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Seeing Rafa In A Chelsea Top Makes My Skin Crawl

by Callum West
25 November 2012 13 Comments

Rafa taking the Chelsea job smacks of Clough at Leeds, as the last stalwarts of the Mourinho team move towards the end of their career, he’s there to usher them out, to finally dismantle his rival’s great team and get the last laugh...

After the disgusting and disgracefully tactless sacking of club legend Roberto Di Matteo, Chelsea have done little to quell supporters disquiet with the appointment of Rafael Benitez.

In the wake of the appointment admirers of Benitez have pointed to Liverpool’s Champions League win in Istanbul, The FA Cup they pocketed in 2006 and his perceived tactical nous to defend the decision.

Whilst detractors have thrown up the unmitigated disaster of his reign at Inter, a questionable transfer record and his inability to get the best Liverpool side of a generation to consistently challenge for domestic honours.

However, the mutinous air has little to do with these ‘facts’, it has nothing to do whether Chelsea fans believe Benitez is a good or bad manager, football is a game that defies logic, where the heart rules the head and the heart says Benitez isn’t Chelsea and seeing him with his silly little beard in a club tracksuit with the Lion rampant on his breast makes my skin crawl.

During his time as Liverpool manager and particularly while Jose Mourinho was in charge at Chelsea, the rivalry between the clubs, both on and off the pitch, intensified and Benitez with his jibes about plastic flags and lack of passion personified the enemy.


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The Champions League semi-finals, the ‘ghost goal’ and the seeming guarantee that the sides would meet each other at least four times a season only strengthen the mutual ill feeling as did digs at Didier Drogba and accusations that Lampard was overrated.

While, he was their manager he was almost universally despised at Stamford Bridge – as was pointed out in no uncertain terms at Birmingham in the FA Cup when he was linked to the job last March – and he didn’t like us much either.

His taking the job smacks of Clough at Leeds, as the last stalwarts of the Mourinho team move towards the end of their career, he’s there to usher them out, to finally dismantle his rival’s great team and get the last laugh.

‘Rafa’ was never going to popular choice and in replacing the man who as a player gave the club their first meaningful silverware in 26 years, and as a manager their first ever European Cup, the strength of feeling has intensified, it’s fair to say he’s not particularly welcome here.

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Big H 12:26 pm, 25-Nov-2012

I'd gladly swap him for Rodgers!

Paul 12:52 pm, 25-Nov-2012

You've just got one of the best managers in world football, who won La Liga (twice - with an incredible Valencia team that he built from scratch) before taking a pedestrian Liverpool side from 7th place in the PL to two European Cup finals in 3 years (& securing the best UEFA coefficient for 3 years running) and your response is "he's not welcome here". I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

Genghis Kham 1:09 pm, 25-Nov-2012

I hate roman abramovich. Take all the trophies you won and sod off. Take la niña with you. Leave. Goodbye. Thanks for NOTHING!

Ryan 1:27 pm, 25-Nov-2012

You are a goof. RDMs head was always going to be rolling. It wasn't his tactical genius that won us anything. He just happened to be there when the players won it for the club. Same thing could've been said about Avram Gran, but he never played for the team before so fans don't whine about him as much. We have rafa now so just deal with it.

Sauxboy 1:54 pm, 25-Nov-2012

RAFA OUT..... And take your plastics flags on the way out and make sure the door hits you on the way out.... Your not wanted Here. Ps... Take your compatriot Torres with you.

Sauxboy 2:15 pm, 25-Nov-2012

Callum West....your not wrong. How dare this fat Spanish waiter direct abuse at the same supporters he expects to forget what he called us and now to back him..... I have supported Chelsea for 42 years...way longer than Roman has controlled this great club of ours, there is no way I or loads of my fellow supporters will forgive The fat Spanish Waiter for what he called us and its time Roman, El Nino and Benitez moved on to another project. Roman has turned us into a laughing stock, and then adds insult to injury by hiring the one man who insulted every Chelsea connected person with his aspursions that every paper and non Chelsea supporters hangs on every word he threw at us, " Plastics, Classless, etc" so here's my response....fuck off fuck wit, your not welcome at my club and go back from where you came from....the unemployment line up in Liverpool council housing estates (Chaville) where you really belong.

Thomas Okker 2:16 pm, 25-Nov-2012


AussieWhite 10:25 am, 26-Nov-2012

Get over it, you ludicrous set of whining, so called fans. He's got a proven track record and could possibly sort out the mutinous element that have disrupted your team and management for the past few seasons. (You all know who we're talking about)and actually set up a dynasty(or not) for your club. AS a dirty scum Leeds fan, I hated the thought of Warnock and especially Diuof coming within a million miles of our club but, guess what? I'm bloody glad they did now. Sometimes, things happen for a reason and don't seem logical but, sometimes, they work out.

Billionairesson 10:49 am, 26-Nov-2012

We don't want Rafail. We never had. We never will. As for Paul asking whether to cry or laugh. Cry. I say cry. If Rafail was so good, why was he jobless for 2 years. That "waiting for the right offer" does not hold water. Even with your so called best coefficient, no one wanted him. Even his darling liverpool rejected him and opted for Rodgers. That says it all. Roman decided to spite us. We know he has the money and we are grateful but we have the power( If he thinks not, he should think about stamford bridge) and for Ryan, we know that Roman never wanted RDM but we will not let him treat our Legends with disrespect and keep quiet about it. If you argue that RDM was just there when we won the CL, you can also argue same about other managers although that is bullshit. Every manager puts the team together. If we fail you blame the manager so why take away his credit when we win? We don't want Rafa Benitez! He is a desperate mediocre manager without class.

77 3:40 pm, 26-Nov-2012

We have respect for any manager of any club. I have the greatest respect for Alex Ferguson, David Moyes, Sam Allerdyce, Roberto Martinez & the rest because they have earned it. You never hear them making derogatry comments about opposing fans as Benitez did during his time at Liverpool. When at Liverpool, he was the most unpopular manager outside Anfield. He wants respect - well he's going to have to earn it. I don't believe he's even that good. His liverpool team, after a season or 2 got worse year on year & as for his time at Inter, well I think even he'd rather forget that.

Colin 2:31 pm, 27-Nov-2012

The irony of this. Isn't is shocking that a set of fans would love a manager who won them the European cup? Ring a bell Liverpool fans?

Sean The White 11:56 am, 28-Nov-2012

Genghis Khan and Sauxboy - yeah, sod off Roamn and take your money with you!! Oops Division 1 and administration here we come! You muppets forget exactly where you were financially just prior to the Russian's arrival. I'm sure Ken Bates will update you. What do you think you would have achieved without the Russian money over the last 10 years? Grow up and get real. I would be very careful about what I wished for if I were you.

paul 4:01 pm, 29-Nov-2012

Sauxboy - they are your flags.

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