Top Film Tip: The Best 5 Films On TV This Week

Top Film Tip is back with another brilliant guide to next week's film offerings. This time around we have Gerard Butler doing Shakespeare and Kurt Russell battling things from outer space.
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Top Film Tip is back with another brilliant guide to next week's film offerings. This time around we have Gerard Butler doing Shakespeare and Kurt Russell battling things from outer space.


This week we take you on a cinematic journey from Shakespearean melodrama to the inescapable pull of crime, from self destructive obsession to self improving determination and from apocalypses averted to old school horror in this weeks Top 10 films on TV.

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Saturday 6th

Prescient themes and timeless lessons hit home when a masterful military man is used as political pawn then lends his skills to his enemy for vengeance on his own people in CORIOLANUS 9:45pm on BBC2.


Deliberately juxtaposing Scarface Al Pacino & Brian De Palma deliver a tragic tale of gangsterism and failed dreams as an ex-con is dragged back into a life he tried to leave behind when CARLITO’S WAY plays at 9:30pm on ITV4.


A young girl faces her fears and is forced to become self reliant in Studio Ghibli’s indescribably beautiful and immersive coming of age masterwork SPIRITED AWAY at  4:35pm on Film4.

Sunday 7th

Brutalised tattoo-oholic seeks a very confused vengeance in Christopher Nolan’s beer spitting, Polaroid addicted, narrative innovator MEMENTO at 11:15pm on Film4.

Monday 8th

Michael Caine's iconic amoral gangster beats and bludgeons his way round the Geordie underworld on mission of personal vengeance in shotgun shouting bleak treat GET CARTER at 9pm on ITV4.


Real people reveal real drama as an American football coach brings unimaginably disadvantaged young men to brink of success in Oscar winning tearjerker documentary UNDEFEATED at 10:55pm on Film4.

Tuesday 9th

One of these statements is false: An aspiring gangster rushes to the yayo, pushes it to the limit and lives happily ever after. Find out which one when SCARFACE plays at 10pm on ITV4.


Unwilling to compromise, a duty bound sheriff hunts manslaughterers into the morally grey ground of obsession in Michael Winner's massively underrated deconstructionist western LAWMAN at 11:05 on TCM.

Wednesday 10th

After losing his legs a genuine hero battles adversity to lead the RAF against the Hun in the astounding true story of airman Douglas Bader when REACH FOR THE SKY airs at 11am on Film4. Watch out for the fly-by footage at the end of the film to see the man himself pilot his plane over London.


David Cronenberg explores the rippling effect of violence on a happy family when a Midwestern man is mistaken for a mobster in graphic novel inspired drama A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE at 10pm on More4.

Thursday 11th

A boy helps girl who fell from the sky discover her origins among remnants of lost civilisation in rail racing, sky pirating Studio Ghibli adventure CASTLE IN THE SKY at 2:35pm on Film4.

Friday 12th

A small time hoodlum must decide to get on the gangster career ladder or live a quiet life in Martin Scorsese’s "mook" originating early era film MEAN STREETS at 00:10am on BBC2.


Dancing corpses, severed heads and amputated hands in Sam Raimi’s necrocomnicon reading, deadite slaying Groovy horror treat EVIL DEAD II at 11:20pm on Film4.


Bar fights, champion's of justice, heretics and heroes as a forgotten punk song saves humanity from the impending apocalypse in the utterly bonkers non-linear genre shattering Japanese gem FISH STORY at 1am on Film4.


Fear & suspicion run riot in the Antarctic wastes as an alien body snatcher seizes corporeal control over the residents of a scientific outpost when John Carpenter's spider headed, dog ripping horror THE THING plays at Midnight on ITV4.

And if that wasn't quite enough, discover the story of The Thing from the alien's POV in the exceptionally astute, podcasted, Hugo Award nominated free short story- The Things by Peter Watts here