'The Hood' By L'Estrange

A hoodie you'll want to hug.
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A hoodie you'll want to hug.


According to an article in a broadsheet newspaper last week, Sports Direct is the most fashionable shop on the high street. What a laugh. What they mean by that in some roundabout way is that sportswear is acceptable attire outside the house these days, and not just if you happen to be a Mafia boss.

British brand L'Estrange have taken the initiative and smartened up the humble hoodie: think a double layered hood to retain structure around the neckline, a tailored fit and premium fabrics. What this means is you can wear a hoodie to work without looking like a nu-metal drummer on his way to start a shift at Homebase.


David Cameron once famously declared he wanted to "hug a hoodie". Let me tell you if he came near me with open arms and that shit eating grin I'd tell him to keep his greasy mitts off. But that's besides the point.

'The Hood' as L'Estrange call them, comes with a variety of different linings (Lido Stripe being my favourite). Have a look at their website where they've got a detailed breakdown of the cut and features. They're really into it. It's good to read.


They've also got a shop in London's trendy Soho, down on Walker's Court (the bit where the viagra shops used to be).