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This weeks television features two servings of De Niro, whilst Polanski creates a modern masterpiece among the chaos of Nazi Poland.
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This weeks television features two servings of De Niro, whilst Polanski creates a modern masterpiece among the chaos of Nazi Poland.


Saturday 16th

Brave but inexperienced men try to protect their ships from enemies’ unseen- nerve-wracking anti-war masterpiece THE CRUEL SEA plays at 1:05pm on More4.


Oblivious to reality, Robert De Niro stops at nothing to achieve his celebrity dream in Martin Scorsese’s unsettling drama KING OF COMEDY at 1am on Film4.

Sunday 17th 

A renowned musician survives the gradual onset of nationalised insanity when Roman Polanski's Oscar winning true story THE PIANIST plays at 10pm on ITV3


Racist cop Mickey Rourke clashes with Chinese gangsters in Michael "The Deer Hunter" Cimino's morally grey and brutally chaotic YEAR OF THE DRAGON at 9pm on ITV4


Morality mutates as pre World War 1 villagers suffer anonymous punishments. Michael Haneke's astute social commentary explores the precursory cultural foundations for Germany's decent towards xenophobic nationalism in THE WHITE RIBBON at 9pm on BBC4.

Monday 18th

A Jewish gangster recalls salty schemes, boyhood blunder and a life of love and loss when Sergio Leone's four hour soaring epic ONCE UPON A TIME IN AMERICA plays at 11:10pm on Film4.

Tuesday 19th 

A Jock, a Brain, a Criminal, a Princess and a Basket Case find common ground in John Hughes' weed smoking detention classic THE BREAKFAST CLUB at 00:05am on BBC1.


Weight gaining boxer Robert De Niro destroys himself and those he loves most in a pride driven downward spiral of jealousy & underage sex when Martin Scorsese's RAGING BULL plays at 10pm on ITV4.

Wednesday 20th

Classic Ealing comedy when Alec Guinness’s perfect plans go awry in must see cinematic perfection THE LADYKILLERS 12:25pm  on Channel4


MATT DAMON! Gets pressured into a high stakes poker game by his lowlife friend Edward Norton in debt driven treat ROUNDERS at 11:40pm on BBC1.

Thursday 21st

A man finds out his friend was a right dodgy geezer in incredibly awesome sewer running cuckoo clock noir thriller THE THIRD MAN at 12:05pm on Channel4.


Outcast kids discover awe-inspiring technology with a geek nodding love letter to teen adventure in Joe Dante’s 1980’s classic EXPLORERS at 4:50pm on Film4.

Friday 22nd

The Warriors meets Deliverance in a lesser known one armed hillbilly swamp romp from cult director Walter Hill when SOUTHERN COMFORT plats at 11:50pm on BBC2.


An L.A. burn out’s world fills up with nihilists, porn tycoons, delinquent kids, pederast bowlers and verbose eccentrics when the Coen Brothers THE BIG LEBOWSKI airs at 9pm on ITV4.

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