Cut & Run's Josh Beech & Dean Richardson: The New Kids On The Streetwear Block

Topman model Josh Beech and musician Dean Richardson reveal why Chris Brown is a real icon for streetwear kids.
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Topman model Josh Beech and musician Dean Richardson reveal why Chris Brown is a real icon for streetwear kids.


Josh Beech is more likely to be a household face than a name. The British model has graced campaigns for Burberry and Levis, been shot for editorials in Dazed & Confused and Vogue Hommes, and now adds the title of designer of street wear brand Cut & Run to his ever growing list of talents. Josh Beech is a modern day jack of all trades.

Co-founded with creative partner and fellow musician Dean Richardson (a member of post punk/metal band, Heights), in 2011, the apparel fuses LA’s laid-back sensibility and London’s cutting edge style. Starting small, the duo intend to make their mark among streetwear heavy weights with their twist on indie inspired logo tees, beanies and hoodies, with more to come in their forthcoming spring /summer offering. Beech enlisted his fiancée, 90210 actress Shanae Grimes, to shoot the campaign for the A/W collection – a dynamic he reveals he would like to replicate for the next campaign.  I caught up with the duo that - due to their respective careers outside of designing Cut and Run - are currently on opposite sides of the Atlantic, via Skype.

Josh, does coming from a fashion background make it easier to create your own collection?

Josh: I think I will take more from my experiences in the future, at the moment it’s still a bit trial and error. When it came down to shooting the campaign, which came out in December, my experience of working on sets and being a model really helped the whole process. It definitely helps that I have got a lot of experience in fashion already. 

When you're coming up with designs is there a Cut and Run guy that you're designing for? 

Josh: I'd say it’s just me and Dean. We’re quite different. Dean is more at the indie-punk end of the spectrum, and I'm sort of more in the fashion end of the spectrum, so we kind of meet in the middle in that way. If we both would wear it then there are quite a lot of people in between our tastes that will hopefully like it too.


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How did Shenae get involved? 

Josh: She's actually here now, so she can answer.

Shenae: We'd talked about it and I've taken pictures in the past, particularly in black and white, which is what they wanted for the collection's look book. We were looking for ways to work together more than anything.

Josh: We work well creatively, Dean and Shenae also get on really well, it just made sense. There were no egos in that situation.

Shenae: We all have the same aesthetic so it fitted really naturally.

Dean: With Shenae living with Josh, she is aware of what we're doing. If you bring another photographer in, you have to get them up to speed but Shenae knows everything - she's already at the same point as us. It works great so far.

With music playing such a large part of both of your backgrounds how does that influence you?

Dean: I think for me, the influence comes from seeing a lot of different people who all have similar interests. I can see what common threads they have in their sense of style in different countries. It gives you an idea of what fashion has transcended a certain scene or country.

Josh: It’s something that Dean, Shenae and I have discussed quite regularly. Music and fashion really do go hand in hand. Musicians and singers are the icons of the younger generation, apart from sports players. What those people are wearing does influence people. Music is an influence on the brand, and also looking at how what these big stars are wearing affects what the kids are wearing too.

You're both really well travelled. Is there a stand out city that you think has exceptional street style? 

Josh: I think London has great street style. And New York. Dean you've travelled a lot in Europe?

Dean: In a lot of the places I go I feel like people are quite behind. When you go to London you see people wearing stuff you've never seen. It’s a lot more exposed and it’s ahead of a lot of cities.

Josh: I agree. I think London is ahead. People are a bit more open minded. But as far as street style goes, living in LA the weather doesn't get very cold here. People can dress pretty much the same way all year round and street style here is massive because there's huge skating and surfer communities here. I don't know if that’s because they're setting a trend or if it’s always been that way.

You can find out more about Cut & Run here at their online store