Sabotage Times, We can't Concentrate so Why Should You?Sabotage Times, We can't Concentrate so Why Should You?

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Wax On, Wax Off: Why You Should Never Have A Hairy Vagina

by Becky T
27 February 2013 27 Comments

Hairy vaginas are so 70s. Here's why you should wax.

Give or take a few months here and there when money was tight I’ve had my lady pubes waxed off every four weeks since I was 19. I’m meticulous about few things in life but my labia moustache is one of them. For those of you who are pro-fur or considering a pubic makeover – let me tell you why I love my naked haven.

First thing’s first – it feels amazing. There is nothing, NOTHING in this world that feels lovelier than a freshly waxed muff. It is like a litter of puppies are squirming all silky soft in your lap and you just want to stroke them forever. You’ll barely be able to get anything done because of how much you want to touch yourself.

Which brings me onto the second thing – sex is better when you wax. Everything is easier. You don’t have to go rooting through matted pubic hair to find your clit. It is just there exposed to the elements. Which, if you are as lazy as me, is a big masturbating bonus. This is also a massive help eliminating potential long-term sexual partners. If they are still struggling to find the magic spot when it’s staring them in the face, poke them in the eye with it and get the hell out of there. You’ll save yourself a lot of time in the long run.

If you are a little fashion nervous waxing is a great way to start experiment with different styles. If you get an unfortunate fringe or find out a bob makes your vagina look fat, few people will know. It is also the only chance a woman will get (unless you have an hormone imbalance) to try out beards. When your waxer asks the inevitable ‘Do you want me to do round the back?’ you know it’s your turn to decide what to do with your ass beard. I personally think the pubic mullet (business in the front, party at the back) is something we can all embrace.


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If you are a wax virgin you’ve probably heard the rumor that waxing hurts more than childbirth. Let’s think about this. When you get a wax you get to lie down on soft, scented towels while relaxing floaty music is piped into the room. You’ll have the standard exchange of polite pleasantries about holidays and weekends. You’ll be out of there in half an hour, picking up lunch, a couple of pubes lighter. In childbirth you have to push the equivalent of a living, breathing Sunday roast through the three-inch gap between your legs. No music and shitty NHS towels. It could last days. DAYS. During childbirth you will probably shit yourself in front of loved ones and medical professionals. During waxing you probably won’t shit yourself unless you are very hungover. I know which I’d rather take a gamble on.

Finally, if you are worried about offending the feminists – don’t be. I’m a waxing sister and proud. Some feminists consider my choice of pubic coiffure offensive. A pube in food is offensive. A pube stuck in the soap is offensive. A pube in feminism is irrelevant. Grow your muff to your toes, keep it smoother than Harry Styles – in the grand scheme of gender equality what you do with your pubes will have very little importance.

If you only ever take one thing away from this article let it be this – DON’T. EVER. SHAVE. YOUR. CUNT. Trust me.



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Mike 10:24 am, 27-Feb-2013

Bold minge's are a delight to behold, whenever i put my mouth around one it's like delving into an over-ripe nectarine. Though a mate of mine did once say there was something sinister about them, ie: "Why would i want to look at a fanny that looks like a 12 year olds?" Each to their own, eh.

davis 10:42 am, 27-Feb-2013

As I've said in another thread on this subject, a ladygarden shouldn't resemble a blacksmith's apron, but there should always be something down there, even if it's just a landing strip.

Amy 10:57 am, 27-Feb-2013

Many gyne's are warning teen girls and young women off of waxing and shaving *down there* as there has been a spike in STI's and STD's as a result of the trend. The hair there protects, such as any hair on our body functions. Although a very personal choice, no one should feel pressured into having a bald eagle if they don't wanna. I'd say bald eagle it if you are really fashion conscious and are a safe sex lover, if you are not practising safe sex then perhaps consider the risks? This is less about feminism and more about health. Soz to be totes a pubic bore!!

JC 12:49 pm, 27-Feb-2013

I assume this was a 'humorous' article? It achieved on that, had a laugh. However, if you are somehow suggesting that bald is somehow better, then how come we have not all evolved to not be hairy down there? This is purely pandering to a porn/fetish-led 'fashion' from the late nineties. As a compromise, groomed/trimmed is aesthetically pleasing.

Kate 1:54 pm, 27-Feb-2013

This article was shit ST, please get your good writers back!

Markxist 1:56 pm, 27-Feb-2013

Hairy vaginas are so 70s? Bald vaginas are so Operation Yew Tree! I concur with Mike's mate. Groomed, trimmed like JC says, is how it should be, ditto Davis, and Amy's reply was very interesting and informative.

dastard 7:41 pm, 27-Feb-2013

Disagree wholeheartly. Nothing brings out the animal in me like a full bush.

Mike 9:32 pm, 27-Feb-2013

Look, wild or tame, as long as it doesn't reek of cheap tinned salmon, who really gives a fuck?

mark Fitzpatrick 11:42 pm, 27-Feb-2013

Pish, cant beat a nice bush for getting stuck in about.

Ashley 1:14 pm, 28-Feb-2013

This is all well and good, but I can't show anyone my lady garden for a good week post-wax. Looks angry, like someone tried to murder it with a blow torch.

Markxist 1:53 pm, 28-Feb-2013

and there's nothing worse than a stubbly muff. A bald one looks like a frozen chicken

Juliet 2:46 pm, 7-Mar-2013

I think it's more erotic with hair. Feels more like proper, natural, horny sex, not fake porn-sex. That goes for both vaginas and the cock/ball collective.

Grumpy 2:14 am, 10-Mar-2013

70's??? Funny because I thought it was like that for the 3000 years before the 70's. Besides it's only in the most US-influenced occidental culture that this is "cool". Only the US politically-correctness (ewww it's natural!!!) of the last decade made the pre-pubic look sexy. The US followers (France and UK) do the same allright. Not only the rest of the world still think (like we are wired originally since neamderthal) that pubic hair is a sexy visual, but this is only a very recent fashion. Shaved girls just never look naked, something is missing. It'd like there's nothing over there (apart if you go very close of course). No difference with or without underwear. Besides it's anti-hygienic and unhealthy, leading to multiple skin issues. It'd a silly fashion, promoting an irrational sense of "hygiene", for people who thing that being natural is vulgar. Worse, what used to be considered as a deviance becoming mainstream, the ones who are not aroused by a plastic pre-pubic looking cunt are seen as perverts!

A girl 12:05 pm, 14-Mar-2013

Hairy vaginas are sick in my opinion. They look unclean I can amagin they would smell and u dont want it to look like u have an animal living behind your nickers. People that don't agree have obviously got a bush and are maybe Single and dont get it much, this article will give u an insight as to why that is!

Chloe 8:10 am, 28-Mar-2013

@a girl, how can you hate something that is natural to you? (Let alone every adult on earth) A hairy vag is not smelly or gross, if you believe that, you may not be taking care of yourself properly. Personally I keep myself trim - and I have tried bare before out of curiousity. Even though it feels nice to the touch, something was always off, unnatural and disturbing about shaving away everything, baring my womanhood completely. There is a certain feminine dignity to keep yourself "covered". There is a reason that beautiful Greek sculptures and renaissance art of women, although technically nude, always are positioned in a way that they are covered down there. It's a subtle, yet sensual act of preserving her modesty. You truly are "a girl" to believe something that defines you as a female to be disgusting. Please don't comment on articles like this until you are "a woman". If you're worried about what guys will think during sex, just know that it takes a real man to please a woman.

Colin 1:32 am, 1-Apr-2013

I don't mind if they are hairy or not. As long as it's as wet as a horse's nostril then I'm in. Must admit I do like a hairy arsehole on a woman though, mmmmmm.

Jessica 9:54 pm, 3-Apr-2013

@ a girl. I have hair. Its not "bushy" its clean and kept short; I also shave the bikini area, especially during swimsuit season. It does not stink... it's called SOAP and WATER. Also my gyn told me the vagina cleans itself as well. I am married so this hairy vagina theory you have about hair=single is not correct. You are generalizing information that is specific to each one's preference of what they find sexy. Some like hair, some don't, some know its not the hair that matters but the actual VAGINA. Wash it, condition it, and trim. It will be fine just as God made it. :)

Mo Hairy 2:25 am, 13-Apr-2013

I totally disagree. Zero interest in the bald look. TOTAL turn off. I like a muff like a bear trappers hat!

Doris 3:41 am, 27-Apr-2013

I started waxing down there a few months ago and I love it (Used to shave formerly! Huge mistake !!). The very first time I tried it was painful ! I got a lump of wax matted into my pubes... got too scared to pull it out a panic attack ! I had to cut it out with scissors bit by bit. Months later I tried again. And now I master it !! It is virtually pain-free and its only about the 4th time doing it for me. The tricks that make it easy for me: - using hard wax (no-strip kind) - using a pre-wax lotion (Prevents wax from sticking to skin and being hard to peel off) - using a tea-tree oil post-wax treatment (disinfects and soothes the skin - has also prevent ingrown hair and post-wax itching for me) - use a mirror to get the back (requires some skill) I can't believe I hadnt done it all these years !! Im bald and im proud !! *My boyfriend loves it when its smooth... though he doesnt mind a mild undergrowth at times. But I always take precaution because the last thing I want is for him to sit that hacking up a fur ball !! Just the fear of that keeps me on my toes !

Bruce 11:00 am, 8-Jun-2013

Several are right about not removing all pubic hair. Recent articles show an increase in sexually transmitted diseases due to women removing pubic hair. This is from nicks or other abrasions as well as noted infection of hair follicles. Pubic hair serves a purpose of preventing some foreign debris from entering the vagina. It also biologically serves a purpose of holding and releasing pheromones to attract a mate.

Anthony 5:14 pm, 26-Jun-2013

We are not dogs.

Preston 8:26 pm, 8-Dec-2013

Hello all, I see a lot of anger and heated emotions in the posts of this thread from both sides. I understand many people like pubic hair, because it is natural and serves a purpose. I also understand the appeal of a well trimmed or waxed vulva. I just can't bring myself to say someone is wrong for preferring one over the other. In the end, who is the judge that determines what someone likes or doesn't like, and who can say if they are right or wrong?

Tanya 5:14 am, 21-Jan-2014

Personally, I love having nothing there... I feel cleaner, and that boosts my confidence. Also, it feels a lot more sensitive during sex. I always have amazing sex after a wax! (Not to mention my man loves not having a mouth full of hair when he goes down there....) ;)

Karl 4:41 am, 3-Oct-2014

You like what you like,but unless you also like hairy legs and arm pits I don't want to hear the "it's natural" argument.

Myke Hunt 10:09 pm, 29-Oct-2014

@Karl......but it is natural. There's simply no debating that. Just as we grow limbs and phalanges, we also grow hair. If it weren't natural, neither would grow. If one were to lend themselves to your particular train of thought, voluntary limb/phalange removal would be considered normal.

Brian 9:34 pm, 1-Nov-2014

It just makes a woman look insecure that she feels like she needs to copy porn stars to be erotic. A real turnoff to me. Real women have hair, sorry, and it serves a healthy purpose: "Pubic hair is there for a reason to protect the sensitive skin and mucous membranes in the genital region," explains Linda K. Franks, M. D., an assistant clinical professor of dermatology at the New York University School of Medicine. "Getting a wax literally strips away that layer of protection."

The Diver 4:01 am, 3-Dec-2014

In an interview with porn stars, Seka, Ginger Lynn and Christy Canyon, they all shared that in the 70's and 80's they were encouraged to shave the muffs bald. Because it would help get more sales from pedophiles by pandering to their desires to see pre-pubescent girls having sex! As a man who LOVES giving oral, I don't get this "hacking up fur balls" and "getting hair stuck in the throat and teeth" stuff... If that's happening, your boyfriends and lovers aren't doing it right! There's a sensuality to the scent when there is hair! It was designed perfectly! Strictly from a sexual position, the ONLY reason all these stupid girls who buy into this thought is all based on porn! Whether they view it, or have a stupid boyfriend or lover who suggests it because they watch porn... Women who have bought into looking prepubescent have developed an unhealthy perspective on human sexuality! They have completely given up their womanhood for a group of men who won't be happy till they are screwing children! Because these sick men keep looking at younger and younger girls as years pass!!! Be a woman proudly! Don't pander to men's stupid and perverted tendencies!!!!!!

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