The Mile High Club Experience & The Secret Of Stewardesses

What exactly is so tempting about primped and preened aeroplane workers with tight skirts and fake smiles that make us want a little sexual healing at 10,000 feet?
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What exactly is so tempting about primped and preened aeroplane workers with tight skirts and fake smiles that make us want a little sexual healing at 10,000 feet?


I was reading the paper the other day when I noticed and article about being able to pay to join the ‘Mile High Club’. I had never even thought this was a thing you could buy?

There are websites and companies out there offering to fly you up in a plane so your can bonk you way around the earth…literally. Essentially it is a private jet flight and instead of eating crap microwaved aeroplane food with plastic cutlery and and sipping orange juice from a flimsy cup with a tinfoil lid, you can nibble melted chocolate from your partners belly button while he is sipping a glass of champagne…or vice verse. I cannot imagine the privacy you will get with a red velvet curtain as your main wall from the flight attendants, or what happens when the plane hits turbulence half way through your love making and you have to buckle up in the nude!

I thought the mile high club was about furtive glances at each other from across the cabin; eye pointing at the toilets so that no one else can guess what you have in your dirty mind. My impressions were that it was all about squashed sex in a toilet where you accidentally put your foot down the loo, hands against the door or fall out of at any second; unless you travel business/first class- where the toilets are far more spacious (huge compared to economy) and nicely decorated. The second option is much better for that Mile High Experience if this is what you have in mind to keep your self occupied on your flight instead of watching UP or Lost in Translation for the 3rd time on the journey and doodling on the kids colouring books despite being 25 whilst intermittently checking out which country you are currently crossing on the very slow moving map of the world on the small screen in front of you.

So what is so thrilling about the infamous mile high club? What is it about confined spaces, sexy stewardesses and being surrounded by 500 or so people that might hear your moans and fulfilled cries of ecstasy? Could it be because it is illegal and the thought of getting caught is thrilling?

I was talking to a flight attendant on a long plan journey back form Australia about 7 years ago and asked if there were any stories he would like to impart to me about the infamous club and he told me about an ex colleague Stewardess who disappeared on a flight with a British and very handsome A-Lister only to be caught and fired- nothing happened to him.. but her career as a flight attendant was definitely over and she could never get work as a stewardess again. A little harsh I think, but at least to she got to have a moment in the toilets with Ralph Fiennes.

So what is the secret about stewardesses? Her hair is always perfectly coiffured or in a neat bun, she has regulation make up and her outfit in impeccably tailored and she is always slim, flawless and smiling despite answering everyone’s needs on a packed flight. I remember watching Gwyneth Paltrow in the 2003 film View From The Top and wanting to be an ultra sleek stewardess traveling the world, much like the 1958 stewardess Birgitta Lindman who at 23 landed  the cover of Life magazine beating 53 other stewardesses from other airlines to the position.


A pioneering airline, SAS was at the forefront of aviation and world travel when in 1967 they marked the beginning of the Trans-Asian Express, a short cut that linked Copenhagen with Singapore and Bangkok creating a new faster way to travel and opening up the business link with the East far wider than ever before. Infact, travel was cut by a third the amount of time it would have taken than before even with a stop over in Tashkent in Uzbekistan. The uniforms for Trans-Asian Express were designed by Pierre Carven of Paris.


Air Hostesses From Aviation's Golden Age

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In 1969 SAS welcomed the first female commercial pilot outside of the Soviet Union, Turi Widerøe to their crew. You could have said aviation was in her blood as she was the well educated daughter of aviator Viggo Widerøe. On the topic of her pioneering accomplishments Tori lightheartedly remarked that a woman can be anything she wants if she tries hard enough.


By early 1970s SAS had two Boeing 747 jets flying between Copenhagen and New York and the new Trans-Siberian Express that flew between Copenhagen and Tokyo. Around this time SAS revealed the new uniform design by none other than Chrisitan Dior, a simple, un fussy tailored uniform that complimented the colours and textiles of the cabin  interior.


However despite a brilliant parisian designer lending his hand to the design of the SAS uniforms, my favourite is still the powder blue summer uniform of 1967.

The Client London SAS Stewardess Dress  which is inspired by the SAS uniform of the late 1960s to early 1980s. A powder blue uniform shirt dress with short lapels and gold buttons to the waist, infinitely better than all their other uniforms.


Client’s take on the Uniform
Client’s take on stewardess dress is far smarter, sexier and flattering, creating a beautiful silhouette through clever tailoring and design. The colour is less powder blue, more steel grey with dark blue satin inserts darted in the pleat of the skirt and the cuffs of the girl puffed sleeves. The dress is also available in off white with red satin in the pleat which reminds me of the winter-summer outfit changes airlines often made. Nipped in at the waist this dress was made for wiggling down the isle of a 747, bending down briefly to pick up an item off the floor and realising the whole cabin is staring at you backside, because it would be hard not to admire the shape you make in the SAS Stewardess Dress.


Next time you board a plane, strut in to the office or stop by the bar for cocktails with the girls, wear the Client London SAS Stewardess Dress and find out what happens.