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What happens when two brands renowned for quality and innovation get together? The 6876 Sonora, that's what...
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What happens when two brands renowned for quality and innovation get together? The 6876 Sonora, that's what...


Classic technical outerwear meets classic tailoring in one of the coolest British collaborations of the season. Rohan have specialised in good old fashioned functional gear for forty years and is a real unsung hero of British menswear, 6876 are the more underground innovative brand who avoid fashion trends and stick to their own tried and tested methods. Together they have created this high performance Sonora jacket in classic Navy.


I own both of 6876's previous versions of the Sonora, both of which are completely different and remain personal favourites. Produced with "Epic" technology featuring very high and permanent water repellency, near waterproof protection without the need for laminates and high breathability.

Every fibre of the fabric is encapsulated in silicone creating an impermeable waterproof layer whilst the stitch holes are effectively sealed by the silicone meaning there is no need for taped seams.The spaces in the weave are unobstructed which means the water vapour can escape freely which creates breathability leaving the base fabric unaffected by the technology so its handfeel, drape, softness and quietness are retained.


The fabric is also tough,durable,fast drying and protects against the wind. With a nice subtle check lining and the usual less is more branding we have come to expect from 6876. Lined with Themocore which self regulates making it warmer in cold weather and cooler in hot. Being the outerwear nerd that I am I often like to get out and put them to the test, they are there to be worn of course, having worn 6876 garments for many years it certainly does what it says on the label, from 'self cleaning' Nanosphere to 'Oko Tex UV40+' which provides protection from radiation 6876 are renowned for using the best up to date fabrics and technology in their outerwear.

Any brand built on quality commands my respect, combine that with one of the proper old school pioneers and you've got another future classic.


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