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Merseypride My A***: Why There's No Love Lost In Everton vs Liverpool

by Jim Keoghan
23 November 2013 68 Comments

Liverpool versus Everton. 'The Friendly Derby'... Not so fast with your footballing clichés. The Merseyside clash has vitriol in abundance and is all the better for it.

Liverpool versus Everton. ‘The Friendly Derby’… Not so fast with your footballing clichés. The Merseyside clash has vitriol in abundance and is all the better for it.

There was a time when the Everton and Liverpool supporters revelled in a uniquely friendly rivalry, so the story goes. The apex of this was the 1980s when the two clubs dominated English football. We were united in our city’s brilliance, each respectful of the others footballing achievement. Fans would travel to Wembley together and the terraces would come alive with chants of ‘Merseyside, Merseyside, Merseyside’.

And then it all went wrong. The fraternity broke down. The Heysal disaster and Everton’s subsequent loss of their place in the European Cup is seen by many as the seed from which are now toxic rivalry eventually grew.  From that point on the relationship began to alter and the two sets of supporters saw each other as more than just rivals and instead as something more loathsome.

But how much of the above is really true? For many years and certainly until the ‘Shankly-era’ the rivalry between the clubs was relatively benign. This was specifically the case from the end of the war until the early-1960s when Liverpool were essentially a little bit rubbish.  During most of the 1950s it was difficult for Evertonians to maintain much of a rivalry when our neighbours were languishing in division two (or the Championship as it’s known to our younger readers).

Contrary to popular myth, from the Shankly-era on, when Liverpool started to become the footballing presence that most people would recognise today, our relatively benign relationship definitely began to change. I doubt there are many Evertonians who lived though the team’s inability to win a derby game during much of the 1970s, and suffered the unending smugness of our neighbours, who would agree that the relationship between the blue-half and the red-half of the city was as amicable as some people would like to suggest.

It was an atmosphere poisoned for many blues by Liverpool’s increasing success. I’m sure it would have been nice to have looked on their championship and European triumphs in the 1970s as a wonderful boon to a city suffering from an increasingly poor reputation; but we didn’t. Like most supporters who have a footballing rival it made us dislike them all the more.


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Superficially, during the 1980s the relationship seemed to become more cordial. Fans did travel to Wembley together and some did chant ‘Merseyside, Merseyside, Merseyside’ (hopefully to their eternal shame). But this was a facade. Underneath there still bubbled a cauldron or simmering hatred. And it was one that cut both ways.

Contrary to their protests of being a group of supporters above the fray, as an Evertonian coming of age during the 1980s I was on the receiving end of some rancorous bile courtesy of red-s***e acquaintances. From nowhere, Everton had challenged their reign of supremacy and naturally their supporters didn’t like it.

‘Merseyside/Merseypride’ might have played well in the press and the rivalry was free from the violence that characterised cities such as Glasgow and Milan, but to suggest that we were one big happy family is just a myth.

But what is certainly true is that the relationship between the two sets of fans has deteriorated markedly since the 1980s, reaching the point where the breakdown is probably irrevocable. Too much has passed between the clubs for this ever to recover.

Each set of fans has their own list of grievances. Reds think us bitter and jealous, whereas blues think them smug, shallow and homo-erotically obsessed with Kenny Dalglish. Evertonians also find it hard to bear the endless veneration of Bill Shankly. He might have been a decent manager but arguably not one worthy of such disproportionate levels of adoration. It also tends to grate on us that the manager Liverpudlians worship so much ended his days training with Everton, having been shunned by the club he did so much for (a fact rarely mentioned by Liverpudlians).


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And so as a result of the above and any number of additional grievances, the Merseyside derby has become one of the most poisonous fixtures in the Premiership calendar. The games themselves are rarely beautiful to watch, consisting mainly of frenetic football and wild tackles. For most fans the tension that created exceeds that of other games and in a city as divided as Liverpool, winning the fixture and being able to hold your head up high at school or work on a Monday morning is something that really matters. As an Evertonian there are few things as sweet as being able to smugly greet Liverpudlians following a derby victory.

But ultimately is there anything wrong with this? Football is by its very nature a partisan sport. As long as it doesn’t descend into violence, is animosity between set of fans something to be discouraged?

It’s not as if support of either team precludes each set of fans from befriending each other. Disagreeing with a friend’s football choices doesn’t mean you can’t ultimately get along. I don’t like Liverpool FC or Liverpool supporters as a group, but individually, despite their inferior cognitive development, some of them are alright. I especially like it when you give them a banana and they do a little dance for you.

After the internecine violence that so marred the game in the 1970s and 80s it’s understandable that a lot of supporters would like to see the back of the kind of animosity that is evident between the fans of certain teams. But I think that’s part of the game’s appeal and without it football can be a little bland.

Changes to the game over the last twenty years have already robbed football of much of its character and so we should be glad that fixtures such as the Merseyside derby still exist. The atmosphere might be toxic but it’s also exciting in a ways that a clashes between teams that ‘get along’ could never hope to be.

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Phil 5:23 pm, 1-Oct-2011

I started supporting Liverpool in 1961, and attended derby games home and away until the late eighties. There was rarely any real trouble, but always a few idiots would start something. Until the eighties supporters would drink together after the game whatever the result, apart from the odd game. Now the friendly banter has taken on a violent and toxic note and the game is worse for it. We are all scousers, all from the same city. If Liverpool are out of a competition I would rather Everton won it than one of the Manchester or London money teams. But, I am old-fashioned. I don't expect to see another 'friendly derby' but I still hold a wish that we could learn to live together. My best mate, is an Everton season ticket holder and 2 of my work colleagues are keen blues. At least I can still watch the game with accompanying Evertonian banter.

Ben 6:03 pm, 1-Oct-2011

"despite their inferior cognitive development, some of them are alright. I especially like it when you give them a banana and they do a little dance for you" Comments like these are one of the reasons why the atmosphere has become toxic. The lack of respect and childish remarks show who is really the one with "inferior cognitive development". Typical bitter blue. "Evertonian coming of age during the 1980s" - you must be kidding, seems you haven't grown up at all.

rajiv usa 6:48 pm, 1-Oct-2011

I dont think violence or nasty behaviour makes any sport better. You can have plenty of passion without the vitriolic rage that goes with it. 80s soccer in the UK had a lot pf problems with hooliganism ("Bad people" to younger readers)but now its cleaned up alot and I dont think bringing that back in the name of passion is a worthwhile endeavor. After coming to the US I can now see you dont need that kind of "passion" to enjoy a sport. sports out here are second to none and its just as exciting, no matter what any euro thinks. So I hope the derby will be full of great soccer and goals and good sportsmanship.

Colin 8:11 pm, 1-Oct-2011

Phil - The Merseyside derby may have had a 'friendly' atmosphere back in the 70s and early 80s but other visiting supporters to Goodison and Anfield were getting carved-up by gangs of scousers. The worst city in England for slashings on visiting fans and yet the urban myth back then was about "friendly witty" scousers.

Robbie1892 8:20 pm, 1-Oct-2011

Sad state of affairs when you have Everton fans mocking the death of 96 fellow Scousers as witnessed today once again. Same City different people

Phil 9:33 pm, 1-Oct-2011

Colin, I think everyone who regularly travelled to away games in the 80's has stories about away supporters. I remember getting off the train in London to be greeted by gangs of idiots smashing bottles and throwing the glass into the crowds 'corralled' on the platform by the police, I can remember being saved from a beating by 2 ex-Manchester City players outside Maine Road. I was with another Liverpool lad and 6 Belgian supporters outside Webley for the FC Bruges final when we were attacked by a gang of London idiots. At the other end of the scale I do remember meeting a West Ham supporter ouside Anfield after he'd been separated from his mates. We took him onto the Kop, he had the time of his life and he could tell his mates he'd stood on the Kop with the scousers. If you believe all the lies that the press wrote in the 80's, you probably believe that Heysel and Hillsborough was our fault as well.I don't suppose you have any supporting evidence? My evidence was at first hand and I have plenty more.

frontwheel 2 10:53 pm, 1-Oct-2011

Phil,you sound like a nice bloke,but please take your blinkers off,having followed Spurs all over England,a visit to your town made me stop going to away friend who lives near Euston station was kicked senseless by a mob of Liverpool fans on their way home and he was 14 at the time walking down the road on his own,we all have stories about other footy fans but when i read or hear about chirpy,salt of the earth Scousers it does make me laugh.

ADV 10:57 pm, 1-Oct-2011

rajiv, passion is the only thing that hasn't transformed football (not SOCCER ffs)in a poxy American sport...we're lucky that people still go to the football to support their team and what it represents to them.rivalries are good to football, if they only consist in banter between means a lot to us brits-europeans,get over it

Phil 11:41 pm, 1-Oct-2011

frontwheel 2, OK this is my last comment. I agree that there are idiots and thugs in amongst all supporters, but you present one piece of evidence against our supporters that whilst it is unforgivable, it is just one piece of evidence and I can give you dozens from all over the country. I took a young girl to a Manchester United match once (as a favour, her parents didn't go to football) some mindless thug hit her with a bottle. The only reason we didn't get into more trouble at away games was we usually went in a group of 8 to 10. If you go wandering around any city on your own you are likely to get robbed at least. I have lived for 60 years in and around Liverpool, I have also lived in Wolverhampton, Cardiff, Cambridge and Blackpool. Liverpool is no different to any other town or city. Incidentally, the 5 inch scar across my stomach (photo on request) was received on 18th December 1993 after the Spurs Liverpool game had ended (I think 3-3). Some idiot outside the ground with a stanley knife. I didn't notice until he'd run off like the coward most of these idiots are. Happy Christmas.

dom 10:02 am, 2-Oct-2011

you sir, are a bell end

dylan jackson 1:05 pm, 2-Oct-2011

Robbie1892 has his facts wrong;Jim Keoghan's article referred to Heysal where sadly,Juventas supporters lives were lost and which resulted in the European ban.It was Hillsborough where "96 fellow scousers"lost their lives.Perhaps Robbie1892 should apologise for the phrase "mock the death" which was clearly not the case.

V 1:10 pm, 2-Oct-2011

And the relevance of that photie to the derby is what?

dylan jackson 1:29 pm, 2-Oct-2011

BEN obviously lacks a sense of humour and perhaps it is this which contibutes to the "toxic"atmosphere he refers to.Regarding "the bitter blue" comment,Evertonians do not have the monopoly on this as the Reds have shown bitter hostility towards Manchester Utd as Fergies boys piled up their haul of honours.Chelsea too have received their share of Anfield bile since Abramovich arrived at Stamford Bridge and i expect Man City to be recipients of jealous hate as the Reds languish in thier financial wake.

Colin 2:10 pm, 2-Oct-2011

Phil - It is common knowledge that more slashings were received in Liverpool (not forgetting Joby, the United lad who had 150 stitches in his back after a game at OT) than any other city in England. If you try and deny this then you are either a liar or terribly naive. I saw blades being flashed (not used though) myself at Anfield in the early 80s so yes I do have first hand experience. Shithouses.

Tom Okker 2:50 pm, 2-Oct-2011

So fuckin what

Colin 9:23 pm, 2-Oct-2011

Tom Okker - Very profound.

Billy J 9:31 pm, 2-Oct-2011

Im an Irish Liverpool fan and I was at the game on Saturday with my 2 mates from Ireland who are Everton fans. We all had different seats in Goodison. So we had a few beers in one of the bars before the game and I wore my Liverpool top thinking all would be fine and it was...I had few drinks and got a little bit of slagging in the bar but all was ok. It was when I went into the ground and took my seat in the family inclosure Block FE7 Row B 189 the abuse started. Still, was to be expected and I just laughed it off but to hear a father and his 10 year old son calling liverpool players and fans Murdering Bastards!! I was shocked..realisng after we went 1 nil up and then finishing the game winners..! that it wasnt going to be the same outside after the game as it was before kick off and by god it soon as I left the ground heading back to meet my mates at the bar we agreed to meet...the shit hit the fan...Everton fans hurlled abuse at me directly and as I waited patiently across from the bar which was our meeting point " knew it wasnt wise to go in" I got missiles throwin at me and guys looking to kick the shit out of me...the police had to get me an escort down the road and I had to walk across Stanly Park to Anfield road where I know id be safe!! what a scary moment considering I have brought my mates to Anfield for a derby game and they got no hassel and were completely safe!! the friendly Derby is out the window and I think its the Everton fans that take it to another level...just look at the missiles the fans were throwing at players during the game. I have to say you toffees let yourselfs down big time and you should be ashamed of yourselfs. you were a disgrace on Saturday and ill never attend a derby game in Goodison again. Us Liverpool fans whatever the generation...are fair honest fans and we always welcome a little banter but ive never seen us act the way you Eveton fans have...tut tut tut.....Sad really!!

Billy J 9:59 pm, 2-Oct-2011


ScouseChris EFC 6:50 am, 3-Oct-2011

Billy J, Tit.

Gaz LFC 12:54 pm, 3-Oct-2011

Just a thought regarding the bottles, and mainly coins that were being hurled at the Liverpool players. Everton fans may be better served throwing their change in a bucket and using it to buy a player.

Zeus 4:35 pm, 3-Oct-2011

Dylan Jackson, Robbie1892 is referring to the acts inside the ground on Saturday itself, the chants and behaviour of Everton fans, wall pushing gestures, murders chants, mocking hillsbrough. Nasty bitters.

dylan jackson 5:44 pm, 3-Oct-2011

Billy J sounds a bit green if he thinks Liverpool fans welcome Everton and their fans with open arms.I recall Phillip Neville taking a throw in at Anfeild and having his back spat upon by a gang of so called human beings.Furthermore,the group around these "spitters"found the whole action amusing!The "Murdering Bastards"comment,if BillyJ does not already know, stems from the Heysal Stadium disaster where Juventus supporters were the recipients of(your words)"fair honest fans who always welcome a little banter"

dylan jackson 6:15 pm, 3-Oct-2011

Zeus;No.your message is a different point to Robbie1892's message which referred to Jim keoghans article, not Saturday.It is hypocritical for Liverpool supporters to try and take the moral high ground on crowd behaviour as it was they who started racial chants in the 1960's(Albert Johanson)and the original Munich 57 song.

Moonie 8:06 pm, 3-Oct-2011

Billy J they normally stab their own

Colin 9:17 pm, 3-Oct-2011

The Murderers chant is in no way mocking the dead. It is a chant about how lfc and its then chairman denied any wrong-doing by lfc fans during the Heysel disaster. The official club line was that it was chelsea fans! The press even ran with it at first too. The various (dozens) Munich chants are simply mocking death and there used to be a Munich 58 flag on the Kop at every lfc home game. It vanished after the Hillsborough disaster.

dom 9:49 pm, 3-Oct-2011

colin go and fuck yourself you cu*t.. im a red and heard all kinds about Hillsborough on saturday, i forgot to mention i was in the park end.this wholr thread has done what it was meant to do.. goad reds... i would have no problem meeting the twat who wrote it and havve a straightner

dom 9:54 pm, 3-Oct-2011

this is what the photo at the top should be - showing how fickle them ble nose cu*ts are -,r:16,s:0&tx=102&ty=49

Colin 11:20 pm, 3-Oct-2011

Dom - Why the anger? What has upset you about what I wrote? I never mentioned the Hillsborough chants which are just as sick as the Munich chants that lfc fans sang for 20 years before Hillsborough. Maybe your just a nipper not old enough to remember, if that's the case go educate yourself on the matter.

Alex 7:19 am, 4-Oct-2011

Why is there a photo of Liverpool fans fighting with what appears to be Roma fans or someone, what has that got to do with Everton fans? I for one have sat in the grounds and heard all kinds of stuff sang and shouted but still, I have seen fewer than 3 minor fights between fans in over 25 years of attending the games. Dont exaggerate the truth!!

dylan jackson 12:55 pm, 4-Oct-2011

Poor Dom-physical violence is the last resort of the exhausted mind.

Alex 1:16 pm, 4-Oct-2011

Billy J - red tinted glasses mate. You have never witnessed red fans behaving badly? Its your fans that sh*t in cups at Old Trafford and decided to shower the United fans with your own faeces, not the same though I suppose? I have stood on the Kop many times and have seen numerous fights and made a killing from the pelting of coins. Dont kid yourself that it doesnt go on because it does. As I mentioned above, I have seen fewer than 3 fights at Goodison in derbies over 25 years. I have seen much more at Anfield. But, when you go and sit with the home fans when playing away you have to accept it, it comes with the territory. All I know is that if you want trouble you can have it but if you dont its quite easy to avoid. Sad to hear that you had a bad time on Saturday but emotions were high and I think you got unlucky but dont kid yourself that it is an Everton problem because it is not!

dylan jackson 1:17 pm, 4-Oct-2011

Just heard Rodwell's red card recinded so that can now be filed in long list of derby game refereeing favours given to Liverpool down the years-from Thomas to Poll to Clattenberg to Atkinson . Don't know why but I have my suspicions !

Robbie1892 1:52 pm, 4-Oct-2011

dylan jackson: I was not referring to any article I was referring to the fact Everton fans were once again coming out with Hillsborough related abuse, hence my point Scousers mocking the death of fellow Scousers. And this goes back to 2001 when some Blues interrupted the minutes silence, I know some Evertonians are appalled by this behaviour however it's clear that much of your fan base are getting more bitter and twisted every season

dylan jackson 3:35 pm, 4-Oct-2011

Robbie1892.ok.As I have said earlier.Evertonians do not have the monopoly on crowd misbehaviour,sick chants and bitter hatred. every ground in the country has its own resident neanderthals including Anfield so it's no use pretending you are whiter than white in this area.Derby games bring out the worst in supporters and the atmosphere is not helped by clowns like Clattenberg and Atkinson's ineptitude.

Big Vern 5:08 pm, 4-Oct-2011

The usual blinkered, biased views of the red side of Liverpool.

dylan jackson 6:58 pm, 4-Oct-2011

Robbie1892-Continuing the Hillsborough theme I can recall at the time of the tragedy,Everton and their supporters were incredibly supportive to Liverpool.F.C.during their time of grief and all minutes silences were impeccably observed.The Heysal disaster however is a different story and I suggest this really is the source of the current animosity as Everton, through no fault of their own were banned from Europe as a result of the fatal hooliganism of Liverpool supporters at the European cup final.Sadly,little remorse has been displayed from Liverpool and their supporters towards the Juventus fans who lost their lives.In the ensuing European ban Liverpool's attitude to Everton's position has always been percieved as aloof and disinterested.It was a long time ago but you reap what you sow.

Zeus 12:56 pm, 5-Oct-2011

bigvern: The usual, bitter, blinkered views of the blue side of Kirkby. Colin: The Hillborough chants are mocking the dead. The pathetic murderers chants are using the deaths of 39 people to score points off a rvival, many of whoms fans weren't even born until after Heysel or hillsborough. The use of the chants and the fact that you bitter lot attempt to defend them shows just how out of touch from reality you lot are. At least the Atkinson incident will give you another exuse to be bitter for the next 5 years. dylan: Again, scoring points off a tragedy. We've come into contact with Juve once since, and our fans made a great deal of effort to attempt to start repairing wounds. Much has been done int he time since. People were convicted. The Heysel disaster, the tragedy that it was, was just the final straw. It's well documentd that any trouble, in any form, after the '85 Cup final would have brought about a ban as it was the the final straw. And Everton's history of hooliganism is long and well storied, and is far more notorious than the red side. Everton's firms have a clear rep dating back to the 60s. From Howard Kedall's autobiography, published in 1991: "When UEFA met to discuss what occurred in Brussels, they couldn't possibly have made judgements on individual cases and clubs,they could not take Heysel in isolation but merely as part of a much more expansive problem. The footballing authorities in England had tried to do their bit towards rehabilitating our national game but it just hadn't worked. It seemed that the more measures they took, the more inventive the lunatic fringe became. The ban hurt a great deal but I thought that if this swingeing action was going to sort out this dreadful problem once and for all, then I was totally behind it." p151. Strange how that gets airbrushed form history. Liverpool voluntarily pulled out of European competition. The blanket ban was decided on by No. 10. How was Liverpool's attitude meant to be?! We lost out far more heavily during the ban than any other English team, appropriately so and Liverpool submitted ourselves voluntarily for extra punishment and the club was prepared for anything up to and including indefinite banishment from european competition. To pin the blame continually on the club and fans 26 years after the tragedy is ignorant, pathetic and indicative of bitterness.

dylan jackson 6:05 pm, 5-Oct-2011

Yes Zeus,I have heard all this before down the years.I know of Kendall's book which means nothing as Howard jumped ship soon after the ban.I also know Liverpool voluntarily withdrew after Heysel,but,come on,they had no option after what happened.You say you have been in touch with Juve once since-not a lot really in 26 years!I honestly don't know why you don't accept your accountability in all this instead of defending the indefensable and calling me names !

Colin 9:02 pm, 5-Oct-2011

Zeus - lfc fans were mocking the Munich tragedy for two decades before Hillsborough. United fans were referred to as 'Munichs'. Don't deny it.

Lee 1:54 pm, 13-Mar-2012

ZEUS, very well said, unlike most of the ridiculous blinded comments above.

PabloBrown 1:56 pm, 13-Mar-2012

Do Liverpool fans remember Athens, Where your own fans were trying to rob off each other?No didn't think so. Or what about the chants, the so called best fans in the world sang about Neville's disabled child? Your baby can't walk,your baby can't waaalllkkk.Zeus, Liverpool suffered the most? how the fook do you work that out,you may of been banned longer, but we missed out on Europe twice due to your rabble, and we were one of the best teams in Europe at the time.

Lord Creator 8:07 pm, 13-Mar-2012

Half of Liverpool fans claim that Liverpool fans were barely involved with football hooliganism and Heysel was someone elses fault; the other half you can't shut up about how they single-handedly invented the casual movement.

Stefan 3:22 am, 14-Mar-2012

I saw a kid of about 14 get hit with a brick in the face at Anfield. Thought he was dead. I've seen women shoppers punched in the face during rioting in Manchester's Piccadilly Station after a Man U Bolton (I think) game. Having traveled all competitions, home and away, in three divisions with Manchester City, I've seen lots and lots of really bad things happen. I could go on... This whole conversation is asinine. There are dicks at every club, my own very much included. Trying to argue the merits of one set of fans' asshole associates over another's just doesn't make sense. Football is scary and violent at times. It's part of the allure of a live game when you're a kid, the reason you stop taking your wife to games when you get older. Peace and love bitches. x

Electroartist 10:17 am, 14-Mar-2012

I'm a red and watched Liverpool through the eighties as a teenager. Stood on the Gladwys Street end and Kop. I don't condone violence, but if a few lads fancy a tear up once in a while then so be it, having played footy all across Liverpool on Saturdays and Sundays scrapping was common and goes to prove that you can't remove rivalry, it's what gets you out of bed and gets your blood going. I think most decent people know that in Liverpool, both sets of fans get on in the pubs and at work, it's just a few who go too far, nothing new. And yes, that image was taken in Italy.

Tony 10:27 am, 14-Mar-2012

The only time that I was ever stabbed (interesting phrase) was at a Wigan Everton friendly and no I did not see the guy who did it ... the only time that I did face someone with a knife was against Tranmere ... after 500 plus games in the 80s there may be a theme here!

Ste 12:09 pm, 14-Mar-2012

Everton fans, or as i like to call them... Mancs, can blame, be bitter, mock the dead all they want, we won 3-0 YNWA

tommy doyle 3:23 pm, 14-Mar-2012

ste, better to 'mock the dead' than actually cause people's deaths, something which Liverpool fans used to be quite skilled at

Bunny 7:22 pm, 14-Mar-2012

doesn't the bickering one-upmanship comments on here kind of give a clue to the legitimacy of the remarks about which city was the worst in England to visit in the 70/80's for fear of a slashing/battering?

Chimplet 12:23 pm, 15-Mar-2012

I have read all of these comments and my now head hurts. The modern football fan has ruined the game, as has the match coverage. There is more sensationalism and bitching than an episode of TOWIE - which I hate more than I could hate any rival team. The fact that so many fans, mainly men, buy into it is utterly farcical. It's so tedious constantly seeing the justifications of sick chants etc, because "they started it when they sang that"...grow.the.fuck.up. If your kids say "He started it!" they get a bollocking, yet football fans come out with it all the time. I have lost close family members. I would never dream of singing songs mocking the dead, no matter which team they were attached to. If you're the kind of person who will happily sing songs about Heysel, Hillsborough or Munich, I am pleased I don't know you. We (fans) seem to be going round in circles. If things carry on, I can see hooliganism making a return. I currently live in a small city which is home to a League 2 club - which is already having its fair share of trouble amongst 'fans' as it did in the 80s, when Mums couldn't take their kids into town on match day because of the violence. I used to love the banter at the matches I have been to. I have spent a mere ten years going to Anfield. In all of the time I have been going to matches, I have seen one fight in a pub, between two Liverpool fans over a girl. It was broken up very quickly and everyone around them laughed at them for being such idiots. I suppose you'll all think I'm lying or that I was sheltered in some way. Or you'll just carry on banging on about how things were 25-40 years ago - because of course that's productive. I was once pushed back into a wall by an Everton fan who blamed me for Heysel (yes, me alone. I asked many times for him to clarify). I wasn't even 2 when it happened. He went to grab me round the throat. I am a woman who is 5 foot short. Does that mean I'm going to slate all Everton Fans and say they all hit women and are therefore scum? Despite the 'Everton Wives, run for your lives' gag, no I'm not. I have more than one brain cell. I do like bananas though, and have a chimp-related nickname. I'm not asking "can't we all just get along". It's just ridiculous how much bile is spouted online these days by keyboard warriors, who bitch at, argue with and abuse complete strangers on social networks and forums like this in ways many of them would never dream of if they happened to overhear someone talking in a public places, all over 22 lads kicking a ball around a pitch.

Stefan 10:58 pm, 16-Mar-2012

Chimplet wins.

cj 1:07 am, 21-Mar-2012

It's just a game, you all take it so ridiculously seriously, you should be able to sit down with your mates after a game and have a drink and a bit of banter. Football is a disgraceful sport because it allows itself to be a vehicle for this kind of vile hatred..

AJEFC 1:10 pm, 21-Mar-2012

As an oversees fan of Everton ive been immune to the actualities of hooliganism ie - general scumbag criminal behavior - from what I read though England as a whole has cleaned up its act no end, however, it clear that going to watch rugby game over football game would be akin to watching Bllue over full metal Jacket, in other words people, so called fans tha t watch football seem to believe its not only their right but that it is required of them to be complete Dicks at games and mere Sheep Baa baa ing when is crowds. All clubs and fans are in equal measure of this disease so it frivolous for all fans to claim that their clubs are saints when clearly you are all to blame.

Stefan 1:25 am, 22-Mar-2012

I live in America. I go to many sporting events. It still boggles my mind that there's no segregation of fans. There's lots of hatred in American sports between fans, they just manage to find a way to sit together without getting all punchy, and they can drink beer as they watch. There is occasional trouble, the odd fight, and every time it makes national news. Lots to learn?

SMurf 12:46 pm, 22-Mar-2012

When you talk to a Liverpool supporter other than football, normal scouser. However, when they talk about Liverpool, it's like a shit cloud comes over them and they are totally different people?? They start speaking 1970's. It puzzles me everytime.

Higgy 1:32 pm, 14-Apr-2012

@gazz lfc. It's ok, we bought Jelavic thanks.

Darren Grady 11:38 am, 12-Jan-2013

Why have you used a photo of Liverpool fans clashing with Milan fans post 2007 CL Final? Does not make sense under heading of the Everton/Liverpool Merseypride heading?

steve 11:27 pm, 4-Feb-2013

the photo is from the champs league final in athens. it's a clash between ac milan and liverpool fnas in the fan park. those fans were watching the game on big screens and many where not even english based lfc please dont blame it on scousers or even genuine lfc fans. as for stabbings/slashings in the 80's...liverpool was no worse than most big cities. it's just a repuation we had,similar to being labelled worskshy,dishonest and thieves! by far the worst hooligans were cockneys and man utd. you only have to look at the history of police raids on hooligan firms,refernce books and films etc. over the years there's hardly been mention of liverpool in anything. it's all chelsea,west ham,millwall and man utd. surely that says it all!

Stan Dalglish 4:52 pm, 10-Feb-2013

But the mention of Man U in the press does not sell papers Steve which is why the media never let the truth get in the way of a good story. Not playing up to the victim mentality, just being honest.

Rodd 4:18 pm, 16-Mar-2013

Its not a Merseyside derby its the Liverpool derby. Both teams are IN Liverpool. Goodison Park LIVERPOOL. Simple really

dek efc 11:57 am, 14-Jul-2013

Dom right now there are a lot of evertonians who want a straightener with you. you talk a load of red shite .

st ender 2:30 am, 14-Aug-2013

Liverpool fans always playing the victim if hboro never happened the 30 odd thousand would still be singing munich songs every home game.remember tommy smith fiddling the dole yes he blamed evertonians working for the dss...kopites are worthless scum its never them horrible horrible tossers the lot of em

st ender 2:31 am, 14-Aug-2013

always the victim wheres your famous munich songs

Mark 4:55 pm, 11-Dec-2013

So glad im too young to have gone the game in the 80s you all sound like a bunch of little bitches - also history suggests football hooliganism was not restricted to one city, didn't west ham build there whole legacy on it? - as for the irish guy who took stick in the family enclosure while wearing a Liverpool shirt heres a tip, don't sit in the home end you mug. I do enjoy a bit of fun with my liverpudlian mates and it does sometimes get a bit feisty but not one of you actually mention football here, am I only football fan left? keep you arguments and you sly digs you bunch of pussys and i'll just watch the match and save the stick for when I see my mates after it. grow up ffs

suedehead 1:56 pm, 24-Jan-2014

all as bad as each other, scousers,mancs, cockneys. all shithouses.

Herb 10:57 am, 16-Feb-2014

Both clubs are situated in Liverpool and the best thing for both of them would be to join togheter and create only one club with another name.

Jack 10:12 am, 20-Apr-2014

I am all for football rivalry and wanting to thrash the other team but the Everton/Liverpool rivalry should never reach the hatred levels of some of the others. I saw Bill Kenwright give a speech during last years Hillsborough memorial. What a class act. Let's make it the "Friendly Derby" again.

Derrick wills 8:53 pm, 23-Oct-2014

it has been 106 years since everton last beat liverpool in a match that really mattered.fa cup finals (1986 and 1989)semi finals(1950 1971,1977 and 2012),a milkcup final(1984)and a match which would have clinched the league title at anfied (1987),were all won by liverpool. thats a mind altering roll call. may be this has something to do with the bitterness ?

Derrick wills 6:42 pm, 24-Oct-2014

Sorry forgot to mention a 5-0 6 nov 82 rush scored 4, and last years 4-0 trashing 28 jan 14

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