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Stalking Ryan Gosling In Thailand

by JoJo Smith
12 February 2013 29 Comments

How I discovered the existence of Ryan Gosling, rapidly fell in love with him and shortly afterwards bumped into him in Thailand...

My name is JoJo Smith and I have an obsession. The object of my obsession is Ryan Gosling. This is a fairly new obsession, one that began across the road from where I am now at the Siam Paragon Cineplex, Bangkok on Sunday 6 November 2011.

I was all shopped out and fancied sitting in air conditioned comfort for a couple of hours, so I went to the cinema. Amongst the dozens of screens there wasn’t too much I fancied seeing and only a couple that were in English, so I picked one that I’d heard a bit of a buzz about. It was a movie called Drive.

I sat there in the dark, munching on my cheese popcorn (not good, don’t get it) and over the course of the following 100 minutes I slowly but surely fell madly in love with this gorgeous creature on the screen. I have to admit the initial attraction was because he reminded me of a long lost ex, but then the lust became all Ryan’s.

I was in SE Asia doing gigs and travelling and in the following three weeks I stocked up on a selection of his movies on dubious quality DVDs in Bali, and saw The Ides of March in Singapore. By the time I got back to London at the end of November it was a full-fledged crush.

Now I am a post menopausal 50 year old woman, I don’t do crushes very often these days so this was something of a novelty for me. I embraced it whole heartedly. I bought everything from Murder by Numbers to The Notebook on DVD, I even bought the Dead Man’s Bones album that he sings on.


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Now last Sunday night George Clooney quipped that Ryan Gosling was in Thailand and I joked to my pals that he was waiting for me as I was going back there at the end of the week. I followed with ‘it’s an enormous country, with millions of people and the chances of me seeing him are a gazillion to one’.

Cut to this morning and my trip to Chatuchak Market…

It’s an immense market – the size of Hull - and it’s reckoned it would take at least three full days to see all of it. I’ve been here countless times over the years and every time I find a new bit I’ve never seen before.

Around 11 am I was wandering in the covered bit of the market that sells all the old Levis 501’s, vintage t-shirts etc when I spot a blonde woman with a very professional looking camera filming in one of the stalls. Being a nosy old hag I look in and see this tall, blond-ish guy in nerd glasses looking at the t-shirts. He had a bunch of them in his hand.

As I stared at the tattoo, he turned around to face me (and the camera), it was him! It was Ryan Fucking Gosling!!!!!!!

My camera was in my hand because I was taking photos of the market for a little Sabotage Times piece, and this Thai woman said ‘no photos’. I started to explain and then I spotted that tattoo on the man’s upper arm (he was wearing a beige-y coloured vest). All of time slowed down. As I stared at the tattoo, he turned around to face me (and the camera), it was him! It was Ryan Fucking Gosling!!!!!!!

I spoke to the Thai girl who said he was here ‘doing a big production’  whatever that means, then the woman with the camera turned it off and stepped to one side. Now was my chance.

I walked up and without drawing breath said ‘Hi Ryan, I’m JoJo Smith, a comedian from London and I’d really love to get my photo taken with you’.

He smiled and said ‘Naw, I’m not doing pictures cos I’m on vacation’. Thinking about how nobody who’s listened to me blether on about him for the last 3 months would believe me without a photo, I gave it one last shot saying ‘it would really mean a lot to me’. But he didn’t weaken, saying ‘if I do one, then I’ll have to do more’. I said ‘fair enough’ and he said ‘thanks for understanding JoJo, good luck’ and stroked my arm!

The weird thing was, apart from his ‘people’, me and a couple of stall holders nobody else had spotted him, so the photo wouldn’t have really been a big deal but I guess he gets it all the time. Whenever anyone asks me for a photo I always say yes, cos why the hell not really. Now of course part of me wishes I’d just snapped one before anyone realised what I was doing, but I wanted to be in the picture with him, so there ya go.

I’m here till Monday morning…in case you’re reading this and wanna make it up to me, Ryan.

Here’s a photo someone else took of him there – he’s changed his t-shirt.


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Name Tattoo Ideas 3:02 pm, 23-Jan-2012

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Ben 3:14 pm, 23-Jan-2012

Holiday or not, refusing a photo is disgraceful.

Howard 5:15 pm, 23-Jan-2012

Ben, I agree. Ryan looks very handsome and is no doubt very talented, but he's not exactly a fucking megastar is he? One photo would not have hurt.

jane 8:27 pm, 23-Jan-2012

Thank you Jojo for a great article,what an a**hole. Somebody starts to showing a real colors. Good to know anyway...

Rygocrush 11:54 pm, 23-Jan-2012

Reading this article made me smile, as I recognized so much in myself. Having also developed a Ryan Gosling crush after watching Drive. I've seen other movies of him before, but never with this impact. Not even when I saw Crazy stupid love before. You just have to love him. I also immediately watched ALL of his other movies and by now it's a mega crush! It's official, Ryan Gosling has ruined my life. I'm also a cyber stalker now, which brings to his comment about being on vacation in Thailand?! I thought he was on location filming, another Nicholas Winding Refn (director Drive) movie called "Only God forgives". He's even skipped the Golden Globes awards for this, where he had 2 nominations for best actor. It's too bad you couldn't get the picture, but just the fact that you met him in person is so great! And yes, he is a megastar! I think he's just finally having some peace now being away from that paparazzi/media frenzy in the US.

Kari 3:34 am, 24-Jan-2012

uuuuhhhm... Howard... Yes he is a mega star! He's one of the hottest names in Hollywood right now!!! Hotter than Brad Pitt! Where do you live? Under a rock?

Howard 10:43 am, 24-Jan-2012

You are quite correct Jo Jo, I am not the right arbitrator of whom is whom in the glittering world of film, music and television. A personal goal of mine is to one day go through my wife’s Heat magazine without knowing a single person in it. I know nothing about fame, but I do know that if a fine looking woman like your good self asked me for a photograph I would courteously provide it. Any further correspondence please forward to Howard, Under The Rock, Suffolk. x

Sara Brannan 6:30 pm, 24-Jan-2012

Hey, don't give the guy a hard time! He's got every right to say that about taking a photo of him (whether he was on holiday or not). I've just developed a massive crush on him too (is it something in the air?), I'm 40, and having to watch all of his movies!!! My god though, can this guy act??? He's such a brilliant performer and seemes such an awfully nice guy too (he seems brilliant around kids, clever and funny). Ahhh! And have you seen him on youtube stopping the fight in NYC??! And pics of him and his mum??? Yep, being doing a lot of Gosling 'research'! Not really that jealous of you meeting him though...would be way too much for me...I'd just mumble and keel over with all the excitement. Great to know I'm not alone in my old lady obsession xxx

jane 8:45 pm, 24-Jan-2012

yeah, you all fall in love with his movie character, the reality is different. Jojo's story is a great example of it all. Not even he was quite arrogant to take a pic with her,he was also lying. He's not on the vacantion,he's shooting another movie there. Not a good move Ryan,not good :(

crystal 1:45 am, 25-Jan-2012

I wonder if his girlfriend Eva Mendes' rudeness is rubbing off on him? Disappointing, really.

Alexandra 4:54 pm, 25-Jan-2012

Strangely, before Ryan had never refused to take pictures with him wherever he was. He is a very friendly person to everyone. It seems he was very tired ... JoJo, you are a lucky person as anyone who has a "disease" Gosling :о) Oh, I'm too sick and they do not want to get better :о)

Sarah 8:41 pm, 25-Jan-2012

God - so much hate for the Gos. Sounds like he was very polite about not getting his photo taken. It must be a total pain in the arse having complete strangers pointing cameras in your face every 5 mins. He has every right to say no as long as he isn't an arsehole about it, and apparently he wasn't.

Cat 6:26 am, 26-Jan-2012

I was just introduced to his movies on our flight to Bangkok earlier this month and now I've got a crush as well! We were at Chatuchak this weekend too, browsing the vintage clothes and souvenirs. Bummed we didn't spot him! Glad he's able to set healthy boundaries for his time off set!

Julia 1:42 am, 29-Jan-2012

I started liking Ryan since July and I'm 13 but I turned down 2 guys just in 8 th grade cause I just don't like them cause they're not Ryan. They dot have a complexity to themselves and are all sentimental. Ryan and I had a similar childhood cause I am also Canadian and have divorced parents and I grew mostly up in America because of my passion of acting. If a crush lasts more than 3 months it's more than just attraction and I don't know what to do about it cause no one understands except other GOsling lovers. He is unstoppable and I know for a fact that he is just in a bad phase and wont marry Eva m so its all good there but I worry I won't ever meet him and I can't wait 10 years..

Julia 2:06 am, 29-Jan-2012

Help. This isn't something you can't talk about with your 9 th grade best friend or a therapist.

JoJo Smith 2:43 am, 29-Jan-2012

Phew! At last I can reply! I wasn't hating on him for not allowing the photo. That's entirely his choice, and I gave it to him my asking and not goin all kamikaze in his ass and just snapping away. I was a bit sad that's all. He doesn't start filming till February apparently, so he technically was on vacation. Still think he's a brilliant actor, and hawt as the sun!

Bebe 1:24 pm, 29-Jan-2012

I think you are just really unlucky JoJo. I met him just last Nov. and he was really friendly to have taken a couple of pictures with me and my mom. He was really sweet to as well. And it seems like he has been taking some photos with fans in Thailand as well, maybe if you bump into him again you should try your luck a second time!

JoJo Smith 1:32 pm, 29-Jan-2012

Perhaps Bebe, but you know what? I got an arm stroke and a sneaking suspicion that it ain't over....

Minamo 9:09 am, 5-Feb-2012

Maybe if you gushed about how much of a fan you are and how much you love his movies and so on before getting to ask for a photo that may have helped?

Bunnii 2:04 am, 17-Feb-2012

I really like Ryan Gosling. I wish that i would really meet him in person as you did, i am a major fan of his, im 16 and just saw the notebook for the first time. It reminded me of an ex also. But as the movie went through i just fell more infatuated with him. Now ive watched the movie like 17 times in the past 2 days and i just dont get tired of it. And that really sucks you didnt get a picture.... im not really into all the famous ppl really but he is different.

vim 1:28 pm, 20-Mar-2012

He's a good man. Let's leave him alone. lucky for you jojo you've got an arm stroke. me, I only get to know ryan thru the net. u think he can come here in Phillippines?

the wizard 7:08 pm, 10-Sep-2012

just another young actor with an ego and full blind with his own self importance! lol twat!

C 6:43 pm, 29-Oct-2012

I fell in love with the Gos too and had fantasies of meeting him. But them he met Eva and it seems that some of her rudeness and arrogance is rubbing off on him. I used to enjoy watching his interviews but he has become very aloof in most of them now. Not sure I like him so much anymore.

Ryan fan 4:43 am, 20-Nov-2012

Did it occur to someone that ryan was not allowed to take pics while working? This whole project was pretty secret and it still is. Ryan is a very sweet person. He really gives a s€@t about others, supports tons of charity and is not interested at all in being a big star. By the way, one day that will be over anyway. So, that was my share on this story, it was nice to read! Lucky you!!!

Ashley 11:11 am, 12-Feb-2013

Have you all seen this: ? You're welcome.

Liam 12:35 am, 13-Feb-2013

I'm a 16 year old straight male and even I have a crush on Ryan Gosing

Lennie 5:33 am, 13-Feb-2013

JoJo, I love how you describe your obsession and I can completely relate. I too fell under his spell about 3 months ago. I have done tonnes of 'research' on him watching every movie I can get my hands on and every interview on youtube. I listen to his single "put me in the car" over and over again. Crazy! I am 48 years old! 16 years older than him. But there is hope - he dated Sandra Bullock and she is the same age as me!! Very envious you saw him, spoke to him and got the arm stroke. That should keep you going for some time. Thanks for making me feel like I'm not the only crazy woman over 45 obsessed with RG. :)

ram 3:12 pm, 16-Mar-2013

Wayback 2005. We spotted him in jatujak as well. But we were able to get a photo of him. Seemed nobody realized who he was except us, well, that's nice being in Thailand. he has a right though to say No.

CraigLondon 9:01 am, 21-Jun-2013

He sounds like a bit of a cunt.No Thailand,where nobody will know who he is anyway.What a dick

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