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Twitter: The Ched Evans Rape Apologists Are A Disgrace To Humanity

by Madam J-Mo
23 April 2012 62 Comments

Following Ched Evans' imprisonment for rape, his fans and, in one case a fellow player, have taken to Twitter to abuse the victim. What has the world come to?

This week, footballer Ched Evans was jailed for five years after raping a 19-year-old woman. His friend Clayton McDonald was also accused but the jury did not have enough evidence to convict him. However, ‘justice for Ched’ has been served: the man has gone to prison for a crime he has been found to have committed.

While rape is NEVER a positive thing, at the very least this is an instance where a) the survivor felt able to go to the police, and b) her attacker was found guilty. This is worth acknowledging when the 2006-2007 British Crime Survey reports that 1 in every 200 women was raped in that period, but only 800 people were convicted of rape during the same year – meaning that fewer than one in every 100 rape survivors saw their attacker convicted.

It’s bad enough that a woman has been raped and had to endure a court case, but following Evans’ conviction, the nauseating ‘JusticeForChed’ hashtag on Twitter has grown to exponential proportions of misogynistic bile.

Here are some sample tweets from the rape apologists today (April 22): “This girl is a lier’r and a slag and has wreckd someone’s life ched is innocent #justiceforched” (@corbett1989); “In it for the money the slag!! #disgustingcunt #massiveslut #justiceforched” (@IIBenJonesII); “when people go out and socialize and both are drunk it normally happens #bellend u should try gettin out more #justiceforched” (@rohipnol23, who since changed his questionable user name); “@[usernameofsurvivor] #slag #justiceforched its just pure regret for having sex with two lads” (@chizz1889); “#liesgirlstellforattention “I got raped by a footballer.” Ha ha love it! #justiceforched” (@Bethgrady93); “I’ve known him since he was a child he was an still is a lovely lad! Its not the 1st time she’s cried rape! Do the maths #justiceforched” (@mariewalsh22) and on and on it spews.

There are some who claim the survivor ‘cried rape’ because she wanted the money and notoriety…

Many of the more hateful tweets have been removed in the past few hours, doubtless due to the fear of legal repercussions.

In an even more revolting twist, some of the pro-Evans tweeters took it upon themselves to reveal the name of the rape survivor – whose identity was protected by law. The tweeters involved have been reported to the police for contempt of court and harassment. It is my hope that the police reprimand these people, and at the very least oblige them to attend some sessions about the effects of rape on its survivors and hence the need for anonymity.

While the #justiceforched hashtag is far from the first misogynistic thread to trend on Twitter, it is one of the most offensive I’ve seen in a while. Aside from some Tweeters breaking the law to name the alleged survivor, there is the vigilante mob mentality that sprung up between those pro the hashtag, as well as a small number of those who were furious at the hashtag. As much as I feel nothing but contempt for convicted rapists, I do not condone the handful of people who responded to the Tweeters by saying they hoped Evans would be repeatedly raped in the prison showers.

How can we still live in a society where rape is a source of humour; where it is assumed the survivor is ‘crying wolf’ (even after a court finds her attacker guilty); and where the survivor is branded a ‘slag’ for her alleged behaviour prior to the attack? There are some who claim the survivor ‘cried rape’ because she wanted the money and notoriety… an assertion that is so offensive, both to the survivor in question but also to rape survivors the world over, that I’m not going to insult anyone by bothering to respond.

Those who have been raped are ‘survivors’ rather than ‘victims’, because we’re talking about people who have endured a horrific ordeal, one that will haunt them for the rest of their lives – we’re talking about people who have SURVIVED. So show survivors the compassion and understanding they deserve. It is nobody’s place to ‘name’ the person who was raped, and it is nobody’s place to take the law into their own hands to publically, or otherwise, ridicule someone already going through hell. Remember the saying, “Innocent until proven guilty”? Well, remember this, too: Evans has been proven guilty.

If we can do anything to turn a negative into a positive, we should use this stomach-churning incident as an opportunity to challenge the attitudes of misogynist and sexism held by some in sport – both the professionals and the fans. Please note, I’m aware that these are not the views of the majority.

It will be interesting to see how, if at all, the Football Association responds to the behaviour of the players and ‘fans’ concerned, and how the police react to those who took it on themselves to name the woman Evans raped. It would also be interesting to know why it is that there is such a long history of prominent footballers being linked to rape cases. But that’s a topic for another time.

For more information, please visit the following websites:

Rape Crisis

End Violence Against Women

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stanbowles 9:28 am, 23-Apr-2012

The PFA (Professional Footballer's Association) had Ched Evans in their League 1 team of the year last night. That's how much they care about off-the-field activities.

Graham Williams 9:59 am, 23-Apr-2012

I too am appalled by the vilification of all involved in this case. However I think it shows that in borderline cases like this we need an alternative to the current adversarial legal system for settling them.

Allmodcons1965 10:02 am, 23-Apr-2012

Fucking brainless scumbags,the country is crawling with these people...

Paul 10:04 am, 23-Apr-2012

Now this is certainly a difficult subject and there are a number of for and against's the lad and the victim. Whilst I have only followed this ase in the media, my family live in Rhyl (town where the incident took place) and when I went out for a drink last night opinion was largely behind Ched being innocent and that there were a number of factors to this: 1. Apparently there is CCTV footage of the victim in the kebab shop showing her kicking and acting in a violent manner 2. Alledgedly the victim has tried to honey trap a rugby player in similar fashion 3. A tweet from the victim to a friend stating that when she 'Wins big' she will be taking people on holiday. Now all of the above behaviour is mortally reprehensible but if rape did take place, and a jury clearly believe it did, then the above doesn't matter as its besides the point. A lot of people, admittedly I am one of them, hope that the lad is innocent and that rape was not committed, however I understand that he has been found guilty and what it is he has been found guilty off. Rape is a terrible violation of another person. Those that have taken to twitter to spout mysonginistic verses have missed the point, just as much as others who accuse rape when it is unfounded. In no way am I saying that the victims claims are unfounded, but that this is a very sensitive subject taking aside the lads profession.

David Harris 10:05 am, 23-Apr-2012

stanbowles beat me to it. Yes part of team of the year! Does the PFA have it's head buried in the sand or is that the standard of acceptable behaviour!

Jon 10:56 am, 23-Apr-2012

I am not a supporter of Evans, but nor do I condemn his family and those who believe a miscarriage of justice has occurred and wish to appeal. That is their right and it does not make them apologists for rape as some hysterical, not to mention abusive, feminists seem to suggest. It is of course inevitable that some fans are going to behave like morons in 'supporting' Evans, just as many Liverpool fans did in supporting Luis Suarez, for example. Unfortunately twitter in general can be a 'disgrace to humanity' in situations such as these, and those that revealed the victim's identity should be prosecuted. But this article is disingenuous to suggest that the Evans 'hashtag is in itself offensive', and only a 'handful' of tweets abused him and his family. I spent all day on both timelines of both hashtags, and far from being a 'handful', there were far more unacceptable abusive tweets by those condemning Evans - and his family - than those supporting his cause. The words Witch Hunt and lynchmob adequately describe this mentality, all too common on twitter these days, and so often from the extreme left. Just look at the abuse Melanie Phillips receives when on Question Time, it's hysterical in its vileness and all she's guilty of is holding a different opinion. But that is twitter for you. The usual left wing anonymous anarcho-twitterers were out in force yesterday, and describing those supporting Evans as 'apologists for rape' is as moronic as some of those who tweeted it was the victim's fault. There's no question this was a vile case, but it wasn't the first, and won't be the last. There is plenty of comment in mainstream newspapers where people are questioning the verdict, the evidence and the very nature of the crime. Are they all 'apologists for rape'? The author of this piece clearly knows nothing of the court proceedings, the crucial direction given by the judge to the jury, nor, it would seem the law. The 'apologists for rape' such as they are called, show little sign of saying 'she was asking for it' or 'she was drunk so it can't be rape' etc, more that there was a miscarriage of justice, or so they believe, illustrated by the fact that MacDonald was acquitted, NOT through lack of evidence, but because of the judge's direction to the jury and the misapplication of that direction by the jury. That is what they - his supporters - seem to believe. They were at the trial - with an eminent QC defending - and this author was not. They have every right to run a hashtag in his support whether we like it or not, just as he has a right to a fair trial. Clearly they don't think he got one. It does happen.

ad 10:58 am, 23-Apr-2012

@PAul, with respect mate, you've listed a stream of urban rumour bolocks. number 2 - rumour bolllocks, number 3 - nothing to do with getting raped while too drunk to move and number 1 - what does that have to do with anything? like wtf?

Jamie Hughes 11:10 am, 23-Apr-2012

Should be said, Pfa teams of the years are voted on in January/February... Great article by the way

James 11:49 am, 23-Apr-2012

All you spouting off about him being in the team of the week seem to forget that voting was done months ago, and that whatever he's done off the pitch, he is a fantastically talented footballer who scored 35 goals. Oh and do a bit of reason on the case, she was too drunk to consent to Evans, but sober enough to consent to Macdonald a matter of minutes earlier? Either both should be guilty or neither, can any of you say that you feel this is a 100% safe conviction? Very weak wvidencd in my opinion.

Quaddie 12:10 pm, 23-Apr-2012

James, guess who knows more about this incredibly complex case than you do...The jury who convicted Ched Evans. They had access to all of the evidence and made their decision based on that. But if you know more than they did, good luck in your fair campaign to get him a retrial. As a female football fan, I don't care when this poll for the PFA Team of the Year was made. This man was convicted of one of the most horrendous crimes imaginable, and I don't believe for one second that he should still be rewarded for his professional achievements. Like many people I believe that his rights and privileges should be relinquished whilst he is in prison. How many of those who have made sick comments about the woman who was attacked and have been so keen to tweet the ridiculous 'justice for Ched' hashtag would have done so if Evans played for a rival team? I suspect they'd be very quick to vilify him if he wasn't 'one of theirs'. How would anyone defending him feel if it was them or a female member of their family who had been attacked? This whole case, and much of the reaction, has left me feeling very jaded. The fact that the PFA and FA have effectively continued to support Evans following his conviction just sends a message that players can still do what they want, and that fans and the wider public just don't register on their radar. They live in a different world, and we're not considered as human beings to them. At the moment, the feeling is mutual.

Posie Parker 12:29 pm, 23-Apr-2012

If he was done for murder/child abuse would he still have been named in the Team of the year? No, it was because it's 'only' rape and we, as a society, still choose to believe a woman is more likely to make it up than a man is to rape. UNBELIEVABLE.

Katie 12:56 pm, 23-Apr-2012

Good piece, but please consider correcting the opening sentence of the 6th paragraph where you mention the "alledged survivor" to simply read "survivor" - this claim has now been substantiated.

Jonesy 1:00 pm, 23-Apr-2012

"whatever he's done off the pitch, he is a fantastically talented footballer who scored 35 goals" *lifts jaw up from the floor*

BodAlmighty 1:30 pm, 23-Apr-2012

Rape is too touchy a subject to be shown as who is guilty or making it up by people other than the courts of law who know the full story. They have seen all the evidence and are not or should not be swayed by how famous he is (I personally have never heard of him) or the 'how a man can get away with rape in this day and age' (simple, they are too scared/ashamed to go to the police who - in this day and age actually do something about it)arguments, the evidence was there and a jury found him guilty. Bare facts. Justice done. I have a friend who was actually accused once, and it went to court where she admitted that she had fabricated the story because she went too far and was too embarrassed to stop until the courts weighed up the... You guessed it, Evidence, however that didn't stop him from being vilified, even after the court's ruling. lying to get money/attention is just as bad because when someone makes it up, it ends up with people who have been raped being looked upon as liars themselves, and true justice will never be met. So both the 'Never trust a man, we as a society still allow rape' people, and the 'Justice for whoever, he's a popular guy' people are both wrong. Neither know the story in the particular case, and should let real justice take it's course.

Dan 2:05 pm, 23-Apr-2012

"It’s bad enough that a woman has been raped and had to endure a court case, but following Evans’ conviction, the nauseating ‘JusticeForChed’ hashtag on Twitter has grown to exponential proportions of misogynistic bile." It is not mysogynistic for people to want justice. Obviously there are people who believe he is innocent. People are sometimes wrongfully convicted and they have every right to pursue justice if they feel there has been an injustice.

Chris 3:00 pm, 23-Apr-2012

He is a grown man...he saw someone intoxicated...she may have been a 'slag' and 'easy' in his eyes but he should have made a better decision in his life and not entered the room and committed a rape. McDonald was found not guilty because he had taken the girl back to the room. Evans was found guilty because he knew that she was too drunk to consent and came at the behest of McDonald. He should have said is that easy. Now he has 5 years to think about it and move on with his life. I have no sympathy for him or any of these arrogant young idiot football players who think that they are above the law...they are obviously not.

Simon Martin 3:29 pm, 23-Apr-2012

What kind of man goes into mate's room to have sex with a drunk girl who his mate has just had sex with? Was Rhyl not a place a professional footballer could pick up a girl on his own that night? I suspect it was. Good on the girl for not accepting money to keep quiet about it. He should be given 20 minutes in a room with the girl's father and uncles too.

Paul 3:32 pm, 23-Apr-2012

So a court injunction is broken through Twitter and the consensus is that it's fine, Ryan Giggs and others are public property or some bollocks. Now this happens and it's lock the bastards up. I'm not saying what this woman went through and what Ryan Giggs did are the same, just that maybe if people saw that you can't go breaking the law on Twitter and get away with it they may think twice. As for this type of thing having a history with footballers - remember the media doesn't give a shit about us norms. There are a lot of footballers in the UK and some have committed rape, there are a lot of shop owners too who have probably done the the same thing but we don't hear about them. Also...and I'm not saying that this has happened here but some girls (and they do exist) go after footballers because they have money...corner shop owners aren't worth their time.

terry farley 3:47 pm, 23-Apr-2012 FB wankers supporting the nonce .

Jason 3:58 pm, 23-Apr-2012

I am all for convicting rapists but this article is typical of a woman. Nothing about male victims of rape, only focusing on women using the term victim to hide the fact they are only in support of their own gender. No acknowldgement that this world is very much a violent one for both sides of our species, I was lashed out at by a ex-girlfriend while I lay in a bath, I defended myself by restraining her until she had calmed down but could easily of slipped and hit my head on the bath. She could have killed me but luck was clearly on my side that day, If he commited the crime then he should do his crime but if a girl is going to put herself in that vulnerable position in the first place then shame on her and her parents also. It is time for people to bloody wake the hell up, and stop blaming just one side and take some of the responsibility for their own actions.

Jason 4:00 pm, 23-Apr-2012

I will teach my own children to be safe, careful and responsible, and to not get into silly situations like this. Use a bit of common sense, control and respect.

JK 4:08 pm, 23-Apr-2012

In response to Dan particularly the hashtag itself is not misogynistic but all the attached attacking of the survivors character, that she's simply a 'slag' in it for the money is. They believe an injustice has been done but what possible evidence or facts do they have for this? Only the pseudo misogynist reasons listed by Paul above, none of which refute the facts of the case but simply mistrust the woman's (and often implicitly all womens) motives in the matter. There's nothing wrong with questioning a verdict per se, either indivually or in a national newspaper column but the question must be raised that why is this verdict being questioned so passionately (and ad hominemally - yes I just made that word up) when the 90% of rape allegations that get thrown out of court every year are NOT questioned in this way.

Grubberkick 4:57 pm, 23-Apr-2012

It matters not one bit what kind of personality the girl has or how she behaves, it still doesn't mean she "has it coming". Rape is never justified. Evans was convicted and rightly so, the man acted like a sexual predator. The reason he was convicted and his partner wasn't, his partner picked her up, took her back to the hotel and had sex with her. It is hard to prove that consent wasn't given but Evans, to slither in later in the night when the girl was probably all but out of it, well if it was my daughter I would be waiting for his release... That the PFA has included him in the League 1 team of the year is, I was going to say unbelievable but it isn't really. If there is something the footballing authorities can get wrong, they usually do. It remmains to be seen whether football has any morals left at all when the time comes for him to be released, will he be rightly black balled or will some mercenary, sleezy club pick him up...

Vicky Brewster 5:02 pm, 23-Apr-2012

Jason: "This article is typical of a woman" -- Almost too painful to comment on, but I think anyone who starts a comment this way is likely to be dismissed as a misogynist. Because this is a misogynist thing to say. Perhaps you'd like to comment a little more on what else is typical of a woman, so we can roll our eyes more? "Nothing about male victims of rape, only focusing on women using the term victim" - 'Victim' is not a gendered noun, it can mean either a man or a woman. You're making the assumption that the writer is only talking about women when she writes 'victim', because that's your own bias - not hers. And as a side note, most articles of this kind will focus on women: 1) Because this particular case is about a woman being raped by a man 2) Because female rape is so much more frequent than male rape, and usually takes place under very different circumstances (For example, female victims usually know their attacker.) "this world is very much a violent one for both sides of our species" -- I'm very sorry for your bad experience, but from what you've described it does not involve rape or sexual violence, and therefore belongs as part of a different discussion. You're making this all about you, and thereby derailing an important discussion that needs to have its turn. "If a girl is going to put herself in that vulnerable position in the first place then shame on her" -- I cannot believe in 2012 I'm having to write this, so just to express my frustration I'm going to write in capitals: RAPE IS NEVER THE VICTIM'S FAULT. Drinking is not a crime. Having consensual sex is not a crime. Neither of these things would even be mentioned if a man had been raped, but because it was a woman you feel the need to excuse the rapist by saying that the woman put herself in this situation. This is called rape apology. It is precisely what this article is condemning. "and [shame on] her parents also" -- This is just deeply patronising. "stop blaming just one side" -- Once again, one is perfectly entitled to blame rape on only one person: the vile human being that raped her. No ifs. No buts. It is his fault. That's why he's going to prison. "I will teach my own children to be safe, careful and responsible, and to not get into silly situations like this" -- Lock them in a convent, then, because most rapists are already known to their victims. Friends, families, exes, current partners. Rape culture is what makes rape such a frequent and poorly prosecuted crime. And you're buying into it. I pray that none of your children are unfortunate enough to be in this woman's situation, because they obviously won't receive much support from their father.

Katie 5:04 pm, 23-Apr-2012

What a valuable contribution to the discourse of rape from Jason! Thank you for your counsel. From now on I will certainly be doing my utmost to "not get into silly situations like this". A precious insight from a brilliant mind.

TC 5:50 pm, 23-Apr-2012

Jason, your comment is bull of the highest order. Firstly, your argument about male rape is entirely beside the point in this discussion. It's common knowledge that all genders can be sexually attacked, but in this case we are talking about a woman who has been attacked and thus vilified by supporters of the attacker and labelled a 'slag' - a label specifically given to women. Secondly, she didn't put herself in a silly situation. By having consensual sex with one person doesn't mean you've consented to sex with the entire male population. I hope your children do grow up to be responsible and safe in their choices, but the word is CHOICE- of which this woman obviously had none. Consent is consent, and without it, it's rape.

Jason 6:05 pm, 23-Apr-2012

Katie, don't be a smart ass, I am only pointing out that people should be more responsible for their own safety and a little common sense goes a long way. I am always on the victims side, but at the same time I am a realist and not naive and ignorant. You mentioned nothing about putting herself in a vulnerable position by drinking too much and believing she was safe around people she clearly did not know that well. If you ask me the laws in our country are way to light and insulting, but dont cry when you lose the diamond you left in view for some thief to violate. People are way to ignorant these days, the parents and the victim should take more responsibility with their lives.

Grubberkick 6:06 pm, 23-Apr-2012

Katie, he'll either be a Sheffield United supporter or a Neanderthal. From what I've seen on some sites, there may be no difference between the two..

Cica 6:54 pm, 23-Apr-2012

"but if a girl is going to put herself in that vulnerable position in the first place then shame on her and her parents also." So you are basically saying that the woman asked for it because she had been drinking? That she was intoxicated and therefore the men could therefore justify taking advantage of her? Riiiight... Women should stay at home because they are easy pray? That men can't keep their pants on when they see someone 'easy' and 'a slag'? "I am only pointing out that people should be more responsible for their own safety and a little common sense goes a long way" Indirectly that means you blame the woman for being drunk and therefore asking for it? The men shouldn't have stayed away from the woman? Are women not allowed to drink? Have a great time? Is it the woman's fault that some took advantage of her instead of making sure she got back home safely? Having sex with someone whom are intoxicated and therefore unable of giving consent is basically the woman's own fault? You are basically justifying his actions with 'she was a drunk whore and asking for it because she was drunk in the public'. She should know that men will take advantage of her. That man ruined it for himself. Now he has to pay for it. Footballer or not. He had an option of saying 'no' and help her instead of using her. Also, this case is about a woman being raped. You are cheapening the fact that men are raped as well by trying to use it as a 'typical woman's POV' and 'you forget about male rape'. Rape, no matter what gender, age etc. is wrong. Taking advantage of someone in a vulnerable position is wrong. That guy didn't care about the survivor. They rarely do.

Jason 8:50 pm, 23-Apr-2012

Cica, you can twist my words all you want, I never implied she asked for it. I clearly spelt out that she should have had enough intelligence to not get so pissed out of her brain that she could not get in a taxi and go home. If you can't understand plain English then thats your problem, but don't try make out I am the bad guy for admitting some people are just fecking stupid enough to put themselves in such an idiotic position in the first place.

Jason 8:59 pm, 23-Apr-2012

Cica, p.s. I can go out and have a great time, and still get myself and my partner safely into a taxi and safely home. Even with friends who I trust, even if I got pissed while out with them, I'd still not rely on anyone else but myself. Cica you are yet another example of women thinking they are the only ones vulnerable to crimes like rape. Its like racism, some Africans are quick to cry racist and use the racist card, but forget their own race have their fair share of racists too. People have to take some repsonsibility for their own safety, that is the point I am making.

Mr Controversial 9:02 pm, 23-Apr-2012

This all gets rather confusing in this modern day and age. I've heard scores of young women brag about how they've shagged blokes and "cor i'd fuck him". So how do we deal with blokes who've been raped by men and women?

JK 10:27 pm, 23-Apr-2012

Jason you need to very carefully examine why, on the end of an article about rape apologists and misogynistic attitudes towards a rape victim you felt compelled to say "shame on that rape victim". Really just think about that for a second. You are saying "she is stupid for putting herself in that situation" thats not twisting your words thats a direct paraphrase (of "some people are just fecking stupid enough to put themselves in such an idiotic position") and what most people quite rightly infer from that is that you are saying "she is stupid for getting raped". In an article about a hit and run victim would you honestly say "well shame on her and her parents for not teaching her proper road safety. People have to take proper responsibility for their own safety and only cross the road when there are no cars anywhere in sight" and thats a situation where the persecutor may be far less at fault than even the murkiest of rape cases! You ARE the bad guy because your confused, paranoid, and defensive attitude towards women (and 'Africans' which is a race now apparently) condones, excuses and insidiously encourages worst men than you to commit horrible acts of violence on women (FAR MORE COMMONLY THAN ON MEN).

GB 10:41 pm, 23-Apr-2012

Clearly Jon is the only person who has a clue here

Dave 10:44 pm, 23-Apr-2012

Too many celebrities have used their position to escape prosecution in the past - mostly on minor offences for driving etc - but this case proves that when the chips are down the British justice system still works. Regardless of all previous comments the jury listened to statements from both the Crown and defence and decided Mr Evans was guilty - there is no need for further comment as we do not know every detail that the jury were privy to.

Toooly 11:02 pm, 23-Apr-2012

Some comments are comical ".... that whatever he's done off the pitch, he is a fantastically talented footballer who scored 35 goals...." Whats that got to do with anything? Peter Sutcliffe didnt mitigate his case by saying "I was a fantastic Lorry driver, I never had one late delivery in all my career" Get some perspective.

MajorTom 11:15 pm, 23-Apr-2012

I hope Jason is OK after his terrifying bathroom encounter with an angry WOMAN.

Rob 11:18 pm, 23-Apr-2012

An appalling crime, and an appalling condemnation of our society. How little we learn, how little we move on. Drunkenness, sexual violence, licentious behaviour, the lack of sympathy for the victim, and so on and so on. I feel pity for all parties involved.

dan 11:56 pm, 23-Apr-2012

wait, if the apologists are a disgrace to humanity, then what does that make Ched Evans?

Mark 12:21 am, 24-Apr-2012

I believe this was a case of consent. She clearly did not tell the boys 'no' as she could have refused to go to the hotel room. This is a case of consent whether you like it or not. How many have been falsely accused of rape by women? Its a powerful weapon because the bleeding hearts and 99% of the public automatically back the woman in every case.

Will 8:19 am, 24-Apr-2012

Imagine a world where women do not have protect themselves from men. Where a woman can safely walk down a street at night, drunk or not, and not be attacked. Where she is respected as a human being 24 hours a day, drunk or not. That is what this case is about – rape is not a force of nature, it is a product of a society that regards women as sexual objects to be used. As a man I am fed up with members of my species being feared by women and every guy who rapes a woman increases this fear. And every guy on the offensive hashtag that called her names for the ‘crime’ of being too drunk to consent increases this fear. Any decent guy would have helped the girl home, not took her back to the hotel for sex and then called his mate in for a go. This woman is someone’s sister and daughter, and if my son treated a woman in this way I would be devastated, as I am sure the parents of convicted guy are. So to all the guys on the hastag and some of you on this thread, try thinking beyond what you think are your rights to treat women as objects, and picture your sister or daughter in this situation: I would want mine to be escorted home safely. Wouldn’t you?

Simon Martin 8:32 am, 24-Apr-2012

All thes eidiots saying women should not get themselvs into dangerous situations must have a pretty low opinion of men in general or is it a reflection on their own inability to control themselves? Why should it be dangerous for a woman to be in an hotel room with a bloke? In particular a footballer? Sex is not a sport, FFS.

Jason 11:19 am, 24-Apr-2012

A lot of people need to wake the feck up and take some responsibility, instead of whining like little babies. If a victim is targeted while unfortunately being in the wrong place at the wrong time out of no fault of their own then I full support them one billion percent. I will never support and only condemn predators and low lifes. But I will not support a victim that got pissed or drugged out of her mind, around people she could not trust enough to watch out for her. To expect to much from a society that has grown from nothing is just pure stupidity, you know the world is occupied with evil, nasty and disgusting monsters, but you still persist in playing a dangerous game with your own lives and that my friends warrants no sympathy.

Jason 11:22 am, 24-Apr-2012

That's my opinion and that is final, my children learn, will earn to live in reality and protect themselves from evil while living a very happy and enjoyable existence. All I hope and pray is that they are not in the wrong place at the wrong time, I will do all in my power to make sure they are not.

Vicky Brewster 11:24 am, 24-Apr-2012

Hi Mark, I don't know, just how many women DO pretend to have been raped? Because it's a pretty disgusting thing to pretend to have happened, and there's no financial or moral benefit to having pretended. Maybe you could chase up that statistic for me, and then we can talk about it a bit further. When you have evidence to support your claim. Oh, and do remember: a trial that doesn't end in conviction doesn't mean the victim lied. In most cases, it means the evidence wasn't strong enough to convict. Because not every rapist is stupid enough to have their mate video them raping someone.

Jakeson 11:57 am, 24-Apr-2012

I've had a woman claim to be raped before and it's really awful because once the word rape get into a conversation there's judgement before evidence. I really don't know the details of this case but I'm very sceptical when women use the rape card because it's pretty much gameover after that. I lost time in my life because of it only for the woman to confess the truth years later. Problem is nobody gives you your time back

Chris 12:19 pm, 24-Apr-2012

I'm disappointed with people leaping to Ched Evans' defence,I'm disappointed with people joking about him being raped in prison, and I'm disappointed to see the victim-blaming mentality espoused by Jason. I'm disappointed in humanity. It has been said that civilisation would collapse if we could hear each other's thoughts. Social media is bringing us closer to that point.

jojo 12:52 pm, 24-Apr-2012

In the real world, people have to be mindful of what they say, where they go, and what they do. Here is another victim who isnt aware of the rules...

Dutch 4:06 pm, 24-Apr-2012

Lot of confusion about the law of rape here. Sexual Offences Act 2003 s.1 states that a person commits a rape where: 1. The defendant uses their penis to penetrate the anus, vagina or mouth of the victim 2. The victim does not consent or is not able to consent. 3. The defendant does not have an honest and reasonable belief that the victim consented. A lot of news outlets are reporting that the prosecution have proved that the victim was too drunk to consent. This is true, and goes to the second part of the three requirements. However, the third part is the important part in this case, and why you can have McDonald being Not Guilty and Evans guilty. Clearly, on the evidence available, the Jury believed that the prosecution had proved beyond reasonable doubt that Evans had no honest or reasonable belief in the victim consenting and therefore convicted him. In contrast, they did not find this proved in the case of McDonald. The fact she was too drunk to consent is not the end of the matter in terms of what the prosecution need to prove.

Samuraijamie 4:33 pm, 24-Apr-2012

The idiots who posted the vile comments on Twitter should be prosecuted. But this should not detract from what is a clear miscarriage of justice. If a person is sober enough to be capable of consenting to one person, then she is capable of consenting to two.

Leon 7:40 pm, 24-Apr-2012

Evans was convicted and I think many men, myself included, may be a bit shocked by this trial, its outcome and by what they have no learned constitutes rape. How many people were aware that a person can be convicted of rape if the victim is deemed too drunk to be able to consent and not able to recollect events the next day? Clearly, if the woman in this case was comatose then the act is abhorrent and rightly punishable but if the woman was actively engaged in the sexual activity at the time, to the extent that Evans was not aware that she was not consenting,then doesn't this create a dangerous grey area? How many people have slept with someone when drunk (both drunk) and woken with only a vague recollection of events? Might they, each and every one, be potential rapists? And if Evans knew he was raping the girl would he really be encouraging his mates to film the act through the window? I await a tirade of abuse but hope people (men and women) can see some of the potential issues here.

Larry loaf 8:15 pm, 24-Apr-2012

I can't believe the number of people on here that believe being drunk is a a valid reason to be absolved of responsibility which has happened for this girl, I hope after the appeal you'll be posting a apology

Oliver 11:14 pm, 24-Apr-2012

I can only agree with Mark, however in this case he has been proven guilty by court, but lets see how he's appeal goes

Jake 11:22 pm, 24-Apr-2012

Comments by the Judge - In sentencing him to five years in prison the judge said: "The complainant was 19 years of age and was extremely intoxicated. "CCTV footage shows, in my view, the extent of her intoxication when she stumbled into your friend. As the jury have found, she was in no condition to have sexual intercourse. When you arrived at the hotel, you must have realised that." In light of these comments can someone please explain why the other defendant Mr McDonald was not also found guilty? The young lady was drunk before she even arrived at the Hotel therefore she was never in a fit state to provide consent to sexual intercourse. Again why was only one found guilty?

Dan 2:22 am, 26-Apr-2012

Jake, I agree with you 100%. In light of the judges comments, there seems to be no logical explanation.

Carl 12:21 am, 30-Apr-2012

I find some women's attitudes towards this really difficult to take. Rape is a terrible crime. I don't think there is a single right minded human being that would say otherwise but to portray Ched Evans as a predatory monster and use inflammatory words like "attack" are, in my opinion, wrong. Him and his mate went out looking for a girl or girls to have sex with, that much seems clear. Did they plan to find a girl too intoxicated to consent? Doubtful. Did macdonalds txt to Evans include details of how intoxicated the girl was? Also doubtful. So he turns up at the hotel, finds his friend having sex, is invited to join in and does so. An idiot? Yes. A scumbag? Most definitely. A rapist? The jury obviously believe so but I can see why people disagree with the verdict. I also understand (not agree with) why her character has been called into question, she was after all more than willing to jump in a taxi with a perfect stranger and head back to his hotel. A really difficult one in my opinion. Glad I wasn't on the jury

Jake 12:03 pm, 30-Apr-2012

Opinions will differ on what we all believe. Did the girl agree to sex and is claiming she cannot remember? Did she say no and cannot remember? Was she in actual fact so drunk that whether she said yes, no, or was silent is irrelevant because she did not have the capacity to consent? Regardless of our individual opinions the evidence the judge commented on shows that before she got in the taxi this girl did not have the ability to consent to sexual intercourse. On that premise then both defendants should have been found guilty. Ched Evans has now appealed the decision. Surely the Judge has opened the door for an acquittal because it now becomes a matter of opinion when it shouldn't be. The Judge reckons the CCTV footage demonstrates this lady couldn't consent to sex however the Jury felt she could (the other guy was found not guilty). There is no way to prove that she consented to one and not the other so there is definitely reasonable doubt. Too drunk to consent hmnn...........If she was unconscious then definitely rape. If she was reciprocating and not objecting his advances at the time but cannot remember - the law says this is rape. It doesn't appear that she hooked up with the guy in the club and then they mutually decided to get in a taxi. If it was 11pm at night but this girl was completely sober, would she have got in a taxi with a complete stranger? I reckon she wouldn't: Both were guilty according to the law.

Francesca 12:52 am, 18-Jun-2012

If i man goes out and gets drunk and starts a fight its okay because he was drunk, if a woman gets drunk and gets raped its her fault as she was drunk, maybe if we stopped criticizing women for being raped when drunk and started teaching our sons that when someone is intoxicated its not okay to do what you want to them because they're in that position. Footballers are rolemodels, I now have boys at my school thinking that rape is okay. literally. im grabbed and felt every week like many other girls at my school because they think its okay. People turning to twitter with names such as rohypnol talking about how its her fault. Women and Men should be able to go out and get drunk if they want to like everyone else and not be taken advantage of. how would you feel if that girl was your daughter or you? your own daughter being raped and blamed because she went out and got drunk like nearly every single person on earth, and she was blamed when really it was just a series of unfortunate events where she was chosen due to her state. Humanity. i don't even think you could call it that anymore, half of us don't even act like humans.

Ozzie 2:37 pm, 29-Aug-2012

He's a Piggy Bastard........BASTARD!

Brian 1:15 am, 18-Oct-2014

Ched Evans conviction is/was unsafe. I have no doubt his conviction will be overturned and quashed. When this happens will all the witch hunt Trolls then apologise?

Max 4:25 pm, 18-Oct-2014

Ched Evan's case the ‘evidence’ is highly dubious...A drunken woman has a threesome, and in the morning, (now she thinks about it) regrets sleeping with at least one of them. A young man has had two and a half years of his life stripped away, and now has to face an army of hacks and their emotional drones, with no understanding of how the CPS function in making a mockery of the law. Nothing but a low brow lynch mob with no interest in justice. I know these are excitingly liberal times we live in, but please, for those who still try to live in the rational world, try to retain some moral integrity.

bob 2:27 pm, 9-Jan-2015

I have doubts about the integrity of this girl and the case. She claimed she was ‘tipsy’ but not pissed, she claimed she felt groggy and thought she may have had a drink spiked, blood tests revealed Cannabis and Cocaine no other substance, she denied taking cannabis or cocaine. You ever heard of someone getting their drink spiked with cannabis or even cocaine? No? Me either. She sent ‘tweets’ a la ‘Win Big’, she posted to FB then ‘cleared up her account’. He hasn’t apologised! Well, he’s maintained his innocence all along, he took his punishment served his time and still maintains his innocence so why the f**k should he apologise for something he clearly does not agree with. He shouldn’t be allowed to play football, Why? Perhaps a Road Sweeper then? So what does that say about Road Sweepers? Bin Man? Again what does that say about Bin Men? Perhaps he should just sign on the dole? O’rly, able to work but we’ll pay him to sit on his arse that’s a result is it? Judge on the case said she was not in a fit state to consent, by her own admission she said she was just a little tipsy… The CCTV? The girls history? Sorry but it’s more fishy than Grimsby Docks.

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