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Made in Chelsea 4.10: A Game of Ping pong, Andy & Binky get It On & Mark Francis Sings a Song

by Daisy Buchanan
18 December 2012 13 Comments

This week our favourite poshos sang creepy songs in Spanish, spoke about not telling people about one night stands (on camera) and tried to deal with Spencer's leather jacket addiction...

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Daisy 12:35 pm, 18-Dec-2012

Obviously I meant Andy Warhol, not Ashley Warhol. And the Gypsy Queens.

Bry 12:54 pm, 18-Dec-2012

Hilarious as per usual. The title of Ashley's book was a real 'blurt out laughing at desk, receive disapproving look from boss, try and fail to mask laugh with cough' moment for me. I wanna see an episode where Caggie comes back & meets Sofia. It would be like one of those horribly awkward moments on the red carpet when two women arrive wearing the same face.

Sara 1:05 pm, 18-Dec-2012

I've watched the preview for next week's episode at least 20 times just to see the effect Millie's Slapkintosh has on Spenny's hair!

cloris leachman 1:32 pm, 18-Dec-2012

FABULOUS I simply love reading your reviews they make me weep with laughter. You are amazing Daisy Belle. IF MIC producers have any sense they will MAKE you do a guest spot!!

Sam Diss 1:57 pm, 18-Dec-2012

Naaaaaaaailed it.

Alison 2:11 pm, 18-Dec-2012

Another fab review Daisy. But if the Mayan Prophecy is true and the world ends on Friday; we will never get to see the Christmas Special and find out why Millie slapped Spenny.

Marco Whirlwind 2:29 pm, 18-Dec-2012

Mark Francis surprised me with his singing - I never dreamt for one minute he would engage is something so gauche. It was enough to make me heave!

scarlet 9:11 pm, 18-Dec-2012

Daisy, are you sure that the song Mark Francis sang was in Spanish not Italian? Is it the same song that Jude Law sang in the movie The Talented Mr. Ripley or am I just mistaken? I quite like the song although it's considered creepy by you lol, and big LOL for 'concussion or headlice'.

Andy's Nostrils 10:22 pm, 18-Dec-2012

 “She’ll be back on that piano in no time at all"- Richard in rare comedy gold moment! Did you miss Ashley's gratuitous swaying in the art gallery? Perhaps Sophia would finally get a bit of Boulle's bouche if she hypnotized him by becoming a human pendulum too?

Debsc29 1:56 am, 19-Dec-2012

Lol, " biscuits heads off to blow up splouise" haha. Excellent and very witty as alway. Looking forward to the Millie slap, I do love the drama she brings to a finale. Remember the martini stinging hugos eyeballs??! Haha. Glad someone else loves Chelsea as much as me. X

Daisy 10:31 am, 19-Dec-2012

I think I missed something - I don't remember saying the song was "creepy" or "spanish", but I do get up VERY early to write these catch ups, so who knows! I shall have to go back to catch the Ashley swaying - I was GENUINELY distracted by the Daddy Threw Dead Bunnies At Me revelation!

jill 9:39 pm, 19-Dec-2012

Andy has two different friends named Stevie and Sam? I thought they were the same guy! And I was wondering what you'd do with Sophia's remark about Ashley being 'average' but I never in a thousand year would have predicted Virgin Vanilla Crunch Corner. First LOL moment: the part about meet the parents means they're threatening to kill Biscuits. 2nd, same paragraph, about threatening the premise. Then I just basically spent the rest of the article laughing my silly head right off.

Sedge 10:56 am, 21-Dec-2012

I'm not sure whether Spencer's brother marrying P-Middy would make him anything...(actually, I am sure, it wouldn't) But he does, especially series one with long hair and beard look quite a lot like Robert The Bruce from Braveheart, which is, if anything much better.

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