Trainer Addict Darren Bent Reveals His 10 Favourites

Everyone knows Aston Villa star Darren Bent is one of the most precise finishers in the Premier League but off the pitch his passion is sneakers. And he's got lots of them...
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Everyone knows Aston Villa star Darren Bent is one of the most precise finishers in the Premier League but off the pitch his passion is sneakers. And he's got lots of them...

So let’s talk trainers, Darren. How many pairs do you have?

God I have no idea, about 300 upwards maybe.

What were your first pair?

The first pair I bought were a pair of Air Force Ones in white, back in the day.

Do you keep any box-fresh or do you wear them all?

I try to keep a lot of them box fresh but to be fair having 300 pairs upwards in boxes takes up a lot of room. The more limited ones I try to keep box fresh and I have got a room at the top of my house where I keep all my trainers.

What’s the most you’ve ever spent on a pair?

I don't know really. I bought a pair of limited edition Back To The Future and I think they cost me a fair few quid, but obviously they only come around every once so often.

Talk us through your top 10 trainers of all time...

Number one is my Jordan 3s, blue and cement coloured. Michael Jordan was my hero when I was younger so I have always been trying to collect his trainers when they come out. I just like the way they look and the way they feel, they're lovely.


Number two is my Yeezys, they're black and pink, like a collaboration between Nike and Kanye West. I love wearing them, I think they look good with jeans, you can wear them smart or quite casual, so they're good.


Air Force One Entourages are my third, they're quite a limited pair and I like the Entourage collection. When I saw them brought out I tried to get a pair and managed to in LA a couple of years ago.


Number four is gonna be my Jordan 4s in white cement.


Number five is my Back To The Futures.


Number six is my Tokis, they're nice in white. They're a nice trainer.


Seven is my Vintage Blazers, and I mean there was a time when I just walked in Blazers and that was it, 24/7.


Number eight is my Umbro Spinningfield Millerain, they're a nice shoe. I think they are one of the nicest shoes Umbro has done.


Nine would be my Air Max Ones, I love an Air Max One, and then number ten is Kim Jones by Umbro.



So have you ever bought a pair and thought “hang on a minute, I’ve dropped a clanger here…”

Yeah, you always do that, earlier on when I was collecting trainers maybe I have bought a pair and thought “oh what have I done here?” But no, not in the last few years.

What would you pick if you had to wear one pair forever?

Probably my Jordan 3s I guess, it would have to be them I'd say, for comfort above all.

Which of your team-mates or fellow pros have the worst taste in trainers?

Na, all the ones I've seen so far, they've all got quite good taste. Most like to wear nice trainers, usually a lot of Jordans and stuff and they really enjoy it. I've not really seen a bad collection yet.

Does anyone rival you for knowledge of trainers?

The only player I know who collects trainers and is really into it is Ben Foster. He's the only one I know who is into trainer collecting really hard, so probably him. I'd like to see his collection.

Is there any rivalry between you and him?

No, not really. When ever we met up on international duty, I mean I've not seen him for a little while, but we used to talk about what collections we've got and what trainers came out.

Moving onto football, how’s the injury?

Yeah, it's not too bad, it's coming along. I've been running and stuff, it feels really really strong and it's just about getting my fitness up, so it's going well.

That's good to hear, So how did it feel to join the 100-club recently? (players with 100+ goals in PL)

Yeah it was good, it's something I have obviously always wanted to do when I first stepped into the Premier League. So to actually reach it feels amazing and I'm really happy about it.

Who would you say is the best striker you have ever played with

I don't know, I mean Berbatov and Robbie Keane they were both good technically, Berbatov's unbelievable. And Rooney for England probably as well, he's a special talent. Either Berba or Rooney I'd say.

And who's the best one you've played against?

For me, Thierry Henry. He's my hero, my favourite player. I used to be an Arsenal fan, I was a member at Highbury, but my Dad's got a season ticket at Chelsea.

If you could pick anyone past or present to be your partner up front, who would it be?

If it's not Thierry, then it would probably have to be Ronaldo.

What, Cristiano?

No, the Brazilian Ronaldo, he was unbelievable. Just his pace, power, everything. I think he's the all time record goalscorer in World Cup competitions, (with 15 goals from the '94, '98, '02 and '06 tournaments) and was World Player of the Year three times. (1996, 1997 and 2002) I think he's won everything there is to win in the game so it's got to be him.

The Brazilian Ronaldo, he was unbelievable. Just his pace, power, everything.

And who is your favourite ever English striker?

I'm split really. Either Andy Cole or Alan Shearer simply for the amount of goals they scored. Andy Cole never really got a chance for England but for Manchester United, Newcastle and other teams he was fantastic.

In your opinion, what does it take to be a clinical finisher

I think it's just instinct at the end of the day. I think some people are born with it and some people aren't really.

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