The Top Winter Friendly Trainers

Winter doesn't mean you have to switch to hiking boots and brogues; here are 10 of the best winter trainers on the market right now...
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Winter doesn't mean you have to switch to hiking boots and brogues; here are 10 of the best winter trainers on the market right now...


It's fast creeping up to that time of year again; soggy leaves on the pavement, frost on the car, dark and gloomy on the way out in the morning, dark and gloomy on the way home in the evening. If the last few years are anything to go by Autumn/Winter is when all the inner city explorers and urban hunters come out to play. But not everyone is going 'rock climbing' up Oxford Road or bivouacking down Kensington High Street. So, as an alternative to the popular (heavier) hiking boots which are definitely here to stay for the time being, here's a random (and by no means official) list of trainers friendly to the elements...


Nike x Stussy Mogan II OMS

The recent 'S&S' collaboration and next step between Nike and Stussy saw street meet sport with a nice range of footwear combining snow, street, sand, surf and turf. Old school influences come with bright colours and innovations. Great for adding a flash of colour to those dark wintery streets. I could add any from this collection but I'll just include two, the Mogan II for a start. They say: 'premium but light materials and superior waffle sole traction' - I say comfy as fuck.


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The North Face 'Back to Berkeley'

Like a reservoir dog, these have a cool sounding name. Last year I kicked myself for not buying these, well, I didn't really... but if I did I'd have worn these. Lightweight, enough of a crossover to not 'just look' more comfortable than clunky boots. Waterproof suede, nubuck and nylon, perfect for the slush. This year's buzz word -  “hikerdelic.”


New Balance M574 Backpack

If you thought the North Face shoes up there reminded you of something like a hybrid backpack then that's exactly what these from New Balance are. Released in the summer in an array of bright shades, the mix of suede and nylon is a great touch and a fitting celebration of all things outdoors. Not to mention drizzle/piss friendly. Perfect for slightly colour co-ordinated casuals.


Saucony Bodega G9 Master Control

If you're into big bouncy soles and trainers that look like something Robocop might wear on his day off, then these are just that. The perfect running shoe for a nice easy autumnal stroll. An ever so slight shift away from the norm to many, if you quite like Air Max but don't want to look like Joey Essex, then these would be a good shout.

Not very winter friendly I hear you say? Them massive chunky soles would be dead easy to wipe frosty dogshit off, no?


Puma x British Millerain Stepper Luxe

As someone who has always swayed towards suede, it's hard to find leather trainers I would fancy, but when it gets to this time of the year anything starts to appeal, especially if you want to tread through what little snow we'll get. This collabo between Puma and British Millerain is as rugged as it is premium - a nice, refined classic pair of trainers.


Nike Lunar Braata OMS.

I don't know what's wrong with me, I must be getting younger in my old age. I never really liked black trainers or lairy clours for that matter, but I do like these.

Like the Johnny Cash of footwear, rugged, all black with a rebellious streak, and erm, American. They say: lighter than all y'all, I agree.


Don't Call Me A Collector: The Story Of A Trainer Obsessive


New Balance M577 Farmers Market.

Without sounding like one of those twats who says they wore trainers before God and all that malarkey everyone in internet land says these days. I did, and have always opted for New Balance as an alternative to the three stripes, soon the three stripes may be an alternative to these the way things are going? Who knows, who cares? As long as you like them eh? The Farmers Market are a nice (and maybe slightly odd) rural theme for a trainer, but they work well. Best worn with a Barbour coat miles away from the countryside.


Clarks Traxter Mid.

Is it a shoe? is it a trainer? it's a hybrid silly! The Clarks Traxter is what happens when a famed shoebrand have a stab at doing trainers. It's certainly what one would describe as a 'Marmite' shoe, to me, it looks like a Desert-Trek has run off with some sporty runners and made a baby - a baby that is definitely a trainer, but just about shoe enough shoe to foil a club doorman.


Adidas Waterproof (Classic corner)

The classic go-to trainer for pounding the mean streets of lower league aways, trips to Gay MeadowBelle Vue and Saltergate on various wet midweek trips were always reassuring with these on your trotters, days of yore in gore (tex). Not sure these are too easy to find these days, did I sell 'em?  As retro  scally comes full circle once again, I'm off to check the loft...

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