Sabotage Times, We can't Concentrate so Why Should You?Sabotage Times, We can't Concentrate so Why Should You?

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Eating Dog Meat in China

by Rob Williams
27 September 2013 167 Comments

For some the prospect of eating dog meat turns the stomach, however for some it's a treat worth shelling out for. This is what it's like to eat dog meat in China...

It was our last day in Yangshou, a popular Chinese tourist destination renowned throughout the world for its countless eerie rock formations, which dot the foggy landscape like apparitions. After a breakfast of pig brain soup (to fortify our mental health, the menu said), Christina and I decided to have a peek at the local meat and vegetable market, which was tucked away in a warehouse-like building off the main road. There is something about watching a Chinese butcher in action — a cigarette hanging from his expressionless lips as he slams his square blade down on a giant ham hock or side of beef — that really makes me feel alive. I’d been in China less than a month, and so far wandering the marketplaces was my favourite part of the experience. It was grisly and mundane all at once and almost comical in its sheer Chinese-ness. I kept thinking to myself, “No, this isn’t a movie or quite like the stereotypes I imagined, and yet somehow it’s exactly like that.”

Inside the warehouse, we made a beeline for the meat market first — no matter how large and absurdly phallic a vegetable is, it’s always trumped by the spectre of death. We saw all the familiar sights: In one direction, nets full of squirming turtles, buckets of live scorpions, enormous bloody fish heads still twitching as their bodies were being fileted a few feet away. In the other, rows of chickens in various stages of disassembly—ones that looked like safe American chickens with their heads and feet removed, others that were dead and plucked but still had their appendages intact, and of course live chickens waiting ignorantly for their death. And next to those, cages of rabbits, all cute and floppy eared, like they’d been snatched from the pages of a children’s book.

There was hardly any ventilation, and Christina remarked that the stench was overwhelming, so thick that she felt like she was eating the putrid air. Only then did I realise just how rank it was. But it hardly bothered me. I was too overwhelmed by the chaotic visual delights.

“Oh my god,” Christina said suddenly: “Are those dogs?”

A few feet away, hanging from the ceiling by hooks, were the carcasses of what could only be, yes, dogs. What breed, I couldn’t tell. Brown ones, average size — the Platonic ideal of “dog,” you might say. They had been sliced vertically down the middle and had their organs removed, so the white ribs and dark red edges of the chasm running the length of each body were the main colours I saw. Hanging there like that, they almost didn’t even look real. I had a weird thought: Perhaps they were some kind simulacrum, put there for my benefit, to create a more perfect image of China as I’d hoped it would be. I’d come here eager to see some dead dogs, wondering whether that little piece of cultural trivia was true. And now, suddenly, here it was, exactly as I had imagined. And yet … why did it look so strange?

On a small table off to the side was a carcass that seemed to have been discarded for some reason, although it was fully intact. Like the hanging dogs, it too looked oddly fake, like it was made out of plastic, the Chinese dog equivalent of a reindeer lawn-ornament. Perhaps, I thought, this was because it had been shaved: Without its hair, it didn’t look like a real dog anymore. But more than that, I realised, it was because it was dead, so incredibly dead that it had been transformed into something else entirely. It struck me how palpable — how visible — life is, and therefore death as well. Even though it was still in total dog form, no one would mistake this piece of meat and bones for anything but a dead dog. It was obviously not sleeping, and obviously never coming back to life.

Christina had been flitting around the scene, materialising by my side from time to time to squeeze my hand. But this time when she reappeared, she yanked my whole arm.

“And cats too!” she said.

On the floor near where the dog carcasses were hanging, I saw a large cage of cats — fluffy orange-and-white house cats — that somehow we had both overlooked. Now my mind was really reeling. Before coming to China, when a friend (and avowed cat lover) had made me promise not to eat any cat meat, I was skeptical about how much opportunity I would even have. They just didn’t seem meaty enough. On the other hand, there were also cages of pigeons and rats here, and there’s more meat on a cat’s bones than either of those unsavory animals.

“Oh no, that one looks just like Odessa!” Christina said. She buried her face in my arm. Odessa was her cat back home in Florida.

Christina and I are both cat people. Dog people … not so much. In fact, back in New York, where I live, I’d been recklessly cultivating a reputation as a dog hater for some time. Mostly I’d been doing this to amuse myself. I take an odd sort of pleasure in offending people, and I’m always surprised by how deeply upset dog lovers are by the idea that everyone doesn’t love dogs, as if there’s something objectively wonderful about this animal, something that we as members of the human species must agree upon.


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But what did we think about this grim spectacle we’d stumbled upon in Yangshuo? These cages of cats, animals we loved, and carcasses of dogs, animals we despised. Did we feel upset, reviled, as “civilised” Americans — as citizens of a country of absurd pet lovers, a nation of softies that dote on our pets like they’re more important than people? No, Christina and I are strong, we are adventurous … we felt excited, giddy with the rush that comes with seeing something new, something unexpected, something horrible — something we weren’t even sure existed until we saw it with our own eyes, since how could we believe it otherwise.

We watched the Chinese butchers go about their work, cigarettes hanging from their lips as they carved up the animals and burned their bodies with blowtorches, while children raced around in the melee, unfazed and still utterly innocent.

I looked down at my feet. The floor was streaked with blood and bits of gristle and organs of all kinds, mingling with the water and mud that also ran in rivulets in every direction. I grabbed my camera and started taking pictures, until one of the butchers waved at me to put it away. The legality of eating dogs and cats in China seems to be a matter of debate, something the country is trying to move away from as it becomes more modernised, although obviously it’s still practiced in some places.

We’d searched for a similar scene in Guangzhou, but when we’d located the area of the famous Qingping Market that was notorious for killing cats and dogs, we found that in a supreme display of calculated irony it had been remade as a pet market. Cats and dogs were still for sale, but now they were sold with collars and toys — a clever repackaging of the “live animal market,” no doubt meant to show curious tourists how far China had come in just a few short years. And now, in Yangshuo, we’d stumbled quite by accident on the grisly version of the live animal market we’d hoped to find in Guangzhou.

I put my camera away and we moved off in the direction of the vegetable market, where things were much less bloody and smelly and where we could catch our breath and collect our thoughts, if we had any. Christina and I are essentially voyeurs, people who are interested in watching life, with few moral qualms about the things we see — and anyway, sometimes it’s better to save reflection for later, if you must indulge it at all. Ethical handwringing is not something that interests us, and mainly we just kept laughing and staring at each other saying, “Oh fudge muffins, I can’t believe what we just saw!” (Christina’s idiosyncratic vocabulary was rubbing off on me.)

The rest of the day passed pleasantly. We played cards in the park, sat in McDonald’s for hours drinking coffee and eating Pineapple and Sweet Taro Pies. I bought a souvenir Chinese characters T-shirt for a friend back home and even successfully haggled the price in half. We sat at a bar and talked to some other Americans, trying to impress them with our tale of the dog market, but likely offending them instead. Soon it was dinnertime.

Since it was our last night in Yangshuo, I wanted to try some river snails — a local specialty. As we flipped through the menu, once again it was Christina who spotted the thing we’d been hoping to find without even realising it. Right there on the menu in English: “dog meat.” We stared at each other, wondering if we were really that bold.

I can’t remember which of us had mentioned it first, but an obsession with eating dog had been running through our conversations for weeks. It was probably me that brought it up, as I’d been telling friends in New York that I would definitely eat a dog in China if I had the opportunity. This was partially to amuse myself, a way of really cementing my status as a dog hater, which was an aspect of my personality I’d been playing up a lot lately, but it was also something of a conversational gambit. Eating dog is such a taboo in America that I just wanted to see my friends’ reactions. I wasn’t even sure if people really did that in China. In fact, until that moment, I had kind of doubted I would actually have the opportunity.

“We can’t let those dogs we saw this morning go to waste,” I said, feeling very practical and noble all at once.

“Oh shucks, we have to try it!” Christina agreed. Her only hesitation was the price — 60 yuan for the dish seemed a bit steep. “What if it doesn’t taste good?” she worried. Then we’d have wasted a whole 10 dollars — about five meals at the Muslim restaurant near her apartment in Guangzhou.

“We’ll have the river snails too,” I said, somewhat insensibly, as there was no guarantee a plate of slimy river snails would be any tastier. In fact, that seemed like the riskier of the two dishes, taste-wise. “But it doesn’t matter,” I insisted. “It’s about the experience.” We flagged the waitress down and pointed at the dog meat picture on the menu.

It was served in a flaming pot with peppers and a few other vegetables. We dug in and were pleasantly surprised. Some of the pieces were too fatty and stuck to the bone, but many were tender and tasty — most comparable to beef, we decided, with perhaps a hint of mutton flavor as well. Stirred together with some rice and pepper sauce, it was quite a treat. Christina insisted it was “delicious.” I was having a bit of trouble suppressing the thought that “This is a dog I’m eating,” which was thrilling on one level but also slightly sickening. That surprised me. Considering how much I hate dogs, it should have been nothing but a joy to eat one. I was annoyed at myself for feeling even slightly conflicted.

But soon enough that small bout of cognitive dissonance passed, and I kept eating until the last scrap was gone from the pot. Between the dog meat and the heaping pile of river snails, we were stuffed — our stomachs bloated and our fingers and faces greasy. We kissed afterward and Christina said she could taste the dog meat on my lips, which made us laugh maniacally. Such romance! We poured water over our fingers and wiped them clean with some tissues I had stashed in my bag, then concluded with a triumphant cigarette, proud of our debauchery.

An hour later, after another trip to McDonald’s for a McFlurry, we settled into our bunks on the sleeper bus back to Guangzhou and catalogued the contents of our stomachs: pig brain for breakfast, McDonald’s for lunch, dog meat and river snails for dinner, and more McDonald’s for dessert. Quite the successful day! I even had a small chunk of dog meat still lodged in my back teeth, a keepsake for the journey home. As the bus pulled out of the parking lot, we took our sleeping pills, Christina slipped on her sleep mask, I inserted my earplugs, and we fell asleep holding hands — or trying to anyway, as the bus lurched along the highway back to Guangzhou, the engine roaring under our tired heads, another small piece of reality confirmed.


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Rick 1:49 pm, 23-May-2012

I had dog (among other delicacies) in Shenzhen and would totally agree it was delicious the only thing I didn't like whilst there was the turtle soup though it was more the texture and not the flavour. . . . .

Josh Mason 6:35 am, 24-May-2012

I do hope some animals devours you & Christina someday. I'm sure you'd be mighty tasty after years of that fattening & preservatives laced diet.

smell 7:41 pm, 25-May-2012

How many times do you need to go to McDonald's? Must have been some other food apart McDonald's and Dog.

Pete Pete 3:06 pm, 27-May-2012

A really well written article. Tell Christina she still has to eat Cat though!

Jayne 3:47 pm, 27-May-2012

Have you any idea what he'll these dogs go through to titillate your stupid taste buds???? Dogs arnt meant to be food, they enrich the lives of dogs, hearing dogs, search & rescue not to mention a loved, loyal family dumb bitch......karma WILL find you!!!!!!

jenna 4:02 pm, 27-May-2012

lame you didn't also eat cat.

Ximo 8:35 pm, 28-May-2012


Christy Jordan 2:01 am, 7-Jun-2012

I live in Korea, where dog is also a delicacy. I don't have a problem with the consumption of the meat. It's the preparation of the animal that sickens me. They are beaten to death while still alive to ensure the meat is tender. 'Food' for thought.

Truth 5:09 pm, 10-Jun-2012

The beating to death thing is disgusting but you have to say that the factory farming of animals going on everywhere is just as disgusting

Genny 9:35 pm, 16-Jun-2012

Dögöljetek meg kultúra ide vagy oda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kevin Hutchison 6:26 pm, 18-Sep-2012

I would love to beat to death any Korean who beats dogs to death. Filthy vermin and not fit to call themselves human.

Darren Williams 9:01 am, 8-Oct-2012

Well written but obviously Rob and Christina are more concerned with the shock value of it worked for me, anyone with an once of common decency would leave dog meat and McDonald's where they can decide for yourselves where that is.I know where I stand.

myleftboot 10:28 am, 8-Oct-2012

Any animal is fair game to an omnivore, surely? Why should dogs be any different? It is easier to raise dogs in slum conditions than a cow I reckon. Could be a solution to famine

Matt Hill 8:59 pm, 8-Oct-2012

Is it just me, or are Americans better when they stay in the Country of their birth. What a vile article crowing about how they ate Dog, and McDonald's. I'm not sure which is worse.

Mikie 4:25 am, 9-Oct-2012

You guys are so fucking cool. What a couple of douchebags. rob, if you told me this story in person, id make you eat dog shit.

Mikie 4:32 am, 9-Oct-2012

And I also live in nyc.

Mikie 4:34 am, 9-Oct-2012

Rick, you're a dick.

davec 5:34 am, 9-Oct-2012

that bit about going to McDonalds is gross.

Mr Pink 4:27 pm, 16-Oct-2012

Rob , I read your article and I can only say it sickened me to the core . I hear all the arguments about differing culture and respecting tradition yadee yah , but seriously Dogs , one of mans best friends - gaurding people , saving lives on sea and land , helping the disabled lead a normal life , even recently and throughout history dogs have decorated for saving lives of soldiers in combat zones by detecting IED's message carrying etc etc . As for myleft boot coments about any animal is fair game what are humans , you one line muppet ? and No im not talking from a philisophical , religious or societal perspective. Where do we draw the line ? Rob if your intention was to promote Chinese cuisine , underline the differing stds between China and other regions of the world or merely evoke an emotive response who knows.I would be disgusted to put my name to such an article - I can only hope a dogs bites you in the Ass - its the very least you deserve . An Appalled Mr Pink !

Chen 1:55 am, 18-Nov-2012

I am Chinese and I never eat dog meat..and I believe the majority of people don't eat horrible..

Megan 3:12 am, 19-Nov-2012

While I don't agree with what you have done. It was interesting. Had you not been so proud and bragging the article would have been better. Instead of just stating what happened you embellished on your joy and then made sure it was on the internet to hurt others. I wonder if humans were treated the same way in another part of the world would you become cannibal to try? Where would your morals stop you. At what point does your moral compass say stop? In other countries women can be stoned to death for defying a man. In that country would you help stone a woman to death? The whole crowd gets involved. Why should your morals change because you are in another country. It speaks to your character.

Brian Kwok 3:40 am, 23-Dec-2012

I have never eaten dog nor want to but I must say that what Christy Jordan said, that Koreans beat their dogs to death to tenderize it is a lie - totally untrue. Do we beat cows to death? Beating causes bruises which darkens the meat -- it changes the flavor. In all societies, you bleed the animal soon after knocking it unconcious. Please don't spread lies unless you have proof. I am mostly vegetarian by choice. But I do not harbour hatred for those who choose cows, pigs, sheep, dogs or whales for food (even though I wished they would not).

Rob 4:57 am, 28-Dec-2012

You're the scum of the earth you POS. Any idea what torture those dogs go through on their way to your plate asshole? How would you feel if I tied up and carved up your female companion, someone near and dear to you, in front of your face? As sick as it is, that's what you deserve. You should be ashamed..

Gwen Buchanan 4:22 pm, 7-Jan-2013

Everything about you is disgusting! I can't believe this was allowed to be published. you two are totally sick people.

BSB 2:50 am, 22-Jan-2013

Fact - Humans are at the top of the food chain... Like it or not. You guys are so cool... Try everything at least once... Experience of a lifetime...

philip 10:34 pm, 31-Jan-2013

You and your tramp female hood rat are punks. I hope your cat gets eaten, and for u to go to that filthy immoral country that are responsible for the extinction of a huge majority of life that once walked is telling me what kind of liwlife pieces of shxt you and your bimbo are. They have no respect for any God created creature like you and your karma will hit you hard n lucky i wasnt in person when u told that story i would be doing 5 yrs but happy 4 smashhing both of u

an ardent animal lover 6:28 pm, 1-Feb-2013

How much does the term being civilised justify when a man calls himself an "Omnivorous Animal"? How much value does the term morality hold for trying a gourmet dish that is being offered legally as a delicacy? How much significance does it hold to imprison cannibals of Northern Korea who are eating their own children out of dire Starvation? Sometimes lines cant be drawn or certain situations be judged upon. "When in Rome, do as the Romans do" very aptly describes this article.

Mattro 8:15 pm, 19-Feb-2013

An arresting and well-written article. It, and some of the responses here, really shine a light on what lies beneath our daily social mores. Pigs are believed to be equally as intelligent as dogs; and cows, sheep, horses etc are all intelligent to some degree, and capable of suffering. But many dog-lovers would have no qualms about eating them, or care about how they were reared and slaughtered. I see this as double standards. I also see threatening a dog-eater with violence and death hypocritical and extremely morally reprehensible. I do buy and eat farm-reared meat, and have to trust that it was reared and slaughtered humanely, as described by the seller. (It is expensive so my family and I eat less meat than the average family as a consequence.) I do this as I don't want to support unethical practices, such as factory farming, but would rather put my money where my mouth is and support more humane methods. I think this may be more effective for animal welfare than outright vegetarianism. However, I am always open to new experiences. If dog-meat were offered to me with no supply and demand consequences (ie, a hypothetical scenario in which eating a dog would not lead to the deaths of more dogs through demand), then yes, I would try it, purely for the experience. Therefore, I can understand the writer's motives, but disagree with his role in perpetuating a market for dog-meat. And if he really is as morally neutral, and open to experience as he believes, he would have eaten cat meat. Dishonest, in my humble opinion.

Dee 1:35 pm, 28-Feb-2013

ST just lost a subscriber.

Unbeliever 2:23 pm, 28-Feb-2013

'We kissed afterward and Christina said she could taste the dog meat on my lips, which made us laugh maniacally. Such romance!' ...erm, such bullshit. This article cannot be real or true, almost like it was (badly) written by a 14 year old that wants us to hate Americans, more than we already do.... I'm unsubscribing too, the low number of decent, readable articles is far outweighed by all the shit like this.

Steve Harper 4:22 pm, 28-Feb-2013

"I take an odd sort of pleasure in offending people". Congratulations. Job done. I do hope in your search for chaotic visual delights you stumble upon a remote village that likes to butcher humans and that they will write an article commenting with a similar lack of humanity about eating your entrails. Ps. My dog says if he ever meets you he will bite you on your bollocks.

Aaron 4:43 pm, 28-Feb-2013

I'm amazed at the narrow minded opinions of some people. Rob I apologise on behalf of these idiots. Your article was one of the best I've read on ST and I found it to be honest, enlightening and at times hilarious. I can't believe people are even arguing about "the line" What line??!! You need a line. Ok here it is: Dont eat people? Really? Does that need to be outlined here. And for that idiot comparing eating dog to stoning a woman? Are you fucking serious? Humans are the top of the food chain, we dont eat other people because its socially unacceptable, but everything else is fair game. To vegetarians, cool, you do that, its not my lifestyle but I support you wanting to lead the one you want. Those of you trying to shove your agenda down everyones throats need to fuck off, seriously.

Aaron 4:44 pm, 28-Feb-2013

Also, this article may do even more good at the amount of "un-subscriptions" from sanctimonious idiots. I can't wait for the next one.

Morrissey 6:00 pm, 28-Feb-2013

I demand that this article be removed.

Aaron 6:12 pm, 28-Feb-2013

On what basis Morrissey?

Aaron 6:12 pm, 28-Feb-2013


mhunt 6:14 pm, 28-Feb-2013

"simulacrum"? I know it's a real word, but seriously...."simulacrum"!!!!!!!!

k.hardman 7:25 pm, 28-Feb-2013

Dogs were not always pets They like many creatures were reduced to captivity for man,s titillation over a period of time so actually we have been cruel to the species for ages. like it or not man is a selfish git .It all depends on your view point

Krys Smith 9:27 pm, 28-Feb-2013

It's not a matter of the animal of choice that's being eaten. Its a manner of how the animal is killed to be eaten. Next time anyone wants to try dogs watch this first:

Steph 3:31 am, 1-Mar-2013

Thats so disgusting on so many levels, get a grip

Morrissey 3:41 pm, 1-Mar-2013

Aaron. On the basis that I find it offensive.

Aaron 4:48 pm, 1-Mar-2013

What about the article about the *cunt* mug. Should we remove all offensive articles from the site? YOU deem it offensive. So? Don't read it, don't come back to check on the comments. Should we not serve pork in any restaurant to avoid offending muslims? Should we ban papers on evolution and scientific discovery for fear of offending christian fundamentalists? If it is offensive, avoid it. YOU chose to click on it (an article that was clearly labelled) and YOU chose to come back to reply to my comment. The problem is with you and your closed minded draconian approach to the world, not the article.

angry pirate 7:30 pm, 1-Mar-2013

Americans would eat shit just so they could write an "arresting" blog piece on it - also kinda racist to paint all Chinese as dog eaters - however, your liking of McDonalds gives away your true tastes - you stay classy! WANKERS!

Stephen Procter 5:29 am, 4-Mar-2013

Sorry, but I thought that the writing could be improved to a more adult level.

Morrissey 2:05 pm, 4-Mar-2013

Aaron, Draco would have approved of the slaughter of innocent animals, for being innocent animals, and would surely have enjoyed reading this article. Hoist by your own petard, young man.

Aaron 10:34 am, 5-Mar-2013

Well researched Morrissey, no doubt. It would have been better of me to write "absolutist", or "outdated", potentially even "closed-minded" would have done. For me draconian was a stop gap for oppressive and absolute ideas. Thanks for the educating me further. However, you arguing on semantics is just a distraction from the main point, which still stands. One animal is not greater than another. A wild dog would be quite happy eating you, and wouldnt show the slightest bit of remorse for it. Actually, even a domestic dog, while it might not kill you for it (not that they don't sometimes), would quite happily eat your meat at any time of the day. What is it to you that is so offensive about this article, I just don't understand. Give me an answer without acting so aloof and superior.

Morrissey 6:25 pm, 5-Mar-2013

'One animal is not greater than another'. You're running out of petards to be hoist by.

Saffron 6:43 pm, 5-Mar-2013

mmm.. I don't believe every word written in this article, of the feelings and behaviour of the protagonists, is true. I believe, as others have commented, it has been embelished purely to shock. And Aaron - get a clue - animal lovers commenting are not suggesting any animal is better than any other. The issue here is the way the chinese find, treat and kill ALL the animals they eat. Its barbaric, far more so than anything done on farms here or in other countries who are bound by welfare laws. Also as others have commented - it was ok for them to decline cat meat - because they like cats - yet ok for them to eat dog because they dont like dogs?? Now that is offensive. And for gods sake dont say 'a hungry dog would eat you if it had the chance' animals can't think and choose like humans - they just use instinct. We do not need to eat dog, cat or arguably any meat at all - yet we still do - what does this say about humans.

Aaron 6:43 pm, 5-Mar-2013

Being the talking animal that has the ability to express oneself via a keyboard I would say that the "line" I mentioned before doesnt REALLY need defining...don't you think? Your clutching at straws now buddy. Instead of responding with any ounce of intelligence, your resorting to semantics...come on now.

Aaron 7:02 pm, 5-Mar-2013

Saffron when did you become the authority on how the chinese find treat and kill ALL their animals exactly? I love animals by the way. I've had dogs, cats and rabbits in the house since I was born, been horseback riding a bunch of times too when I was younger. I'd say 70 percent of TV i watch or online are animal based documentaries cause their bloody amazing things. But really, aside from blatantly endandgered creatures or the inedible ones, I wouldn't balk at a plate of any of them. I love animals, still eat them though.

Saffron 7:33 pm, 5-Mar-2013

Aaron - you can see for yourself from the pics in this article and the details of the conditions, what we are dealing with. I have also had the misfortune of seeing it and reading about it on numerous other occasions. You have answered your own question about peoples attitude towards this, by saying you love animals but still see no issue in eating them. This is the bottom line and the reason animals are suffering daily. If every person in the world truly loved animals there would be no meat industry at all. However, the unfortunate truth is people see animals as a lower species and thus will always use them to fulfil their every requirement. It makes me sad because I don't understand why we think we have that right.

Bill 10:16 pm, 5-Mar-2013

Rob Williams, you are a complete douche bag, go fuck yourself with a rhino horn.

Bill 10:17 pm, 5-Mar-2013

Dear Rob Williams, grow some testicles you fucking asshole.

Morrissey 3:17 pm, 6-Mar-2013

'I'd say 70 percent of TV i watch or online are animal based documentaries'. More ridiculous by the minute. For someone who is so staunchly humanist, you seem to be paying little attention to the complexities of the human mind or human behavior. You prefer, 70% of the time to observe instinct in other animals, (that which we left behind through evolution), instead of the civilised beings we've become. And then, you defend the brutal slaughter of those animals you claim to be so fascinated with. You know if it hadn't been for Walt Disney, we might have had a greater appreciation of animals (no animal has the white of an eye), to leave them in their natural habitats to kill and eat each other as nature intended. But instead, we have anthropomorphists such as yourself, claiming to have some pseudo-scientific interest in documentaries, having 'owned' pets, and also revelling in hearing stories of their torture and slaughter. YOU HAVE ALL THE HALLMARKS OF A SERIAL KILLER.

Aaron 11:39 am, 7-Mar-2013

Oh Morrissey...I think your taking this all a bit seriously. Yes, it's lovely that animals exist in the wild, they also rip eachother apart limb from limb. So would you say potentially hunting and eating one of these creatures is more cruel than that? I'm not "revelling" in it, I just found it interesting. Its an interesting and humourous article, and intolerant people like you, forcing their views on other people as "truth" is just irritating. I dont really care if you beleive in unicorns and pray to the sun-god ra, just don't tell me i'm wrong for what I beleive is right for me. And serial killer? Really? Come on now, thats just bait surely? Take a subsistance farmer for example, having raised animals from birth (lets say a lamb). He bottle feeds it, cares for it, even lets his kids play with it. Then when the time comes to feed his family, slaughters and eats it. Is that a serial killers behavious to? THAT's my mentality my friend, and if it's too "extreme" for you well thats just embarrassing. And saffron, I saw photo's of meat hanging up, much as I would in all the butcher's shops on a walk down my local high street, get a grip. We (as animals, so astuteley pointed out by some others in this comments thread), have just as much right to eat them, as they do eachother, what don't you understand about that? I think eating an animal for food (preferably free range, organic, humanely killed) is far less cruel than lets say, a bear eating it while it's still alive in the wild? I don't like pointless killing, I don't like torture, and I don't like animals being treated poorly. The issue is not eating meat at all (any kind), the issue is making sure its done safely and humanely, thats all.

Aaron 4:36 pm, 7-Mar-2013 fear of indulging in your level of semanticism, I will say that what I am doing is quite the opposite of anthropomorphisim. It would be a little crude to say "de-humanise", but it's fairly obvious i'm not attritbuting human characteristics to animals here, or did you misread my previous statements? Take your time before you rush to brow beat me next time please. It was a good argument until you started sacrificing good reason for a more a complex use of vocabulary.

Caren 9:54 am, 9-Mar-2013

Dogs.... Why the hell do they have to eat dogs? The way they are beating them to death is merciless.Such people still exist.We are buddhist and more than half of our population are vegetarian and some without choice have to eat just one kind of meat due to health issues.We would never do such cruelty even to our enemies.I still remember the man's face in the video ,i can assure him for his death to be more cruel than he has done to the dogs.Yes, some people do hate dogs but they won't go to this extend.Thank god,my country is strictly against such cruelty.

Saffron 9:58 pm, 10-Mar-2013

Aaron for gods sake man! If you have read the article you will note it states 'live animals sit in cages, there is hardly any ventilation, the air is putrid with stench..' Also I wonder if you have seen the videos doing the rounds of how the chinese kill these animals? The reason I am upset by this, more so than the meat industry in this country for example, is that the Chinese - specifically - are very cruel. They DO threat the animals poorly - as you state above you do not like. I'm not saying you can't eat meat if you want to, but there is no reason for the Chinese to eat so many different types of meat or to treat the animals with such complete and utter contempt. Take note from Caren - her comment above is fantastic and she makes great points. To be fair I could argue eating meat at all is pointless killing (which you also state you don't like) but I won't. This article is about the Chinese and they don't do it safely or humanely, also the country has no real welfare laws. This is why the article has upset so many people. I think if we all had to go out and catch and kill our own meat (like wild animal carnivores have NO CHOICE but to do) there'd be a lot more vegetarians in the world!

Saffron 10:17 pm, 10-Mar-2013

Oh and a bear can't go to Tesco and buy his meat, he has to kill and eat those around him. If he eats it while its still alive, then thats nature HE CAN'T CHOOSE. However a Chinese man getting a puppy out of a cage with a noose attached to a stick, while it cries in terror, then clubbing it around 6 times and still not killing it, is not natural. We have bred dogs to be needy and have almost human feelings so they make 'devoted' pets - so it is all the more barbaric that it's dogs, as they adore humans and trust them implicitly.

Aaron 12:34 pm, 12-Mar-2013

@Saffron, if you wan't to get that picky then surely we shouldnt have domesticated these poor creatures in the first place right? They should all just be wild and free and eat eachother instead. You can't argue that eating meat is pointless killing, your personal preferences are clouding an otherwise fairly rational arguement here. The whole ventilation and stench thing aswell? Making a point about "the chinese" is more than a little prejudiced, when we in the west do exactly the same with battery farming. Your going on about animals choices too...really? Do you think if you gave a carnivore a choice it wouldnt kill something to eat it? Your giving human traits to animals here and its just childish.

Saffron 4:38 pm, 12-Mar-2013

Aaron - this is the last time i'm responding to you because you are not listening to what i'm saying. 1) The Chinese are world renowned for their terrible cruel attitude to animals. There are specific charities just to help animals in China. You are talking about people who have driven tigers to the point of extinction to eat their testicles and penis believing it heightens their sexual prowess! (p.s i'm not saying every single chinese person is the same). 2) Yes western farming methods are far from ldeal, but by and large they adhere to welfare laws and the animals are killed as quickly as possible. You clearly have not watched the videos I speak of. 3) I said animals CAN'T choose - they only use instinct to survive. That is what makes us diferent to animals - we can talk, think and choose our actions, from where we shop to buy our meat to whether we even eat meat. Wild animal carnivores kill and eat whatever they can find purely to survive - they don't have any choice - if they didn't they would starve. Also they still need to eat meat, their bodies can only survive if meat is included in their diets. 4) Yes I can argue us eating meat is pointless killing because in todays western society we humans are fortunate enough not to need to eat meat to live. Neither for health purposes nor to survive. 5) And finally I did not give human traits to animals and I agree we were cruel to have domesticated dogs. But the truth is as soon as humans believed they were better than animals, they set about doing whatever the heck they liked with them and we still do because we can. Its too late for dogs now, they've already been domesticated - what I said was that they have been specifically bred to be in tune with humans and then we go and eat them! Nice! I'm sorry to go on at you but I do agree with Morrissey - the article is offensive as it is biased in favour of eating dogs and has been written to offend, by including an exaggerated (and in my opinion) untruthful version of the feelings and behaviour of Rob and Christina.

Aaron 5:35 pm, 12-Mar-2013

While your 5 point piece WAS still make next to no sense. Your points essentially boil down to "im right because i'm right". I've seen the videos, and the ones of what we do in the UK and they are both pretty damn gross. I'm sad you won't be replying anymore, I was enjoying the argument to be honest. You werent being nearly as pompous as morrissey which i appreciate. And I completely and utterly refute the whole "we don't need meat" nonsense. It's my final point and i'll illustrate it. My aunt was a vegan for the majority of her life. She's had to now incorporate chicken into her diet because its one of the only proteins her body can digest. And its a very common issue. Yes their are exceptions, but by and large vegans are generally pretty unhealthy people, very prone to illness. If we were meant to be purely vegetarian, our appendix would also still work...The point of the article is completely missed on you. The point was that they were trying something different and unusual. It could have been morris dancing, or facial tattooing with a south american tribe, anything. It was written to intrigue. The problem is people like YOU colour things like this with their own opinions, proported as fact. And how on earth you could possibly know the "truth" of Rob and Christina's feelings is beyong me. Here's a genuine fact for you: We're not better than animals, but we are naturally and completely the top of the food chain, and we can eat whatever we like. If you don't want to, don't. But that doesnt make YOU right. It's been a pleasure.

Amy 1:18 pm, 19-Mar-2013

Unethical tourism such as this is a disgrace. Many Chinese citizens are working tirelessly to end the practice of dog meat consumption. Uneducated, thrill-seeking tourists such as yourselves should be ashamed of your irresponsible behaviour. Many of the dogs used in the dog meat trade are stolen pets, i've heard so many testimonies of Chinese pet owners whose dogs have been stolen for this trade and some have even discovered their beloved pet at slaughterhouses. There have been Chinese news reports only last week detailing how pet owners stopped trucks in Cheongqing and Shenyang and recovered their stolen dogs from amongst the hundreds stuffed into cages on their way to slaughter. Do you know how these animals are actually slaughtered? It is not humanely i can assure you. Dogs are hung, beaten, bled out, tortured or boiled alive. The torture is quite intentional as there is a prevailing belief that the more pain and fear the dog endures the more adrenaline is released into the bloodstream and the greater the 'medicinal' properties of the dog meat. There is widespead documentation of this avaiable for anyone who can't believe such cruelty would take place. The dog meat industry is inherantly cruel and revolts many Chinese citizens. People should educate themselves before indulging in such practices.

britt 2:02 pm, 5-Apr-2013

not all americans are like this!!!! I would never think about hurting any of these innocent creatures. I know not all chinese people support or engage in these practices, and it was awesome to read the people against it are rallying together to end it!! all I can pray for, is there comes a time (soon) that the inhumane way of killing ALL animals across the globe stops. I know that will never happen, but if one more warehouse (as this asshole described it), shuts down, that's how many lives saved (then another warehouse, and another, and another). staring at my dogs as I write this makes my heart heavy, but I, myself, can't change how many countries on how they view animals no matter how badly I wish I could. all animals have feelings and a soul and to think that they don't is unreal. the people who think cruelty and abuse is ok, they're the ones who will get theirs in the end... all animals are beautiful and deserve to be respected and it's so sad not all humans feel the same way. I, personally, think how it's being done is cold and cruel. lastly, I don't think any kind of animal hater should be published while making a mockery of the innocent lives lost. such arrogance and two pompous jackasses. you both sicken me.

Joanne Kelly 10:55 pm, 5-Apr-2013

fucking twisted bastards

Kevin Basner 11:13 pm, 9-Apr-2013

Eating dog, cat or horse is no different than eating cows, veal, chickens, turkeys, etc...Even fish...Americans are such hypocrites!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHEEZH!

Mike 12:18 am, 12-Apr-2013

When I was in Hong Kong, I ate cat eyes...very tasty and good. Also, when in Subic, ate lots of monkey meat...taste like chicken.

Suburban Bushwacker 12:04 pm, 19-Apr-2013

I'd eat dog. The list of things dogs can be to humans is a long one, and historically its always included food.

Joanne Kelly 8:23 am, 28-Apr-2013

Mike you twisted fucker

canan görmüsoglu 2:04 am, 29-Apr-2013

ich hasse diese schlitzaugen folgt

Sarah Gillespie 11:28 am, 30-Apr-2013

Thank you for this well written hilarious article! I'm still sitting here giggling. I'm heading to China in August and hope to try it for myself. You guys remind me of me.

Rob W. 6:01 pm, 14-May-2013

Wow, glad to see the comments have still been going strong on this one. Thanks to everyone who read it and took the time to comment (or vent)--even you haters!

Tara 8:40 am, 22-May-2013

DO NOT EAT DOG MEAT OVER THERE. NORMALLY I WOULDN'T MIND, but they badly misstreat the poor babies before killing them for food. Most of them are beaten, skinned and boiled alive. yes, alive. I hope people that do this to them are boiled alive. I know that meat is meat and i will eat meat as long as the animal is not misstreated or suffered.

Helen 1:01 pm, 26-May-2013

The tone of this article is absolutely appalling. To be proud of the fact that you are upsetting and offending people is bizarre, and NOT something to be proud of.

TheGreatSkua 1:47 pm, 26-May-2013

What I find most telling about this article is the authors insistence on "creating" a perception of himself as a "Dog Hater".The need to consciously engineer the perceptions of those close to him.

truth 11:47 pm, 26-May-2013

i think its the emotive pictures here that gives the offensive whack. people should try and get with the cultures that do this before judging, this is part of the world that has been dirt poor for a long time and when you are dirt poor you eat anything. they are farmed animals to boot, usually a specific type so in fact no different from pork or etc HOWEVER there is a big grey area around how they are killed. so, for this reason its morally wrong in my opinion. again though, outraged people could be lookin closer to home about that, where farming these days can often mean a chicken with a tube in its neck getting pumped up on corn n special hormones to maximise its profitibility. at least these dogs are properly farmed.

yue 2:10 pm, 27-May-2013

I come from china,It is true that some chinese kill and eat dogs,but only a small number,it's like every country has killers or robbers,trust me ,most people never eat dogs or cats just like me.

RJA 2:20 pm, 27-May-2013

@Brian Kwok: Not only are you completely wrong, beating to death is but one method. Asians have a twisted belief that more pain and fear before death make better meat. Dogs and cats are beaten, slow bled, boiled alive, skinned alive, hung and have hair burned off with blowtorches, and any other vile method they can dream up, and all in view of others waiting their turn to induce more terror. This is well documented and there is evidence galore on the internet, so educate yourself. Look up DMT info on Soi Dog Foundation, and Trade of Shame on facebook. Anyone who believes that a dog is no different from a cow, needs to consider the long history of loyalty and service dogs have to humans, and also the fact that while our laws are not good enough and need better enforcement, we in the west do have some expectation that an animal will be killed quickly and with as little pain and fear as possible. Not always what happens, but the desire to avoid intentional cruelty is the norm. In the dog meat trade, the exact opposite is normal. PLEASE EDUCATE YOURSELF.

RJA 2:27 pm, 27-May-2013

@truth - no these dogs are not properly farmed, they are kept in filthy, cramped, disease riddled cages, fed rotting food and transported in the most jam packed limb breaking conditions possible, before being horribly tortured (sorry torture is NOT culture) because of the outdated belief that pain and fear make better tasting meat. OMG people need to really learn what goes on. Visit the Soi Dog Foundation and Trade of Shame pages on facebook, and educate yourself. The practices are common knowledge, and there is beyond enough evidence online to convince you if you care to learn.

RJA 2:30 pm, 27-May-2013

This is one of the best clips which is non gruesome, there are many that are gruesome, which explains this evil trade.

bnd 8:19 am, 29-May-2013

@RJA - hey i get ur point, and you have every right to be appalled. what i meant was they are farmed in the tradition of being bred to be eaten. i meant that i think that many people get shocked thinking abt their pets etc being eaten, when they are bred in the same manner we breed animals to be eaten. my feeling is that people get lathered up disproporionately because its ina foreign country, when their outrage could be directed closer to home where tey have more of a chance of being able to do something about it.

LISA SCANGA 10:11 pm, 29-May-2013

I happened to come across this article by accident while browsing the internet. I thought your article was on the horrific act of eating cats and dogs, but instead, you and your partner delighted in seeing the horrific meat market with cats and dogs. I do not believe in eating ay meat, especially dog and cat meat. But people will always eat meat no matter what. It is the way these poor animals are treated before they die. It is horrific to say the least. No human being who has a soul could justify that kind of behavior. You are an asshole, and so is anyone who finds this behavior acceptable. Watch a video of what is done to these animals, it is beyond horrific, the torture, the pain and fear, to them hear scream in pain is beyond unimaginable. It is not humane and that is the bottom line.

Mikki 2:44 am, 4-Jun-2013

I will NEVER in my life visit an asian country. This is just barbaric! I firmly believe that people who mistreat Gods most defenseless of creatures in this way has a seat with their name on it in HELL. On behalf of my two, very much loved and care for dogs at home. F*CK all of you who this this is a good idea, participate in the cruel murder of these creatures, and anyone who thinks it is funny that this happens.

dan 4:30 am, 14-Jun-2013


Jen Adams-LeBlanc 4:05 am, 17-Jun-2013

You two are useless subhumans that should go eat each other. You are vile.

shonna 4:29 pm, 17-Jun-2013

You are the epitome of a douchebag fucktard! Such a typical whitebread American thing to people make me sick.

caitlin 5:33 am, 18-Jun-2013

is there anything more tiring than spoiled, white, hipsters? Its not like you could actually get so many comments on your article by say...I don't know...being a good writer? You have to shock and offend. Going to foriegn countries and treating them and their ways of life like meaningless entertainment is bullshit. However you feel about dogs & cats as meat, most of these animals are stolen from their owners, and when you eat those stolen pets you promote the continuation of that theft. It would be like if someone stole your cat and instead of calling the cops all your neighbors decided to have cat soup with the thief. People actually have to live there, why do you want to make their lives harder?! By the way, dog, especially in an unsanitary and unchecked place like China, is not safe to eat due to the diseases it carries. I hope you got the runs all of your skinny jeans.

benzo 9:18 am, 18-Jun-2013

in my town, some people eats dog. theres people who kill it and cook, and sell it. heres how they did ; they strangle the dog with wire, put it in a sack / big bag, hang the bag to the tree, and beat it with a big piece of wood stick. pardon my english

Lin 6:30 am, 21-Jun-2013

I'm Chinese and I confirm that dog meats are delicious. Your guys should really have a try. In China dog meat are more expensive than beef or mutton. Why pigs and chicken are edible and dog meat are evil? That's double standard. And about man's best friend? That's cute and childish idea. In China dogs never have good names. Dogs will attack other people if the master command it and barks to every pass-by people. And Chinese call minions of evil person "walking dog" because they act like the same way: attack people if their master wish to.

Ana Luiza 3:42 pm, 22-Jun-2013

I like the article but I wish it was written by a person who is not a dog hater. Any explanation for hating dogs? Traumatic event or something? You're biased.

melissa lee 4:28 pm, 26-Jun-2013

You two are the most deplorable, disgusting people I have ever read about. The only hope I have is that someone, somewhere decides to torture the two of you in the most inhumane and horrible manner and serves you both up on a dinner platter!! You both are complete and utter filth and I spit on you through this computer screen!!!!!

melissa lee 4:30 pm, 26-Jun-2013

Oh... moderation for what I wrote??? You want moderation?? Ok... here goes... I hope the two of you wind up in a slaughter house and get mistaken for being a dog and the same fate awaits you!!! That... would prompt me to order you up off the menu at some restaurant!!!! You both are the most heartless and disgusting filthy people on this planet!!!!

melissa lee 4:33 pm, 26-Jun-2013

What... don't like what I have to say??? I volunteer my time at animal rescue organization saving dogs and cats from sick fucks like yourselves!!! Now... I know why these aniamls get abused... it's because there are horrific, heartless pigs like yourself roaming this planet!!! I hope you both rot in hell!!!!!!

Nicolen 12:35 am, 9-Jul-2013

Does anyone get the feeling that "Aaron" is actually the author of this article? The way he so vehemently defends the author's position seems a bit suspicious.

Tundra Wolf 10:08 pm, 10-Jul-2013

So, you like controversy? You like to offend? And I assure you that this is REAL as a heart attack: I'd love to find a place in China where "sophisticated palettes" demand even MORE exotic and succulent HUMAN flesh. What's wrong with that? If a human is unworthy of living (like a condemned criminal) your squeeze says at one point...let it's meat go to waste? Am I over the top here? YES....but I really WOULD rather eat HUMAN flesh than an innocent dog if given a choice of one or the other. Oh, and why...if you are so sophisticated and adventuresome...did you not sample some roasted cat? I know that there are dog haters in the world, and they have the right to that opinion, but promoting the practice of eating dog (which you admit that even the Chinese are beginning to realize is not natural and goes against some innate bond that humans and dogs share and are abandoning) shows only that you fit the typical "bored westerner" stereotype.

LOL 10:05 am, 15-Jul-2013

Yeah yeah yeah. All these people whining about eating dogs and cats are evil. Muslims and Hindus never whine about Westerners eating cows and pigs. Weird, huh?

janice 5:00 am, 4-Aug-2013

Why can't we stop this shit. Humans are the grossest animals on the earth. How dare god allow this.

Rescuer 10:50 am, 7-Aug-2013

You should be disguested!!! I have lived in Korea and China for 13 years trying to educate them to stop eating our companion animals - and you sick people go there and eat the dogs - SICK!!!!!!

Cristina 12:52 pm, 8-Aug-2013

Yes, I do love dogs more than humans and now after I have just read this I love them even more, my dog is my child, God, eating a dog is like eating your own child !

Jay 6:33 am, 10-Aug-2013

You two are disgusting. Are you going to eat human meat next? All because others are eating it doesnt mean you should. I really hope you never adopt a dog and if you do, we can only hope he rips your throat out while you sleep. You are both wicked, nasty, poor excuses for humans. Rot in hell.

Courtez 12:09 pm, 12-Aug-2013

In the end everyone has different views...I never ate dog before...never ate cat before..but I do believe a dog is far too intelligent to be eaten...just as a dolphin is intelligent.ect...when god made the earth he told Adam and Eve they could eat whatever they I not right??...therefore I believe all animals have the right to be eaten by humans! Every one eats what suites them...I just believe some animals and mammals are just too intelligent to be eaten...but it's cruel to kill dogs for trade...if you want dog meat: go somewhere safe from criticism and away from people and obtain's very offensive to post such obscene comments on the web and it turn dog supporters's just creating haters for yourself..and wrecking havoc...majority love are the minority

Sam 11:48 am, 15-Aug-2013

Hi guys, Great blog - we are in Yangshao at the moment and had the same experience of going to the markets and seeing the dogs. It's utterly odd, and completely at odds with our cultures - I'm travelling with my boyfriend and we are from NZ. I think it's great that you had the guts to try some, and I don't believe in judging a culture on what they eat. The Chinese have been eating dogs for centuries and why should they change for western people because we keep dogs as pets? I say when in China do as Chinese do! Cheers

BnryZombie 3:36 pm, 16-Aug-2013

Awesome article. Thank you for the read. I did find the only disgusting part is the comments. People need to lighten up. If you didn't like the article why did you keep reading? You are the gross ones (commenters) you read to see if you could get mad at them. Rob Great article Thank you for the enlightenment.

Mathilde 10:16 pm, 19-Aug-2013

So many comments on this article. I hope it'll make you think about what you did. Obviously you don't know anything about how the dogs are killed, and you just wanted to show off to your friends back home. It's disgusting to see how proud you are, and how happy you are to hurt people. BnryZombie, I didn't like the article but it doesn't mean it wasn't interesting. It made me realize how stupid human being can be, and how much work we still have to do to teach those people to respect others. And to see the difference between "respect the culture" and "do everything like the locals"(will you beat your wife in some country? will you eat human meat in another country?...)"

Wanda 10:20 pm, 19-Aug-2013

Please people, it is not the fact that these people eat what ever. It is all the abuse. China has no laws on animal abuse. They have no respect for humans as well, Look up fetus soup. Look up eating babys at birth. Why doesn't this suprise me when it comes to china or korea. It doesn't upset me to know they eat dogs cats rats, but there is no need to skin them alive, boil them alive. Beat them as well as all the other abuse they think is ok. I can only hope they to come back as a dog or cat.. only to remember what they did as a human. The problems as I said They are a country of SHAME. I didn't read all of this. WHY DID THIS ARTICLE LEAVE OUT ALL THE ABUSE THAT IS DONE TO THESE ANIMALS BEFORE YOU ATE THEM ? Yes you wrote a shinging story, BUT LEFT OUT THE TRUTH

pete 10:31 pm, 19-Aug-2013

fucking gooks, eat each others and leave animals alone bastards

Gael Marconi 11:02 pm, 19-Aug-2013

Here are FACTS: There is no scientific proof that eating dog meat helps one's health--physically nor mentally. Dogs and cats have proven to be intelligent and have feelings. Dogs and cats are both DOMESTIC animals NOT wild animals and thus should be treated with more respect and kindness. Some are "working" animals. OPINION: The Chinese will torture and kill almost anything that moves and thus are not respected as a nation and are a barbaric, cruel people. To torture and kill Man's Best Friend is sacreligeous and OUTRIGHT demonic. FACT: THE DOGMEAT TRADE WILL END. WHY? PUBLIC PRESSURE AND PEOPLE SICK AND TIRED OF THIS EVIL ACTION WILL NOT PUT UP WITH IT.

Luke S 1:17 am, 20-Aug-2013

Will be going out of my way to cross paths with Mr.Williams

x 1:32 am, 20-Aug-2013

this is disturbing

averill 2:58 am, 20-Aug-2013

What a pair of stupid b*****ds! Why is this article even here. If this is how "civilised westerners" think and behave, what chance of stopping people eating anything that lives and moves. Shame on you, the kind of person who stood by and said nothing when the Nazi s were in charge of Germany.

Geri 3:01 am, 20-Aug-2013

I read on....hoping that in the end, you decided not to eat dog meat. These dogs, and the cats too are skinned and cooked alive. They are transported inhumanely in crowded cages one of top of the other. Because of the cruelty surrounding the dog and cat meat trade, I would hope no one would support it. Culture nor poverty should justify cruelty to any living thing

Lia 3:14 am, 20-Aug-2013

The word Dog in both Hebrew and Aramaic (kelbe/ kelev) means "close to my heart ". That name was given to the Dog when Adam named all animals in the Garden of Eden. The Dog is the loyalist and most loving to humans than any other animal. Adam named animals based on their characteristics and the Dog was found to be closest to Adam and most loved by Adam. This sick actions will all catch up to humankind. God is patient. I hope these sick humans change their ways before its too late.

Sad... 5:58 am, 20-Aug-2013

And here they are, the dogs... The dogs we have bred to want to live and work with us, to trust us until the latest point, to try to please us so they would be easier to train, not to keep them more easy as a life stock for food... - There are studies that dogs, even if raised same way as wolf puppies, will ask help from human. Dog s also follow human body language even better that chimps do... - You should know better, when you make you choices... - You should know what kind of animals they are, what are their needs and also, that the suffering, fear of dying, knowledge what is happening the others next to you, terror and pain are the same for us all... And we have bred them centuries to be more aware of these things...

Jo 6:59 am, 20-Aug-2013

Each to their own. But do your research before eating. Life will come back to haunt you.

Lauren 12:55 pm, 20-Aug-2013

I came here through Any animal being beaten to 'taste' better is wrong. Whatever animal they are, they are still a living thing. I know you wrote this for the 'shock' value, but learn the behind the scenes of the story before making assumptions. In Asian countries that DO eat dog or cat, the animals are beaten because it 'tenderizes' the meat, and releases an enzyme which apparently makes it 'taste' better. I lived in Japan, but did I eat whale/dolphin or turtle? No, because I am not stupid. Buying it encourages them. If there is no demand, supply dwindles. I do think it is hilarious that you couldn't bring yourself to eat cat. A little to close to home? If you had eaten cat, your cat would have been wary about you. The oil in the meat stays in your skin for a little while, Odessa would have been s**t-scared you were going to eat her too! Maybe Americans are not shown about this stuff in their dumbed down news? Ignorance is bliss they say. Expect your blog to be reported now your ignorant story is floating around in a name and shame on Facebook. Not by me, I just think you are sad.

Marilin 9:48 pm, 20-Aug-2013

I hope you get sick and die go have a laugh at that with Cristina. You are both asshole have a laugh at that too

Lyn 8:25 pm, 22-Aug-2013

What goes around comes around. Unfortunately not soon enough though... You sad, attention seeking fuckers

otis 8:04 pm, 30-Aug-2013

if you eat dogs in my country you will be stoned to death

yong 4:04 pm, 6-Sep-2013

I am an ethnic Chinese, we Chinese are shocked to tears when we saw thousands of those lovely baby seals were clubbed to death, my children favorite animal is the adorable dolphin , whenever they saw the dolphins were round up by the European in the sea bay, thousands were slaughtered until the sea turned red, the cows are sacred to the Hindu, but barbaric bull fight in Europe where the poor bulls were cruelly speared repeatedly just for fun! To the above civilize dog lovers, please save some of your hatred from the dog eaters and spare your vengeances for those cruel murderers in Europe and North America !

Reba 5:34 pm, 8-Sep-2013

Maybe you wouldn't have been so happy eating dog meat if you saw how they kill them. They skin them alive and they lay there suffering with their skin off, trying to breath, sometimes put into a hot pot before they are dead. They also beat them and laughing to see them die. The people there are sick to be able to treat any animal like that. Go to notodogmeat. com and watch how they kill them. Now I can't eat any animal not even cows.

Reba 5:35 pm, 8-Sep-2013

Change my message and you are worse than they are.

Terenceg 6:45 pm, 16-Sep-2013

i'll be in Shenzhen OCT 28th.....and i wanna try dog meat and other weird stuff...any recommendation ?

Renee 3:59 am, 18-Sep-2013

Go grow some corn or beware on september 21 3013 of the zombiesittingbull.

Esther 4:19 am, 27-Sep-2013

As a chinese, never eat dog.

zebu 7:41 am, 1-Oct-2013

You morons who approach this dog-eating culture with this bullshit moral equivalency approach fail to account for the torture that happens to these dogs, which have been shown to be above monkeys in terms of psychological attachment to humans. There is NO justifying the suffering these dogs go through. DISGUSTING.

zebu 7:42 am, 1-Oct-2013

Hey Terenceg- watch a video of dog processing. If you're not sickened, somethings wrong with you. Just because another culture does something, doesn't mean we have to celebrate and seek it out.

zebu 7:50 am, 1-Oct-2013

thank you RJA and the rest of the ethical souls on this board. There should be no grey area with this kind of sickness. I can't believe the idiocy of these westerners who try to excuse this bullshit in the pursuit of a cultural experience. SICK SICK SICK!

Roydy 2:07 am, 8-Oct-2013

hi, thanks for good article. yes, dog meat challenges "our" perspective. Meat / protein in short supply in China... Dogs all similar so suggestive of farming... I also witnessed market / part of the local culture, and likewise tried from the menu... personnally I would prefer the skin removed... but can they not determine their own preferences? V Interesting to Western people.

Amber 7:47 pm, 27-Oct-2013

Going to a slaughterhouse is fun for you? It sounds as if you may one day graduate to becoming a serial killer since you enjoy killing so much. Hopefully your next trip will be to a country in Africa where you are dropped off at a place where eating humans is perfectly acceptable.

Amber 7:49 pm, 27-Oct-2013

One more thing. It's sad when you hear these stories about dogs killing the wrong people in America. Hopefully the author and his wife or girlfriend are next and are slowly tortured by a wild pack of dogs.

Amber 7:53 pm, 27-Oct-2013

Although I must say. This description of dog meat is not accurate. Allegedly it's a very lean meat, only dark meat, and chewy, not something that's easy to eat. You may have been taken advantage of and they actually did serve you pork or possibly cow while laughing in the back of the kitchen at the fact that you are a stupid Westerner.

Debra 7:10 am, 31-Oct-2013

Shame on you both for this story and just to let you know, I find you both to be totally disgusting humans that have no compassion and almost take joy in seeing other creatures die, all for your excitement as tourists. I hope you both get very excited when you discover that you have cancer of the colon. Additionally, because of your article, I will never read another piece from Sabotage Times.

Penni Norman 5:39 pm, 31-Oct-2013

How can you eat dogs??? Dogs (and all animals) are sentient beings with feelings!!! Shame on you!!

korosh 6:41 pm, 15-Nov-2013

I understand some of you will say (and we eat pigs and caw and too) But they why they cooked dog or kill them in China is so barbarian thatyour heart breaks .... they cooked them in life booiling water or in a very hit oil or they skin them a life and more ....... Is this humman I ask? I pray to the lord for forgive us for our stuppidity. We did not take care of his gift ... you just understand this if you have or had a DOGGY (friend) very good best friend. (Remmber dog it has been a very helpfull tool in the history of man) information for you: If ever anybody eats my dog ​​I eat him and his family too.

hasan 3:38 pm, 20-Nov-2013

what the F+ck is wrong with this world who eats the animal which could become a loyal companion.

cb 7:01 pm, 7-Dec-2013 BOTH are reborn in Asia as cats and dogs!!!! happy eating!!

Angelina 4:09 pm, 8-Dec-2013

Wow you are both are fucking sick savages just like them fucking Chinese.

Ted 2:18 am, 16-Dec-2013

anyone who values a dogs life over a human is an idiot.

insertnamehere 3:20 pm, 6-Jan-2014

I personally wouldn't eat pet animals but I try not to judge those who do. It is a little unsettling but think of all the animals that get put down every day. I have been to Asian towns and I know what the stray population is like over there. Its crazy. The animals don't have much food on their own and there's thousands of them huddled homeless in every town. Some poorer Asian countries might not have the resources for a lethal injection like they do in western society. One way to minimise the problem while still seeing the animals go towards a purpose is to herd them up like cattle. Yes its not nice, and I doubt its done in a humane way but if it were humane I think I'd see it as a better alternative for feral animals than the injection, simply because the animal won't serve much of a purpose when its thrown in the dirt. I care for animals, yes, but I also try to care equally which means there's no true difference logically between eating a dog and eating a pig. Its really hard to balance emotions and logical thinking but this is how it works for me.

rose 10:33 pm, 12-Jan-2014

You guys are both jackasses. There is plenty of interesting chinese food without eating cats or dogs. I bet if youd have come across it you'd have eaten fucking tiger too! A lot of chinese meat markets steal the dogs and cas they use from peoples homes and back gardens/yards. You were probably eating some poor kids puppy and i hope you feel ashamed.

Jimmy 7:57 am, 14-Jan-2014

How can you love one animal above another? Aren't all creatures created equal in the animal kingdom? Think about it you. You senseless idiots are getting upset with this article because you have certain biased feelings towards dogs, yet you happily eat pork or beef or lamb? How is a dog more sacred than a pig? Or vice versa? Scientists have confirmed the intelligence if Pigs to be far superior to almost all other animals. Yet you morons who are crying about dead dogs are licking your fingers after eating a suckling pig. What a disgrace all of you. You are all walking contradictions. I find it hilarious that you can sit here arguing about how inhumane it is to eat dogs but then you'll happily eat a cow. Pure ignorance.

OMG 3:43 am, 21-Jan-2014

Okay this is very disturbing why dogs and cats they are not meant to be eaten everyone has different opinions and you cant judge that. But i also do not appreciate for you guys to talk to Christina this way and you should not talk to anyone this way okay people. But this is wrong to me and its my opinion!

xxx 11:23 am, 18-Feb-2014

I demanding this article should removed! what a sick people! Burn in hell!! Silly ho. Shineya, bakayaro!

Angela 1:12 pm, 23-Feb-2014

Re Darren's comment about people using 'shock-tactics' in order to come across to people and that he has used his common sense not to eat meat - I would just like to say: What's actually wrong with showing people exactly what's going on so that they can make a decision on where they stand and I would not take it so personal if I were you, no one is trying to undermine your or anyone else's intelligence, they are just showing the reality as it is and that is exactly what people need to see.

Christine 2:52 am, 6-Mar-2014

Howdy! I'm Asian and a dog lover (as in pets) and I'm generally sick of the stereotype that people spread around to really just have an excuse to be racist. Sorry for all the hate you're getting here. That said, cheers to being open minded enough to try dog. I don't know if I could (and I would eat Ortolan if given the chance). I wouldn't want to be one to just stomp all over someone elses parade.

Madhavan Ponguru 10:18 am, 13-Mar-2014

You guys eat dog and Cat meat are considered to be not pure souls. In fact killing any animal and eating its flesh is a Sin. You will not know now. Now you are enjoying your life. Death is not far, once you die, the spirit leaves your body then you will know the pain and cycle of births. Today you are a human being, after comitting so many sins, you will take rebirth as street dog, where so many will be stoning you on the roads. At that time you will realize. The pain is intolerable, no body will help you like today, in fact the others who watch you will take another stone and hit you rather they don't take you dog to their homes to feed food. Start thinking and realize now.

HiawathaGary 4:27 am, 20-Mar-2014

U disagree with eating dogs and cats. I love cats, but believe all that dogs can do well, and they are always doing it: eating,shitting, and screwing.

Disgusted in Ohio 3:58 am, 22-Mar-2014

You and Christina are dispicable human beings. Any person that could eat a domesticated animal such as a dog is a sick bastard. Just reading your article makes me realize how big of a tool you & your pathetic excuse of a woman really are. I hope any animal finfs both if you snd devours you slowly. Nobody cares about your stupid trip nor do we care how your pathetic brain works. You both ate pathetic in every sense of the word and have no souls. Anyone that doesn't like dogs is seriously flawes as a human being. Both of you D-bags can rot in hell.

M.Nicholson 3:26 pm, 22-Mar-2014

@RJA, i could enjoy smack your face well just for one word - "Asian". If in your little mind cant be done that not all people love this and not all people think like "more suffering before death = more delicious meat" i only can regret that so narrow-minded people still exists. Or u jus watched "Schoking Asia" movie, made by unholy idiots. Saying asian i sure not count japanese, this twisted and sick nation gives other reasons to talk. P.S. Im from Russia not from China or korea

caca 11:25 am, 23-Mar-2014

can't believe what i'm reading !!!! This is just sick we don't want to know your sick stories! go beat each other and hang yourselves on a butcher hook a bleed to death slowly!!!!!!!

Eva B 1:44 am, 2-Apr-2014

Truly Despicable! that you would contribute to the torture of any living being just for a meal.These places should be shut down and all the people involved beaten to death!!

Millie 3:00 am, 12-Apr-2014

You are deranged and disgusting. These animals are tortured and for what your sick pleasure? You will get what y deserve.

Steve 6:50 am, 12-Apr-2014

Come on people relax. I'm impressed that you had the fortitude to eat it. Everyone needs to calm down, if they wouldn't have eaten that meat then someone else would have. Quit acting like these two in the story took somes pet from their backyard and threw it in the deepfryer. This was meat destined for someones stomach and nothing more, deal with it.

ella 7:04 am, 14-Apr-2014

U guyss are sick....u people want to try every thing???chinese alsoo eat featuses....go tryyy oneee...or even u can killl your baby and eat it...why do people eat meat in the first place????imagine someone pinching you...does it hurt????It definately does..imagine how the animals must have felt....we are the most intellegent beings on can we be so cruel to other beings on 'earth...god have created us to help others and what are we doing these daysss.....salughtering those innocent creature which have never done any thing bad to us ...plzzz people help vegeterian and help thise poor creature you will definately feel good about it. Small changes in life can help you and can help other species it can make the world a better place to live for ourselves and also for and let others live....

Nick 1:23 pm, 25-Apr-2014

Chinese people are probably the worst race on the planet morally, the terrorists should be at war with them.. I can't believe you ate dog meat and snails that's nasty af, the reason they eat dog meat is because they're poor and fucked in the head.

gal 9:45 am, 3-Jun-2014

some people go there eat dog meat is when they dont know what is that... i pity people that go there eat with dont know what is that

Kelly 12:50 am, 4-Jun-2014

Only cowards beat an animal for an extended period of time just to tenderize the meat and then throw the animal into a pot of boiling hot water while still alive, all while making the other animals watch to increase their fear which helps raise their adrenaline. And do you know why you're a coward? Because you would NEVER be able to stand to die that way and you would shit your pants if someone did that to you. Yet, you preach your culture and people's closed minds, ect., ect. Well your excuses are all bullshit. These animals die in a way that clearly tops all other slaughter practices and it is sheer torture and pure evil. No God from any religion ever said to TORTURE the animal before you kill it. You are TORTURING the dogs you fools and you are all cowards because you could never endure what you put these weak, helpless, innocent, and oppressed dogs through. There is a warm place in hell for people who embrace this and think that torturing an animal to death while purposely scaring the animals waiting to die. Remember that.

Kelly 3:06 am, 4-Jun-2014

Your country will never morally progress if you keep torturing the dogs this way. You are just as barbaric as a third world country and you will never earn the respect of others nations if you don't set a precedent to end pointless torture. They say in your country that dogs apparently have spiritual powers and ward away evil. The only evil you are warding away is the evil that is waiting to covet you on your death bed. You will go to hell for this practice and die morally bankrupt because your "culture" told you it was ok to torture an animal and smile and laugh while doing it. If it's so normal, then why don't you demonstrate the exact way you kill them by inflicting that torture onto yourself and your peers. Oh no, God forbid you go through that hellish pain. However, you take an innocent, helpless animal and beat the crap out of it for long periods of time, skin it alive, and throw it in a hot vat of water or oil. You are spineless barbarians. Absolute low lives who will pay for your sins. You disgrace mankind.

Jim 7:15 pm, 5-Jun-2014

Rob, I can only say that I hope that when you die is is very slow and painful. You are a low-life not just for eating the dog, but complaining that it costs $10 for a meal. Everything in your article shows your a smarmy bastard. I'll bet more than once you were out somewhere insulting someone and had the cops called so you could escape without your well deserved ass whipping. Sooner or later lowlifes like you get theirs, in your case a well deserved mugging would be a good start for you. Hope it happens soon and often.

Mariam 9:56 am, 6-Jun-2014

How could you do this to living organisms, just to provide for your family, your family and youse can all get shot. I hope somebody does this to the chinks. Ugly slanty eyed cunts

mike 4:12 pm, 23-Jun-2014

Hey Rob and Christine, wonderful experience. Perhaps some day you can travel to where they beat babies before death to keep the meat tender and eat human children too. I understand that human meat, once tried, is hard to give up. I'm sure that will help with your bucket list of experiences to try. Best of luck, aholes!

orestes 4:19 am, 27-Jun-2014

Oh that's why Chinese people look like dog shit? Makes sense now.

maria robinson 11:23 pm, 27-Jun-2014

to each his own i wont eat cat nor dog but i bet if the whole world were literly starving some one would have no problem having me for lunch.

Stewie 10:31 pm, 3-Jul-2014

Maybe we should start tenderizing and eating the most rude racist pigs on the plant...The Chinese!

linn 7:46 pm, 25-Sep-2014

You 2 came---you searched---you found---you ate---you reported----and I read all of what you wrote---cause I wanted to know what you said about the dog issue----I could not eat dog--but if that was all that was left and no other food ...i would...there is the human animal still in me---((but that would have ensure --that all plantlife was gone)))--i will not judge--nor be negative----just curious....thankyou...


These two are what are called SOCIOPATHS, if not PSYCHOPATHS, potentially sadists as well. Key qualities include not lacking empathy and callousness but trying to appear "human" to the rest if us. Hence why the only people that find this article not offensive are along the lines of the same disorder. This is an in reading sick was among humans & yes they would eat their own family if in another country because they lack empathy. They would even kill those they claimed to love if in a place where it was acceptable or ignored because of the lucky of empathy and mental pathology. They are feeding off the attention they are getting here but especially off of people being upset as that's what emotional vampires do. They are on the same group as the cruel f*cks That do this to animals because only this group of depraved mentally ill find it okay let alone humorous. The humor about dark subject matter and pain if others is another trait. Everyone please google "sociopaths" "psychopaths" "narcissists" and chill yourselves on how to spot them and defeat them. They are the demons among up that destroy society, peace, people, animals (no not simply meat eaters but the ones that enjoy others in pain) . They are the ones that commit cruel acts and murder and rape and molest. They would all write an article like this also and YEA IT IS THAT SERIOUS YOU SICK MORALLY DEPRAVED MENTALLY ILL SOCIOPATHS.


Excuse the typos above as I didn't have time to stop here to write but wanted to warn the world about the evil ones pretending to be "human"

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