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Real Madrid's Alfredo Di Stefano And The World's Greatest Football Posters

by Zoran Lucić
3 July 2011 19 Comments

Forget average prints of 'one night in wherever', these typographic titans of Real Madrid's Zinedine Zidane, Pele, Maradona and a very fat Ferenc Puskas are the kind of football posters that get us going...

Forget average prints of ‘one night in wherever’, these typographic titans of Real Madrid’s Zinedine Zidane, Pele, Maradona and a very fat Ferenc Puskas are the kind of football posters that get us going…

Internet searches vary from the frustrating to the labyrinthine yet, every now and again, you stumble over something of such jaw-dropping beauty that you have just have to share it. Despite the thousands of iconic photographs of the beautiful game that hang in galleries and on walls the world over, great football art is thin on the ground. Typographically stunning, edge-curlingly retro and begging for a T-shirt, poster and, er, mouse-mat collection, the work of Zoran Lucić truly is a gift to all football fans,whether you support Barcelona, Manchester United, Dukla Prague or Real Madrid.

We found his work here, where you can keep your eyes peeled for new additions and beg him to do one of your favourite player. We argued over our favourites for ages and which players should make the final cut yet, with it impossible to choose Zico over Socrates or Barcelona’s Lionel Messi over Real Madrid’s Alfredo Di Stefano, we decided to run the full collection…

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Dave Lee 10:52 am, 17-Jun-2011

These are superb.

sean 12:04 pm, 17-Jun-2011

im an arsenal fan and im shocked to see that players like dennis bergkamp and henry arnt here, arguably two of the greatest players to grace the EPL

Dave 12:44 pm, 17-Jun-2011

Jaw-dropping artwork indeed- but no Zisou or Georgie Best? Personnaly I would like to see a Klinsmann as well...

iGillette 12:57 pm, 17-Jun-2011

I agree with Sean, please can you do those 2 great Arsenal legends?

Roddy 3:26 pm, 17-Jun-2011

It's sad to see that Zidane is remembered for that event above all else. As the joke goes, " shag one sheep..."

madvibes 5:16 pm, 17-Jun-2011

no spurs players (gazza at the very least!) either, but this work is tremendous. really hope he starts selling prints

Patrick 5:23 pm, 17-Jun-2011

Henry was overrated..Who wouldn't of scored bucket loads of goals in that team? He could afford to miss 10 sitters and still get 2/3 goals a game..Bergkamp was different I would put him on there because he was a genius..

mad_g 6:26 pm, 17-Jun-2011

henry overrated??lol seriously though thierry henry bergkamp and vieira would be really appreciated ...great work keep it up

ashish 7:40 pm, 17-Jun-2011

how to download this pics ??

Thrane 11:38 pm, 17-Jun-2011

Arsenal legend = Tony Adams

Técio Trindade 3:26 am, 18-Jun-2011

Outstanding handicraft, that much is true. However, I reckon Romário played enough to deserve a spot on such an exhibition. The world is yet to see a greater player inside the penalty area.

Russ 3:28 pm, 21-Jun-2011

This is all well and good but I don't see Billy Whitehurst on there

Elie 2:03 pm, 22-Jun-2011

i would like to see a pic of one goalkeeper kahn one of the best goalkeepers ever i think he deserve it

Cruyff_14 9:37 pm, 22-Jun-2011

Beyond belief that some whoppers are arguing about which players should be included. Fantastic design and use of typography - deserve to be put on general exhibition but sadly will probably end up getting bootlegged on shit quality t-shirts

Willow 4:23 pm, 23-Jun-2011

These are absolutely brilliant, all of them, especially enjoying the Puskas poster!

ERICTHEKING 1:04 am, 24-Jun-2011

He must be a united fan has 8 posters for them and he even knows who Duncan Edwards is.

Ciaran 11:23 am, 29-Jun-2011

Can these be purchased anywhere?

Kevin Pedersen 10:13 pm, 1-Aug-2011

Where to buy the alfredo di stéfano poster ?

phil 2:39 pm, 17-Aug-2011

need to buy these posters can anybody help???

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