Top Film Tip's Best Movies On TV This Week

Paternal DeNiro, Poignant Clint and Pissed-off Denzel are the best of this week's line up.
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Paternal DeNiro, Poignant Clint and Pissed-off Denzel are the best of this week's line up.


This week we take you on a cinematic journey from homicidal Ealing comedy to racist gangsters, gay detectives, the indignities of war and furious vengeance in this weeks best films on TV.

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Saturday 11th

Disowned by his aristocratic family, a man plans to kill all eight of his Alec Guinnessy relatives to assure his fortune in Ealing comedy gem KIND HEARTS AND CORONETS at 1:15pm on BBC2.


A boy grows up amidst racism and violence, torn between his fathers love and his gangster mentor's street teachings in Robert DeNiro's directorial debut A BRONX TALE at 11:30pm on BBC2

Sunday 12th

Gay detective Paddy Considine and hard-boiled bruiser Jason Statham track down a serial cop killer in hammer bludgeoning, crow bar bashing thriller BLITZ at 10pm on Channel5.

Tuesday 14th

Unwittingly made heroes and icons of history, three men struggle with the truth and consequences of war as The American POV of WWII's Pacific battle is explored in Clint Eastwood's FLAGS OF OUR FATHERS at 1am on Film4.


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Wednesday 15th

The Japanese experience of WWII is explored as soldiers prepare for the imminent American onslaught in Clint Eastwood's poignant rarity LETTERS FROM IWO JIMA at 01:10am on Film4.

Friday 17th

Denzel Washington exacts a bombastic reign of vengeance upon the kidnappers of a child he was charged with protecting in Tony Scott's MAN ON FIRE at 10:55pm on Film4.