LWF AW15 Signals A Welcome Return For Theatricality

St Georges crosses, models with one shoe on and lots and lots of instagram updates. LFW is back.
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St Georges crosses, models with one shoe on and lots and lots of instagram updates. LFW is back.


img: @nextmodels

This season's Fashion Week saw the biggest use of social media yet. Thanks to this, exclusivity of the industry show is lessening, meaning us mere gawkers at the fashion world can get access with frequent live updates on instagram.

Kicking off LFW was the annual Central St. Martins MA show- their first after the death of professor Louise Wilson. The show still provided the expected innovation of fresh designers such as 'ones to watch' Matty Bovan and Beth Postle. Garments varied from sculptural pieces made of foam and plastic to mimic knitwear, to one completed with a fabric shoe. (Not a typo, just one shoe.)


img: @nextmodels

But, undoubtedly the most anticipated show had to be Gareth Pugh's brand returning to the London runway, marking ten years in the industry. The theatrical show consisted of all black garments on models that were painted with an aggressive red cross over their face- said to be St. George's Cross. Some have claimed the AW15 show is a celebration of Pugh's heritage as the Sunderland Football Club's chants play in the music, others that it is a another blend of feminism and fashion. Regardless, Pugh has revived London's love for his bespoke creations.


img: @dazedmagazine

The last day of LFW held the romantic show of Giles Deacon's gothic designs. Styled by editior-in-chief of Love Magazine, Katie Grand, the show starred models of the moment including Kendal Jenner and Andrea Pejic, to name a couple. The final fan pleat dress patterned with psychedelic print even took five minutes to twirl and dance down the runway. Here's hoping that this means the look of factory processed, robotic models is on its way out and fashions theatricality and performance is on the turn around.


img: @dazedmagazine