Top Film Tip's Best Movies On TV This Week

Nicholas Cage steals a baby and Ryan Gosling does some cool Ryan Gosling stuff. It's all in this week's round-up of the best movies on TV.
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Nicholas Cage steals a baby and Ryan Gosling does some cool Ryan Gosling stuff. It's all in this week's round-up of the best movies on TV.


This week we take you on a cinematic journey from Japanese fantasy to classic literature, youthful vigilantism to teenage rebellion, theocratic repression to joyful comedy, ultra violent WTFs, broody police drama to repressed memories and from Vietnam movie perfection to Sam Rockwell's finest hour in this weeks best films on TV.

Saturday 3rd

Two sisters on the cusp between innocence and adulthood discover a strange and wonderful forest spirit in Studio Ghibli's beautiful, touching and stunning treat MY NEIGHBOUR TOTORO at 2:45pm on Film4.


Two siblings come of age amidst the deep southern fog of racism, courtroom wrangling and elusive equality in classic literary adaptation TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD at 1:10pm on ITV3.


Pain proof hero and tween assassin battle brutal gangsters in baton battering, child punching, ultra violence revelling KICK ASS at 10pm on Channel4.

Sunday 4th 

Escaping the smotherhood of home and beauty pageantry, a defective girl discovers herself in the full contact ferocity of Roller Derby in top drama WHIP IT at 9pm on ITV2.


An Iron Maiden addicted Iranian rebel resists repression, battles depression and finds herself in the Jasmin flowered animated marvel PERSEPOLIS at 1:40am on Film4.

Monday 5th

A childless lawless/lawful couple steal a baby in the Coen Brother's anarchic, desert set, banjo themed comedy and ode to joy RAISING ARIZONA at 9pm on TCM.


Touched by God’s tentacles, a delusional man shuts up crime using wrench and pipe bombs  while a gushy Ellen Page rapes a hero in the utterly bonkers genre spanner SUPER at 11:40pm on Film4.

Thursday 8th 

Densely layered, dark and deeply developed. The truly masterful noir thriller of crime, corruption and failed ideals L.A. CONFIDENTIAL plays at 10pm on ITV4.


Two boy's parallel childhood experiences pave very different roads into adulthood in the disturbing and unequalled drama MYSTERIOUS SKIN at 11:35pm on Film4.

Friday 9th

Wagner blaring, safe surfing, insanity assassinating, dope smoking, puppy losing, cow chopping Vietnam perfection in APOCALYPSE NOW at 9pm on ITV4.


Narrative jumps and exquisite acting in the brutally emotional, rarely told tale of a dying relationship. Ryan Gosling stars in BLUE VALENTINE at 00:10am on Channel4.


Messianic mystery, suicidal fraud and sex addiction as Sam Rockwell seeks belonging in Chuck Palahniuk’s abrasive comedy drama CHOKE at 00:30am on Film4.

And if you are up for reading some short Chuck Palahniuk after Choke this week check out GUTS; (be warned- Guts is known to cause vomiting)

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