Hush Puppies Get A 50s Revamp From Hemingway

The British brand is revamping its image with a premium shoe partnership with Jack Hemingway...
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The British brand is revamping its image with a premium shoe partnership with Jack Hemingway...


Wanna see some puppies?

After years tainted with the 'school shoe' brush, Hemingway Designs takes Hush Puppies back to basics with a new premium range.

When you think of Hush Puppies the immediate image that generally springs to mind is of the clunky and awkward, 'comfortable' shoes that you were made to wear at school. A durable footwear that would probably last about two full school years if you got the right size but made it difficult to kick a football because of their stupidly shaped toes.

When all you wanted were the latest Rockports or Nike trainers instead, Hush Puppies were not a shoe to be proud of growing-up and any adult seen wearing them was either 'special' or a substitute teacher. Upon receiving word of a new premium range from the brand, you can imagine then that it was approached with some caution. It needn't have been.


Designed by 25 year old Jack Hemingway, son of Red or Dead founders Wayne and Geradine Hemingway, the latest range draws upon the brands cult 50s and 60s aesthetics, with an array of sleek, colourful and most importantly wearable shoes.

Combining retro-stylings with more contemporary trends (think thick creeper soles and bright colours) there's a definite hipster 50s vibe going off. If you take pride in your footwear (and why shouldn't you?) then Hemingway for Hush Puppies is worth sticking on your radar. Especially if you're the type looking for one off designs that will stand out from the crowd.

After the recent Clarks revamp and resurged interest in desert boots, it's high time some of our other great British brands got back to their roots and focused on both style and quality. It wouldn't be surprising if we see Hush Puppies riding a similarly deserved wave.

Prices start around the £100 mark, For more information, visit the Hush Puppies Tumblr site.

Check out the video from the launch event.

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