Top Film Tip's 10 Best Films On TV This Week

From Animal Kingdoms to Aussies and from Jack Nicholson to Jackie Brown - It's this week's top films.
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From Animal Kingdoms to Aussies and from Jack Nicholson to Jackie Brown - It's this week's top films.


This week we take you on a cinematic journey from childhood friendships to heist humour, Aussie gangsters to revolutionary film making, subterranean Bacon to scenery chewing Nicholson, underrated Tarantino to hundreds of sword stabbed samurai and Brit-pop insight to philosophical lust in this weeks top 10 films on TV.

Saturday 27th

Cowardice and consequence, shame and salvation as the effects of a failed childhood friendship precipitate risky redemption in THE KITE RUNNER at 10:50pm on BBC2.

Sunday 28th

The perfect heist can't go ahead until someone can be found to take the fall for the crime when Sam Rockwell's lesser known chaotic comedy WELCOME TO COLLINWOOD plays at 11:30pm on BBC2.


Loyalty and self preservation clash as an orphaned teen moves in with criminal cousins when heavy Aussie gangster treat ANIMAL KINGDOM airs at 11:45pm on Channel4.

Monday 29th

Marking the maturation of the western genre with revolutionary story telling; a stolen, prized rifle draws narrative focus as it changes hands in WINCHESTER '73 at 11:40am on More4.


Desert dudes dodge a deadly onslaught of enormous underground graboids in bulldozing, dynamiting, splattery creature feature TREMORS at 9pm on ITV4.

Tuesday 30th

Jack Nicholson spurns authority, riles up the inmates and yearns for all kinds of freedom in the nigh on perfect tour de force ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST at 11:50pm on BBC1.


A gun-runner’s money-smuggler turns the tables on her psychopathic boss in Tarantino’s top, twisty heist thriller JACKIE BROWN at 01:05am on Film4.

Wednesday 31st

A bold, blade bearing crew commit to kill a cruel, sadistic lord and his 200 fiercest fighters in katana cutting, samurai slashing showdown spectacular 13 ASSASSINS at 9pm on Film4.

Thursday 1st

The formation, fracture and frenzied finale of Brit-pop's brightest stars is explored in the Rashemonic documentary BLUR: NO DISTANCE LEFT TO RUN at 00:05am
on ITV4.

Friday 2nd

The intricacies and intimacies of a mid-revolution love pentagon are explored in the delicate and delectable gem THE UNBEARABLE LIGHTNESS OF BEING at 11:05pm on BBC2.

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