Top Film Tip's Best Movies On TV This Week

Dam Busters and damn diamond smugglers grace our TVs this week...
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Dam Busters and damn diamond smugglers grace our TVs this week...


This week we take  you on a cinematic journey from racist dog naming dambusters to morally dubious jewels, animated Australians to Rwandan heroes and from bipolar singers to inspiring true stories in this weeks best films on TV.

Saturday 18th

A British bomb genius and racist dog's owner join forces to ruin nazi civil engineering projects in the epic true story THE DAM BUSTERS at 3:35pm on Channel5.

Sunday 19th

Amidst the chaos of African civil war, a smuggler helps an escaped slave find his son in return for unique gem in the poignant and powerful drama BLOOD DIAMOND at 10:30pm on BBC2.

andAs all humanity faces its imminent extinction, one woman, pregnant with hope, must be protected from the powers that be in the matchless dystopian SciFi marvel CHILDREN OF MEN 10:15 on ITV1.


Golden Brown: A History Of Heroin On The Silver Screen

The Real People Who Inspired Hollywood's Top Screen Crooks

Tuesday 21st

Dually dark and unexpectedly uplifting drama when the Painstakingly claymated tale of a friendship between an Aussie girl and an autistic New Yorker MARY AND MAX plays at 01:50am on Film4.

Wednesday 22nd

Stunning drama as love tears a man apart in the dark and moving muso-biopic regarding the front man of Joy Division, Ian Curtis- CONTROL at 01:15am on Film4.


Amidst a tsunami of genocide and facing the gaping maw of obliteration- a man shelters helpless masses in the stunning true story HOTEL RWANDA at 01:45am on Channel4.

Thursday 23rd

A group of paraplegic and able bodied homeless musicians go from slum life to world tours in the unparalleled 5 year documentary BENDA BILILI! at 11am on Film4.


 With their spouses illicitly involved, two lost souls discover a transcendent love in the elegant, astute Hong Kong masterpiece IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE at 01:55am on Film4.

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