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Made in Chelsea 4.9: New Houseshare Smells Funky, Ollie & Gabs Get Spunky & Boulle Wants a Monkey

by Daisy Buchanan
11 December 2012 19 Comments

It's Made in Chelsea times again, and this week the poshos are getting sexy in Amsterdam, breaking up restaurants and buying new houses in London like it's nothing...

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teal 12:18 pm, 11-Dec-2012

your reviews get better every week.

cloris leachman 2:48 pm, 11-Dec-2012

You truly are a very funny lady and your wicked mind is a thing of wonder! Keep up the excellent work Daisy Belle I have to ask who is James Deen?

Daisy 2:56 pm, 11-Dec-2012

Oh, thank you! James Deen is a porn star that BEE is always tweeting about.

scarletberry 4:36 pm, 11-Dec-2012

Brilliant piece as always. Totally agree with your point about Lucy. Stop slavering over someone else's boyfriend. I don't understand how a girl who has such a menopausal choice of clothes and an obvious tendency of anorexia can be considered "hot". And don't try to steal Louise's nickname from Biscuits too! Someone please sack the sleazy and stirring strumpet off the show!

Voilet 4:47 pm, 11-Dec-2012

I LOVE Lucy!! She's hilarious. I hope she breaks Spencer's heart and that he starts balding. He is a horrid chauvinist. Lucy is just being the female equivalent of Spencer in a setting where all the other women are apparently supposed to be either making puppy dog eyes at some man-boy or crying insipidly about what a man-boy has done. I hate watching the once spikey Louise turn into this blubbering wimp. Love her purple coat though. Lucy is a breath of fresh 'hey man-boys! Up yours!' air.

Sara 5:17 pm, 11-Dec-2012

Brilliant recap as always (especially the Ollie/Locke two different people bit - I noticed that in the episode and hoped you'd comment!). Whilst TOWIE is now well passed its peak, I think MIC is getting better and better with each episode!

James 6:04 pm, 11-Dec-2012

Thought you would make more notice of Rosie! You dont see her all episode and then, suddenly there are tears you know she must be close as she needs to feed. Louise goes to Millies house crying and "poof" Rosie materialises with the intense stare of a heroine addict looking down the barrel of a fully prepped needle. Poor millie and her white appartment, the marks of "pleasure" under rosie will take some cleaning

Marco Whirlwind 6:33 pm, 11-Dec-2012

Certainly seems to be be moving fairly fast now - at this rate Lucy's going to end up making out with Francis' monkey in one of those classic end of season sensational showdowns where there's fireworks, fights, tears and tantrums.

Voilet 1:30 am, 12-Dec-2012

Hmm, Millie's flat isn't ALL white. I distinctly heard her mention that her little, dropped-like-a-hot-potato, handbag-dog used to wee in the flat. So, it is white with yellow weewee patches, and worse too quite probably. Pure class. :-/

Daisy 12:31 pm, 12-Dec-2012

VERY good point about Rosie. With Lucy - I think she's a BRILLIANT character (and I hope to goodness that she's playing a character) but hating her is horribly, itch scratchingly satisfying because her shagging is so manipulative and joyless. Spencer is a peen, but even Spencer gets hurt sometimes - Lucy is a caricature of a bad girl. I would like to see Cheska take on the shagging mantle in series 5...but I'm not holding my breath.

jill 2:05 pm, 12-Dec-2012

First literal LOL moment: Millie's 'You've got to stop being confused' (I loved it at the time, but you've enriched it) and then I lost count. This might be one of your finest. And is it just me or does anyone think it's weird that Rosie and Millie are mysteriously such good mates again? It's like Huge never existed. I am sure it's only a matter of time til Cheska and Gabs hook up. And I agree: I knew that theoretically Gabs and Ollie had (allegedly) shagged before but seeing them snog on television was so unsettling I felt physically ill.

Tacitus 10:08 pm, 12-Dec-2012


Tacitus 10:12 pm, 12-Dec-2012

omg....literally.Fist I think millie is a babe then I go to medication with the blazer bregade and realize....I dont know these people,i mean i know them but i dont know them.Who calls themself Gabs anyways lol he he hahhhh hahhhh.

claudio 10:13 pm, 12-Dec-2012

wow lucy what are you doing with your life? what is millie doing with her life....i cant believe that she let it get this bad. I feel bad for watching her, now it pains physically PAINS me. the sight of them through their lives away down the gold plated toilet.

Tacitus del mundo muy bigo 10:14 pm, 12-Dec-2012

Made in Chelsea, where the swimming pools are bigger than the gene pools

Tacitus del mundo muy bigo's brother 11:21 pm, 12-Dec-2012

. . تتيح هذه الصفحة روابط إلى صفحات تتضمن تفاصيل عن الأنشطة والتقارير والأخبار والتظاهرات، وإلى نقاط الاتصال والشركاء المتعاونين مع المنظمة في مختلف برامجها ومكاتبها التي تعمل في هذا المجال. وثمة أيضاً روابط إلى مواقع ومواضيع أخرى ذات صلة. and thats what i thimk of these people

Andy's Nostrils 6:30 pm, 14-Dec-2012

Excellent work! Loving The Poo Man Group - coming soon to Britain's Got Talent.

scarlet 9:24 pm, 18-Dec-2012

Ahahahahahahaha heeello up there Andy's Nostrils

Satire 3:36 am, 20-Dec-2012

I found out about these reviews online and wow I look forward to watching MIC now with this as the dessert :D But where's the one for ep 10?!

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