Adidas Originals: A Tribute To The Classic Vintage Trainer

The Hip Store present their tribute to the classic Adidas Originals range.
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The Hip Store present their tribute to the classic Adidas Originals range.

Adidas has been a hallmark of quality sporting goods since its creation, becoming the much loved and sought after name that it is today over countless decades. From the track to the terraces, the trefoil logo holds its rightful place within the echelons of British culture. Within the archives of Adidas's countless production runs that the templates and blue prints for long forgotten classics and cult styles have been selected and chosen and through the medium of Adidas Originals, respectfully and carefully reincarnated for the three stripe enthusiast of today.

Handball 5 Plug White


Originally released in 1984, the Adidas Originals Handball 5 Plug was part of a range of indoor sports trainers that championed the innovative peg support system. This technically genius idea allowed wearers to adjust the impact and hardness of the mid sole, depending on what was more suited for their own personal comfort and pursuits.

The Handball 5 Plug was originally reissued in 2007 and instantly struck a chord with match going football lads and long time disciples of Adidas, just as it did when it was originally released. Worn and loved for its originality and complexity, the trainer represents Adidas at its best and this latest take stays within the realms of the original, unlike the previous reissue which experimented with different colours and slight variations in the overall design.

The shoe is constructed from a mix of suede, leather and mesh with each material complimenting the other to create a fne looking sports shoe. The fagship details obviously focus on the peg system and the distinctive colour combination of the stripes, although one blatant diference is that this refreshed version displays the Union Jack to the heel as opposed to the original Adidas emblem.

All in all, this is another decent re-take on a classic, much loved model that should be a popular choice for the reminiscent and those that missed the previous releases.



The Adidas Tobacco frst made it's appearance in 1978, taking on a classic and typical shape of the era that echoed already established models such as those from the city series.

This classic and much loved style has been a favourite throughout the decades, previously being reworked and reissued and appearing in diferent guises such as the Tobacco Weave, however, with such a subtle and beautifully understated design, the Tobacco has held its status as a cult trainer and a true bastion of Adidas's unparalleled ability to produce such loved training shoes.

The original Tobacco was constructed from brushed light brown suede with chocolate brown stripes and a chocolate sole unit, where as the 2012 incarnation features an all tan leather upper with white rubber sole unit and, respectfully paying homage to it's prototype ancestor, chocolate brushed suede heel with the Tobacco insignia emblazoned on the tongue.

Despite the slight tweaks from the original article, being a traditionalist or not, the Tobacco is sure to brighten up the trefoil smile on the face of any three stripe enthusiast.

The Baltic Cup



It's with no doubt that from this current crop of Adidas re-issues the one causing most excitement will be that of the Baltic Cup. Collectors and enthusiasts will both testify that the original is perhaps one of the rarest models that is sought after and command astronomical amounts at auction. With this in mind, Adidas Originals has decided to give everybody a fair crack at the whip by ofering up a more than worthy re-issue.

The Baltic Cup is designed in a streamlined shape that pays homage to that of it's predecessor and design wise is essentially the same as the Adidas Spezial, a training shoe originally designed with indoor pursuits in mind.




The Gazelle is arguably one of the most worn, loved and cherished trainer designs from Adidas ever. From Indie kids to Football lads and back, the Gazelle is a fagship model that represents Adidas at its gracious best and has been a firm favourite since its initial release in 1968.

The Gazelle has undergone many transformations over the years, spawning many diferent of shoot designs and guises, right through to the 2012 issue that we see here which in terms of likeness of the original, probably sits somewhere in the middle.

A classic shaped shoe, the suede toe design is a great feature that is prominent on other greats such as the Kopenhagen and the gum sole is an obligatory feature that gives the 2012 Gazelle Indoor a distinctive look. Clean, simple and fresh this will be a popular choice for a summer trainer and again, will no doubt add another chapter to the legacy of what is one of Adidas's crown jewels.




Another firm favourite of the match going lads was that of the Munchen, originally available in Red or Blue but re-issued this S/S in a more contemporary guise. There are two distinguishable features of the Munchen that make it what it is; firstly it's shape and secondly the use of the PU outsole which coincidentally made it one of the lightest training shoes available in the 1970's.

The 2012 rework retains both of these important features and instead adds a modern twist by utilizing perforated mesh in the overall construction, while complimenting it with contrasting suede panels.

The Munchen was part of the much celebrated city series and has near cult status among lovers of the brand and although the traditionalists may swerve away from this modern and polished take on what is another favourite design, it's a refreshing revamp that fits nicely within a thoughtful batch of modern re-issues.

This feature first appeared at The Hip Store.

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