiny, although I feel they should gather some self control and balance. But it’s the married players I feel need to really take a look at their decision-making as its costing them their families and their privacy. Just look at Tiger Woods. What he did is no different to what goes on with so many footballers: going from sim card to sim card as if the FBI was after them, just to keep their secret a secret. It’s become second nature for a lot to lie their way through life, not facing up to their weakness. For some of them it’s an illness.

So many footballer go from sim card to sim card as if the FBI was after them

Some of the wives and girlfriends must think to themselves: “How the hell do I keep my man from straying ?” I will tell you now darling, you can’t! So no matter if you get a boob job, new haircut, sexy clothes, none of that will play a factor if he wants to sample a bit of Sandra from Essex. As we all saw with Cheryl Tweedy, being beautiful sometimes isn’t enough.

There was one international player who I used to play with and he was always messing around. I’d go round his place and his girlfriend would complain to me about it. He’d just be sitting there straight-faced with a sense of entitlement that he can do anything he pleases. At the time I would have liked to tell her she should just walk away from him, as she was a very close friend of mine before I had met him, but because my mate was there I had to have his back because that’s what you do. It’s like a code of silence because in football there’s a lot on the line and players don’t want to risk it all by speaking out.

This is a small insight into how the fame can be a gift and curse.

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Jonesy 9:22 am, 8-Sep-2010

In my experience footballers from semi-pro up are all the same. They grow up in a world apart from us normal plebs, even football fans. There's a different set of values and by and large stuff others would get tugged on for being a bit OOO in the main get laughed at. Loving Rohan's stuff. Keep it up mate!

Ed - United Rant 9:37 am, 8-Sep-2010

I'm tempted to curse my luck that I'm just a writer not a ball player... but actually I don't. It's not the lifestyle of the mentally healthy. Women reduced to commodities, rampant misogyny. We've done well to (almost) rid football of a culture of racism. This kind of sexism seems even more deeply ingrained. Modern players are almost uncontrollable and clubs are all too quick to kow tow to their needs. Even the great managers just as Sir Alex can't control the players any more. The days of Fergie turning up on a players doorstep to break up a party are over. It's sad but in many ways the fans who pay for tickets, buy the TV subs and the brands endorsed by the players are at least partly to blame.

Davey C 9:57 am, 8-Sep-2010

There's a fairly straightforward lesson to be learnt here; girls, if you've got any shred of decency or self-respect, don't get into a relationship with a footballer. Simple as that.

Ian 10:28 am, 8-Sep-2010

You have to bring into question the morals and attitudes of these women though. Seems like bagging a footballer is a career choice for them.

Leon Poultney 10:45 am, 8-Sep-2010

I couldn't agree more with Davey C and Ian. There are too many women out there who see bagging a footballer as a way of life. You only have to visit the big London clubs like Paper, Faces etc. and witness the queues of women waiting to get near a table. Women with half a brain wouldn't bother. Great stuff Rohan. Yiiidddoo.

Half-time Whistle 11:00 am, 8-Sep-2010

An interesting article again Rohan. On the surface, it sounds great: the money, the women, the power (sorry, that was Scarface), but having women throw themselves at you sounds great. But I can imagine that anyone with a shred of decency - as you seem to have - is going to tire of it all in the end. Your last line seemed particularly apt, the Gift & The Curse.

Faustino 11:02 am, 8-Sep-2010

I'd heard a lot about Rohan's articles and have looked forward to finding the time to read them. Interesting and informative though the sex article is, I was expecting more than just a few one sided bitter ramblings. Will 'Pleaty' have the chance to respond? Also, if Rohan is planning to turn to journalism and commentary at the end of his playing career can I suggest he invests in an English GCSE - Or a very good editor. All the best in your future footballing career Rohan, I remember you breaking through at Spurs and being tipped for England. Genuinely hope you find a club back here in the UK.

Andy 11:18 am, 8-Sep-2010

Rohan, you are truly the voice of a generation. Do you ever think that you could write a great lovesong?

Sam Collins 11:37 am, 8-Sep-2010

Shows why David Beckham is such a role model to our kids!! ALL the fame and fortune and nothing but a week-long RUMOUR that never came to anything.

Mark 12:39 pm, 8-Sep-2010

@ Sam Collins If you believe Mr Beckham is such a good role model for not 'playing away' then your very naive. Speak to a few 'employees' of MUFC and they'll tell you what the score was with him while he was at the club and what he got up to. He got away with allsorts.

Keith Wildman 1:39 pm, 8-Sep-2010

There's a lot of crossover between this and the Crap Mag Slag piece on here. As long as complete fucking morons want to read about which complete fucking morons are shagging some footballer then the vicious cycle will be doomed to carry on whirling round. As a rule of thumb, most footballers, with the exception of John Dreyer are knobheads and that bird in the photo at the top could do with spending some of Rooney's dosh on some pork pies or summat, get some meat on her.

JohnnyL 3:36 am, 9-Sep-2010

I used to know a lad, was a top of his trade car mechanic, had a beautiful bird, seemed to have the world on a plate, nice clothes, plenty of money for beer, lived with his Mam, tenner a week, drove a (red) Escort XR3, you know the type. Well would you believe it, he would fuck anything in, or out, of a skirt and he did. I think the key here Rohan - were your folks avid hikers by the way? Or football hooligans from the north? - is never be a man 'at the top of his trade.' You're gonna be alright kid.

Jeff Maysh 7:00 am, 9-Sep-2010

I think Mr Ricketts is really finding his feet here on Sabotage Times. More please.

Bazza 10:16 am, 9-Sep-2010

Sounds great!

2breal 10:53 am, 10-Sep-2010

Firstly, there is no such thing as a 'High Class' prostitue, whether a person sells sex for £10.00 or £1,000,000.00, does it not amount to the same immoral act. In the latest scandal, I think a lot of people are missing the fact that it is not just the sex scandal that raises concern, it is the manner which people have exploited the issue for financial gain. The prostitute concerned has knowingly entered into a relationship with a married man, whose wife is pregnant with their first child, potentially destroying this marriage. However she does not stop there, despite charging a lot of money for sexual favours, she is not satisfied and decides to sell her account to another immoral party, namely the News of the World. Who in turn elects to disregard the impact their actions would cause two innocent parties in this saga, Mrs Rooney and son. The actions of this prostitute is not the only immoral act to surface it is the increasingly suspicious conduct the News of the World are displaying. When paying for this 'exclusive', and publishing it in between two important qualifying matches, is even more scandalous than the prostitutes actions. This is no way for a wife to learn of such a thing, the embarrassment caused to her and their son is outrageous. A tabloid demonstrates no difference than the ethics of a prostitute, when purchasing information with the sole aim of selling more papers, and increasing profits. A tabloid that creates scandal by encouraging corruption by way of entrapment. Perhaps the message should be made clear from the public, another footballer cheats on his wife, is no-ones concern but those directly involved. Furthermore as there are no such things as high class prostitutes, only low class the same must be said about those that pay for their services! NOTW take note.

Big Dave 10:53 am, 10-Sep-2010

the blames got to (at least) be half at these vulturous females doors. if your going to get with a football purely for the money and the lifestyle (as crouch appreciated: 'if i wasnt a footballer, i'd be a virgin'), then he will see you as a commodity to be tossed aside when another option comes along. a footballer cant be chastisted by what he essentially sees as something to be consumed. yes footballer are incredilby misogynistic bunch, but when you consider the sort of women there exposed, its no longer they view the fairer sex with such contempt.

lena 8:43 pm, 10-Sep-2010

To be honest am lost for words.. How can they consiously say vows knowing they are not strong enough to keep them? How can they go home and lay down next to their wife-that at the same time is their best friend, soul mate and woman who gave birth to their can they sleep at night and say "I love you" every single day..How can they make love to their girlfriends after a night with a random hooker? Is passing on STD to the loved one the sign of love?Cause do not tell me when you sleep with a hooker you use a condom.. It makes me sick to my stomach..If marriage has no longer any deeper meaning anymore why the hell to get married at all? Some will perceive sex as a purely technical act having nothing to do with emotional engagement,the kind you have with your wife/girlfriend but I think we are misunderstanding someting. Marriage is supposed to be unity is mind soul and body.And love comes in a package, altogether with loyalty, honesty, friendship, faithfulness and love. You can not just take some out like an M&M that you dont like..All or nothing-as I say.. And maybe I am naive girl that still believes there is a decent guy out there or real love ..But it is better to be single and happy then married and lonely.. So girls-you dont feel like you have to stay in such relationship for the sake of kids or happines of your families. Your kids need a mother that is happy and strong. It is not your fault to end that relationship. Your partners end it in the moment they jump into bed with someone else. You do not owe anything to your partners but a lot to yourself and your kids. I heard guys saying "there is plenty of fish in the sea".If there is for them-why can not there be for you too? Be strong-there are still good guys out there xxx

joe subscriber 4:56 pm, 12-Sep-2010

Come on folks, get over the false moralizing. Prostitution is called the world's oldest profession for a reason, z\and adultory extends into the royal family and into the church. Priests a buggering boys. Let's worry less about these sins and notice the children born into poverty and despair more often.

GG 6:52 pm, 12-Sep-2010

Great insight on the lives of the cheatin' footballers. Alot of the time i actually believe that women are used by coaches players or even the organization to sabotage footballers careers and then they tip off the media letting them know that well known footballers have been cheating, just to keep the players in check. Just hearing the way politics are in football I would not be surprised if it were true. THE GAME HAS CHANGED!!!!! Rohan ur insight is amazing and u should be writing books on football or have your own radio show!! see you soon bruv!!

Canolli 5:18 pm, 13-Sep-2010

Footballers as rock stars. Simple enough. It's nothing new. In the end (and I realise this is easy to say) it comes down to the individual player's integrity. I guess I'm a bit cavalier, but the ladies will simply need to expect this behaviour. These guys are healthy (generally way above average), young, wealthy and accessible. Simply put, highly attractive. It's just nature at work. Fidelity, however important to society, is far less natural.

Craig 6:34 am, 17-Sep-2010

Balanced and intelligent article, well crafted and showing remarkable self discipline. You get ten out of ten

Michael Walker 8:08 am, 20-Sep-2010

I think the narky sod complaining about the grammer probably needs to get a life....Rohans work is about as honest piece of reporting about football that I have read in 25 years. One thought I do have about why footballers behave as badly as they do, is the influence that managers behaviour towards them have. If you are constantly being told how effing useless you are even and your inner self confidence destroyed, then it is not too surprising, when players try to comfort in other ways.

Catie 4:49 am, 11-Dec-2010

Firstly, I love that you just tell it like it is. It's refreshing that you don't offer up excuses nor justify the lifestyle. Secondly, in reading some of these comments I'm shocked that some people are still baffled that that's the kind of life footballers live, or at least are thrown into. I mean really, it's all over the papers - clubs, women, etc. And while footballers may not be young starlets in Hollywood, they are still celebrities leading a glorified life that is envied by others. I don't know about the UK, but in the US it's as if all athletes are wholesome and well meaning. But the fact is, they're human. If you took an average family man and put him in this lifestyle, I bet you that he would stray. It's really easy to point fingers and wonder how someone could do that when none of us are in anywhere near the same position. It doesn't mean that Rooney, Crouch, or any of them should be excused. But at the very least it allows some insight into something that is so prevalent and perhaps serve as a warning to future footballer girlfriends/wives. And who knows, maybe these boys learned something from it, too.

PW 5:55 am, 11-Dec-2010

So because you get your hands on money / fame etc.. you kind of forget the difference between right and wrong? About as shallow as a Rizla...

D0li 11:26 pm, 24-Jan-2011

How often are these articles written? I know he has to train but I would like to read something more than once a month. I also agree with the quality, the stories are interesting and informative but some editing needs to be done.

Sahir 3:17 am, 28-Apr-2011

Love each one of your articles rohan,keep them coming and please write more often I'm probably the first person to appreciate your writing more than your football

NickE 12:07 pm, 23-May-2011

Another point here in regards to the sordid Imogen Thomas saga is that she has to shoulder blame as well. She knew that the footballer was a married man so would have been well aware what she was getting into. To now call foul and go crying to the courts is just plain idiotic. She had a bit of fun now has to move on. I have no sympathy for any either party if they enter into a 'relationship' that involves cheating and deceit.

Simon Martin 12:39 pm, 23-May-2011

Personally I don't care if a rich man wanks over pictures of basking sharks so long as he doesn't pretend he's somethig else to gain financially from it. If he does, he's fair game for the tabloids. If you want to fuck about don't get married and particularly don't have kids because you are fucking them up with your behaviour. As for the tarts that go looking for footballers it's just one branch of the oldest profession and they should not pretend otherwise. As NickE says, Imogen is half to blame but it does seem unfair she is left with the publicity.

Jack 12:55 pm, 23-May-2011

I don't want to come across as a bleeding heart, but let's not forget how young most football players are. According to, the average age of a premier league player is just over 27. I'm 25 and I can categorically say, hand on heart, that even if I were married, if I were in their shoes, earning more money than I could get rid of, being idolised by many and having women throwing themselves at me, I'd find it very hard to resist temptation. I think it was Rohan who said a few weeks back that it was no surprise that footballers' marriages don't last when they get married in their early 20s. General divorce rates here are about 1 in 2, are we surprised that young marriages lived out under constant scrutiny from tabloids and celebrity rags fail too? Though for some unknown reason we expect them to be otherwise, footballers are largely young, naive, impressionable, usually poorly-educated (having spent their whole life training, not studying), suddenly surrounded by yes-men, made into demi-gods, and so make bad choices. Money and power corrupts - it's the parents, the managers, the agents and the PFA who should do more to work with players to ensure they make the right choices. Sadly this level of support doesn't appear to exist for the vast majority, and that, I believe, is the root of the problem.

Kane 1:08 pm, 23-May-2011

A great article and some great comments. The one thing I would add is that the whole messy issue is not really a world apart from what goes on in the lives of ordinary people every day. Man or woman with long term partner shags someone else and then lies through their teeth to cover it up. The only real difference is that the people involved are recognisible names and this somehow makes it newsworthy. Really other than the BB bird, the footballer and his wife and family, who's business is any of this really? He isn't a politician, a high ranking policemen, etc so he doesn't have any official secrets that could have been leaked out and undermined the security of the nation so all it amounts to is a bit of gossip. What is disheartening is that there is a growing portion of society so miserable within their own lives that they feel the need to follow every fucking detail of the lives of these faux-celebrities. I mean really? Who gives a fuck? When did gossip become front page news? Oh and to all the women who are humped and dumped by rich powerful men, be it footballers or any other industry. A few words of advice. Men's desires are largely based on aesthetics. If you are, as in the case of Imogen, a women with no discernable talent other than being wank material for a generation of young men and you have forged a career out of portraying your self as a sex object, don't be surprised when men only see you as such.

Simon Martin 1:39 pm, 23-May-2011

This paragraph doesn't say much for footballers Rohan. "Some of the wives and girlfriends must think to themselves: “How the hell do I keep my man from straying ?” I will tell you now darling, you can’t! So no matter if you get a boob job, new haircut, sexy clothes, none of that will play a factor if he wants to sample a bit of Sandra from Essex. As we all saw with Cheryl Tweedy, being beautiful sometimes isn’t enough." I'm sure there's a few happily married ones who are maybe a little pissed off that you tar them all with the same brush. Your aticles on the whole, whilst being well well written and interesting, do nothing for footballer / punter relations. They just appear to have too many excuses as to why footballers are imature, selfish fools.

Dontsendimdaahn 2:14 pm, 24-May-2011

Nice piece from the horses mouth. Not a surprise though. Men get tempted by big titted women offering themselves on a plate. I like the writing style. Cleverly avoided saying "Wasn't me".

Dan H 5:14 pm, 24-May-2011

Marriage is bullshit anyway. Its an outdated instution invented by religion and ingrained into society so women can spend money on chocolate fountains and sparkly headgear. No man in teh world actually wants to get married unless through some sort of guilt/sense of duty caused by religious beliefs. Married or not, men will be men. 99% percent of men if they had the oppurtunity would shag as many women as they could regardless of marriage vows or not.

Leyton Rocks 12:14 pm, 28-May-2011

Maybe Jamie and Louise Redknapp hold the key to success, long-term relationships ... look at those Thomson/Wii ads ... on a more serious note sports people from an early age are praised for being skillful, not decent people ... in individual pursuits fidelity can be kept in check (although not exclusively: Tiger, Boris etc) ... football is a team game that doesn't respond to too well to individuality let alone personality ... possible exceptions would be Cantona ... and I can't quite think of anything else to add ...

Leyton Rocks 12:17 pm, 28-May-2011

Dan H ... I think you generalise too much ... some people do love each other that much and don't go anywhere near churches or chocolate fountains to show it ... you may find that person or you may not ... stability in life is something you learn to appreciate ... and that doesn't mean sitting in every Friday/Saturday talking about whether Britain's got talent ... it can still be fun and about doing stuff

mike 5:20 pm, 9-Jun-2011

This "young"man is 37,hardly an impressionable kid,unless they grow a great deal slower in the valleys!

ginger prince 1:25 pm, 15-Dec-2011

we're all still just animals- men want to fk as many differnt partners in order to have the best change of procreating, and women want to fk as many alpha males as they can to ensure that they produce the children most likely to survive. I appreciate that this is a generalisation, but maintin its got a ring of truth in it. I'm not excusing what those overpaid undereducated clotheshorse footballers do, nor the way half of these party girl/celeb types seem to drop their knickers with one eye on tomorrows tabloid. Just trying to rationalise it. And I've no idea what I'd do in same situation, before anyone accuses me of being holier than thou!

Mike Hunt 4:44 pm, 15-Dec-2011

Is that sperm dripping out her belly button?

BigRed1 9:02 pm, 15-Dec-2011

Mike Hunt... Ask Ryan.

few 11:48 pm, 17-Dec-2011

Ryan Giggs manure sucm foolballer.

Ralmon 9:27 am, 14-Feb-2012

Well, No matter what we think, we aren't really independent from our environment. The situation we are in affects us. Some very strong willed and decisive individuals avoids to be put in such bad situations, but not all really exercise they autonomy. The best solution that I could think of is to help these people from straying by providing them a healthy environment to live with. If temptation in minimized then there would be less broken lives to contend with. The society should have take action with this. We should develop an environment where we will be happy, and educate people on how to be happy.

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