LiverpooI Fan: "I Adore Luis Suarez But I'm Ashamed of Him"

Liverpool should sell Luis Suarez on principle - unfortunately he's our best player by far and we'd be lost without our damaged superstar.
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Liverpool should sell Luis Suarez on principle - unfortunately he's our best player by far and we'd be lost without our damaged superstar.


There was bound to be a story of some kind at Anfield this weekend.

It could have been about Rafael Benitez; returning to Anfield as an opposing manager for the first time in the certain knowledge that the reception that would be forthcoming from the Liverpool fans would be immeasurably more positive than any he has received from his 'own' fans this season. He is still loved at Anfield and always will be, one magical night in Istanbul saw to that. The fact that he visited the ground yesterday and lay flowers for the 96 and a single red rose in memory of Anne Williams is testament to where Benitez' heart lies.

It could have been about the return of the quietly resurgent Fernando Torres. The 2,000 fans who applauded Benitez from the Chelsea team coach upon arrival held a different welcome for our old number 9; there is no love left there.

It should have been about the minute's applause for Anne Williams prior to kick off, about the way her name was chanted round the ground in suitable tribute to a woman who symbolises the long road to Justice.

Instead it became about Luis Suarez again. It would be wonderful to talk about his genius, his glorious 97th equaliser with a deft header from Daniel Sturridge's stunning, impeccable, pinpoint cross, itself the result of Suarez'  determination to win an unlikely header from a long clearance. Or we could talk about his role in Sturridge's goal, the first equaliser in a match that Liverpool fought hard to gain a foothold in after a lacklustre first half where we found it all but impossible to retain possession in midfield.

Sturridge's introduction as the half time replacement for Coutinho, enduring his first ineffectual game in a red shirt, brought dynamism and purpose to the team. His goal was a fine, delicate finish from a beautifully weighted Suarez chipped pass. Sublime.


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That's what we should be talking about. But we're not are we? We're talking about the bite. We're talking about the moment when Luis Suarez, already booked for protesting his concession of a penalty for handball and clearly watching the red mists grow ever thicker, tussled with Branislav Ivanovic in the six yard box, lost the ball and decided the only appropriate action was to sink his teeth into the Chelsea player's arm. You could claim that you've never seen anything like it on a football field if it wasn't for Jermain Defoe's attack on Javier Mascherano during the Argentinian's West Ham days.

Oh yeah, and the last time that Suarez did it. In the last game that he ever played for Ajax. His club suspended him, then sold him. To Liverpool. It's not like we don't know that he 'had previous'

Last soon, at the height of the Evra affair, the club supported Suarez. The fans supported him. Everybody went out of their way to justify his actions, to argue that the whole incident was one man's word against another.

This is indefensible; a total and utter disgrace, an embarrassment to the club and it's supporters. The question is, what do Liverpool do now?

A ban seems obvious; the club should act pre-emptively on this and ensure that they are seen to be taking action against the player, that they are not willing to accept this type of behaviour from a representative of Liverpool Football Club. The only precedent for this is the Defoe bite but in that case the referee saw the incident and booked both players. The FA could take no further action. This weekend's referee didn't see this incident, the FA are going to throw the book at the player. It's very likely that we have seen Suarez' last involvement for the season, that becoming Liverpool's first 30 goal a season player since Torres' heyday may be his last action for a while.

Could it be his last action as a Liverpool player though?

Juventus will return with a fresh bid this summer, Bayern Munich may follow, Paris St Germain perhaps? Anybody with the money if we're honest and they're probably revising their bids downwards as we speak; all of a sudden it's looking like a buyers market. Could it be that Luis Suarez is just too much trouble to remain a Liverpool player?

The problem is that Luis is clearly our best player. He holds a spark of genius in his play that few current professionals approach. He is, by some distance, the best player in the Premiership no matter the claims of Bale, Mata, Hazard, Van Persie. Worldwide he is quite possibly third behind Messi and Ronaldo on this season's form, can a club in Liverpool's position really afford to part with this kind of talent? Even as a point of principle?

I can't help but feel that we may have seen the last of Luis Suarez in a Liverpool shirt, that this may be the step too far for the owners and manager, that a sale in order to generate funds for rebuilding would be the easiest solution for the club.

Taking the selfish standpoint of a supporter though.....a significant suspension by the club, a major fine and a final warning. Then let the fuss fade away, we need him too much.

As a footballer I adore Luis Suarez. Tonight, as a fan, I'm ashamed of him.