Things You Might Have Missed From Series One Of Game of Thrones

Started catching up with GoT series 1 yet? Here’s some things to look out for that you might have missed the first time round.
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Started catching up with GoT series 1 yet? Here’s some things to look out for that you might have missed the first time round.


Catching up with the world of Westeros ahead of the upcoming series five? The world of Game of Thrones is dense as it is bloody and fun, so here’s some things to look out for from the first series ahead of your next binge.

The Starks spend barely any time together

One episode. That’s all you get of the Stark’s playing happy families. When Arya Stark flicks food in Sansa’s face at the dinner table when King Robert comes to visit, savour the moment because that is the last time we see all of the Stark clan and relatively happy. It’s grim up North and George hates the fans feeling happiness.

The props department are incredible.

You got to give it to the props department, they’ve created some amazing set pieces. From the costumes and wine to the armour and Iron Throne, Game Of Thrones is an immersive universe. Special mention should be given to the meat featured on the show; one of the defining images of series one is Daenerys Targaryen consuming a dragon heart. To create this effect, the crew made a giant gummy heart for actress Emilia Clarke to feast on. Also, actor Peter Dinklage is a vegetarian, so every time you catch Tyrion feating on a nice slab of beef? Fake, oh so fake.

Nods to other fantasy universes

The Game Of Thrones creators realise they are not the only world with fantastical beasts.  Series one mentions the dragon ‘Vermithrax’ one of the beasts to appear in Disney film ‘Dragonslayer’.  Series one also pays tribute to actress Natalie Tena’s dual roles of Osha and Harry Potter’s Tonks, and the Iron Throne also has a few famous swords from Lord of the Rings series, putting to bed any arguments that the Fellowship would stand a chance in Kings Landing. 

The Presidential coup d’etat.

As Sean Bean did was Sean Bean nearly always does in film and TV, you may have been slightly distracted about  certain random prop appearing at the end of series one that was sat in a iron pole with - the wax head of ex-President George W Bush. Whilst creators of the show insisted that there was no political commentary intended, we can’t help but imagine how far the President’s famous Bushisms would have got him in.

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