Running Gear: The Nike+ Free Run 2

If you're going to start running, the one essential thing you will need is a solid pair of trainers - you can't go far wrong with these Nike Free Run 2's.
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If you're going to start running, the one essential thing you will need is a solid pair of trainers - you can't go far wrong with these Nike Free Run 2's.

I’ve recently got into running. Sparked by a brief exchange with a mirror which had me confusing certain body parts for circular slices of cured meat, I knew that action had to be taken. Exercise wise, my choices were always going to be limited by my irrational fear of exercising in front of other people, so with the gym off the cards I decided to try my hand at the age old art of jogging.


I quickly realised that I would need to buy some suitable clothing if I was going to do this properly, and as someone who generally buys clothes out of desire and not necessity, this was an exciting prospect.

The fashion twat in me really wanted to go all out, get some of the Nike X Undercover GYAKUSOU stuff (£95 for a blinking pair of shorts), spend a couple of hundred on trainers, shorts, t-shirt and a jacket, but I was kidding myself as even if I had really wanted it, (I really, really did) I could never have afforded it.

In a bid to remain sensible, and not look completely out of my depth whilst sweating profusely after 5 minutes of running I opted for a good pair of trainers, the rest could come later – a football shirt and a pair of shorts would do for now.

As much as I tried to reign in my superficial tendencies, when it came to a pair of trainers, I couldn’t just pick any heinous pair from bloody SportsDirect. So I opted the sort of thing that you’d imagine Batman to wear during his leisure time away from Robin.

The Nike+ Free Run 2 – All black, with a tonal Swoosh. Sorted.


The shoe features Nike’s free sole which is said to provide all the flexibility of running barefoot, but with all of the comfort of your usual running shoe. The deep grooves along the side of the midsole definitely provide a different look to most other trainers and though admittedly I was sold purely on the appearance, when put to the test I was extremely pleased with the comfort and overall feel after running a couple of miles in them.

The first thing I noticed when taking the shoe out of the box was how light it was. This is attested not only to the groove filled free sole, but also the one-piece mesh uppers. This glove-like construction aims to portray the curves of the human foot whilst providing the perfect breathability, which does wonders for keeping your feet cool in the midst of a 5k saunter (I’ve yet to run any farther). The addition of bonded overlays which rest ontop of the mesh help to provide further support when the shoe is fully laced up.

The Free Run 2’s also work in conjunction with the Nike + sensor, which can be inserted into the built-in pocket underneath the insole on any pair of Nike+ trainers. By pairing the sensor with your iPod, you can gage your distance, time, pace and calories burnt, allowing you to track your progression after each run - such a feature is ideal for a beginner like me, as actually being able to see my progress helps to inspire me to run further each time.

The whole package contributes to a plush feather-weight shoe, with a cushioned and supportive ride. Infact they are so comfy that I wish I’d bought another pair just for general wear – after a winter of wearing heavy boots, an undemanding trainer like this is just what I need for the summer months.

The Nike+ Free Run 2′s are available for £70.00 over at

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