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14 Great Erotic Photography Books

by Mike Trow
5 January 2014 8 Comments

From the vaults of Jack magazine, an exploration into the thriving world of erotic photography. We added a few of our own, purely for research purposes.

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Bertie 9:07 pm, 5-Feb-2011

er,mmm - you cant judge a book by its cover - or can you?

Prunella Frostrup 3:10 pm, 14-Feb-2011

Where's the big penis book?

Bertie 8:53 pm, 14-Feb-2011


Bertie 8:54 pm, 14-Feb-2011

frustration any suggestions??

neil mitchell 1:37 pm, 13-Apr-2011

Great list, but one BIG omission - Roy Stuart's work.

Harold Monk 5:33 pm, 14-Apr-2011

That's my wife on the cover.If you like her arse you should see her tits.

Brian 10:23 pm, 12-May-2011

It's Bernadinism not Bernadism

Steve 4:22 pm, 3-Oct-2013

@neil mitchell i agree with you.. Roy Stuart is a must and his new book is coming out in few weeks !!!!!!

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