12th Man, Gant & Sebago: Put Some Spring In Your Wardrobe

Ignoring the advice to ne'er cast a clout till May be out, here's my pick of men's fashion to see you through the tricky period between winter and summer
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Ignoring the advice to ne'er cast a clout till May be out, here's my pick of men's fashion to see you through the tricky period between winter and summer


The perfect box set for spring

Winter's over and summer's on its way. It's time to shove those ace big winter coats to the back of the wardrobe and look for something a little lighter. It might rain, it might be sunny, but that's no excuse to not look as  dashing as possible. Here's my pick of the stuff that's been catching my eye to see you through the coming months.


12thMan sweatshirt

Regular, or even irregular, readers will know of my love of  12thMan. The Bologna based designer produces limited numbers of Italian handmade and dyed garments, which means each piece really is unique and you're unlikely to bump into anyone else wearing it.

The new spring/summer collection  includes t-shirts, polo-shirts and sweatshirts, both in Tinto Filo and Tinto Capo, and which according to the official blurb 'feature simple but refined construction and 100% natural fabrics which provide constant comfort and functionality'. You even get a presentation box along with a numbered certificate of authenticity, which is a nice touch, but to be honest the clothes speak for themselves.

My personal pick for those cooler spring evenings is their sweaters. Very comfy, fit just right and come in some nice earthy pastel shades.

And whilst on the subject of 12thMan, a little birdy tells me they'll soon be branching out into knitwear and jackets with all manner of intriguing sounding fabrics, so keep tuned for my winter picks later in the year for more news.



Gant short sleeve shirt

Another brand I've mentioned on here before. I'm just as big a fan of their short sleeved shirts as I am of the long. Well made, great colours, a good fit, a decent price, and most importantly - comfy. Not much else to say really but Gant have always stood out from the preppy US crowd for me and I don't look much further when it comes to shirts.



Sebago docksiders

Something that may divide opinion, but where's the fun in being boring? I do like a nice pair of boat shoes, whether it's the Timberlands loved by the Paninaros or the superbly Sebago Docksides.

It's these Docksides that Sebago have updated with 'coloured, reverse suede leathers, retaining the hand sewn authenticity Sebago created for this style 40 years ago and mixing it with a unique two tone finish, complimented with tonal, slip-resistant and non-marking Sebago Docksides Boat Sole' it says here.

The point is though, they are decidedly summery - yes I know I said spring - and they're certainly a bit different and a nice alternative to trainers if you're tired of the trainer overkill of recent years. My personal preference is for the green/yellow combination.



DS Dundee Melville jacket

Yet another designer I've mentioned previously on Sabotage Times. A British label that do just enough to make them stand out from the crowd but still retain the traditional clean unfussy look that I like. I'm a firm believer in the best design coming from practicality rather than fashion for fashion's sake. Which brings us to the Melville sailing jacket. Because, as we've established Spring is the most unpredictable of seasons...

Based on a classic sailing jacket, the Melville is boxy with a drawcord waist and raglan sleeves. There's roomy chest pockets, chunky white zippers and a hood which rolls into the collar to form something not far from a neckbrace for those choppier days out at sea. A nice alternative to the 6876 Capandula. Though it's unconfirmed whether the name relates to former Welsh international and one time Bradford City loanee defender Andy Melville.

Speaking of DS Dundee , their shirts are also worth a look, especially the Montrose. Made from a fine Thomas Mason poplin and a nice looser fit they're worth adding to your wardrobe along with the Gant.


Right, for the time being that's yer lot I'm off to the pub once I decide what to wear.