Game of Thrones' Most Epic Scenes

For four seasons now, Game of Thrones has delivered some of the most dramatic and high octane television. With Season 5 set to start on April 12, we’ve decided to compile some of the finest moments from the show.
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For four seasons now, Game of Thrones has delivered some of the most dramatic and high octane television. With Season 5 set to start on April 12, we’ve decided to compile some of the finest moments from the show.


All this week, Now TV are recreating your favourite Game of Thrones scenes using eggs. Up until the launch of Season 5 on 13th April, fans can vote on which scene they'd like to see given the egg treatment, with videos being posted across social media of the chosen entries. Here's a few of our favourite GoT scenes ever, some of which have already been recreated. Check the vids below.

Hold onto your hats, everything here is 100% SPOILER.

A Crown For A King

“A Golden Crown” Episode 1.06

One of the first signs of how cut throat the world of Game of Thrones can be came with the death of Viserys Targaryen. After flinging his weight around one too many times, Khal Drogo made good on his promise and gave him a crown for a king. Shocking, violent, memorable. The Game of Thrones had truly begun.

Ned Stark loses his head - Ned

“Baelor” Episode 1.09

Not yet used to how things worked, audiences hoped that Ned Stark would somehow avoid the reaper. Unfortunately Sean Bean did what Sean Bean does, and viewers learnt to never love another Stark character again. Until Rob came along at least.

“You Know Nothing, Jon Snow” - Jon Snow

“A Man Without Honour” Episode 2.07

Sometimes it’s the little moments that are most memorable you know?

The Green Flames Of Wildfire

“Blackwater” Episode 2.09

Fun fact: George R.R. Martin has it in his contract to write one GoT episode a year. Blackwater was his Season 2 effort and my word he knocked it out the park. Up until this point the series had been teasing full scale battles, but with Blackwater the franchise daddy put to bed all teasing with a storming battle for King’s Landing. The effects into the wildfire that decimated Stannis’ ships were better than most films that year. Astonishing.

Three horns

“Valar Morghulis” Episode 2.10

The second season of Game Of Thrones ended with Three horns. A dozen white walkers with one atop a zombie horse. The show had long teased supernatural elements (Melissandre’s smoke baby/demon), but this was the real moment GoT brought the fantastical. Imagine, one of the biggest television shows in the world closed one of its seasons with a scene not too far out of a Dungeons and Dragons playthrough. The nerds won.

“A Dragon is not a Slave”

“And Now His Watch Is Ended” Episode 3.04

There are two ways  a character can announce themselves to the big leagues of Game of Thrones. Some show strength, others outwit. When taking the slave city of Astapor, Danerys did both, revealing her knowledge of High Valyarian, taking the Unsullied army and torching the place to the ground. She wasn’t playing around anymore.

“Chaos is a ladder”

“The Climb” Episode 3.06

Always one step ahead of everyone in the realm, for three seasons, Lord Petyr Baelish has teased, provoked and manipulated the big families to his own end, be they Stark, Lannister or Tyrell. When seemingly one upped by Lord Varys for control of Sansa Stark, Baelish let rip with this powerful monologue, forcing audiences to once again reconsider what they knew about how the Game of Thrones was played. Chaos is indeed a ladder.

Jaime Lannister’s confession

“Kissed By Fire” Episode 3.05

Jamie Lannisters’ bath with Brienne is the best bit of character development Game Of Thrones has seen. In six minutes Jaime goes from ego-filled narcissist to a tragic figure. Shorn of a hand, apologising to Brienne for a rude remark, he lets us know of how he earned the name “Kingslayer”. Before this scene Jamie was at the top of many an audience “scumbag list”. After, we realised just how much he had in common with Ned Stark after all.

The Red Wedding

“The Rains of Castamere” Episode 3.09

In one fell swoop, The Starks were removed from the game. Audiences screamed. Tears were shed. A sea of reaction videos were made by book fans who knew what was coming. Almost two years on, it doesn’t get any easier writing about what actually happened at The Red Wedding, so lets move on swiftly. We’re still a little cut up about it.

Red Viper vs. The Mountain

“The Mountain and the Viper” Episode 4.08

Poor old Tyrion had a turbulent fourth season, what with being framed for Prince Joffery’s murder. So when the Red Viper popped up on the scene wanting to fight The Mountain on his behalf, it looked like things may have been looking up. Unfortunately, as Ramsay Snow once told Reek “If you think this has a happy ending, you haven’t been paying attention.”

Another fan-favourite, consigned to the dust like over-ripe watermelon.

Brienne vs. The Hound

“The Children” Episode 4.10

If Jamie Lannister is one of GoT’s most nuanced character, Arya Stark is clearly the most compelling, and the closing of the fourth season might just have been her arcs' crowning moment. From meeting the woman she could have grown up to be in Brienne, only to watch her love-hate guardian The Hound die by her hand,  this just may be the series' crowning moment.

Game of Thrones works best when teasing happiness before snaffling it away, when characters from different threads meet and then depart again. In 10 minutes the series began anew with Arya and we cannot wait to see where it heads next.

You can watch Game of Thrones Season 5 from 13th April on Sky Atlantic with a NOW TV Entertainment Month Pass. If you can’t wait until then, Seasons 1-4 can also be egg-joyed until 30 April. Make sure to join the #CrackTheThrone conversation with NOW TV on FacebookTwitterInstagram & YouTube  to see more iconic Game of Thrones scenes re-enacted by the Egg-steros Am Dram Society!