North Face Purple Label S/S 15

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It wouldn't be totally unreasonable to suggest I want everything from North Face’s Purple Label S/S ’15 lookbook - even the accessories, especially the accessories. It wouldn't be exactly crazy-talk to go on record saying I’d kill for this collection, either.

Not hyperbole. But actual, real-life blood, for guaranteed next day delivery of that off-white coat, say.

You heard. Very serious manoeuvres for very serious outerwear, fam.

Merging utility with streetwear design, the Purple Label collection is clean and minimal, working with an understated colour palette, with dashes of mental, on a bunch of varsity jackets, coaches jackets, light parkas, oxford shirts, sweaters, tees, shorts, and accessories. The line further boasts a selection of indigo-driven pieces, while also offering a choice of basics for your everyday wear, too.

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Great all that, sure, but as always with North Face’s Purple Label line - the collection is exclusive to Japan. Everything you’ve read, and everything I’ve wrote rendered useless - just like that. See. Knew you’d get mad.

The collection drops later in the year and will be available at retailers such as Nanamica, if you happen to be able to order, like.

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