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Diego Maradona's Great Lost Goal Uncovered

by Mauricio Savarese
29 August 2013 4 Comments

Footage has recently emerged of Diego Maradona's favourite goal - a must watch...

It’s against Deportivo Pereira, not England. For Argentinos Juniors, not Argentina. In an irrelevant friendly against a small Colombian side in 1980, not in the 1986 World Cup quarter-finals. Diego has always said the best goal of his career would never be seen because nobody had taped it. But last week it was finally discovered by Argentinian media.

This jewel was scored on February 19 1980 in a match that ended in a 4-4 draw. Maradona was only 19 then. A year later he moved to Boca Juniors and then, in 1982, he moved to Barcelona. When he scored his masterpiece against England, the Argentinian was already playing for Napoli.

When the footage was finally found, Maradona didn’t waste the chance to take on the English. “The best goal I scored was the one with the hand against the English,” he told Argentinian media. “But the one against the team from Pereira was the one I liked the most.” Fair enough, Diego.


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Mark R 11:34 am, 29-Aug-2013

"Here's Maradona and England have contained him pretty well so far..." Aye, so far Jim, so far...

Me 1:38 pm, 29-Aug-2013

He's a fucking CHEAT who will never be forgiven, no matter how good he is.

Ximo 9:07 pm, 29-Aug-2013

Agree with Me, believe his "wonder" goal was also cocaine assisted too

craiglondon 2:35 am, 30-Aug-2013

Thanks for 86 Diego Love,Scotland x :)

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