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England: Was Poppygate Just An FA Smokescreen To Protect John Terry?

by Samuel Luckhurst
12 November 2011 3 Comments

Under investigation for racially abusing Anton Ferdinand, John Terry was short of sympathisers until the FA emerged to lend a helping hand to the England captain.


Under investigation for racially abusing Anton Ferdinand, John Terry was short of sympathisers until the FA emerged to lend a helping hand to the England captain.

International weeks are synonymous with tedium. Aware of this interim depression, supporters trudge on drearily whereas yesteryear all and sundry would grind to a halt. Even for a friendly.

Thank the FA then for sexing up an unavoidably weary week with their nonsensical campaign that ironically contradicts the ideology of those that the poppy represents.

England squad members could be forgiven for thinking they had been called up into an exercise of totalitarianism. ‘You must wear a poppy!’ Those at the First and Second World Wars fought for free will and democracy, yet the FA have not so much trampled on their graves as held a garden party, milking their deaths to quench their own bitterness.

Perhaps the organisation would like to explain why they were unarsed about the national team wearing poppies in the previous 36 internationals played within the first fortnight of November since World War I. But of course, English football hadn’t been humiliated like they were in Zurich last December, having sycophantically pandered to world football’s hierarchy. As well as that 2018 World Cup bid disaster, the nation’s captain is under investigation for racially abusing an opponent.

Like James Bond in his Aston Martin DB5, the FA couldn’t wait to jab the smokescreen button once behind the wheel. Living up to their reputation as pompous elitists, they have used the memory of dead soldiers to distort any qualms over the integrity of their Lionheart captain. John Terry has a rap sheet longer than Dion Dublin’s legendary manhood – of course people will talk about him in unflattering terms despite some diverting attention on to their Swiss nemesis.

Some Little Englanders are unable to recognise how similar the FA are to Fifa.

Like most modern society outrages, it is the reaction, not the action, which is most offensive. Alas sane voices have been few and far between as many media members, as on the ball as a dead seal, have jumped aboard the bandwagon. Even the prime minister, as alien to football as paying for a meal, and Prince William volunteered their services for Queen and country at the ‘outrageous’ fiends in Zurich.

Fifa are derided nationwide, but the hysteria over their inevitable refusal to (initially) reject England’s request wasn’t exactly shocking. And neither was the FA’s infamous naivety, which was evident again as they whipped up support at the ‘shock’. Cocooned in their own insular bubble, these blazer bozos appealed against Wayne Rooney’s outburst of violent conduct yet frivolously banned him for two matches for swearing.

Blinded by Daily Mail outrage, some Little Englanders are unable to recognise how similar the FA are to Fifa. Their antics this week were neither courageous nor patriotic, but callous and pre-meditated Machiavellianism, a crusade that has backfired and exposed their pretentiousness and idiocy.

For a country once synonymous with anarchy, the fitting stand would have been to shut up moaning, wear the poppies regardless of protocol, and if the officials abandoned the game, then so be it. Punk football indeed.

Or maybe the grasping extortionists in their Wembley offices should have just cancelled the international and spared us all of this poppycock.

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Clive. 12:52 pm, 12-Nov-2011

Brilliant!One of the best articles i have read on Sabotage Times.Although i think the FA should have gone further and had the team play dressed up as poppy's.

Jim 10:37 pm, 12-Nov-2011

Great point. I was wondering what all the hooplah was about. It's the best part of a century since the end of World War One and I can't recall them wearing poppies before.

Adnan nasser 1:43 pm, 13-Nov-2011

Very powerful and entertaining article i truely enjoyed reading it. My question is: if, lets pretend, that 'everyone' knows that this poppy propaganda is only a Houdini "missdirection" - smokescrean to divert attention away from the biggot a.k.a. Terry due to his status as England captin? Will anything be done about it due to public pressre? In your opinion? Or will it just drag out for unpresedented lengths of time similiar to the teadiously ongoing FA investigation concerning Luis Suarez and Patrice Evra untill it is but a distant memory to tha majority of fans and protesting supporters? My opinion is that Terry should be stripped of the captincy indefinately once exposed! Again! But lets all grow some 'kahoonaz' and hand the armband to someone "worthy"! (not a hairstyling supermodel who sulks, throws a tantrum and gets sent off in world cup games! And NOT rooney , as tha same applies to him bar tha supermodel part) but someone like gerrard or barry (as average a player as there is) or find someone worthy!! One final note: how do the FA currently serve english football appart from signing t.v. Deals and protecting below par referees??

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