You Need To Own Eric Musgrave's New Book 'Sharp Suits'

“Clothes can ‘do a job’. A well-cut suit can make you look slimmer, taller, sexier, more elegant or business-like.” – Paul Smith
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“Clothes can ‘do a job’. A well-cut suit can make you look slimmer, taller, sexier, more elegant or business-like.” – Paul Smith


Clothes maketh the man. For millions of men across the world the common denominator that identifies them is the suit. A fascinating look at men’s most ubiquitous uniform and status symbol, from classic respectability to the heights of innovation, Sharp Suits examines the evolution of the suit from 19th century bespoke to the mass industrialisation of the early 20th century. The suit is still the uniform for millions of men who wear it to work; conversely, in its bespoke form, it is also a luxury status symbol for men. When a man wants to look anonymous, he can wear a suit. When he wants to express his dandified tendencies, he can wear a different suit. On every continent, the sober suit is the chosen dress code of presidents and diplomats, business leaders and law makers.


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Sharp Suits illustrates how the universal staple of a man’s wardrobe can play many different roles and, chameleon-like, can mean different things in different situations. Retro or futuristic, subtle or outrageous, the suit is the ultimate flexible friend. Movie stars and rock stars, heroes and villains, philanthropists and gangsters – all these men and many, many more have dressed to impress in a matching jacket and trousers and have found that a suit very much suits them.

Eric Musgrave has been writing about fashion for over 25 years. An award-winning editor-in-chief of Drapers, the UK's top fashion business weekly, he has also held senior positions at Men's Wear, International Textiles (based in Amsterdam), Fashion Weekly and Sportswear International (based in Milan), as well as writing for numerous other publications. He was the launch editor of one of the first men's style mags, For Him Magazine (now FHM) in 1985-86. He is now a writer and a consultant to the fashion business. He got his first proper suit aged 13.

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