Clarks Desert Boot: 65th Anniversary Edition

Hope I look this good when I'm 65...
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Hope I look this good when I'm 65...


Since being discovered in the bazaars of Cairo by off-duty soldiers and worn on the battlefields of Burma, the shoe which would become known to us civvies as the desert boot has become a subculture-crossing bastion of style.

Not only are they loved by those puddle-jumping Mods from the 60s, but right over the ocean in Jamaica they dig them too. Dancehall star Vybz Kartel even wrote a song about them. He's in prison now. He murdered somebody. But that had nothing to do with the shoes. They're also good for beer gardens in the summer.

To celebrate the boot turning 65, Clarks have released their classic shape in a gorgeous maple suede with sapphire laces, sapphire being the stone to mark a 65th anniversary. Say that out loud. 'Sapphire laces'. Sounds good doesn't it? Now say it like an old Texan oil baron, "Saphaaaare laces". Sounds even better.

They're available now from Clarks priced at £89